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    Wonderfully scatterbrained

    By Faith, 2021-11-19
    Wonderfully scatterbrained

    I'm not the one to react to the full moon, but today I have decided to use the energies of Taurus' power to create security. For a structure that is something that I'm already in, more with the word re before, restructuring. I am so wonderfully divided right now between texts (reading through) for the weekend's sixth part of the Tarot education, where I'm delighted for everything that goes according to my planning (I'm not known to have it as a strength). Then I write the horoscope for the next period (in time, four days left), I have web meetings for the Tarot education, but now only one left, combined with annual interpretations. Then I put others to work for the restructuring of the websites.

    But fragmented or scatterbrained are maybe the wrong words, even though I feel that way sometimes, though I listen more to my feelings, do what feels most inspiring at the moment. When it gets too much, I sit down at the Christmas puzzle until I feel like I want to throw all the pieces out the window (it does not take long, I probably get three pieces at a time).

    On top of that, it is also a private life with Christmas decorations, meals, practical things such as laundry, socializing; some of my course participants have commented, if I never sleep? I answer emails at five o'clock and so on. This season is more creative for me, but I have honestly gone to bed before one o'clock of the last weeks, but up early; in summer, I get to bed at three but like to sleep until nine. I have the most beautiful mornings; take Max (my dog) down to the cozy room; we call it the TV room, but well, this with the TV is not included in my life. Then we snuggle together on the sofa, share a blanket, a cup of coffee for me, the spread of the day, a little check on the situation via the media, then interpretations until the rest of the house starts to move. It is calm and quiet as long as the neighboring dogs don't start barking at dogs that pass by, then Max also starts.

    I'm done with one page, my new one for colors, aura, chakras, and crystals, www.mycolorshades.com, first. It would only be for English, but then I decided to have my page for me, then the one for colors; the rune page is in both Swedish and English. What remains now are some films for the rune page since I have taken this with courses to a new level. They will be available as self-study courses where you can "buy in" at all web meetings.

    This means that you can already book yourself today on the self-study course "chakras and colors," if you then want more support, development with others, you can book the web meetings. There is a lot to take in with colors, but at the same time, the most important thing for it is about the soul, energies, vibrations, frequencies as well as limitations, challenges such as self-insight and more possibilities.

    All courses will be available with audio files, partly for those who have difficulty seeing text, may have problems with vision, have dyslexia, or do not want to read. We are all different. Imagine that my first distance course was in 2000 in letter form. 21 years later, I have a fantastic concept, which shows that my idea of ​​making intermediate goals existed even though I was unaware.

    The Tarot Academy is the next project; I am now transferring the texts from my Prisma Tarot from my English page, where everything is ready in English for the basic course "Tarot card by card," however, the Swedish texts have not been read yet.

    I am not idle but senselessly happy to be creative, to be in my ambition to inspire.

    This morning in the full moon, I laid my runes for the coming year. Not surprised to find Thurisaz in the current situation because behind the scenes, it is more or less chaos, which I am still used to dealing with; what would life be without challenges?

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