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  • Too much thoughts

    Do you feel lightheaded, do you ponder too much, get stuck in thoughts? Then a dotted college block might be something for you, simply because an average untrained brain can only keep track of four things at a time. It's something that science has come created.

    Imagine yourself when you created a shopping list in your head: milk, cream, coffee, toilet paper, bread. There are five things, then when you stand in the store, ýou don't automatically (for most people, in general) remember what it was that you would buy. The milk you remember, which means that cream will probably go because you have it nearby, then you get coffee, think again, remember bread. You probably come out of the store without toilet paper. Sometimes the list is increased, butter, cookies, or something else. Then there are definitely more things than four.

    Some of us sort the list into groups: dairy products = milk, cream, butter. Then there is only one thing to keep track of when you are at the dairy department. You may put together bread with toppings; then, there will be a group where maybe even the cookies will fit. Okay, two groups with three things in each and toilet paper.

    It can be a smart way to handle these four things that you can keep in mind. Now I've gone through them a few times, can you list the first five? I guess you had to think about it. That's what we use the brain to do. It said that we only use 10% of the brain. You can exercise your brain's capacity; it just has to become more conscious.

    The brain consists of a left and a right hemisphere that together create a balance, but often we think more with one of them. Like when you shop, you act more after your left brain. You could also use the right one to create a picture around your shopping list, create an image of the cream in the milk, the butter and the topping on the sandwich, a cup of fragrant coffee for it, a cake for dessert, too much coffee = toilet paper. In the creative image, it will be easier for you to keep track of your list.

    Aha, you might be thinking, I need a dotted college block to write a shopping list.
    Nope, but you need it to relieve your brain but also to stimulate your mind. Because as it is now, your brain is likely to be busy with shopping lists or making lists like cleaning, phone lists, and more. Because we always have four things going on at the same time in the brain. Some say that we think of a thousand things at the same time, quite impossible; however, we can have a thousand things that change a little now and then, which creates even more chaos in the brain. Focus constantly shifted from what is essential or what needs to be done.

    Especially women (generally speaking) tend to have several things going on, those who have learned to put it in thought folders, thought for a shopping list, a thought for everyday chores, a thought for phone calls, a thought for bad conscience to make folder. All these thoughts exist at the same time but developed as the thoughts shift. Sometimes it can be a messy mess. Yes, just unsavory for your spirit doesn't quite fit into all the folders. Indeed, 50% of them are just little things that you would do without thinking.

    If you have a dotted college block, then you can make different pages for different folders. A page for cleaning, a page for phone calls, a page for "must," a page for planning, and so on... When you write it down in your dotted college block, you relieve the brain of thoughts. Two advantages, you get it out of the thought, you put it down in print.

    When you get a thought out of your mind, then a new thought or even a new thought folder can be created because, as I said, four things are what can be active at once. It's almost a little Feng Shui over it or a little GOGI (Garbage Out Gratitude In). You create space for more, for something new. You can also see it in writing what you had in the thought, determine when it is outside of you if it was as important as it was in the thought.

    Sometimes or most of the time, some thoughts are entirely unnecessary, it diminishes your energy, it creates that you use your left, logical hemisphere more than listening to the intuition. Often the thoughts become of old habit, and they get stuck there from your values ​​of what is essential.

    As a metaphor, we can see it as your wardrobe; you probably have clothes that are there that you cannot fit into, but you do not want to throw away because they can be useful to have in the future — often more wishful thinking than realization. If your brain is a wardrobe, you have dozens of unused clothing or items in reserve; they take up space and do not favor you in the present.

    Maybe you, like me, have been asked this question more than once - what are you thinking? Do you use to answer, nothing, or nothing special? Write down what you are thinking, yes, right now. For everything you write down, something new (or old) will come up that can be a long list of things. That list shows everything that spins around, and I can almost promise that at least half of your thoughts are ones that are of no use at all.

    But why use a dotted college block? Is it not as good with a lined or a block with completely white sides? If you were to use a lined row, you would get lost by the lines; they will not create free space. A block of white pages blocks just as much, if not more, to start writing on a blank white sheet, it's an art, it's like the brain doesn't understand where to start, up in a corner, in the middle?

    In a dotted college block, you can write, draw just as you like; you have points to stick to, which creates a sense of security for your logical part of the brain, gives room for your creative part of the brain. You can have pages for lists when you talk on the phone, for target images, and whatever, allowing your mind to develop more of you and release unnecessary aging.

  • Sedona method

    Do you want to release it? Release what? What is wrong, or what is right? Yes, actually both or none.

    Everything has an opposite; one of my favorite words is "interchangeable," which means to me that everything has an opposite. Everything is changeable, for the only constant thing is change.

    Emotions are what it is about, that we always feel so much and let the emotions control good and evil. Unfortunately, it most hurt, as we often think that we are doing everything possible to avoid what we think hurts. Sometimes it makes us much worse,  then the feeling of disappointment, the experience will not be in control. In it, the negative feeling gets a foothold for what is the opposite for me, the feeling is the thought, and the thought is in the brain. Our brain loves challenges, that is, adversities and worries, then it can show how it can act. As long as the feeling (the negative) remains, the brain gets fuel and continues to create more worry instead of just letting go and finding the opposite direction. This is where you come in, your intermediate position between thought and feeling. It is you who decide,  it is you who experiences and you who act. Using thought and feeling is better than letting them have free play.

    Often we also continue with bad behaviors, although something we try to solve does not work, we make them even more significant to try to find a solution while the easiest is to let go.

    One of the methods that have meant the most to me is the Sedona method. Simple and once we have let go, then it is only time to grab the next thing as we are continually creating new challenges, big and small.

