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    When I was young and had a lovely weekend, I could feel a little off on Monday; right now, it feels like I have been at a party all weekend; I am not really in place in myself yet, although it is Tuesday today.

    Last Thursday I played car bingo, the first time since three summers ago. It may not sound so spiritual, but for me, it's like meditating; I have no time to sit and think, analyze, or evaluate a lot of thoughts; I need to keep track of all the numbers and mental relaxation but fully concentrated. In addition, I met old friends and enjoyed light summer rain on a football field in a car with one person that mean the most to me was fantastic.

    Last Friday, I got to meet my BFF, even after 3 years of missing; the lesson is that love has no time frame; it was like meeting yesterday.

    Finally, a course weekend at EnglagÄrd, my home in Sweden, not just for me, but for all these hundreds (thousands) of people who have found one of the most harmonious places on earth, the atmosphere, the community. It has been years since I had a course on what I am most passionate about. But a Tarot course with me is like not just Tarot, it is most of life, like with Tarot, well-being, employment, security, personal insights and spiritual. What a group, hugely grateful.

    Summer is here, even though it feels more like where I am right now, in Spain (eagerly waiting for my driver's license). We have +30 at 10 in the morning; in Sweden last weekend, it was at most +19, but the summer feeling was there, even in rain showers; for me, it is more the feeling than the heat or the cold that determines the experience. Although now it's summer, there is talk of more challenging times financially, I noticed at the airport yesterday that it was packed, and the plane was packed. Personally, I'm amazed how someone can travel from Sweden in the summer because it is beautiful.

    I will fix some summer offers for you who want to develop; get inspiration from me, because some days can be gray and rainy or some too much sun; spiritual development does it take a holiday? In my world, it does not; it allows stopping more and finding more within.

    You can create a customer profile free of charge without ordering anything at my shop; then, you will also find out when a new horoscope for the coming period is out. Or, some days, get some extra offer or maybe even access to a book profile, except that you can click on a card for guidance.

    I'm probably not up to 1000 words, but if you, while reading, created images of my text, then it's like reading a Tarot because these are images that you read about into sentences, so vice versa against when you read a text and create your images.

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    Enjoy the day and your feelings and be in gratitude.

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