• From the book "Tarot 78 Keys"
    Every card with interpretation for a description, then keys to basic, work, love, finance, health and spirituality. Also the reversed meaning.

  • Ace of Wands

    This is the first card that the Tarot deck starts with, the one that life begins with. This is an energy boost, an impulse, a new force that wants to go up and down at all costs, like a dandelion coming out of the asphalt. It is the soul's first impulse and motivation, the power that should lead life forward.

    The number shows that it is an Ace that it is a new start and the suite shows an activity. This is a driving force, but only a start and nothing more. The energy needs more nutrition, more impulses and a balance as it strives for the second to reach its development. The element shows power and will, inner fire, creation from the beginning.

    When you pull this card, it shows that you are facing something new, something powerful and revolutionary. But it does not have to turn upside down on your existence. It may as well be an impulse that takes shape, an idea that you want to realize. Since it is fire element you do something, you direct the force outwards and forwards.

    When you receive this card, you should focus on the new, catch up and keep up with your own impulses. This is one of the most powerful cards in the symbolism of the Tarot cards and often has a clear form of a phallus symbol. Which gives the card symbolic power and direction justifiably and sadly when it is reversed, hidden anger and aggression and any power play due to poor reason with yourself.

    When you want to do something creative, sit down and take in the energy of Ace of Wands while thinking about how motivated you really are. When this card comes, it's time for a powerful focus and a belief in yourself as well as developing your entire inner power.

    If you pull the card in reverse, it shows that you do not have enough motivation, power, and resources without staying in something old. You’re most annoyed at not being able to, no energy or want to realize something that you urge.


    This card indicates that something new is being started. A new strong (male) force that initiates new processes. There is a strength, power, and energy in this card, the willingness to start events - action. You act directly and from within your will.
    Shows that you lose their power and motivation, you can't even believe in yourself. You may feel irritation and powerlessness.

    Something new that is being started. A whole new direction with will and power behind. It can be anything from a new job to a new job.
    Feeling unmotivated and possibly scared. Can't handle the new thing in front of you. Feel that it is not the right task. You may lose a job.

    Something new comes in, but not directly in the hand. It can be through a benefit through work. An entirely new opportunity to realize more as well. You are ambitious.
    Losing the power to make an improvement. Do not want to see the truth as it is. You can't invest further in the beginning.

    Strong new emotions, dominant and powerful. An orientation, hard to see and feel other than the strong passionate obsessed feeling that exists within you.
    Lack of commitment, loss of desire. Feel a compulsion that becomes impossible to overcome. Can show impotence or freedom.

    A strong will to live. A spark of power and strength that lights up. A strong motivation. Starts and grabs something that is really needed to continue and feel good.
    Tired and weak. Can't even see the possibilities, and probably don't want to know that they exist either. Have or will lose your commitment and become lazy.

    A strong force from within makes it possible to overcome all obstacles, to restart from zero. Hard to find your life goal. Produces your own spark and inner strength. Feel the warmth and support.
    Do not listen to yourself, do not know who you are, or what life goal you have, confused and empty.

  • From the book " Tarot, cards on the table", the keys from the Element spread

    (see it below)

  • Element Star - Ace of Wands

    East (Work)
    Ace of Wands indicates that something new, a project or a new task is now starting. You charged, committed, aware of what you want, focused, and full of power to realize. A strong commitment, strong will means you give everything. You are aware of the new opportunities that exist, know that you now have the opportunity to get started properly with what you want.
    South (Love)
    With Ace of Wands, you pumped. Has a strong appearance, passionate, excited, intense. There is no doubt about what you want; you make it happen. Gives you love with all the power you have, totally committed. You may not have time to be in the feeling, but you are in the experience with all your desire.
    3 West (Economy)
    With Ace of Wands, you look more at what you can create than by ensuring that you get a secure structure, action rather than stability. No need for anything material or stable, but you trust your own power to get what you need for the moment. Empathy and commitment that occupy your time, you have a hard time not act with an impulse for investments without looking at basic.
    4 North (Health)
    With Ace of Wands, you know what you want, focused with all your power, absorbed in the desire, the passion, and the creation of what you want to realize. Giving it all, demanding response to what you do. You act as everything goes easy since you give it all. Make demands on life, on every opportunity you see, expect, do not settle for less.
    5 Void (Spiritually)
    With Ace of Wands, you have an inner conviction, a force that guides, drives you to realize all that you urge. All that you want to do is what you need to accomplish. You are driven by this powerful force that will give you no rest until you have realized or begun to create what feels important to you. You may not even understand why, but it is only this inner conviction that drives you forward until you get what you want. This energy that urges you, which gives you no rest until you start up with what you have an inner desire.

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