• 3 of Wands - Impulse

    3w copy.jpgMeaning
    This card
    indicates that something new or an extra opportunity suddenly is on its way. You can feel a new inner strength and act in the possibilities that are before you, you dare to believe in your ideas and is definitely outside your box for all your actions.

    You can have difficulties in managing new experiences, it just is too much. You can also rewind yourself out of the things that are going in just because you suddenly feel afraid. You may believe that you have lost your support.

    Color - Red/Yellow
    The color combination of red and yellow indicate on ideas that are started and gets a lot of energy with a strong ambition. You do know what you want and how it will be done your way. You have found your ground and get a lot to work with safeness and structure. You want a lot and can become too energetic and in that create a feeling of desolation. This combination indicates on force and impulses that can take control over most anything with its strong will and assertiveness. The red energy gives power and the yellow the will and the independence, and together it will just be a strong will that needs to achieve whatever. You can be strong-willed, focused and acutely aware of your power and your abilities. But you can have a lack of patience and be too impulsive in the things you want to succeed. You can have problems to stop and reflect on your choices and your actions.

    The 3rd decade of Aries.

    Camel as totem
    Indicate that you're a survivor that always has some extra resource to take forth. In a big need to use and change energy and refill again. Impatient but stubborn when it's needed. You have a lot of stamina, you're tough and motivated in the things you
    act in, and you do act with a good plan. You like to be alone even if others surround you. Stubborn and persistent as no one else and can make the most awkward turnovers if it doesn't suit you.