    What you resist exists.
    Acceptance is the solution. Then the feeling gets no grip on me, but I can make my own choice what I want to experience.

    Sedona is simple. You ask four questions:
    Can I accept my problem?
    Can I release the problem?
    Do I want to let go of the problem?

    For example, if you have ties left in a relationship, something that creates a sense of sadness or despair or does not create the opportunity to be in a new relationship, then you must let go of the old.

    Then ask:
    Can I accept that the previous relationship affects me?
    It doesn't matter if you answer yes or no, you continue anyway.

    Then comes the next question:
    Can I let go of the relationship?
    Same here, regardless of yes or no, you continue, but you should say that yes or no.

    Next question:
    Do I want to let go of this relationship?
    And yes, you do! So then the answer is Yes. (though you may answer no, do it this time)

    Last question:
    And the apparent answer is NOW.

    You can put a rating of the problem, from 1-10, how advanced is it, an 8th? Do the exercise a few times and then check what figure it feels like, and best is to continue until the problem no longer exists. From the beginning, I could repeat many times, but the more I made this an active part, it usually suffices with one, it is at the first question I realize that I do not need this problem at all. It's just a feeling that gives the thought a challenge, and it's actually not entertaining.

    Do you think it sounds like nonsense, challenge yourself and your brain ;-)
    Ask the question:
    Can I accept my problem with this method?

    If you ask:
    If I want to release this problem and can not answer yes, then you can think about what you gain from keeping it? The choice between the problem and being in it or doing something else instead, usually the opposite. Why isn't it appealing, and you can then use the four-question method on it.

    Can I accept that I do not want to let go of this problem?

  • Energy threads

    I believe that we have an energy system that is not visible to the ordinary eye, the aura. For me, it is connected to our chakras, which are energy centers; these threads run through them, all over the body. For me, the aura is like a grid held together by these threads, which also charge their energy via chakras.

    I see these threads as they become like an energy grid that is woven around your body but also in. Maybe threads are the wrong word, but I see them interconnected as threads or wires. Energy patterns that are continually moving that connected to all the centers in one.

    These energy wires are also the pulse that continually goes through your body, not just in your body, in your emotion, as well as your thought. Outside they connect with others even in short meetings, then depending on how influential bands tied from each direction. If you are active, the energy wires from your physical field are stronger, while if you are in the emotion, the wires from your emotional field are stronger. If you are in mind, your threads from your mental field are more active.

    In every meeting you have where there is a feeling, whether it is irritation or delight or even what you consider neutral, but as soon as there is a connection, the energy wires shared.

    I guess you've heard of energy thieves. No one can take your energy unless you allow it, but you may not do it consciously. But if you do not control your energy, this is quickly done, especially if you or the other person connected through the wires. Or maybe you want to call them voltages or pulses or think of them as magnets if you put together if it's the opposite, they sucked together if it's the same energy on the sides they pushed off. It's about one meeting; two opposites meet, the energy exchanged. As long as both parties are on the same frequency, it works. But if one of them changes energy, it is as with the magnets that switch off, whoever does not break the energy will lose the energy. But those wires are still there, or the energy connections, as long as you don't break them, the energies are between. It also explains why you can sometimes feel how someone else is feeling, or you think of someone, then call that person or stand outside your door.

    If you are not aware of your threads, you follow the flow, there will be connections without you being aware. Like when you fall in love, you send out the threads to your item. Usually, it is at that event that you get caught up in all the fields, the physical for the attraction, the desire, and the emotional for the emotion with the imagination in mind. These threads are the most difficult to break the day love is not there or answered. If you are not conscious, the bond is there, takes energy, in it you lose energy instead of being focused in your power. It can make you feel broken like it is missing part of you.

    The more you become aware that all of you made up of energy that continually pulses in and around you, you will learn to feel what is your threads and what others are. When you, as we say, create a bond with someone, it is these threads that are all about; you connected, as long as the energy flows to and from your relationship works (does not matter if it is love, job, or some other relationship). But when any of you activate the threads, then the law of energy applies. It is always an energy that is positive, one that is negative, which means that it is still an energy that gives one that takes. When one energy withdrew, the other energy pushes, it follows, back and forth.

    These threads do not tie together at meetings that don't affect you significantly emotionally. But as soon as there is a strong feeling, everything from hatred to love, then the threads can be tied together, especially if you don't have your energies under control. If you know your energy system, are confident in yourself, then you're more natural to keep track of what energy you are spending and consuming. In simpler words, it said that your self-esteem is an essential key to keeping your energy wires under control.

    The more you get to know yourself, understand your energies, the more you can realize more of yourself, protect yourself from energy thieves. It means that the key to awareness of yourself is by understanding your value, having confidence in your power, strengthening your self-esteem.

    Unfortunately, it is not only through awareness that you can cut your energy wires, but also remember that some of them can be rewarding. A true friend, you can feel, a loyal partner with whom you have a bond.

    But in cases where these energy wires draw energy from you, you should be aware as well as smart to cut them. When you cut them, the person who is left without energy will always contact you. Note that there is no smart way to get a partner back, it can work for a while but not in the long run, as you try to manipulate you will be without what you desire - love. You must be strong when the other partner of your energy wire makes contact to strengthen the wire, to keep getting energy from you.

    Become aware of your energy wires, then you take one at a time, cut them, you can burn them, most effectively I think, but also cut them, saw them, or tear them off. After you have a bath, you go in a tub with salt water (about one dl in the water) or fill a bucket with salt water, about 2 tbsp to a 5-liter bucket. Take a sponge, wash your entire body.

    Write down the energy wires that you sense or know that you have, with whom, what creates energy, what kind of fear? What can you become aware of to let go?