• Chakras

    Seven chakras with the responding energy and the name in Sanskrit:

    Base chakra - Red - Muladhara

    Navel chakra –Orange - Svadhistan

    Solar Plexus chakra -Yellow - Manipuraka

    Heart chakra –Green - Anahata

    Throat chakra –Blue - Vishuddha

    Third eye chakra –Indigo - Ajna

    Crown chakra –Purple - Sahasrara

    Three more chakras are for your spiritual field:
    Neck chakra - Magenta
    Thymus Chakra - Turquoise
    Star chakra - Pink

    I have the talent to see and read the aura with its energy and patterns and also the chakras. I think it’s essential to understand oneself and try to look at the patterns that we create, often by going on standby in life. We have this pattern with us and let our surroundings affect us instead of taking control of our lives. I do believe that everything starts with a thought and that the thoughts are the essential energy of you. Positive thinking is an excellent vibration, and a negative is a bad vibration, and it’s up to you to choose what you will think. And I know it’s not so easy as it sounds. I’m not flawless; I know exactly how it is to get in a bad vibration and to try to get out of it and also the worse. Not see it for oneself and just going on in a negative mood. But it’s up to you to make a change not the people around you.

    If you can see your aura (yourself or by an aura reader), it’s easier to know what energy to change. And it can be using a color, rock or changing the pattern that is not in harmony with you. A lot of people do not have so much energy in their base chakra as they should. Instead of red, they have got the speed up to another color as each color is at a particular rate of vibration and red are one of the lowest vibrating. If there is not enough red energy in the base, the person hasn’t got the stamina and energy to act directly. To take the power of their life,  they just let all things run by, and meanwhile, they lose more energy.

    It would be the person that says; I do it tomorrow; I do it next week, I will start on Monday when I got more money when I got more support, and so on. This person has a lot of reasons to not do the things that will make them feel the power for themselves, and the energy will be weaker and the person also. If you have too little of the red in your base chakra, it’s not only to dress in red that will give you more energy, but you also have to see a pattern and change it. In this case by acting at once, maybe by doing the first thing that is on your face right now or start every morning by doing the first thing you, usually, would say that you will do later.

    If you start by just doing one of these things, you will create a new pattern, and after a while, you will have done it all. And are so into the energy of acting that this new energy will be a part of you. And you will have red energy in your base chakra and with that no diseases in your back, your legs, with your blood system and some more. You will have a positive vibration that will make the red in your aura glow.

    And this is also the truth for all your chakras; you need to have them in an active vibration. But I haven’t met anyone yet that has all chakras in perfect shape, each chakra always vibrate in different colors depending on what you’re doing in life, your acting, your energy, and your patterns. That is all that life is about, growing, learning, and experience.

    Practice; learn to see your aura
    Stand in front of a mirror; take a closer look at yourself so much that you stop thinking about how you look! Close your eyes for 10 seconds (count 1, 2 3, 4, etc.), open your eyes, and look at yourself with a relaxed mind for about 20 seconds. Close your eyes for 10 seconds and open your eyes again, now more comfortable with your eyes half-closed and put focus behind you, maybe behind your right ear. Keep your eyes focused for about 20 seconds, move the sight to the left ear and now above your head, and now you should see the colors around you. The color that’s appearing is the color that shows what kind of energy you’re using right now.

    An aura of oneself or another person can both be fascinated and developing- To see a personality colorful! (It’s probably colorful or else you can learn to create the energies and the colors yourself). Maybe you have looked at a 3D picture sometimes and been able to see the things behind all the patterns. Perhaps it was awkward the first time, or maybe you could see the object at once, but the next time you take a look, you will see it more quickly. To look at your aura is most in the same way. Your physical body is the pattern, and when you look at it as a 3D picture, you can see the aura. Just relax your eyes and keep them half-closed, with a lazy look and sought something behind the image (body). You will be able to see one or more colors in your aura; it is easier to learn by looking at one layer step by step or layer by layer.

