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    I have written this book mostly for you who booked an interpretation in Tarot with me. You can either read it before or after listening once. I want to explain a bit more about what Tarot is, how it works for me and give you a tip to understand your interpretation more than if you listen.

    You will read what I think, sometimes it may seem a little superficial and sometimes maybe and with a bit of depth. Perhaps a bit complicated at times but with a desire to "talk" a little about Tarot. How I think, how the cards inspire me. How you can choose to find new philosophical thoughts based on perfect reflection. Reflection didn't even exist as a spiritual thought to me before I started to read Tarot seriously. 

    I came into contact with Tarot Cards in 1974 when I was living in Nottingham, England. I went to school there and my friends where they were like most teenagers, seeking magical things. While at home in Sweden, driving American car was the most my interest (everything has a meaning, but a strange pastime I think today).

    In Nottingham, in the evenings we used to go out to fields with stone walls. There was always something to drink, like beer or cider and we talked of magic and the occult, and some had different cards like Tarot with them. They pulled cards, interpreted for each other, and I played cool (like most insecure youngsters). But I remember the first time I pulled a card, out of the Tarot deck Rider-Waite.

    I drew card number 14 from Major Arcana - Temperance. Someone interpreted and said that I really should read cards because I had high spirituality with me, that I was in direct contact with my higher self. Interesting to hear but I was too scared to make a fool of myself, I pretended it wasn't interesting. I hardly knew what Tarot was, and some cards looked scary, like the Tower, not to mention the Devil. 

    Back to life in Sweden, I made revolt and refused to go to school. But now I was cool, and I could read Tarot (I thought). There I sat with my Rider-Waite deck, it was exciting (everything is relative) and laid cards for my friends. Truths that were not always truths and fears for some cards made them worse than they were. Like someone's grandfather would die in a car accident or parents who would divorce. I never remember telling something positive, but hopefully, I got it too.

    Before, I knew how to interpret in playing cards, because my aunt did that to the coffee every morning. With me next beside her, big-eyed. What does that card mean? That was probably what I asked the most, or if that card should be there instead, what happens then? Yes, what happens if a card placed in another position? Only that it will have a different meaning, but if it is I who change the card I have either created a change that does not exist, but which I can give energy to or there is a sense that I have done so.

    No one needs any Tarot cards or predicts their future. Is it a good starting a book about Tarot with that sentence when you booked an interpretation or not? But I mean it. In any case, not to interpret psychic how we are or what awaits. In fact, I think life would be damn dull without the cards. Magic or not, but it's 100% sync. Because it's not a coincidence which cards turn out, wouldn't it be worse if cards that didn't fit in would turn out? I have no practical or "scientific" explanation for how Tarot cards work, but they work, that's the most important thing to me.

    But if I give in to a little explanation, everything is energy in different vibrations. Regardless of whether we think energy can affect us or not, most people can comment that they sometimes feel bad vibes. Bad vibes are the same as negative energies which create a feeling of discomfort, unease, and lost control.  All of these energies have a vibration, and that vibration is on a Tarot card. But it also makes that particular card appear when that energy is current. We can also interpret this in numerology, which is a large part of the Tarot. The Tarot contains keys from several different areas such as numerology, astrology, but it is also possible to pick up other subjects that I have done in my Prisma Tarot deck as totems (power animals) and colors. But even a crystal can have the same energy as a card.

    The vibrations are entirely different for different areas; it first shows the elements. There are five elements; Fire, water, earth, air, and ether. The fire is more pushy energy, impatient, engaging. Water that is more fluid energy, but which can also create waves, this was a metaphor. Thus, the energy is about having empathy, feelings that can be harmonious or an imbalance. The earth energy is more stable, it is calm, steady, it is, but can also stagnate. While air energy is continually moving, and in it unpredictable.

    We are the four elements all the time, on and off, together and separated. Ether is the energy that gets out of all these together. Then there are different phases in these energies, and that is what is ten parts. Each area (element) shows the energy you are using, from what you have been to what you are focusing your energy on now. In it, you can use what I call cracks to direct the energy towards a more desirable goal.

    Some year after I started interpreting Tarot, my aunt ended up with her playing cards, and I with Tarot for it was a period of black cards. What do I mean by black cards? Not that they were black in their color, but the cards showed fewer good aspects. My aunt was one of the old superstitious kind who would instead put the cards on the shelf, and I was too young and inexperienced to understand that all challenges can change into opportunities.

    A few years later, like ten years, I was a housewife, one evening, a friend of mine came to my house, she had been and got a reading in Tarot. It was so magical she said, and the fortune-teller who had interpreted was only the best, the fortune-teller had told that my friend tended to be an excellent reader, but only if she took an (expensive) course with her. Now she would practice, and I was one of the "exercise objects." She was so happy that I didn't tell her I had my deck of cards, that I knew very well what Tarot was.

    But I got the interest back. I dusted off my deck from the shelf (truth be told, I had to dig deep into some cartons). I had shuffled the deck before, but the deck and I were not in agreement. I did not think I had any contact with my deck. Sure, I could pull some cards in, read the booklet that included, I didn't think it gave any guidance. But I tried, I took a card out of the deck, tried to remember what the card meant, apart from the booklet, but I didn't even know what card it was. I had to look it up.

    There were 7 of Swords. Hum, 7 in Swords and some text about going my own way. Okay? Next time I got that card, looking in the booklet again, ah, that was that card, but forgotten just as quickly.

    For me, there were 78 cards that each had different meanings, but at that time, they separated from each other, which gave me no context. If at that time someone had said that the cards also could able to interpreted reversed, then I would probably have thrown the deck in the trash convinced that this would never be possible to learn or interpreted.

    Then it didn't help that I had an old aunt who predicted. If you didn't know, it's one of the myths about the Tarot. You should have someone in the family preferably on your mother's side which is psychic for you to have the gift yourself, which I consider being bullshit, create that not everyone dares to start interpreting Tarot. But nothing in life is a coincidence, instead of perfect synchronization, now over 40 years later I can see how it all began, how it developed and how it is, on the other hand, the future to show what is more.

    But I have my interpretation that it was "meant to be," that I would be one of the foremost in the Tarot. Sounded shallow? Do I think I'm someone? Oh, yeah. In my world, I am one of the foremost Tarot interpreters the world has seen. That's why you should be happy that you booked an interpretation of me and read this text. For it is not only for my sake that Tarot cards paved my path but because my soul and your soul have made a deal. The fact that I should inspire you to develop more of the cards.

    Tarot is not just about putting cards and finding great love or seeing when you win millions on the lottery. Sure, it will turn out if you choose that path, but there is so much more that is worth even so much more — a wholeness of your life, the life that your soul has chosen to develop like you. If you are smart, which you are because you are now reading this text, because nothing is a coincidence, then you will widen your consciousness, both your personal and your spirituality.

    You will understand those sentences that are in Facebook's statuses sometimes. Like the body is your temple or that it's you that has the lead role in the movie about you. Because it is you who it is about, even if I write the book based on me.

    There is a meaning, but I also like sub-sentences, proverbs, and metaphors - Everything has a purpose and does not have it then it has a meaning too just as an atheist believes in something - nothing.

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    I want you to believe in yourself, to realize that you have the most glamorous starring role ever, for the movie about you is unique. Your manuscript is your thought and your feeling, it can be read in a Tarot deck. It is as simple as that; there may be a challenge because the Tarot is like a language, and if you do not read and speak, it can sometimes be a little tricky.

    You may misunderstand something because you do not know what it means. But I guess you have learned at least one language, probably English as you read this. But I wouldn't be surprised if you know some words in German or French, Spanish or maybe even Russian? If nothing else you can say for sure - I love you in several languages, or yes and no, or some cursing. In the same way, you might understand any card, at least some meaning of that card for each card has several implications, depending entirely on the person and the question (even if not stated).

    If you are new to Tarot, see the challenge of learning a new language if you want to learn it yourself. But you do not need to know the language, an interpretation can see as a translation where I am the interpreter. If you already can interpret Tarot, then see the opportunity to develop more knowledge to create more advanced sentences. But the text is not written for you to learn how to interpret Tarot but for you to understand yourself, to create better conditions in your life with guidance through the cards.

    But what is Tarot? There are 78 symbolic images, keys to various actions, experiences, fortifications, and thoughts that linked to your soul. There is an incredible number of decks, what sets them apart are the artist, the creator's interests, visuals, and the motives based on that person's perception. There is a primary meaning with all Tarot card decks- To convey a message, about who you are, where you are going, what you create, what you feel, what you are confident in, what your reaction will be and the soul's development of all that together.

    Tarot is a tool, much like a baker uses a rolling pin; you can use a tool to interpret your energies and patterns. No one knows where it all began, who created the first Tarot game, and why? Where did it start, what doctrine, what knowledge is behind it? There is a deck at a museum from the 1300s in France. Its told that in the past, around that time, it was common for an artist to visit a (the rich) family and paint their Tarot deck. For the family who wanted their deck, they painted on the suite called Cups, which is a regular playing card has become Hearts. A symbol of our emotions. But did they think so at that time? At that time it was not as easy to communicate as it is today, 30 miles could take a few days, while today it can take just under an hour by car (but should take a little longer).

    Our playing card comes from the Tarot deck, but in connection with the fact that people killed for the occult, named as witches, they changed the deck. Wands became Clubs, Cups became Hearts, Pentacles became Diamonds, and swords became Spades. Then the entire major Arcana (22 cards about the soul) was removed as well as a Page in each suite. From that created a card game called Tarok, which still played today.

    But does it matter where it started and why? For some, yes, not at all. I have a theory that I have created based on my feeling and experience with the cards over the years because I see a more profound meaning with them. Before that, they drew on other things, such as cave paintings or hieroglyphs or papyrus. I am convinced that symbols were also created on stones, even crystals or as in mine culture via runes stones. Human has always created images of something to get a memory.

    It is clear for me that Tarot is spiritual, ancient, and in my world, also known as the Akasha Chronicle = The Book of Life. The book in which the history of all people is written down. It's like you should use new spiritual thinking as if you were thinking of a gigantic hard drive or a DVD that contains EVERYTHING. All people and all events and in different variants. There are so many different theories and teachings; it's like the Bible. There are various religions that all have at least one God who when we pick it down has the same message. Then we interpret it differently, and people through the centuries also used it as a threat to rule people.

    We, humans, have something called free will; it consists of creating a balance between what we call evil and good. It is probably not always that you do something called right, and you can be quick to judge yourself even when you feel that you are doing something called wrong. But what is right and wrong? Some say that you should do to others as you wish them to do to you. But we have different cultures, to look at something right in one culture and wrong in another, we must remember that they eat dogs in China. Something utterly unreasonable in my country. Our cultures and old teachings scare propaganda characterize what is right and wrong. 

    But I believe in the individual, and the individual's right and responsibility. For me, that means I can't kill anyone else, but defend myself that I may not steal from anyone else and take responsibility for my own life. Today we have a society where, perhaps in the absence of strong faith, we have created a "God," that is, the state that will take responsibility for us. We do not need to take responsibility for ourselves; we expect our "God" to do so and tell us what is right and wrong. Maybe that's why we need so much misery to see for ourselves how none of us take responsibility.

    Those who take responsibility for their lives, who do not blame others, do not want any higher power (like the state) or God ruling over life often called anarchists; they can create a fear of most as their responsibility is a real challenge. God gave us the free will. In it, it is up to you what you make of it. You can go so far as to kill someone else, or you can take it the other way that you give your life to someone else.

    But what is essential in your life, what you have with you, what you are today and what you are creating. In it, you have the "Book of Life," the Akasha Chronicle = your Tarot deck as your script or blueprint. If you don't like something, you always have the opportunity to rewrite it.

    I got a lot free of life experience, well, it has cost time and money and experience, it hasn't been cheap, although it feels so given what I got for the investment. Thanks to Tarot, I have developed, and everything has been served to me to provide me with aha experiences. The experiences I now want to convey to you to get away cheaper, but it is a bit like that sometimes it is not enough to take someone else's experience we need to experience ourselves. The knowledge that I have been through, I can with the help of Tarot see a whole of it, but I can also break down the events into small pieces.

