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    Autumnal equinox

    By Faith, 2021-09-21
    Autumnal equinox

    Today it's a full storm after a night of intense thunder, but the sun is shining today. It is also autumnal equinox, an important day for me (like 12/21, 3/21, and 6/21). I came to think of the texts in "The staff of Uhr" about all blots; for me, it is essential with gratitude, the matter of all elements. Most of the time, I experience that most people take the days as they come, either with dissatisfaction or expectation and everything in between, yet we create what we want from the day no matter what happens. There is always a choice, focus negatively or positively, I mostly (99%) choose the latter.

    Yesterday it was a full moon, that today it is topped by a storm and its the autumnal equinox, I see as a perfect synchronization. But I feel it will be a sacrifice ;) to sit out tonight, look further down.

    It feels like a day of waiting; I'm a little off, feels like I'm waiting for something, but do not know what? It can feel a little exciting. But I will try to get going, lit the fire, get some done of everything that needs to be done and look forward to the night.

    The autumn equinox also includes the blots (ceremonies) that I wrote about in "Uhrstafen," read them below, and you can order the book as an online book (read directly) or buy it as a paper book.

    Perfect day to become aware of your inner strength, calm down, be present.

    They sat down again, leaning onto The Tree of Life, waiting for The Word. Tila had taken out pieces of leather, loaded Kenaz, then The Word spoke.

    "The first blot shall be made in the time of the first full moon when a new individual is born; the child shall be named at a magic place, where a vessel of water shall be. The individual is to have their name while water that the undine’s control is poured over the child's neck. The neck is a place that the individuals do not see; an energy opening shows what the individual brings with them into this life. This blot is confirmed over water mixed with blood by the father and mother of the child. This blot should be called the moon blot; it is the one that shows the shadow of a human being.”

    "When the full moon will appear again for the second time, the second blot will take place; Disablot, it is to honor all goddesses, Freya among others, ask for good growth during the year. When the moon is complete for the first time, women should collect their blood that has not been fertilized; it should be sacrificed at this blot. It is also a time for all people to offer what they have collected during a solar phase, what they no longer need. It must be exchanged between the other people. "

    "The time when the day and night are the same lengths, the third blot must be celebrated, the Victory blot. It is a victory for a new era, a new solar phase. At that time, when the Gods are to be worshiped, they are to spill their grain over the crops made by the individuals. In it, three virgins will be sent up to the gods. They will be fertilized by the Gods and then sent down to Midgard to maintain the power of the Gods.”

    “When the sun is at its peak a few full months later, the Midsummer blot should be given. It is the fourth blot that shows that man honors life. It is time to celebrate human fellowship, that between man and woman. Then the night will be given to intercourse. It is also a time for a big party, the time when everyone shares their dreams that I, the Sun, The Word realize after their collaboration.”

    “The fifth blot, Thor's blot, the harvest blot is celebrated when all the green is taken in to be ground into bread; it's time to thank the Gods for the harvest. Then man will gather in the fields to drum, beat with hammers, to make noise to show them under this earth that man has power through the gods. "

    "The sixth blot is the blot of Odin, the blot of the night when the night becomes darker than the day; that is when the forces of the Gods are to be seen, honored. Then individuals must sit outside overnight, meet their God within themselves, find their courage. Anyone who does not dare to be out during the night should be sent down to Hel to encounter their fears.”

    “The seventh blot is the Alva blot, a moon full after the night blot. Then the individual should honor his ancestors, those before Ragnarok wandered on Middle-earth, the ancestors they met in this time. Fat from the animals saved through the last blot of the year will now be used, creating light from those who shine through the night, stars on earth. Then man can talk to his ancestors, ask for understanding of what has not been realized. "

    “The eighth blot is celebrated when the day of the year is the shortest when the sun only appears for a short while. It is time for rest, for a new era for the forces of the sun. This blot is Balders, but also Midwinter blot, that is when all the kingdoms should blot an animal, celebrate an animal, an animal is slaughtered, one is saved until all the animals are counted. The blood will be collected, taken to Midgard, to your hall, Uhr, with Balder, King Alve as the first bearer. Then you celebrated together all night until the sun's rays shone again. From the blood, you will dye what is woven but also paint the walls to show gratitude for life.”

    "The last and ninth blot is to be celebrated when an individual going from life, when he has met death, liberated his human form. It is three nights, three days when those closest to their relatives will mourn the one who has left but also talk about that person's deeds.”

    Tila had carved signs to remember all the blots; they had all been given their piece of skin; she had also marked them, carved in the nine runes that Uhr got first with the beginning of Issaz first blot, Assiz for the last blot.

    Uhr thanked The Word for the knowledge, the blots that would create the saying of every individual, that no one would be forgotten who chose to follow the sacrifices of the gods.

    "Now travel to the kingdoms, visit the kings, convey the first blots that are soon. But none of the other blots should be talked about until it is time for them. In time man will create this as a part of himself," said the Word, "The people who do not show reverence will remain individuals, never experience themselves as part of the gods.”

    Ps. according to many, the autumn equinox is on 22/9 this year. I stick to the 21 four times a year.

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