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    Change in mind?

    By Faith, 2020-11-21
    Change in mind?

    Or is it a new dawning? This past month has been a roller coaster; I've been full of energy, working day and night, having friends over for Halloween that is one of the holidays I love most. And finally, I got all my stuff here in Spain from Sweden, and I got my Spanish company, and then I just lost my breath!

    The past week has been in slow motion; I'm trying to adapt to a new routine in my days to relax and still get things done. This is also the time of the year with many readings, people wanting to know what's up for 2021. 

    I would get my texts ready to launch a distance workshop in Tarot, but instead, I promised a friend to have a workshop in runes. That is my private interest even that I have written a book about them. And I got caught up in the runes, as being in love again. I even tattooed a rune (now I have 10 on my body) to celebrate all things falling to places, then I had to pause, take a break, get my breath, and I'm still doing that. 

    But on some days, my distance workshop for runes is done :) I even got a homepage for the distance courses, in Swedish, English, Germany and soon in Spanish. That feels great.

    In the moments of not working picking olives (yes, by hand), I got a lot of olives to eat next summer, looking forward to seeing how it will work out.

    I had a "scary" and amazing Halloween with my friends, and it was a full moon; we took the pumpkin outside with us, doing a meditation, and my friends survived my food ;)

    Now I have just completed the translation of the horoscope, practicing English as good as I can, I'm looking forward to this month of Sagittarius, not only that it's my birthday and I'm celebrating one year in Spain, more of all expectations of the planets to see what will be.

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