    But in that, I also want to point out that I will (if you listen to reading) never say what to do. Instead, I will tell you what the cards show. I will never choose for you, you can do it yourself, but I can tell you what I would have done in a similar situation, the choice is yours. However, it is possible to draw three cards for option one and three cards for choice two and look at which one will be best for you.

    If we look at this with past lives, because that is where it starts if we think life is linear and not in parallel. In that, I can start with my theory of where the Tarot originated. In my world, that is not magical but more pragmatic. I still believe that everything has begun here on earth in the ancient cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria. Two missing continents that no one can prove have existed even though researchers have tried. It s said that the people who lived in those continents were highly evolving.

    What is there development in it, to be complete? Maybe that's why they went down, but it said that they neglected their knowledge. I think that if we have chosen to be on earth there is some lesson, something that we have not yet experienced and therefore our soul goes into a physical body to be perfected. If those who lived on those continents were so wise, conscious, what was their limitation? Arrogance is my answer, but also lack of feeling. Because it is not easy to be humble when one of us thinks we have the truth.

    This is something we can see in our society today, including politically where someone belongs to a party and fully convinced that if everyone belonged to that party and followed it, then everything would be harmony. Would that be it? Because if we were so developed, would we want others to live like us? And if they did, would it end life, our development? Arrogance is probably what goes through all lives, in all lessons. Arrogance is one of the seven deathly sins. Each of the seven deadly sins I see as lessons challenges that we in different lives learn to deal with. To love oneself, only then it loves for others.

    I imagine a world where Atlantis and Lemuria were each other's opposites, like Yin and Yang. Atlantis like Yang with action and sense of life, the masculine energy. Lemuria with empathy and preservation. The individuals who lived there were well aware that they knew that they were supreme. But when do we know that everything is perfect? Isn't it that we are continually trying to top what we are experiencing? It s said that Atlantis went down because those living there were experimenting with crystal power that became so strong that the entire continent went down. I can take that theory because I have seen past lives, where people have lived there, including myself and the lessons that were in it. Sure, it sounds cool? Or do you giggle that I think I lived in Lemuria, that through it I would be someone special?

    I see it the other way around, that if I chose that lesson, it was because I was too stupid to be in my truth. That I had to maximize it a little more to realize that I, like everyone else, a free human who only learns balance in life. It would be stranger if I did not live there, given that I am now writing this text. For goodness sake, I have the experience, both from past lives and this, unfortunately, I am so stupid, I have to write it down, tell my story so that I understand myself.

    But there are also aspects from Atlantis, crystals are a part of my life, maybe not that today I think they are spiritually magical, which they probably are. I see every crystal as a battery charged with energy, just as everything around us has energy. Maybe only a little more collected and for me, they are energy in the form of colors is a big part of my life, a crystal is a color gathered in a single energy ball that vibrates strongly. This is something that I implanted in Tarot, in my deck Crystal Wolf (Ylva means wolfiness in Latin) and in my deck Prisma Tarot where colors are a part that has been taken to my deck Yiang.  I feel that in this life, I am compiling the knowledge that exists with my soul, the one that I must confirm for myself.

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    If you think life is linear, simplest so that you are a soul, an energy that vibrates strongly but does not hold in shape but sometimes contract and sometimes expand. Which is continuously moving, but this energy cannot act, feel, take in, and explore as it has no form to do it in here on earth. Thus, it chooses a physical body, a dwelling to be developed in, a dwelling with limitations when the soul compressed.

    All the knowledge that the soul has become limited as with the physical body follows the energy that we call fear, which in turn creates limitations. The soul does not remember everything in the physical body because the physical body is heavier energy; it prevents part of the vibration. That, in turn, can explain how we know so much more when we meditate or go outside the body but which then falls a little flat when we fall back into the body again.

    Your soul vibrates in the universe, or heaven if we use it as a metaphor. It longs for experiences, it wants more energy, it wants to experience the whole, and the only way to achieve it is to develop in a physical body. The soul goes down into a body that it perceives can provide that experience. Somewhere, all life begins, at least on this planet. We see it from the beginning of time where we have metaphors like Eve and Adam. Two counter poles, masculine and feminine energy with two different patterns. Oddly enough, it is Eve who takes the first bite of the fruit of life, not Adam. Or? For the masculine energy is the one who gives out, while the feminine energy is the one that takes in.

    The snake then? Neutral energy or maybe both energies that want to experience themselves through someone else. Who knows there is more, just the right energy supplied? Which in this case is symbolized by an apple from the Tree of Wisdom? A single chew and life are crystal clear. Both Eve and Adam become aware that they are naked. And that something is ugly. They submit to God who then understands that they know, they are aware of their nakedness. In it, they drive out of the Garden of Eden. Could it be so in metaphors that the Garden of Eden is what we call heaven? As long as they were just souls that we're satisfied, everything was okay. But when consciousness came, they were put into physical bodies to become aware that they did not need to know everything. Can we content ourselves with just bouncing around as God has created us and being happy?

    But can we, see evolution if we had still only been an individual in two forms, masculine and feminine, no development would have taken place. Could it be that God is the disguised snake and not the devil as some claim? Could it be that God is the complete Ki power, the one who is both feminine and masculine, good and evil? In my world, those energies are expressions of energy that we all have within us, and the free choice is to choose which one we want to be in for the moment.

    From the beginning, there was energy (God) that had everything with it, all the energies and opposites. But to experience himself (surely quite boring to sit there in heaven and be perfect), God split into two forms of energy - Eve and Adam, feminine and masculine, evil and good, positive and negative = Yin and Yang. I see it as all of us being God; we are all one. But since everything needs a reflection and a counterpart, it has also created the search for our twin soul, which is the second part for us to experience as complete.

    Maybe you will not find that twin soul in this life, because you may need different lives to develop different qualities. If you think you have your perfect partner, but to have that relationship, you have had to experience the opposite of it, to appreciate. It is not that we do not find joy or gratitude until we have experienced the opposite. If you have had several bad relationships do you appreciate the good ones, but if you have not experienced them, do you appreciate what you have?

    For me, it has become increasingly important to understand this with opposites, Yin, and Yang and how I perceive a God, a higher power. That there is such a thing I am absolutely convinced, or perhaps I would write a stronger, more complete force that seeks to realize itself, to develop. One of the teachings I have studied is Martinus Cosmology; before that, I did not have thought of micro and macrocosm. That in all things there is something small, and in everything small, there is a part of something bigger. Or this with cosmological evolution, that we develop in cycles, that we have once been stones and once become planets.

    That all energy is continually evolving and increasing its vibration, not only now but for every cycle. There are also opposite poles because in everything positive there is something negative, and in everything negative, there is something positive. All right, there will be four energies. Some see the Yin and Yang symbol and see only two. They only see the black and the white, but if you look at the symbol, you see that in the black field there is a white dot, and in the white field, there is a black dot. In the masculine, there are feminine, on the contrary, not only are two energies against each other, but each of them already has its opposite pole.

    The fact that the Yin and Yang symbol is black and white is perfectly natural to understand, have you ever wondered why it is not blue and red? Black is all colors together, and white is no color, so the perfect counterpoints. It is also an absolutely superb symbol to meditate on, to see both the individual and the whole, to gain an understanding of the energies that are all or nothing.

    Every energy has the opposite, like love and fear. Maybe you thought, love and hate, but then think about what the basis of hate is. Fear, which I believe is the most dangerous thing there is. If there were no fears, no one would develop. It is not love and hugs that make us seek, understand, or improve, but it is something that strengthens us, that makes us feel affirmed. Fear, on the other hand, triggers a lot of experiences. You may be afraid of snakes or be humiliated; there is so much to be scared of if we choose to. But if you decide to try to be in love with every fear, you can develop an understanding not only for yourself and your patterns but also why you are looking for reflections. Hum, maybe time to establish this with reflections.

    Have you ever looked down on another person (of course, you are not a saint)? You may have seen someone who has chosen to do bad things in society, who have been drunk, broken and dirty clothes, awkward, and who disturbed your path. You may have got a feeling of discomfort? Or turned away, or maybe you are using selective consciousness and not at all "looking," looking away. It may be that you see the reflection in your fear. For fear, it makes you feel uneasy. Are you afraid that the person will take you in, harass you or do you just think the whole situation is unsettling?

    The one you have looked down on is a fellow human being, an individual with the same free will as you. What you close your eyes on is the fear of being in a similar situation yourself, perhaps with the doubt that others will look down on you. All the people you meet are your teacher. Then what can such a person teach you? First of all, humanity, then not judging, maybe having the understanding and above all gratitude that you can see yourself as a counterpart. Could it be that this individual has come your way to show you something? Well, otherwise you would never have seen it that way.

    I sat on a train once, some distance from what I learned that "we" (that is, we who would never end up in such a situation) were a drunkard who stank in a combination of alcohol and urine. He was dirty, ragged clothes, he was loud and demanded attention. Like so many others, I frowned and wished I was somewhere else or instead of said that the drunkard would disappear. I realized that the individual was part of "me." Because you've heard the expression that we are all one, that you are like a drop in the big sea, you are the sea, but just a drop of it.

    I did not like the scent, but I relaxed, thought love, wondered why the person had chosen this pattern, why he did not even have two similar shoes? But in the thought that I could have been this drunkard that was part of me, that side was with me, it would have been so easy to create that personality. Little (much) liquor, no toilet, no shower, no laundry and then maybe even I had been loud in my desperation to be seen. I saw I thanked for the reflection, and from that, I felt love for another person and gratitude that I had not chosen those trials. But that's from my way of thinking because the drunkard might not have been a pain in the ass but acceptance. There is also a lesson for him, to see the reflection in me, though I doubt he even saw me. We see something we are afraid of that activates more of that fear for it to illuminated, not to scare us but to accept that energy exists, what do I choose to do about it?

    On one course I attended there was a nice woman, she was a hairdresser with long blonde curly hair and cute, everyone thought she was friendly except me. I couldn't bear to see her, every time she talked to me, I was distant, showed her so clearly I could "not come here and think you are someone." She chose not to see that reflection, she was equally lovely no matter what, and she irritated me. It was strange what she took place and was pleasant all the time, the only surface, I had decided. One day the thought of reflections came up and wow, talk about the jab I got by myself. I realized I was jealous. I was more reserved and wished I had her incredibly beautiful hair. I was ashamed, wondering what had got into me that had been so unpleasant. I did the only right thing based on who I am. I looked her up, apologized, explained that I was jealous and that I was sorry been behaving as I had done. She was as lovely as usual; hugged me and said she hadn't noticed. How now someone could have avoided it, but she could, because she did not seek the reflection of someone jealous.

    When I am still on the topic of drunkard and beautiful blondes, have you ever thought about the choices we have in life, even before? That someone chooses to be a drunkard, imagine what a strong soul. The soul that sits there in "heaven" talks to God and says - In the next life I want to experience things to see if I can escape my emotions, no matter what I want to learn to listen to my experiences. Okay, says God, finding the perfect match, which creates the basis for a life that causes the drunkard to face problems and flee his emotions into the fog of alcohol. As in it arouses a lot of feelings in others like patronizing, contempt, compassion.

    Another important part here is that everything has more than one side. Because the person becomes a drunkard, it is also a reflection of others, all “we” who feel uncomfortable and get to work with our emotions. "We" who say I should never drink, so I become that. I always make sure to have the same pair of shoes, clean clothes, and not disturb the spirit. A good lesson, but sad that an individual should throw away life for "our" sake because if we did not see, did not experience, we would never understand.

    Before Tarot became a big (the biggest) of my life, I never thought on such things, but the more I have gotten into the cards I have understood the patterns we all have with us. That we all need to act with something to feel good, express something, work to survive, to feel needed (= confirmation). That we all need someone who loves us, friends, family, a partner who gives us what we think we need, a reflection of emotion (= confirmation). That we all need security, usually through things, my home, my car, my stereo, my food, my clothes and so on, that is something that confirms that we are someone, that we have something, that we have worked for something. Do you talk a lot? I do, all to get a confirmation of my thoughts. I want to be seen, heard, and feel that I exist, that I exist.

