• 7 of Wands - Stamina

    7w copy.jpgMeaning
    This card indicates the
    determination. The will to make decisions. An intention to be able to do anything that you want and to take responsibility for your actions. Wayward in all that you think will give you favors and that even sometimes without checking up facts in the matter. You know what you want, and you get it your way.

    Self- righteousness that will be pulling you backward. You can be lost in your values. Loses your focus and only pay attention to the things that you think will be best for you, stubborn to the last breathe.

    Color - Yellow/Lilac
    The yellow and the lilac has all within that has to do with dreams and visions about the future. You can be strong in your conviction, maybe even fanatical? You have the will to grow, to take control, to be able to put forward whatever you wish; you have the connection between the ordinary life and your spiritual goal and are open for new experiences. Easy to learn and open to new areas in life, without any prejudices or preconceived thoughts if it suits your own goals of course. You're strong and bullheaded but also a dreamer, you want so much but need more feet on the ground if you want to achieve your desires. And the things you want today could be something different tomorrow; you can have difficulties to stay in your actions, you have more in your mind and moving forward, seeking stimulus all the time. The yellow has the awareness and the lilac the spiritual visions, and if they can be joined, then all the dreams can come true.

    st decade of Sagittarius

    Hyena as totem
    Indicate that you´re clever and tricky, taking your time and take what you need. You have learned to see the advantage in the things that others will not see.  You take life with good laughter and also find another way to the next adventure. This means that you are quite uncomplicated, you take a moment as it comes, like being around and most of them with the same attitude. You know how to get the best out of anything and see the opportunities even in the things that others toss away. You can feel a little bit awkward sometimes, but you just shake loose and invite to good laughter.