• 11/23-12/22

    During this period, you may conflict with yourself; your routines are not as they usually are, you can easily become irritated, lose control, have difficulty concentrating on what you otherwise fix playfully.

    It may be that you listen for more than what is said, you can look for sub-opinions because you feel insecure, you should be careful how you interpret it so as not to end up in conflicts because you have access to know requirements even if they may not be there.

    You can quickly get annoyed, in that attack before you've been able to stop, see what becomes of everything. Vulnerable, but see it as development, you will also get yourself closer. You feel cornered, irritable, feel the requirement, that the time is not enough.

    You may experience it as if you are put in situations that you do not know if you can handle or want to manage. You want more time over to yourself; you probably put most demands on yourself, can have a little trouble relaxing, take it easy even if it is your desire, you push yourself to get things done in good time.

    A challenging period in which in your innermost thoughts you do not find the peace you long for but receive a completely different response than expected. You get to experience new sides of yourself that can give you some excitement in life, which makes others look at you with little new eyes.

    You can make more demands than you usually do, be more present, difficult to walk away, or hand over until you have seen the results you expected. But whatever happens, there is probably a sense of lost control, a feeling of being evaluated in most of what you do. You can if you do not see it is the create a misjudgment of situations just because you slip away to avoid having to delve into what is happening around you.

    You may be a little worried about love, afraid of not being enough, questioning relationships, or yourself. Let go, don't take everything so seriously, love yourself for who you are, let others decide if they want to do it too. Hopefully, they are adults enough to make their own decisions, it is not up to you to decide on their feelings, but you may well be loved, but it is probably a challenge in your life right now, to let go of control.

  • Capricorn 21st December - 20th January

    stenbocken.jpgAdvancement and orderly.

    Element-  Earth

    Metal-  Silver

    Pos/neg-  Negative

    Sex -Feminine

    Quality- Cardinal

    Part of the body- Bone, knees, skin

    Planet Ruler -Saturn

    Color- dark colors, black

    Crystal-Rock crystal

    Plant- Violet, Ivy

    Tarot cards- XV The Devil

    Professional life - Office Manager position, Planner, Architect. In new age area: Psychotherapist.

    Practical, logical, energetic. Ambitious, patient, and thorough.

  • ...

    To stop and relax. Share responsibility. Have trust to dare to take control. Capricorn is practical and acutely aware of their choices, evaluates and ensures that it gets full marks.

    Good at planning and organizing and structuring their goals. And the goal is what Capricorn lives for, to create their benefits and success.

    Journeys go to the major cities and development center. Money is something you use to invest. In love,  Capricorn likes to have control and take responsibility.

    You are goal-oriented and stubborn, know what you want, but at the same time, you want more and more. Despite your engagement your firm, someone to trust, your words are to believe.  

    You are calculating in the most part, jobs as private life, don't do anything without knowing what becomes of it and if it is possible to develop further. Practical can be a  handyman but are more an organizer than to grab things yourself.

    You want structure and progress. Few are as ambitious as you are. Targeted on the first goal but know there is more once you reached there. To plan, build, create, and realize it's your goals whether at work or at home. You don't leave anything to coincidence or faith; you know how to act to get the best out of everything.

    Maybe you can be a little too easy to judge others after what they accomplish. And that can limit you but also make you want to realize it since you don't like to leave things undone. You can be dominant without thinking about it and always know how things shall turn and that's your way, of course, for you have already figured out.