  • 5

    I think that confirmation is what drives us all the time, from that we are babies and screams for confirmation, even in the form of food to survival. Throughout my life, confirmation is the most essential thing precisely because it is proof of a counterpart; what I give out I get back. Which is also the eternal motto - That everything goes around, what you plant, you harvested. If you want to reap, then you will get to plant again, so it is also a form of confirmation. Are you looking for confirmation from God or gods or the universe? It is also part of confirming the inner when you are outer.

    * Why do I have to die? - Why do I have to live?

    * Why heaven and not elsewhere? - Why the hell and be stuck in what is?

    * Why a world? Or why parallel universes?

    * Why a life? Or why more lives?

    * Conversation with my higher self? Or conversations with my limited self?

    * Body, soul, and spirit or none?

    * Life map? Or no goal, no vision?

    * Values? Or Limitations?

    We have so many values ​​that often destroy more than it strengthens us, unfortunately. For many years I have interpreted the Tarot for probably more than 1000 people (possibly more). There are similarities, mainly in limitations that have to do with health. But also work situations, the economy, and not to mention the love that seems to be our most significant driving force. I see it that we who live here on earth are to develop our emotions.

    Emotions are everything from love to hatred, jealousy, thoughtfulness, nursing, happiness, accident, togetherness, division, demands, freedom, experience, and empathy rather than limitations. Then there are lots of words in between that show the entire register of emotions. For me, the most important truth is that we each love ourselves first and foremost, it is impossible to love someone else before.

    Few people love themselves but instead seek confirmation from others to experience the feeling of wholeness. Which does not succeed, but the search continues. Hence all unsuccessful relationships, all of which are insecure and undergoing break-ups — those who end up in emotional chaos time and time again until it also becomes a pattern. When we have learned to love ourselves, the next process begins, sharing it with someone else and not just anyone but everyone. Yes, there are many lessons to be learned in everything, not only in love.

    But now to other things that are connected, like cycles in life, patterns that often equate to limitations and as you move on. It creates an experience that in turn, helps you to handle situations differently when they arise again. We are all more equal than we sometimes think, but there are different grounds based on which religion or culture we have received our frame of reference. The reference frame is like upbringing, cultural heritage, the habits that we characterized from birth. But no matter what reference frame you have, there are still five areas that characterize your life, even though you may not think you are interested in them all.

    The five most important areas; work, finances, love, health, and spiritual development. Work is probably for you (in general) what you work on, what you act out, whether it is your dream job or not. There is a link here to the economy. The two are in collaboration. Work shows up mainly in the suite Wands in a deck of cards while the economy shows up in the suit of Pentacles. If you had all the money in the world, maybe you wouldn't even work? Right? That thought may have struck you many times, that if you only had money, you would not struggle with what you do. Because then would you…?

    You would do something that you desire, something that gives you joy, something that you feel you cannot do today because you do not have money for it. Then there are those happy individuals who never have to worry about money; they can just spend their time as they wish. But does it mean that they have the very best health, or that they live in a loving relationship or that they developed in their spirituality? One does not exclude the other, but you cannot be sure that someone who has all the money in the world has everything else, as well as they could have full pot in everything.

    What would you do if you had all the money in the world? Sit on your butt all day and do nothing at all? Probably not for the Tarot deck is built on the five energies that drive us to develop. You may be sitting there on the sofa eating all day, getting it home-cooked, prepared, and maybe even being fed. It does not mean that you would be happy but rather the opposite because your inner drive would weaken and, in the end,, you would lose everything.

    Just a little thought like that, thoughts are important, the essential energy for that is what creates everything around you. Your thought is the first energy of everything that can be. If you think positively, positive things happen, if you think negatively, you feed the negative energy. I like a story about the little Indian boy who asks his grandfather, he says - There is an evil wolf and a good wolf, which one survives? His grandfather answers - The one we feed. Often, we choose to feed the good wolf. But just as often we choose to feed the evil wolf, lest it hurt us, or kill us or the fear can only be of the threat that it exists, that it exists and threatens our existence.

    This story is what we call a metaphor. One way of explaining energies, such as that if you feed good thoughts, it grows, but if you choose to feed fear, it gets more nourishment. You can also see the evil wolf as your ego and the good wolf as your spirituality. Or as logic and feeling, or the left or right hemisphere. Basically, it is about love or fear or in another metaphor about Yin and Yang. There are two primary energies, and you cannot remove one of them because then you would not know the opposite. Without darkness, there is no light.

    You are a soul; you chose your life, your events or if you want to see it as a metaphor that you chose your life just as if you were to choose which computer game you want to play. Why do you want to play it? Because we all have an inner drive to develop, at least your soul. When "you", your most recent identity, ended a cycle as a person, maybe on this planet your soul knowledge from the "game" you played then (I'm open to the fact that there are multiple planets or if you want to see it in another metaphor, that there are multiple parallel worlds). Maybe you chose one for advanced play and never progressed from level 1, or perhaps you swept the course with that game and just got the best of it. Either you pick a similar game again, or something that brings with it a pattern or challenge that you want to fix.

    If we were to see it as a metaphor, then you are playing a game right now, the game of life and you have chosen a character, challenges, and different levels of challenges. Maybe your soul has chosen tough challenges, then console yourself that you already have experience playing at those levels. But everything is relative; you may find that your playing field is tough; you may be struggling to resolve a love relationship that really requires energy. It may also be that someone else has chosen a game plan with challenges of life-threatening illnesses, near deaths, accidents, poverty, violence or addictions. Maybe it even sounds tougher? But if you think of it as a game then we usually choose games that correspond to the experience we have with us, these games can have similar levels of difficulty, there are only two different challenges.

    There are macro and microcosm, which means that there is an astronomical perspective, and in the several smaller perspectives, and all the small perspectives, there are lower perspectives. Be it so that if you play the game, you can also find extra power, extra money, extra unexpected opportunities once you learn what to look for. It also has to do with your attitude or what wolf you feed. If you face a challenge and fail and then give the failure energy, you will reduce your energy.

    At the next challenge, you will be weaker and probably not succeed then either. But if you see it as a challenge, you have several attempts on you, where you should try to meet the challenges in different ways, instead of stubbornly trying the same because of your frame of reference. This is when you have the opportunity to move on to the different levels and in that you may even succeed in bringing you an extra fortune.

    There are cracks in computer games, tips on how to move forward, those who have found solutions that they share to make it easier for you to level up. You can try without, but maybe it is that you become aware of these cracks to go up any level more quickly. No matter how you play, if it is the same level over and over again, it will be a game plan where you have missions and opportunities. Cracks you can see as knowledge, some you need to experience and some you can learn via other players.

    You have probably met someone who warned their children that the cooker plates are hot? That person probably knows it because it has burned, maybe it was an obedient child who listened to parents who warned but sooner or later the person burns himself, perhaps when he's 50 years old and can then confirm that the cooker plates are hot. He has not touched before this mistake may be due to parents who were safe and did not unnecessarily warn, but pedagogically explained how a cooker plate works.

    Too often, it is that what we do not know of is what the soul desire to experience, and it seeks to experience until the experience fully realized. I call it, filling up something to 100%. We make every effort to develop, even the person that lays on the sofa all day, only that he seeks a completely different experience than the one who stresses around. You can take advantage of the Tarot cards in your development. Don't just take it as a prophecy and you may tremble for some in a prediction and look forward to others. But try to see what you gain in every event, every level of experience.

  • 6 Personalities

    Is so-called divination always genuine? No, far from it. Did you think I do not know what I write or that my interpretation of Tarot cards is a scam? The Tarot cards do not control your life, nor should an interpretation in them do. They are symbolic images of energy showing which part of the playing field you are on and how you can make the best of it.

    At an interpretation, the cards show your playing plan and how you play that level, how to meet specific challenges, and what the results mean. Unfortunately, other people are just challenges or extra energy during the game, which means that you can only control how you play your game. Not how others get involved. For there are more players on the same level as you, some you can collaborate with, and some that do their best to take your challenges to peppery, to create challenges. In this computer game, you take on one or more roles.

    If you have played a computer game, you know that you can "pimp" your figure but also replace it or change "outfit." You are assigned a role, an identity, but then you can also put on different "costumes" for different roles or in various challenges.

    There are 16 different roles, personalities in the Tarot deck, four of each suit, both in elements and at a maturity level. They describe different behaviors from different maturation processes. There is a page that shows, among other things, the child within you. That is, the energy you use when you are more childish, which need not be negative. It is also the role you play when you do not take full responsibility or when you seek knowledge. There is a Knight who shows, among other things, your youthful energies, sometimes the challenging, or the slightly more searching, adventurous but also the social search. A Queen shows, among other things, your feminine energies, what you experience, who knows and who cares about, and who engages in the most. A King who, among other things, shows your masculine energies, what you act in, takes responsibility for, controls and security.

    There is one of these in each suit; Wands, Cups, Pentacles, and Swords which then show in different ways to be in and express that energy. Each suite linked to an element, and each element is associated with an astrological identity.

    Some people are energetic, alert, creative, and energetic= Wands.

    Cups = Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, which are the signs of water and are the energy of empathy. Some people are sensitive, romantic and dramatic, caring, and self-absorbed.

    Pentacles= Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, which is the sign of earth and is the energy of the logical and practical, the stable, knowledgeable, and decent but also of the stubbornness.

    Swords= Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, which is the sign of the air and the energy of experiences, thoughts, and creativity. Intelligent and questioning.

    These personalities describe you as a person; you have primary energy based on the zodiac sign that you were born. But then you can be one or more of these 16 personality cards entirely depending on how you experience a situation. Sometimes we are childish or vital and open to experiences, sometimes we are teenage challenging or adventurous, occasionally social and engaged, sometimes decent and responsible.

    We can be in all those energies within a minute, depending entirely on what we allow to affect us in every event. In addition to the cards describing different behaviors in you, they also show how other people affect you and your life. Based on these cards, there is a description of a pattern or relationship.

    The cards provide clues in how you behave, how you think, how you experience and act, but also how others affect you. They describe the primary energy of you that also relates to how you experience yourself based on other people. In an interpretation, I look at what kind of person you are during the period, how you experience yourself from within, and how you act, how do you let others experience you? But it is not guaranteed that any of these cards will give the strongest impression.

    These 16 cards give you a heads-up, it’s the suite with most cards that shows how you "are," are you fiery, driven, creative? Are you caring, sensitive, romantic, insecure, then it is the influence of Cups? Or maybe you are practical, logical, present and responsible or even curious, the energy of Pentacles. Questioning, analytical, thinker, creation, self-absorbed, independent, or in conflict with yourself, the energy of Swords.

    You are the most important person in your life; thus, an interpretation based on you, your energies, your patterns, and all in your daily life. But to get what works best for you, it is essential for me to look at what energy, what patterns you already have with you. Do they benefit you? In that case, you will surely receive some compliment from me, such as that you are caring or generally pleasant to spend time. But it may happen that I, not personally but in my role as interpreter of the cards, seeing that the energies that you are in not favor you and it can be so bad that I "take you by the ear." That is, I am talking about a negative way for you to be. The most common thing is uncertainty, a suspicion that you do not love and respect yourself.

    You may be insecure and seek confirmation in ways that disadvantage you, you may be too kind to avoid conflicts, and because you want to be loved?

    You may be annoyed by uncertainty, or you will not live as you wish?

    You may be controlling, having control of everything and everyone and forgetting yourself?

    Or maybe you put all the energy into destroying yourself because you feel that you are not worth anything?

    You may be stressed, burnt out, worn out, worried, nervous, or depressed?

    The later is common if you are not confident in yourself and are on the wrong path in life. But it can also come from the other conditions that have ravaged you for a while.

    Do not take what I say personally; take it as a guide that you pay attention to how maybe others also feel that they are not telling you.

