• Green - Heart Chakra

    Chakra04.pngHeart Chakra - Anahata

    Color Green and pink sometimes.

    Place on body Between the breasts, behind the heart.

    Physical influence Problems with the heart, breasts, lungs, and lymph system.

    This chakra
    Will help you to live with love, to survive, and to act with all your emotions. Good and bad, to feel and act, feel and behave, feel and give, and feel and receive. In this
    energy, there is safeness, self-worthiness, and with that, happiness. With this energy, it’s easy to feel love for yourself and others. It's the fourth chakra from the base and the one for the emotional level of the aura that also represents the element of Water. This is the chakra for emotions, feelings, harmony, and experiences that make all the feelings develop. It’s also one of the chakras that most people have less energy in, this and the Solar Plexus Chakra. The lesson of this chakra is to be able to love oneself for the individual and feel harmony in that.

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    If this chakra is overactive
    Then it’s too much feeling for yourself, self-love that is too high, and contact with others doesn’t feel necessary. You can have a hard time trying to feel empathy for others or agree in an everyday thing; you’re so much up in love for yourself that nothing else matters. Possessiveness is the energy that makes everything go on; you will not give others if there’s no guarantee that at least all of it will return. When it’s too much energy in this chakra, you don't take the time to feel what is going on, just having the feeling that no one is as good or better than you.  Probably having self-love that is so strong that nothing or no one else matters don’t can feel what others feel or what’s in their life. It can also turn the other way, and a feeling of empathy and love for all living beings can be too much to handle, easy to start crying, or to laugh hysterical.

    If this chakra is underactive
    The lack of ability to live with empathy and love creates a shield around fear, avoids relationships, and is quick to create disrespect for yourself.  You’re often sad and in a state of feeling alone and unloved. If you have too little energy in this chakra, it will influence
    your emotions and reactions, especially in relationships. It can be easy not to feel loved or even liked; a lack of this energy makes it hard to love oneself. And you don’t know to understand all the feelings inside and probably analyze too much. Maybe having the feeling of being burnt by love and don’t dare to open the heart again, having the fear that it could hurt and maybe go wrong again. All relationships can be a challenge, not trusting feelings from yourself and others.

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    Green (heart) shows love and harmony in feelings. Healing power, tenderness, sensitivity, togetherness, and just presence.

    If you have green around your feet or head then, it probably shows that you’re too kind, even to sissy or playing the role of a martyr.
    Use green when you need to strengthen all that has feelings and love to do, relations, peace and harmony, serenity, and anti-stress. When you need to feel togetherness and just breathe out, relax, and be at the moment. Green will give you balance and help you to breathe in and out.