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    It´s windy!

    By Faith, 2020-03-03
    It´s windy!

    After two and a half months, I had the feeling yesterday that now I will get a structure in my daily life after all that happen since I moved to Spain and the last week of a Tarot workshop. Hm, then it started to get windy, a lot, and my wifi just went gone. I do see that also as a metaphor, this time as old air needs to blow away, and new fresh air will provide.

    I haven't been active on my English page, too much to handle with the house, guest and to unpack my things. But now I've got my office, a lovely place, windows all around, I can see the whole village, and my dining room and also one of the rooms to have lectures are done. I love it. Don't you think its nice? (image in the blog).

    I have finished one week with lovely women with Tarot, we have done spreads, gone through the cards each of them. Its always developing for me to have a workshop, even if I believe that I'm the best at Tarot, I learn from questions. One of the participants had a vivid meaning of each card of the court cards, it was a joy to listen to her. I've started to tell about how all the Queens made dishes, and she got it; she described actions as she has never done anything else before. And one of them understood the cards from Minor Arcana correctly and went home to start doing spreads for others. That makes me feel good.

    Today, sitting in my office in my home, looking out, listen to the wind, I decided to look for a date to have a workshop about Tarot in English. Now its created, and you're welcome to Spain, to my home in august to participate. I have some of a unique system to read the card; after a week, you will be able to do a spread for any question, understand the cards, and guide yourself or somebody else.

    Tomorrow I will have a friend from Sweden visiting; I already have a lovely friend that is originally from Spain, its great, she has helped me a lot, for its when I say that learning Tarot is like learning a new language, it's like that for me with Spanish. I master about 200 words, but I can't combine them yet. But people understand what I try to express. That's a good start; I also understand how difficult it can be to understand the Tarot since I can hear my friend speak Spanish, I get some words, others are a mystery. But I listen, I will learn.

    I feel like the card – The Fool, moving to Spain because my soul thought it was an excellent idea, everything got windy, but I'm still happy, looking forward to this adventure openminded.

    I mix Swedish with English and some Spanish words in my communication, but I need to practice more, that meaning you will read more from me from now on. Even if its windy (outside and all around, in metaphor) I've found my place, my spiritual goal, and soon I will start repainting my deck "Prisma Tarot" and translate some of my text. And I will continue to make English updates on YouTube. Life is good, it's like The Sun, The Moon and The Star with me being The Fool.

    Take a look at the first workshop in Tarot that I will have in English in my new home >>> 

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