    How often do you say to your fellow human beings, those you like, something that is not positive? Imagine if you are huffish, and I’ll tell you something negative about you. Then you must have self-insight and humor because it can hit us hard when someone says something we do not want to hear.

    Is it not that we all strive to be as perfect and pleasant as possible, well, not all, but it is human behavior? It is about confirmation. It is in our nature to want to be respected as who we are, to be praised, pat on the shoulder, positive reviews by others that show that we have a value. Often it is that we have a picture of ourselves that maybe not others experience. It can both be negative like you are whiny, dissatisfied, pessimistic, seeking confirmation in most of what you do or trying to control most.

    All of it is rooted in uncertainty; then it can be created by various events, from childhood to disappointment in the present. Maybe someone has said you are pessimistic but that you have not listened, or maybe no one says something because they are afraid that you will be more depressed.

    The funny thing is that most people can hear criticism, take it as confirmation and be sad, while we often wipe away compliments and kind words. But I will say what I experience from the cards, maybe to provoke you to step out of a behavior that does not favor you in the long run. Because it benefits you now because it creates events that you need to grow with yourself, but that doesn't mean you need to get caught up in them. You may not even want to hear something so-called negative as I say about you, because it's always hurt when someone thinks something about us.

    But I'm neutral; I'm just an intermediary between the cards and you. I have no personal thoughts about you, to me, you're perfect as you are. You're in the phase that is right for you; it's just that you never would book an interpretation with me if I would not see it and try to encourage you to break the pattern with yourself if it is not that you have worked with yourself until you get praise from me.

    I can say things like you are pathetic, cumbersome, limited, zealous, controlling, whimsical, fiery. That you are stuck in negative behavior that I know you are in because you did not get the energy you wanted. It may be a lack of love, affirmation, or poor self-esteem. There is always a reason for it, perhaps created in a past life and you reinforce that experience in it. Sometimes it becomes more apparent on what is the basic. For me, you must give yourself the most glamorous role in your life. Then, of course, it is said that even the sun has its spots. If you were perfect, you would miss a lot of experiences. All negative experiences also allow you to appreciate positive experiences. For me, some things are essential for living a good life, the most important of which is gratitude.

  • 7: Elements

    We governed by four elements that we find in the suites: Wands that is driving force, will, temperament, commitment, desire, intensity. If you have many cards of Wands it tells you that these are your energies, it can show up in the hot mood, selfishness, patience, a strong will, impulsivity, contentment, persistence, social skills. You are a person who can withstand most things, who can take constructive criticism to strive to become your very best self, for your own part. It also shows that your most vigorous energy for the period is what has to do with activities and work. You want to make more of yourself.

    Many Cups tell you that you are a sensitive, romantic, dreamy personality who lives by the feeling. You're always in your emotions of feeling good or bad, can unfortunately quickly get stuck in the bad. You are often so kind that you walk on rivets, disappointment also becomes part of your way of experiencing. Your most active energy during the period in the area of ​​emotions and love, do not need to be with a partner, you can be quite busy to experience and be up and down in your feelings, too caring, too much but also develop more empathy.

    Many Pentacles tell that you are logical and practical, that you act according to reason before feeling or an impulse or thought. You think through things more than once and like to have control, which means you can also be critical and get stuck in patterns, have difficulty moving forward. Your most reliable energy in the period can be to control, take control, improve home and business, clean up, plan, and make more of yourself; even education can take up more space.

    Many Swords tell you that you are analytical, you think wide and broad, talk and pick down molecules while you can float out. Your question, discuss, and want everything in one way but can change you in the next second. Nitic in most areas, self-conscious and self-critical in it. A thinker who also focused on what you want to realize. Your strongest energy in the period is the focus on yourself, who you are, what you want, what you recognize, but you can also get stuck in patterns and hassle for most things.

    Many cards from the Major Arcana show that you are in a developmental phase with yourself, where you are restructuring things that are important for you to feel good right into the soul. Challenges and opportunities that are significant. You can also develop more in one or a few new spiritual areas and either increase your energy or limit your spiritual development.

    In the interpretation, you are the most important, the protagonist in that part of your book. Do you remember that I wrote from the beginning that Tarot is like a book, where the text writes itself when we mix it to read a chapter? That is, the period in your life that is relevant. Your interpretation is like a blueprint, that is, a first-hand view of what is in your life. If you do not like what written, you can change that chapter, which will also change others. events ahead

    Also, this book comes in a blueprint first, where I get to check through the pages that everything is correct, see if I want to change anything. But I rarely do that because I think everything has a meaning. But if I had been in 8 of Swords I would have corrected, got a new blueprint, corrected again, new blueprint and so on. Because it is a card that shows performance anxiety and that it is difficult to let go and have confidence. I've been in that card, learned and know that I always do my best and that it's suitable for the moment. It may still be better, but it is another occasion.

    One of the most transparent metaphors for me had become a fateful event in the United States, when the Katrina storm pulled in and devastated, killed, and destroyed as much as possible. People warned before; they got the advice to leave or close their homes properly. Some took the advice, but some that had been in similar situations before did not take it as seriously as it turned out to be. They lost a great deal, some even their lives.

    You can't change the weather, but you can change your attitude. The process that you initiated from previous events will affect you. But you have a choice, how significant this influence will be on the outside. In every situation, there is a lesson, something that your soul wants to experience, but that does not mean you have to live it. The soul can content itself with the learning, the insight for you to move on. I have the opinion that my soul (and yours) has selected specific experiences in this life to fill a quota of experiences. Unfortunately, it may be that you have chosen a great challenge, like most when it comes to love, to be disappointed again and again until you have learned to love yourself. Patterns that recur in all relationships, like you might be deceived or abandoned. Your soul pulls this discomfort over and over again so that you learn and break the pattern. But most of us choose to get stuck in self-pity and seek more confirmation, which is also a lesson. The question is when you think it is enough? When do you feel you are worthy of being loved, but it hardly happens before you love yourself?

    I can get the question if a partner is cheating, which I never answer. But instead, I look at why that person is wearing this pattern, because we are all reflections of each other. Basically, it is about not believing yourself to be worthy of respect or honesty. But maybe you think, I think so. Yes, your ego likes it, but does your soul believe it? Tarot is not just a prediction; it is a tool for switching; every interpretation for a period is your blueprint of what your soul has as a draft. If you are smart, you check with the cards what is going on and make improvements in your blueprint.

    But as said with the weather forecast before, you cannot change the weather; some winds will blow your way no matter what you want or not. You can choose to run in headwinds or sail with upwind. But then you first have to imagine, know about where the winds are carrying. In an interpretation, think logically and practically, why comes an event, why do you react as you do, what can you do about it? But of course, you can only take an interpretation for what it is. Everything doesn't have to be that serious, but it can be, one of the reasons I like you to read this book with your first interpretation is that the Tarot is so much more than just divination.

    It is as written was a blueprint of your coming period because you are the protagonist of your life and so smart that you have chosen an interpretation, it means that your soul has made a choice. Your soul has told you that there is the opportunity to become more conscious. You can read a draft where you have the opportunity to make changes. But it's not always easy; it can take a few turns before you see the pattern your soul has created for you to develop. Some create what we can see as simple lives or simple periods that are positive. Health is at the top, work is flowing, the economy is security, love is harmonious, and all it creates is a peace of mind. It is also a period without development, the soul will sooner or later become restless because you as the person you are today have only one life to experience what your soul has chosen.

    Each challenge gives you two options, either work it out or repeat it because your co-workers will not cope forever, sooner or later the challenge is over. But you can also be aware and take the challenge and make the best of it. It said that life is not always a dance on roses; it is true that every rose has a stem with tags. The art is to learn the steps to avoid the tags but be aware that they exist.

    In an interpretation, I always look at the five most important areas, even if they are not relevant to you right now. For, I have had more than once those who just want to know about love. But without a satisfactory activity (work), without control of your foundation and security (finances), without awareness of how you feel in a whole (health) and without insight (the soul), love will not grow.

    All these five areas create you and your development, one does not exclude the other, or the third, fourth, or fifth. They are energies that develop together to make you whole. It also means that if your finances do not work, then your employment will not work because you do not have the energy due to lack of security, in turn, your health will be affected by the stress, Will also go out over the area of ​​love, because how do you manage to love in this worry. Everything comes together; all these areas create the energy that you are in during each period. Once you have learned how to both separate and merge them, you can create better conditions in all areas.

    Unfortunately, those who are most often in the area of ​​love are those with the most complicated lives; they are not in touch with their feelings, which affects everything. For how should you be able to work if you are unhappy or afraid of being abandoned, deceived, or not loved. How are you going to be able to keep track of bills if almost all the time is spent thinking about love? How do you manage to plan a healthy diet and take time to exercise if your thoughts occupied with love?

    1-9 are the numbers found on 40 cards in the Tarot game. They show how you act, feel, experience, and think in different situations. There is a sense that every card comes where it shows up in an interpretation. If, for example, you have a working work situation, no unique cards will show up, as long as nothing changes.

    Ace of Wands shows if you start something new, does not need to be a new job or a new workplace. It might as well be a new project or something that you throw yourself into with the conviction that this is what you want to realize.

    2 of Wands shows if you feel that you can now take everything to a higher level if you are ambitious and confident in what you do when you come up with ideas.

    3 of Wands shows if you dare something out of the ordinary when you have extra energy, new ideas and goes outside of your general framework.

    4 of Wands shows up when you have completed the first step in a project when you fix some collaboration and realizes what you are involved in.

    5 of Wands, which is the only "negative" card of Wands, shows up for work when you are stressed, frustrated, powerless, lost your footing. When you conflict, work too much or is frustrated that you are not allowed to express your work energy (= unemployed).

    6 of Wands shows up when you get more own responsibility, greater responsibility, or advances and feels satisfied with yourself.

    7 of Wands shows up when you feel now fucking embrace and become more focused and stubborn about realizing what you are engaged in.

    8 of Wands shows up when you get suggestions, offers, and when things move, communication, and meetings that give you benefits.

    9 of Wands shows up when you work all the time, over time, other times, the total commitment that can also be tiring.

    10 of Wands shows when you are about to summarize something workable and are in a final step with complete control over what is.

    The 10 cards from Wands from Ace to 10 show first and foremost your work situation, but it does not just work, but how you act, how you handle things, you are interested as I tip about my book "Tarot 78 answers" there I have written an interpretation for each card for each element. This was a brief description of all the cards; it is just a description, then they have significance where the cards come in one lay. The above can be said that it can be so if they come to position 3-6 in what is called the Celtic Cross.

    There are various interpretations to the cards, I can only draw a card for a question, and then I can also read from above. But if the question has to do with my health, then I have to argue about the significance and think more about what it means with Wands when it comes to health. Even whereas in any area, only 5 of Wands show that something is stressful and then more a frustration or powerlessness.

    If it is for health, it may be the stomach affected by frustration; it can be anything from poisoning to pure stress, but also the powerlessness of not feeling well, of not being in their power. It is difficult if it is for the economy. Because then it is something that creates powerlessness, a limitation. Which is more about something to be done than if it had been Pentacles then it is more about the resources not even finding? Equally troublesome for love, or then maybe more because it usually is is the big question for everyone. With 5 of Wands, the frustration, the irritation, the powerlessness can take the place of positive emotions. But it can also be frustration in not being in contact with one's partner, which can sometimes be the situation in a distance relationship. If it is a mental aspect, it is definitely a limitation, not being in touch with one's inner self, to be affected by external circumstances.

    As you may understand, all cards do not just have a simple explanation but depend on where they come from, and they always come in the right place. Or for what question, or for who you are? Are you cool, do you calm it down, are you intense? It creates more irritation. Are you practical? Are you analytical, maybe you grasp the circumstances or are provoked to act without thought both before and after? Popular is to draw three cards, and I do this most often in choice situations or if I should look at options for you, for example, if you are thinking about two partners, two work options, two investments or maybe you think about some educations. In that, I always have option 1 like what you are already in because it already exists in your life, that is your foundation and then three cards for each of the options that are yours, but often I also add three extra cards for an option you haven't yet thought of, all to get a balance.

