• 7 of Cups - Distrust

    7cups copy.jpgMeaning
    This card
    indicates that you are worrying about yourself. Who am I? What do I want? And how am I supposed to be? You got a lot of worrying and no answers and a lot of feelings to choose from. Your emotions are your driving force, and it's a lot of feelings.

    You're mixed up, can't decide, don't know one thing from another. Trying to get support from your nearest instead of deciding yourself.

    Color - Green/Pink

    The green color indicates a safe feeling, happiness, consideration, and love and to give and give. The green energy supports all these abilities, and that's why they are so vulnerable and over-activated. The pink has equal abilities but more on a spiritual level. You're a very open, emotional person that feels and experiences everything over and over again with great energy of empathy. You don't miss one frequency of the feeling, you absorb all the experiences, both good and bad and that without separate those before you get into all that happens, await and philosophize and if you get excited or if others have demanded, and then you can always retire into your case.

    1st decade of Pisces

    Turtle as totem
    You're stable, safe and secure, take one thing at the time, and have no rush. Inner calm and you know that what has been and also what will happen and everything has its own time. Indicate that you are a cool person; take a moment as it comes. Taking it easy, relaxes, await and think about it, and if you feel pushed or demands from others, then you can always rest your case.