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    Want to know more about your potential?

    Or drop patterns and blockages?
    Become more colorful?

    What color are you?
    Are you intense, full of energy where everything has to be done at once?
    Are you committed, creative and social?
    Are you strong-willed, know what you want?
    Are you harmonious, empathetic?
    Are you expressive?
    Are you insightful?
    Are you full of visions?

    Maybe you are several colors, probably, because we consist of 10 basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, burgundy, turquoise, and pink. But black or white, you might wonder if I forgot? Not if you read this, black then you would be dead, white then you are in shock, indeed have something else to do.

    For me, colors are vital; I think a lot about colors now that I have just created my distance course in English, which made me go through all the texts, which then improved. For me, it is important to dare to change (the turquoise energy), not to stagnate (burgundy) but to have confidence (pink). It is based on the basis I have (red), my impulses, the longing for realization (orange) where I am aware of myself (yellow), in it being in my emotions (green) to express (blue), in it become more insightful (indigo) to dare to create more visions (purple).

    So many people seek spiritual development but do not have control over their energies, something I cannot understand. The basis of all spiritual growth should be to know our energies and colors, in that they see our patterns, have knowledge of which tools can change patterns, and add more energy. Then always doing so is probably a lifelong doctrine.

    Colors have always been important to me; when I was young, I saw energies around others; I did not know; today, I do not see the energies (if I don't get paid). So I do not read by people without permission, just taking everyone as they are, as long as they don't want an aura reading. In it, I explain what the energies tell me.

    It's easier than you might think to interpret energies (maybe you're already a pro?) But I find that most people have no idea; they know what chakras are, they seek purple to develop, they may meditate but have zero keep track of what each chakra has for energy. Or what pattern it gives in everyday life being occupied chasing our spirituality (all develop that in life) in everyday life with thoughts about health, jobs, education, money, and most, the biggest issue - love.

    Did you know that through knowledge of the colors, you have access to change your patterns? Most people lack yellow energy that stands for identity, self-confidence, awareness of their personality. How many do you see wearing yellow clothes? We shine like the sun with yellow, so we take a stand that more and more people would need, partly be aware of their power and stand up for themselves.

    About the course, I just do not want you to miss it. At least not if you are interested in your spiritual development, or maybe how colors affect you. Or maybe for some other reason, my indigo (insights) color does not know right now.

    I wish the world were a little more colorful, not so gloomy black; black is a color that inhibits; no wonder most people dressed in black have the eternal question of love.

    Check out my presentation of the course >>>

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