    In the three-card reading, the first card is seen as the basis, the second card what applies to you and the third card what the result is. It's an easy way to look at the end of what you can choose from, then your choice. I know those who, despite being the first option that was then a partner it had and the second option partner that they are thinking of, chose the second one despite what has been better. Still, some stayed in the first alternative even though it was not right, and the second alternative has promised love.

    It all depends on who you are as a person, how your limitations can control you. Even I ;) have been stupid enough of fear to take the option that logically seemed wise to realize it was the worst. But also, though I am absolutely convinced that the cards are always right and if I would listen to them, it is not safe to everything initially becomes as I wish.

    Unfortunately, things that are in imbalance may need a challenge before we are in balance again. I believe that you can never really make a mistake, but you make a choice based on what you need to learn. However, you can with help the cards get a ”cheaper" way, use cracks to take the lesson but not the tough bang.

  • 8: Weather Foresight

    There are many different spreads, depending on what you want to read. One of the best I know for those who want to learn how to interpret Tarot is the Element star that I created from a shamanic ritual. You look at all the elements and learn to understand the cards but when you want a spread that gives more then I use a spread called the Celtic Cross, it is my favorite, but I have rebuilt it a bit. The Celtic Cross has everything; It shows how you are, how you feel, what you think, what you feel, how you act. It shows what is around you that affects you; it also shows the red thread in your life for that period. It shows what has been broken down into four periods of your life. It can be days, weeks, or months.

    I would avoid years. The reason is that knowing four years ahead can limit you more than give you guidance on what you can change. The reason I see it as a limitation is that I want you to use the Tarot as a tool to get to know yourself better and to look at your patterns. Change them and instead start to grasp your opportunities, which can be difficult if you get to know four years ahead and only take for granted that it must be so for four years.

    On your playing field, you have the free will to change, breaking patterns once you are aware of them. You need to see a broader and different perspective of your existence, but four years is a long time. At that time, pretty much the same happened in someone's life in the years that it happens today in four months. Time goes faster; we are more conscious; we dare to change, at least those who seek to develop. Maybe it is the internet that is part of it, or some planets that give energy to us evolving faster, really doesn't matter.

    The energies go more quickly, people are more aware of their capacity whether they believe in new things or not. If you see Tarot as a weather forecast, it is easier to handle the weather four months ahead than you plan for four years. Tarot as a game plan in your computer game, it is easier to manage and act for four months than for four years, it is more overview in four months, more manageable and you can create changes that make what you planned four years completely different aspects. You can more easily create more beneficial events for yourself.

    For me, a future forecast is a tool and a perfect synchronization in your choices, or what you may want to stay. Because it is not always that we are looking for a change, on the contrary, it can be more about getting a reinforcement, a confirmation that everything will be stable. If you enjoy your job, or have the perfect relationship, or feel good, secure in your finances or feel that you are developing in the right direction. Then it may be safe to have an interpretation that confirms it, but it may also be that you do not get the answers, the confirmation that you are seeking. That's why I think Tarot is so perfect; it shows that this path in life you on now, should you stay, should you change, what is the meaning?

    Yes, what is the meaning of predicting in Tarot? Sees it as an opportunity to take control of one's life, the choices we make, and can do, what we can opt-out, what we can learn from when we can relax, be and know that everything flows on as well as when we can be prepared for things not going as planned.

    Maybe you have planned a trip; then I do not say anything about the journey, calm down. But if I say that a scheduled flight will cancel, then you should be prepared. For what planned, it is, that is when it weakened or strengthened as the cards show it. I know those who had considered that it had been crap when I said they should move, they should not move, they have just moved. But the cards show a move, and a move became not only when you thought it, but also when your subconscious mind has your mind planned to undergo this change. Even if you live in your dream home that you moved into just for one a week ago, the cards can show that now is a movement happening.

    But it can happen a lot, maybe you break up from the perfect relationship, maybe your home burns down, or something else happens that makes it impossible to stay. Something that you have not consciously planned but that is still in your life ahead. You can choose to put your head in the sand, not want to know and take the bang when it comes, or you can be prepared. But it can also be that you do not want to move, you may be evicted, and so I say that there is a change in your home that you become more secure, stay in what is, and heck this change happens, something miracle happens that allows you to stay there.

    You may break up from a relationship, assume it is you who will move because you cannot afford to stay, but then it will be a solution. Sometimes things that we do not have a conscious idea is ​​happening. In my world, your soul knows, it has already chosen. Then your ego, you as a person is stuck in your patterns and preconceived sentences that can make you think things can be in a way but which later turns out to be completely different.

    In the following text, I want to explain based on my thoughts on what I think you should act to create the best of your future. Before listening to the interpretation. Thoughts like how you think you will feel, how will your health be? How do you think your work situation will look like? Will you be attending any education or course? How do you look at your finances? What are your thoughts on love, being in a relationship, breaking up, getting married, having children? Scheduled vacations, accommodations, and so on…

    For me, Tarot is these beautiful 78 symbolic images based on a system. Of course, interpreted based on my experience, both my personal and from a connection of my experience with all the knowledge I have. Then based on training by, among others, Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God), Arielle Ford (Soulmate), Anthony Robbins (I'm not your guru - Netflix), an education in NLP and Time Lines and shaman training. I have also studied Martinus Cosmology as well as astrology and Color Energy and many other teachings in the new age. These teachings affect me in my way of thinking, as I always see that we are in a number, in an element, how planets and stars affect. I always have them in the subconscious mind as well as the influence of colors, energies. From all teachers I have my way of thinking, which is my truth, it, therefore, influences me to guide you and because I believe (know) that everything is a perfect synchronization, it will be okay even if it is not your truth.

    I have the belief that my soul (and yours) has chosen everything in this life and by everything I mean different events based on how you play your game. I also see it as showing events we need to go through; the soul needs our ego to experience something that can be anything from a sense of sadness to pure bliss. I am also of the opinion that we have all chosen when we should die. That is why we manage through a miracle when the time is not up because it was not our time. But we were on a sideline in the game, or we needed this awakening that often leads to a tragic event.

    I am not afraid of death, our souls already choose it, I can't avoid it, but the best thing is to go all-in the time I have left. In September 2017, I was in the US and attended a course for Neale Donald Walsch on the subject of death. Since then, I am more confident, in my opinion, which has already tested on the way home. Suddenly, just before London, the plane began to shake off a storm. They warned, and even the flight crew strapped. A woman three chairs away from me became utterly hysterical, and the flight attendants couldn't even unbutton themselves to comfort her. I thought that's bad, will we crash? Then I thought, okay, either my soul has chosen in case my time is up now or I can manage in another miracle and then I continued to sleep. But before I closed my eyes, I looked at my friend who had taken the course with me; she probably didn't even see it, occupied by a movie.

    I have my idea of ​​this with time to die, some ask, but those who kill themselves then. By having seen many past lives where people have chosen to immediately move on into the light or become an unsavory spirit, but even those times when they have taken their own lives found themselves in a gray zone. It may sound awful with a gray area, but what I learned from my spiritual contacts is that when someone ends their own life before it was meant to stop because we always have the free will. When that person ends up in a gray zone, imagine someone living until they are 64 years old and then they kill themselves at the age of 42. Then they have to wait in their gray zone for 22 years. Uh, maybe you think it's a long time, but time is always now and, in that sphere, maybe 22 years equals one second while the events we have to live here are 22 years. There must be 22 worldly years for that soul to catch up with its time here on earth.

    Some ask if I can see when someone close to them is going to die, something that I absolutely do not answer either. Partly because we aren't supposed to know, and it can create a pattern that we might as well be nice right away instead of "fumbling" when we suspect we are losing someone.  I don't think anyone else has the right to know when someone else is going to die.

  • 9:. Health - Spirituality

    Do I see death in the cards? Yes, but if I know that you will die during the time your interpretation is for, you will not know, I will not tell you. I have seen that when someone dies, the energy in the card’s changes, they have a completely different meaning than when life goes on here. Before, I used to jokingly say that if I see you die, then I will not say it but promise you gold and green forests. But I do not, because if you have a fantastic period, you may interpret it incorrectly. When your time is up, then it is in, so simple it is, but it is infrequent I see such things and thus nothing which you should look for in an interpretation but take life instead.

    My own life has given me knowledge, the times I've been (over) dramatic, but also other health-related events; depressed (very rarely nowadays), had performance anxiety, been slightly ill as in a cold to TBE (brain inflammation of the tick) crash injuries, sat in a wheelchair, went through test-tube fertilization, cesarean section and died on the operating table. Staying at Health Home and garlic fasted for 3 weeks. But most good health, although it has not been a priority in my life, health is something that we usually take for granted until we feel bad.

    For me, when I talk about health is everything from a thought to a disease to a general condition. We worry and create low energy, which is to say welcome to imbalances. I believe that all diseases can be cured, but not all people because it is about your thought, your will, what you choose. When I see an imbalance in the cards, I try best to find the cause and different alternatives to solutions.

    I have seen that breast cancer was about to be formed, advised them to go to a doctor as soon as possible. Because even though I suggest, alternatives that I think are the best, you should always contact the medical service in case of illness.

    It is the perfect synchronization when you book an interpretation and get to know; the intention is to stop it in time or prevent it from getting worse. I often give color tips when it comes to imbalances, but unfortunately, I do not think that a little color can change everything, but a good start. Colors for me are energy, and we consist of them, our aura and imbalances can be altered with more color. I totally oppose black as a color which is a "killing" color. I usually describe it with the question - If I pour water from the tap into a glass, put on a lid, do you want to drink it in a few hours, or do you choose water from the tap? Most people select freshwater. But if this water glass is standing for a few days, do you want to drink it or do you prefer water from the tap?

    Because when we wear black clothes, black is the most massive energy then no energy can circulate, no energy gets out of you, and no new energy is taken in without everything stagnating in your body. Delicate with black? Well, not, in my opinion, you simply get discharged, and your body doesn't get the energy it needs, because it requires more than proper nutrition and exercise.

    Obviously, if you eat healthily and move your body, you will bring in more fresh energy, but the black energy will stagnate it whichever way. A passionate romantic relationship. Do you think it's sexy with black lingerie? I can promise that the relationship will not last unless you both stagnate from old habit and fear, but the passion will die out. If you don't want to abstain black for the sake of your health, do it for love.  For the blacker clothes on people, the more tragedies and the more interpretations.

    Does a disease always be seen in the cards? You may have diabetes or some injury, and I will not talk about it in your interpretation? It is because the cards do not show any change, they indicate what is essential for you to know during the period. You may be on a full-time sick leave, and I don't even mention it but talk about your employment instead. Few people just lie on the couch also if they are sick, and the few who lie they probably can't even think about ordering an interpretation. I don't like the word sickness. I would rather see it as a limitation, or a challenge, and be fully convinced that your soul has chosen that pattern for a lesson, but also that you have made an interpretation to pay attention to the pattern and begin to take it out.

    But it is your choice, your free will, but I can recommend an acupuncturist, an osteopath, a naturalist should you listen but also contact the medical care. Important with what I say about health can be for you to feel good when you are well, but if you go into a low period even know when it will end. Probably you have been in a low period? That's when we know that all time is now. For the experience, the misery will never end, it will be like this forever. We dig deeper and deeper, but there will come a day when it will be more comfortable, hopefully, that you will have the insight to hold you in and not for your life to end. If I say you have a low period in, for example, November, then many become autumn depressed. Ok, what can you do about it? You need to be in this depression; otherwise, it would not turn out. Your soul has chosen it as a lesson. But you can take the experience and decide that this is the last time.

