• Blue - Throat Chakra

    Chakra05.pngThroat Chakra - Vishuddha

    Color Blue, blue-green, blue-purple.

    Place on body Behind the larynx.

    Physical influence Throat, mouth, jaw, ears, shoulders, and thyroid gland.

    This chakra
    It helps you to communicate and to connect better
    with the people you meet. It shows in your outer face/profile. It's the fifth chakra from the base, and the one for your personality and how you communicate, and how you behave with the knowledge and from your valuations. This chakra with Solar Plexus Chakra is creating your spiritual base to grow and see life's teachings. Blue, from this chakra, with yellow from Solar Plexus, will be green for the heart chakra. This chakra has Air as its element, events, and all the things that happen and will surround you, and the will to live in the moment and to be a part of it all.

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    If this chakra is overactive
    Then you probably talk too much and too often. You get yourself involved in what others say and do, and you always seem to believe that you know best. All the time, you can try to prove yourself to better than all others. It’s easy for you to be bold and a braggart. With too much energy in this chakra, it’s easy to talk too much and all the time and often without any proper to say, just talking
    about the case of talking. You can do too much analyzing of all things that aren’t your business.

    If this chakra is underactive
    Then it’s easy for you to get dry in your throat, easy to get cold. Have not much to say. Maybe you’re shy and trying not to be seen or heard. It’s easy to get in the state of always clearing the throat and not thinking about it. It’s easy to take a step aside and try not to take place, fear others, and crowds of people. You can have problems acting in the group; you don’t know how to express yourself and say what you feel inside.

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    Blue (throat) shows in communication, social demands, extrovert energy, and intelligence.

    If you have blue on the lower parts of the body, you may have difficulty stopping and being aware of life and listening to yourself. It is probably that others tell you what to do, and you can feel insecure about your deal.

    Use blue energy when you want to reach out to others, communicate, and make others listen to you. And if you need to make a sentence, that has importance. Use blue energy when you want to decide what is best for you when you need stimulation in the progress of your work or advance. Use blue when you need to be clear in mind, analyze, evaluate, and walk your talk.