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    A new year

    By Faith, 2019-01-02
    A new year

    And its time for some New Years resolutions ;)
    I had the ambition to translate my blogs here, and I did but then I didn't make the time, a lot of my private life came between as sorrows and not so good health combined with a lot of work in Swedish. But in Sweden, we have a saying - shame to the one giving up. I will do my best this year.

    That's why I started this year with some lines in this blog with the purpose to continue to maybe translate or just write something different than in Swedish. The only thing I have done in English this autumn is to start translating some of my books, the easy ones, or the one that only has about 100 pages. I have given out five books from September to December in Swedish, two about Tarot, one that is a starter book and one about how I read the cards, that book follows with every reading I do, a way for the one that orders a reading to understand how I think. The second book is about my Yiangcards, just one page about every card, and that is the first one I started to translate. I have also written a book about readings in the aura and in colors that follows with aura readings, but that is also a learning book. The fourth book is about astrology and Tarot, two things I really like to combine. And the fifth book is called Spiritual Inspiration, part 1 and is from my Swedish homepage, a distance self-learning workshop. The first part is about past lives, astrology, aura, and colors. And some other things about getting spiritual inspiration in daily life.

     If I look back to 2018 it was an interesting year, but I will make 2019 on of the best years, and also in English. Today I have also done my first reading in English, that's a good way to start a new year. I ended 2018 being sick, a cold but then it can only be better. Today has been my first working day for the year. I have done some changes on my Swedish homepage for my members, on the self-study course, done some working on the page for astrology. Some readings and now this blog, I will go to sleep contempt, feeling joyfully for this years beginning and looking forward to starting going over this English homepage tomorrow. 

    I have also started with a word for each day, to be on my fan page on Facebook and the first word is one of my favorites. 

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  • Welcome

    ylva161203.jpgHi there! I´m Ylva, I´m the Swedish Tarot Queen, and this is my homepage in English. 

    Please be patient because I have written a lot and it will take me some time to translate it from Swedish to English.
    I hope that you will like what you read and that you look forward to my upcoming books and distance courses in English.

    I have written 26 books, 16 of them are about Tarot, and other titles are about crystals, aura, and colors, astrology, healing. I work full-time writing and creating in these subjects. I have also created some decks. If you click on Prisma Tarot, then you will find my Tarot deck that has the theme of colors, totems, astrology and runes. If you click on Yiang Symbol, you will land on another page for that deck. Both these decks are in English.

    Feel free to send me an email at ylvatrollstierna@gmail.com

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