    During that period, you can also give yourself time to be low, to think about why? It may be that an event during that period many years ago created this imbalance and that you respond with the fact that it is November again, you simply set yourself to be low. On the couch with a stack of chocolate, load more romantic and melancholy movies, let go of control, get you in the emotional experience, a little sweeter than just staring into the wall, but then you must be prepared before you go down. I say that it is about a week's limitation, so do not plan so much that week. Keep in mind that you will be out of play and give yourself time to be. If you were never "sick" you would also not be able to appreciate the moments, you feel good. How do you feel about gratitude for your health? Are you grateful that you can at least read this, or hear it, that you have the ability to book an interpretation? Not everyone can.

    I might tell you that you are sick for a period, do not make it worse than it is, takes the time to rest. I may say to you that you end up in an accident, yes, for that I tell you that you can change the situation. I tell you how long you will be imbalance and then it is up to you to make the best of the situation. Don't be sad, see it as an opportunity to slow down and find out more about who you are. I might tell you that you have something with you that turns out to be a so-called illness that just is, but as long as it doesn't get worse your best of the situation. I might tell that you get depressed, - eat chocolate. Honestly, yes, chocolate has a substance that stimulates the brain, but then I am not talking about the type of milk chocolate or white chocolate but more the dark variant. I might mention that you become more vital = Yippie! Or sportier, start running, walking or starting Yoga or anything else that strengthens your physique.

    I might mention that you can gain weight, see it as a warning, will you or not? Or that you enjoy your body, excellent. Something I used to avoid but now comes up when the cards show that you are stuck in an addiction, of sweets, food, alcohol or drugs. It is more common than many people think that women sip a glass of wine now and then (but also other) to calm themselves from stress. In the long run, there is no further right solution.

    Your health is your well-being, your basis for how you act in the current period, do you have the energy or not? Are you worried, or are you cool? Are you relaxing or stressing? In the event of an imbalance, try to look for what you gain from it, the first best thing is to accept so that you can do something about it. All of us are sick at some point for a period, for someday or maybe even with a month. But why did you create this imbalance? That is the most critical issue. Now also remember that with your health it is about you, how you perceive yourself, how you express your energy.

    What do I mean by spiritual development in an interpretation? For I take them in turn, first I look at you, then at your health, then at spirituality, after that at love and then at work and finances — the five most important areas of your life. As you may imagine, I also have experience in this area, I have tested most of it, but I am pragmatic and analytical and critical. For me, Tarot is linked to different topics to manage the cards through. Then there are things if I refrain from channeling. I think it would be dangerous if not handled properly. I have developed the areas that I enjoy, for spirituality to be fun. Not a struggle to be the best and get the best result all the time = confirmation, which I write a little more about in the future.

    When it comes to your spirituality, you should first be aware that you are a soul, that you are psychic, then you may have an inner desire to develop more of it. But it can also be that you do not have it, that you just think that certain things are exciting, like predicting. It's totally okay in this life. Any other area may be more important for your soul to develop through. I have used a mechanic in an example of spirituality. Imagine a man, about 40 years old, raised in a typical family home, meeting his wife out on dance, trained as a mechanic, permanent job, two children, a villa in the suburb, a Volvo and a dog. He may be more spiritually developed than the medium you follow on "The Unknown." For he may have found his inner "spirit" that makes his soul happy. He doesn't need any more, though others may think he has a miserable life because he doesn't believe in ghosts and spirits. He has his inner security; he lives by his values. While the psychic you admire may have a role that you are not aware of (believe me, I have seen most). Those who are in the field of spirituality are often very fascinated by all mysticism, so I have greater confidence in those who do not seek confirmation. The psychic may be struggling with their spirituality, their doubts, being squeezed by all affirmation and everything that it should live up to.

    I have met many so-called mediums who are vegans, do not smoke, drink, who have perfect relationships, who are humble and who most people experience are always in contact. Half of them when they think no one sees eating sausages, chain smokes, have alcohol problems, switch partners (behind their backs), are self-absorbed in their fear of not living up to what they think is expected of them. Few people and then even psychics dares be human because they are careful with their appearance to be confirmed.

    Myself, I like to have a glass of wine, or a beer or a drink out in the sun. I have had relationships that are not perfect, and I have doubted my spirituality (until I was in Ukraine). I can be very self-absorbed, but I have a desire for all souls to be safe in themselves, as I feel that I am, that is how we get to peace on earth. Oprah talked in her programs about "the spirit," the soul, your inner. You are not just a physical body acting; you have a soul that lives in your body. A soul who longs to experience, grow, develop and who can do it by living a physical life. Your soul can also choose to rest or to be a spiritual companion.

    But in an interpretation because you are here and now, I mean your inner development. Spirituality can range from a religious belief to new spiritual growth. What your inner desire for more knowledge about. It could be something physical, to create balance, you might develop some healing method, go for a course in Reiki, or Body Harmony, or become a reflexologist? But you might as well want to develop through Tarot cards, or astrology, or dreaming or strengthening your psychic abilities. Sometimes it can be clearly seen in which area you put your energy and sometimes you can taste it here and there. But in what periods, and what does it give you, these are things that I try to guide you in. Everyone has a spiritual part within them, even if they do not strive to become a medium. Sometimes there is some hype in spirituality, some periods everyone should do with healing, or talk with animals, read cards, interpret dreams and of course most people dream of being the best. That's a good thing. If it's because you want to be the best at guiding others and not just getting confirmation.

    In my world, that is, in my mind, I think everyone is psychic, more or less. It is a sense that everyone can develop, more or less. It depends on your interest and what your soul has chosen. Maybe you are passionate about knowing more; you may be a profound philosopher who seeks knowledge all the time. Perhaps an old soul that has no answers or just wants to reinforce the learning you have with you?

    Everyone can interpret Tarot; it is a system, then it is essential to understand it, much like a language, you may only know a few words from the beginning, in the end, you put sentences together. My soul is passionate about Tarot, because it is rewarding, analytical, gives me control, strengthens my fantasy. I wrote fantasy because for me it is the key to intuition. Intuition everyone has, more or less.

    You must dare to listen to it. Listen to your inner self who already knows, but also stand with one foot in logic. Often, I say (it is my experience) that we should be aware that the brain consists of the left hemisphere which is the logic and the right which is the intuition. They can work individually, which is not a good option, but when we connect them, then we get in touch with our highest self. Sometimes your intuition will probably not work as you wish because you are afraid or insecure, based on it you create thoughts that have no logic. But if you only think logically, you do not follow the feeling and even the back of the logic is the fear. Afraid not to be as you planned and planned or to have control.

    Spirituality is so much more than just an interest; it is your foundation, your inner longing for development, which then may not be all about a crystal, a dream, or a spiritual message. It is about who you are, deep down, your soul who has decided to develop and go through different phases of this life as you live now. Some do not care; they take the day as they come, are they then uninterested in their spirituality? It may be that they are happy with life as it is, that they have inner spiritual peace.

    Most I meet in interpretations those who seek, those who have not found focus in their spirituality, but I also meet those who have a clear focus. They know what they want to develop in this life. As long as I do not comment that something unexpected is happening, you can be sure that you are at the right level regarding spirituality. If you are looking for something special in spirituality and want clarification, write what options you have. I then place three cards for each choice and tell you what the alternatives look like. But also keep in mind that the options you choose between today are based on where you stand in your spiritual process now. As you develop, your choices evolve as well.

    One does not exclude the other either, which means that you can have several alternatives that you are interested in now and that you can develop in. I think I am best at interpreting Tarot, but I do not fit all, because we are all different, some do not want to hear what I say, and then there is someone else for them. As in the area of ​​love where it may seem that I do not get into the subject with passion and highlight infidelity and everything that can happen. 

  • 10: Karma

    Karma is also a word associated with spirituality
    What is karma? There are many descriptions of that word. So as above as below is probably the most common. What you do to others will come back, which created the saying - do to others as you wish them to do to you. I talk about your karma in the interpretation, by that I mean what is your challenge in your life during this period. What is the energy you have created, what patterns are there with you, what should you learn, what should you release, what should you improve to be on the right playing field, to raise your level? What areas are your Achilles heel? But it can also be good karma where you are in a period where you are harvesting.

    Karma is also something to learn fro; it is more or less a challenge; it is about being aware of what you have created or not created, what you keep away from yourself. Maybe your karma is to work on performance anxiety or a feeling of dissatisfaction. Look at the contradictions, contentment, and contentment that are what you are withholding from yourself.

    Karma also shows patterns you may have stuck. Why? Perhaps the essential thing in your interpretation is to focus on whether it is tougher karma, that is, something that feels awkward that you would rather not see or do your best to avoid. But since it comes up now, you also have your best energy to work away from this aspect. Do not miss the opportunity. In the positive karma, you can only be, thankfully, finally can take it easy a period, but it does not exclude that there may be small things, small worries that you may deal with during the period.

    Before I go over to the subject of love, then I will mention the issue of alcohol, it is a "villain" in many relationships. Isn't it tragic for a substance to take control of someone's life? I have the idea that those who become alcoholics are compassionate people; they are in their feelings all the time and cannot cope with it. It simply gets too much emotion. They do deaf it by drinking because then they no longer know what so reality or fog is and soon, they will also tip-off, perhaps after having an outbreak of madness, based on fear and powerlessness.

    Many psychics are alcohol dependent; it is an escape from all the emotions they cannot handle. It's not just fun and exciting to be a psychic. Some things are not so easy to handle. It can be dead and misery, powerlessness over how the world can be so cruel. They can both see events that may be worse than some criminals, and besides, it is not on a screen but inside their heads. The suffering that can be difficult to get a balance. They can also create energy threads for spirits that are stuck in some trauma, and unfortunately, spirits get the energy from the energy of alcohol and tobacco. Which makes it more tangible, and then the circle is running.

    Some do not know that their partner has problems when they enter into a relationship as well as some believe that they can save someone who has problems with alcohol by loving them. I have been in a relationship with a man who had alcohol problems; before that relationship, I was not happy with some previous relationships even when it came to alcohol. A pattern that was genetic with me when my grandfather had problems and was anything but pleasant. A raw model that I grew up. I did not grow up with my father, who had no issues.

    In my pattern, I was not worth respect but sought the fear, for those who cannot handle alcohol are afraid. In my worst relationship where I gained a lot of experience in how some women can get stuck in relationships and not get out of them, I lived with threats as long as he drank. He never hit me, but his threat made me not dare to break up, which in turn based on his promise at first to reduce, which he did but never enough and in the end, I was stuck in powerlessness (without drinking). I was afraid for the lives of my children and my animals. One time I was hanging around his feet when he was about to kill my horses with an ax because I didn't do as he said. Believe me; I know the powerlessness that can occur. I have no right solution for you if you should be or end up in such a relationship.

    I was fortunate to have a friend who told him that he should not be a part of my life. The next day he moved out. One problem in this was that this partner was so kind when he was sober, but only two beers were needed for him to be up and running. If he had not threatened and I had been in the position I had been, the relationship would have ended sooner. But everything is a lesson. For many years I loathed myself for choosing this. Now I try to learn; I try to understand what I decided to develop. I am also grateful to his soul, who chose to be a crap boot for my sake because I needed a lesson, which does not mean that I like him. Unfortunately, over the years I have interpreted for many women (no man) who lived in similar chaos, even those with protected identities who moved around the country to survive, one of them had been married to a police officer and extradited entirely. In short, there are shitbags everywhere.

    The only possibility not to get into a relationship like that is to love oneself, be in one's strength, stand up for one's values, never continue or one start a relationship of thoughtfulness, or hope to save someone else. They are not saved by love; they are saved by demands. You may know someone who lives in a relationship with some alcoholic because I really do not hope you do. They are co-dependent, and as long as they do not set a limit, this circus will remain.

    Love is giving everything at risk of losing everything. That is, I go if you do not change, and then go if no change occurs. For even those living with someone with problems gain something from it; otherwise, they would not be in the situation. They do not win love, the genuine, but they can feel an inner satisfaction that they are noble, they fight, they are there, they never fail, and in there is false confirmation they receive and a co-dependency to confirm that they are not capable, but if they are struggling a bit.