  • Aura

    aurabild1.jpgThe word aura means lightning of color and charisma, and the most common conception is that it’s a form of a lightning blaze around a person. People that work with aura often believe that it’s the mirror of the soul (as I do) and that it’s a source of knowledge and understanding of who we are and why. And it’s not only us humans that have an aura, but even animals and things also have this power of energy that the aura is. The aura is of many colors, and they shine differently all depending on our mood, health, personality, and the level of spirituality. The aura can show different colors in the energy field that surrounds us and that some of us can see. The way you can try to understand this energy is pure with the feeling that can experience when a person enters a room. The feeling can be positive or negative, but it’s noticeable that the energies in the room are affected.

    For me, the aura is the energy of the soul; it’s not only around us; it’s also inside us. It’s vibrating energy that is a part of us, the life energy that tells who we are, our patterns, and our goals. And it’s possible to read what we think in our aura, how we feel, what shape the physical body and, what patterns that energy can create, maybe diseases that we can avoid through reading the energy of the aura.

    A chakra is an energy wheel in our physical body. The word chakra is Sanskrit and means just wheel. We have a lot of these energy fields, but in common it talks about the seven from the Eastern philosophy. These are the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, navel, and base chakra. The aura is something that changes in the speed of which we are and develops ourselves. Depending on our wellbeing, the aura shows in many different colors. Some of us are more colorful than others. A young person often has stronger energy and more colorful than somebody that is old and sick. The aura tells a lot about how we are both physical and physic if there is an imbalance in the body and mind. To get to know more about someone's aura, it’s possible to ask an aura reader that reads the aura either in person or distance. A skillful aura reader can see or feel a lack of the aura that can be transformed into a sickness if you don’t change the pattern and energy before. Another method is to let an aura camera take an aura photo. But you need to know that no camera can take a picture of the aura. It’s thru heat and pulse that the system of the camera collects as a vibration that will show as colors around you.

    If you have red in your aura, it shows on powerfulness or that you are irritated. Red is the most substantial energy when you have a lot of motivation power, and when you’re angry.

    Orange indicates creativity and desire; maybe you’re longing for something or are in a passionate state of mind.

    Yellow indicates stability, control, and creation. Will be brightest when you want to learn and to teach or put a focus on yourself and your identity.

    Green indicates harmony, calmness, and peace and of course, love. It could also show in your aura when you’re tired or have been sick.

    Blue indicates shows in expression and seeking. It can be a part of your aura if you’re focused on your exterior roll and if you’re a strong personality.

    Purple indicates spiritual growth and a philosophical personality; it can show if you meditate a lot, relaxing, sleeping, or are in a spiritual seeking process.

    White indicates new patterns in your life; it can also show if you had a shock, it would mean as long as you haven’t changed your life after the event.  

    Pink indicates love and a high spiritual action both from mind and feeling.

    Turquoise indicates spiritual development and new ideas, transforming the pattern in your life and be aware of how you are.

  • Aura fields

    Base, navel, and solar plexus chakras are they who together create your foundation, your identity, your safeness, and how you live and act in the ordinary daily life. These chakras show your demands for life and your reproduction and your requirements in relationships.  Base with red will activate the force, navel with orange make the force creative and solar plexus with yellow realize it to a collected growing.

    The red color has an energy pattern; force, commitment, impulsiveness, and acting.

    The orange color has an energy pattern; motivation, will, lust and creating.

    The yellow color has an energy pattern: searching, changes, and consciousness.

    These three colors together show your basic safety and are the colors that create your will to work, to accomplish yourself.

    The chakra of the heart is the only one for the emotional state, and it will help you to live in the flow of feelings, in love and to give and receive.

    The green is a mix of the yellow in the solar plexus and the blue in throat chakra, and together they will activate togetherness and development.

    The green color has an energy pattern that is love, togetherness, feelings, and empathy. Green is the color that creates your patterns of love no matter if it’s for a partner, to a parent, a child, an animal or a thing.

    Throat, third eye and crown chakra show together on your visions and dreams of the future. These chakras show your spirituality identity and your more in-depth search for life, your contacts, the things you evaluate. 

    The blue color has an energy pattern: communication and togetherness and you're acting out.
    The indigo color has an energy pattern; searching spiritual awareness and visions.

    The purple color has an energy pattern; dreams, another way of thinking, a higher mind.

    These three colors, blue, indigo, and purple together create your ambitions and dreams for your future; these are the energy for the evolution.