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    Full moon 10/20 in Aries

    By Faith, 2021-10-20
    Full moon 10/20 in Aries

    The Full Moon in Aries is good energy to become more spontaneous in the feeling, throw yourself into new loving adventures, dare to invest without thinking first. A spontaneous moonlight trip may provide extra excitement. A good time to start new projects with your spiritual development, maybe a spirit contact. Aries strengthens inspiration and new ideas. Benefit from meditations and rituals where you want to start again.

    Your emotional energy now is fast and intense. You can experience a lot for the moment but quickly long for something more. You give everything in what is but can have difficulty being present for an extended period if you do not find stimuli and challenges. You may have problems with routines, constantly looking for new emotions to experience. Quick in the feeling, reads the first impulse, intensely passionate. Emotions and longing, empathy, searching for the ultimate.

    To meditate to the Moon.
    It is an ancient lesson, knowledge. The Moon has always fascinated man through the changes that take place both in nature and within the individual. The Moon is the planet that gives you the energy to grow in your emotions. When it is complete, it can be a surcharge of energy, like the Moon, giving us extra energy - that is, additional emotions. The word and term plural have been created because some more easily absorb these energies and cannot always master them.

    At full Moon, there is more energy added by emotions that come up and develop for better or worse, depending on whether you work with them or let the emotions control you. If you choose to meditate at full Moon, you can come in contact with deep feelings, even some subconscious. It can be tricky if you have an emotionally unprocessed part; start carefully. At full Moon, your emotions will have more power, you more energy to reach an inner depth. It is an excellent opportunity to review your emotional reactions, to live with the power of the Moon into your emotional depth.

    Meditating on the Moon can be a way to free yourself from old guilt, old emotional traumas, begin to understand, feel more about yourself. You can also concentrate on growing in the feeling, but when something new is going in, something old is going away.

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