    It doesn't matter how much someone fights; we can never save anyone who doesn't want to save. As long as the person receives confirmation, this game continues. But it may have a meaning, maybe these two souls have chosen to fight in this, but there is also a choice, the free will, karma to choose to see and move on, to love someone so much that one dares to release it with the risk that they can actually die. Do you feel that you are in a similar situation, google on co-dependency, there are also groups and courses and co-dependence we are all in all relationships more or less.

    It may be that I miss seeing you in such a relationship, because it is your interpretation, or because the cards do not want to shed light on it right now. It is no excuse on my part, but simply that I have confidence that the cards always show what is most important. Even though how miserable such a situation can be, there can be both something sadder or positive that should now be in focus. But what really should be the focus is you. Therefore, I build up the whole interpretation around you and give you a boot, provoke you where you need to wake up or pepper you where you need more support.

    Now it may sound like in an interpretation everything is distressing, it is not, but one funny thing that I have noticed over the years is that it is easier to focus on negative things for most people. If I were to say that your whole life is about to collapse (which I would never say, because I believe that everything has a meaning and that there are solutions to most, yes, everything) but if, then you would inevitably sigh and just assume that it is, so be it. But if I were to say that you would win millions then you would question me, - Whoa, no that's not possible, do you really think so?

    One thing is clear; I never think. If I happen to say those words in your interpretation, then I apologize. I look in the cards, I feel, I perceive, but I never think. In that case, I would need neither the cards nor my knowledge, but you could sit and believe (guess) all the time, and that does not help you.

  • 11: Love

    Love? Yes! The topic that seems to be most relevant to most people. Love is the area I look after your spirituality. Love is most significant, at least according to most, and it is also the most significant area for most. Everyone dreams of great love, partner forever. There are exceptions; there are those who want to live single or with more than one. But generally, most people are looking for a life partner.

    I have a youth love that lives in my memory, even though I know today that it would not have been my great love, but the mind is an experience. I have been in and out of long relationships as I have intended to give everything for it to last. My first real relationship (cohabitation) locked me in a closet, my other was too safe and too ordinary, and many years later, I realize that he was not social, which is essential to me. My third long relationship was influenced by his friends and family, not to my advantage. A relationship that gave me my children, a relationship with passion and enthusiasm as a giant mountain and coaster, as well as test-tube fertilization that ended in miscarriage. To fall into the total disaster of relationships (described above). Then a few flings here and there to realize that it takes too much time, creation is more important to me. I have also dated online on several pages, some successful dates, and I have been myself. It has happened that I have accepted a cup of coffee, come straight from the stable, unmasked, the hair in a tassel, fragrant in rubber boots. That was me then, and one of my philosophical expressions regarding love - Take it or leave it.

    Yes, I am not a romantic, very self-absorbed and enjoy managing my own time and having the dogs in bed (and then no one can sleep). These relationships have given me experience that I use as a love google in different situations; I definitely know how not to do that. For all interpreters, even if the cards show the fundamental aspect, it becomes related to what we have experienced, and I have experienced both positive and negative, I have been in many feelings, of disappointment and happiness.

    I know what it is like to be in a relationship, to doubt if it is one, what it is like to be betrayed, dumped, married, divorced with all the complications (although I did well), division of living, child custody, my women's role in a whole. But I do not let my experience control yours, it is more something that is in the back of my mind, for every relationship is unique but if I did not know anything at all how relationships can work, I would have been plain.

    Young girls who learn Tarot, they take the cards at once, but they usually do not have the experience, the one we should have without preconceived opinions and prejudices while mature women take longer to understand the cards but can relate to them in different situations. Now comes a lot of text with reflections on love, partly based on what I see in the cards, but also from my experience and in that there may be some prejudice, generally speaking.

    If you are in a relationship and it works, I will not comment so much, but if you are in a "complicated relationship" or going into a romantic period, the cards will show it because that is always the basis of what is already. But if you are in a "complicated relationship," then I may not even mention that you are in a relationship, totally dependent on what happens in the "relationship," what you experience.

    I have had more than one woman complain that I pointed out that something was not okay in their relationship and they have answered me that they are not in anyone. But a sequel has come, how will he meet me now? (which they may have met for years). What then, is a relationship? When you or your partner asked "chance" or wrote on Facebook that you are in a relationship? For me, it is when you are involved with someone emotionally and maybe passionate, but you do not need to have sex, but it is enough that there is a "complicated relationship." For two reasons, the first is that you already have what is positive in love and the cards do not have to waste time confirming something that already exists. The second is when you are single. Some people like to be single, but most people feel empty, alone, dissatisfied, and then it may be the feeling that comes up most on the side that I do not talk about any relationship.

    I have lots of thoughts on love. You may not like some of them because you are stuck in your frame of reference on what a relationship should be like. When I got married the last time, the pastor said that "love is giving everything at risk of losing everything." That saying I have lived after then, maybe a little simple when I have chosen to live single because it suits me. I simply do not have time for anyone else. For me, my creation and interpretation of Tarot are more important right now, on the side of family life that I already have. But if I were to enter into a relationship, I would have some "requirements." Clarity, Truth, and Presence. I do not believe in waffle and sadness, if your existence looks like this now, that may also be why you booked an interpretation with me and read this.

    Either you love, or you do not love. If you are betrayed and maybe jealous or wish your former all the way to hell, then I can make it easier for you to point out that it is not loving. Love is wanting someone to have the best, even if it doesn't include one.

    If you love then you give everything at risk of losing everything, then you do not play games or live in fear that something will go wrong, then you are not burnt and judge every new relationship after someone before. Without taking advantage of the love that exists. There is no guarantee with love, not even with Tarot cards. Romantic to want a relationship to last a lifetime, but no relationships are friction-free, you're ready to fight for your relationship even when it's heavy. Or if you are a woman, you choose to call your girlfriends and complain who will immediately point out that your partner is a shitbag, even if it is you who is the basis of the conflict. If you are a man, you will rush home to a friend, sweep yourself drunk and pick up on some old dates. These are actually the most common behaviors. It may sound cynical, but the fact is that love is what brings out the most negative aspects of most people. But I do not want to give you false hopes. Instead, you can live on the hope that I may have misinterpreted (not likely, but but ...)

    Instead of getting depressed, stop, and think about why your soul has chosen you to be single during this period, could it be that you are not in your best essence? Maybe have something that upsets when it comes to relationships? Because sometimes we need to spice up ourselves, I think in any case we attract people who either reflect us or supplement something that does not exist.

    Unfortunately, most often, when we are not in positive energy, it usually does not become a good relationship. With that pattern (you know, the wolf we feed). It is not until you have completed that pattern that you can find a faithful partner. The uncertain.

    If you think about it, there is surely a red thread among all your past relationships. Some pattern that recurs. Why? Because your soul wants to release this pattern and not until you are so relieved that it is constantly like this, then it will let go. But I'm less, maybe you think. Then I answer - not enough. Because there is a fear left, the opposite pole to the Cups is fear, and as long as fear is in control, you will not make a relationship work. At least it says in my cards, and I agree with that, but there is always the exception that confirms the rule. If there is no love during the period, then put the energy on everything else that is good, strengthen what works and do away with everything where then maybe in the next period you are open to a love relationship. Maybe you think it sounds hard, but I cannot do anything about if I do not see the love in your cards, to create something that is not just to make you happy, would be easy but imagine how disappointed you would be when you wait and wait, and none of what you want happens.

    Trust that your soul has chosen the right one for you now. When it comes to love, I also often get the question of it, is the partner the right one? My answer is yes. But maybe not the right one if you want to be happy, in love and love and secure right now. But it is the right one according to the choices you have made.

    The choices that show that this partner is giving you something that you are looking for, unfortunately, it can be a pure accident, but something that your soul wants to clear away. Every choice is right, but there are better choices. Conscious choices, based on you first and foremost loving yourself, because it is as you say- You cannot love someone else before you love yourself. Imagine you are together with someone who does not love himself but who says he loves you. Doesn't that seem fake?

    Unfortunately, women are most afraid of being alone, but most of the time, they lack support or do not want to be alone at home. While men are afraid to be alone because it can prove that they are not good enough. I say over and over again; it's important to love oneself first and foremost. For all years of interpretation has enhanced that experience with me. I have seen far too many relationships of falsehood, insecurity, mistrust, lies, disappointments, and pure catastrophes from two sides: those who have done everything to be loved and those who have demanded everything to be loved.

    Love has no conditions; if I love you, then you must love me and on a certain scale. If you love me, you must always be there for me, then not with a romantic emphasis on standing by someone's side in the wet and dry, but when partners demand attention. Control is also fear and a large part of most relationships, first comes love and then comes all the requirements.

    Sometimes I find it unreasonably ridiculous when some woman complains that her husband does not want to meditate with her at all. Should she leave him? He does not tend to develop. That is, according to her demands. But he might like to drink beer for football on a Saturday night, which she sneezes at. If she is not prepared to settle down on the couch with him, she can also not demand that he meditate; in fact, she cannot demand it at all for love has no requirements. Just the thought tells me that this is not a relationship to build on, then not because he sees football but because she is limited. Then he may not be the right partner at all, even if he would ignore football and meditate instead. For he then does it out of a free will or for the house peace or not to lose her.

    Do you have a relationship that is over, but you mourn it, there are things that you can think of subconsciously that eventually fall into place? Like your soul has chosen that it should not be a continuation. A little comfort perhaps, if you let go of the pattern that has become and you are right for each other, I am convinced that you will be again. For love has strong bonds. Sometimes we need to grow in each direction. Sometimes (usually) it's the wisest thing to let go, you know losing everything to love truly.

    Cynical but if a partner does not want you, then that partner is no longer smart, and what do you do with a stupid idiot? ;) But maybe it is you who has released, then make sure to break properly. Because in every relationship a band is created, something I call energy thread. It is an invisible thread of emotion that exists between you and your partner. It means you can feel each other, give and take energy, and it gets stronger the time you have had sex if it is only for once. It is said that an energy thread between those who have had sex can last for up to seven years. It means that you are under the influence of that partner those years. Something that can explain why it can be difficult to let go of an old relationship, why it comes to mind now and then.

    You can choose, as you should, to cut this energy thread. In relationships, it usually exits the area at the navel. The first thing you can do is stay and be aware that there is a thread between you. When it is cut off if a partner is not conscious or wants to let go, it will feel that you are doing so and in it immediately hear in fear of not getting energy from you. Some relationships make new attempts all the time, one is unsure, the other is on, then when it has regained control of the situation again it does not want it, the first person becomes sad, the thread is left, and so it continues in an eternal carousel.

    You cut the thread by seeing in your mind that you either cut it, saw it, or burn it. The advantage is to have your feet in saltwater or if you have access take a bath in saltwater which then helps to cut the threads, destroy them, dissolve them so you can be free to love again.

    Many relationships that have their games, often with the need to own, to have control for if they don't have that they are lost. Confirmation is the key to everything, the consciousness of confirmation; sometimes, I think I could write a whole book on the subject of confirmation. It is what drives us in everything, confirmation that we feel good, that others should think that we are fresh. The need for confirmation of spiritual contacts so that we know that there is more.

    Confirmation in terms of work that we are capable, that we are visible, that we have significance in the whole. Confirmation that we receive reward, money, good income for being worth it and confirmation in love, that we are whole, that we are one with everyone else.

    In love, there are many requirements, however, that one must always be right in a discussion. If one is right, then the other is wrong. Do you really want your partner to be wrong just for being right? Is it love? Women control men through sex, usually, but a man who loves a woman does his best, and if the best is not good enough, leave. Men are mostly the ones known as psychopaths but believe me, I have met an incredible number of women in that role as well. But a man who wants to control, who wants to know where you are going, what to wear, who you meet, when you are at home. Is it really a man you want to share life with?

    Regardless of feminism, in my Tarot world, there is a difference between men and women, there are different patterns that characterize us based on our gender. It does not mean that we are not equal in value; it means that we are built different, carry with us different values, ​​and act differently. That's what complements it, which makes us seek our twin soul. That soul that makes us feel complete. Not likely to be like yourself then, because then you would not supplement what is missing.

    There are lots of things to watch out for when it comes to love. Warning signals that often show up from the beginning. Some women complain that he never calls. And some complain that he is always in control.

     Create a balance. But one thing is certain, if you have met a new love and you don't hear from him at first then he is not interested (first time is MAX 3 days). But it could be that now with all equality he waits for you to hear from you. If you do and do not get a response, let go. There is female cunning, like not being too accessible, it's okay if it's because you have an active life, but if you are not available and then sitting at home on the cell phone and all the media apps (i.e., not spiritual, but type, FB, Instagram, snap chat and WhatsApp) then you are wrong out there. I also often get asked by women - I met a man, how should I be? My very best advice is - be yourself.

    Many years ago, I was on a site called the Wild Web. One of the most fun pages I've been to, partly because it was a buddy page and not just dating. In there, many women had a lot of hearts and flowers on their side. OK. Not something I like, but it's their personality. The tragic thing is that often when a woman is very romantic, she attracts shitbags. Because they know that this woman is a dreamer, she wants hearts and flowers. It only needs a hug, so she is on. I think even though you should be yourself, you are cordial and flowery was it, because it is your personality, but also be prepared for many men to see you as weak, who a victim, easily manipulated.

    Because we are all different, and that is exactly what makes each relationship special, that we all have someone who suits us, just like who we are. But first, you need to know how you are. Because not everyone is capable of or thinks they are good, but we take on different roles, like (or differ), have fashionable clothes, are politically correct, they read books that talked about, see the series that others talk about and dare not stand up for what we really think. When I write this text, it is an election time in Sweden and the same (if not worse) circus as the last time. Friends who "threaten" to remove those who do not like them, harsh words here and there. And so it is also in love relationships, unfortunately. You meet someone you fall for; you have similarities, you like the same things, have the same values ​​and lots of other nice, just because you try to show the nice side to each other, the one you know is right according to what most people think. Everything to be loved for the one you may not be.

    The façade fades a little now, and then, one thing after another comes up that becomes a dissatisfaction, a conflict that creates more and more distance. Maybe it will be time for you to find the right one if you are you, but you save a lot of worry and disappointment. But it can also be that when you really are yourself then love is there. Always be yourself if you want true love, the one who loves you for who you are and not who you are trying to be. There is the 33 percent rule, 33 percent will dislike you no matter what, 33 percent will have no feelings at all, and 33 percent will love you. For which 33% do you want to be loved? If you are in a relationship and as I mentioned before, do not talk about anything special, well then, the relationship is what it is now. It may not be wow, but it is acceptable. Unfortunately, many people live in old-fashioned relationships, living in so-called white marriages, they live together as brother and sister without sex. But life works, they share housing, expenses and income, children who need security and so on.

    But sooner or later someone in the relationship will yearn for something more, that's when the emotional doubts arise. Or that one of the partners starts to urge for another, or even has someone else on the side. What I think is most tragic about white marriage is that the children are doing poorly, didn't you think so? They have two parents who sacrifice themselves for the children to have security. But it also gives the children a pattern, to harden, not to listen to their feelings, not to think that they are worthy of love for parents is not. Children do not do as you say; they do as we do. Do you want your children to live in a loveless relationship, if yes then it is okay because it is your children and they have chosen you as a parent? But if you want your children to be happy and loved, then maybe, you should keep track of what raw model you are for your children.

    Unfortunately, there is a catch in this with breaking up from a white marriage. Too often, one of the parties becomes so confused that it throws itself into love life, even sometimes forgetting that it has children. For now, freedom and love apply.

    Children under 18 should always have the first right of both parents, but that does not mean that parents should deny themselves. There are happy divorces where parents take responsibility and compromise even after they break up. These are my thoughts after years (type 40) of looking at relationships, there are no perfect solutions, or maybe there is. I have separated myself and had the children in focus with their father, which has worked; it is important to put yourself aside. You may be able to, but not your other parent's children. You can't do anything about it, because you can't change anyone else, just yourself. But if you stand up for yourself and your children, then you set a good example. Then, as I see it, it is a spiritual contribution. Your children have chosen you for their lessons, and you have chosen each other for your lessons. It is like karma; it is perhaps your karma to be insightful and make the best of the situation.

    Many women become bitter, and many men become hateful. It manifests itself in many different ways. But most importantly, with your interpretation is that you find focus on yourself. In it, do your best all the time. It does not mean that you should be perfect after any template; it means that you should be true to yourself. If your relationship is new and I do not say anything about a break was in it, if I say that there is a crisis, handle it, if you don't handle it now, break up. Then the situation will come back; I can almost guarantee that.

    Many flee relationships at the slightest challenge rather than letting it strengthen the relationship. It all depends on you, how you are, and how your fear controls you. If your relationship has been going on for a while, then it is almost taken for granted in the cards, and what may turn out to be various challenges or positive events coming in. Actually, I don't think the relationship itself is the most important thing, but it is how you feel and develop in it.

    I do not like this right and wrong, it does not exist, there are some basic principles, values that should apply to everyone, but that something would be right or wrong is entirely from the person's view. Many let their relationship be affected by their surroundings, but it is not those who live in it. I don't care who you live with as long as you are happy, and I really don't care if you are unhappy either, because that is your choice. I'm just trying to give you another view, another version of what it looks like, using the cards.

    Do you want to get married? That's a question I get from time to time - will we get married? And of course, it can show in the cards. For some, it is important, a confirmation of belonging. More importantly, I think it is to keep the marriage alive.

    Do you want to divorce (break the relationship)? Afraid to hurt your partner, have you ever thought about hurting your partner more by living in a loving relationship. Do you want your partner to do so to you? If you do not love you may want it, you want to stick to a dream, but if you love you want your partner to be happy if it is not with you. Divorce is common, too common in my opinion, few fights, the range of partners are everywhere. But it belongs to our culture and can also be a development that you need to be in.

    But divorce is rarely easy, it happens, but often there are disappointments and many tears. Time heals all wounds, and often it is so that afterward you may wonder why you did not go earlier. You will likely try again, or become bitter enemies, but over time and new partners will usually let go. Be honest with your feelings, you will win it in the long run but always sleep on the decision, too often we act in disappointment or anger.

    Does your partner want to break up (break the relationship)? Is it a threat, or is love over? If you love your partner, make the best of the situation. If you detest your partner, making the best of the situation, you probably want to avoid bad karma.

    Time-out? Some relationships feel good by time-out, the feelings may be there, but someone does not feel confirmed, you hook yourself up to small things, constant conflicts that make you need to be apart. However, this is not the most common as emotions become overwhelming and envious, jealous, depressed, disappointment takes over. Unfortunately, most of the focus is on what partners have done wrong, but it is something that you are looking for; otherwise, you would not be in this relationship. A partnership is an interaction between good and evil; with distance, you may even get a different picture of your version.

    Do you have a relationship with a married person? Also quite ordinary, lucky for you that I always let the cards show what is to my truth, fortunately, if your partner had not left the relationship when you met, it will not happen later either. Most often, it is women who fall for a married man, and he shall divorce. As soon as his wife has recovered, the children have grown older, or the family business has reorganized. Honestly, if he were as in love with you as you are in him, he would have gone on day one. But it is your choice to stay. However, there is nothing to say that you have to be faithful, utilize him for romantic moments and sex his either realizing his imagination and going or until you find someone better (not difficult), that's my tip. Equal terms. But if it has been more than a few weeks, you should realize that you are not his dream partner. Relationships are not easy, it can be both intense and devastating, but the important thing is what you make of it, how you experience yourself and your partner, community, values ​​that create security in love. How to experience your love relationship it only knows you and the cards tell based on what is there.

    Some thoughts on love, there is so much more after all years of interpretation, simply, in short - Love yourself. Evaluate yourself, be humble for your shortcomings. Be true; be yourself. Avoiding drama and loving your whole heart for love is no guarantee. Better to give everything today, to experience more than you thought possible than to be halfway into the feeling and be involuntarily single for a while. Part of your life and not only consists of love for a partner, but it is also how you experience your feelings.

    How you feel about relationships around you. When I started to read the cards for others, I could say that in January you have a nice harmonic period with a lot of love from your loved ones. Then the customer came back and asked where the love was? I was asking, what love? Yes, but I had said that in January they would meet their twin soul. At first, I asked people to read what they wrote, but then I realized that I could record it on cassette tape so they could listen to what I really said. There were recordings that you got your interpretation through. The first time you listen, you hear what you want to hear. You are looking for something specific, it can be an aha experience, or you are questioning that you had not thought of it at all. The second time you listen, you hear more, the third time even more. And if you are one of those dating, I would like to put three cards for each of the perhaps future partners to guide you, but I speak not about the person, so I invade their privacy but what is there for you.

  • 12: Work

    The fourth topic that is important in our lives is work. I detest that name - work - talk about it being a difficult word? ;) But I've worked too! I have tried most things, also gone to education, today I live my life, doing the things that bring me joy, unfortunately not always a safe income. I will never retire because I would do precisely the same thing every day anyway, I do what I love. Ideally, I'd say, your employment or your passion in life if I see that you like what you do. But in short, work means what you act in as profession valued in money from your commitment. As with all the topics in the interpretation, it also depends on what you do today, how your situation looks now. If any changes, improvements, or disasters occur, it will appear in the cards.

    I might tell you about more success (= being happy), or that you change jobs, how it looks, I tell you if it changes something in your routines, maybe you get other working hours or better or worse colleagues. More responsibility or you might be delusional. However, it is widespread to feel unsure about a new job at first. It is a change in your routines, your security habits, new tasks, new people. But if I see that you will not feel good after a while, then I will talk about it.

    You may become unemployed even if you did not have a clue; changes can happen faster than we think because often we go on old routines and all of a sudden, they are thrown into the air. But what is left after your unemployment? Will you be without a job for a long time, get sick or start studying or will you jump straight into something new? It can be remarkable what happens during the period of your work situation. But more important is if you feel comfortable if you really in the right place in life (which you are for the moment, but in the long run?).

    I meet too many who are not happy with their job or with their chooses but who are stuck in a routine where they go to work downtrodden or distressed but must for them to receive payment so they can live. Hum, what a life! I am convinced that there are alternatives, let me know what you dream about, and we will put cards for different alternatives, but never think that you are too old or lack the competence. My opinion is that if there are 30 bakers in your city and you want to become a baker, don't give up. The 30 bakers have that occupation since it was the best to do when they went to school. They may want to plant flowers, weld, sit in the cash register, be a teacher, but then there was no other alternative they thought, so they became bakers. But if you want to become a baker from the soul, then you will become the best baker. Just as I worked to become the best Tarot interpreter and I promise you that there are certainly 30 Tarot interpreters in every major city. But will it stop me from living my dream?

    It was perhaps easier before when most men worked, they were taught by their father, who was taught by their father, who in turn was also taught by his father. But all of a sudden it was a son who wanted something different, or who called for war and suddenly saw more of the world or became a great warlord. Then the work did not go to inheritance.

    Maybe, probably it is better now when there are more opportunities, more professions to choose. Some created from the internet, unthinkable when I was young. I believe that everyone can create a business, from their dreams, but everyone does not dare, and so it should be, it is a lesson for them. If I tell you that it fails at work, it does not make it bigger than it is. Everyone has a complicated situation at some point, instead think in advance what you can do about it.

    The point I can think of with this "weather forecast," which is a metaphor for a Tarot interpretation is to be prepared for different situations and use them to their advantage. In being smart in understanding that every event is a lesson. Because if you know that there will be a hassle at work at the end of April, to avoid it, then you will be sick, which means that you confirm that prophecy. It will be a hassle because you are not there and the time usually is as I describe, but there may be some small offsets, which means that when you come to work in May, it's a hassle. Hope you understand what I mean by that parable.

    Many years ago, I was listening to a storyteller, that is, a man who told without reading a book. He told a story about a King in Egypt that got a prediction that his son would die on the 18th day by a lion. Throughout his son's upbringing, he was taken care of and barely had to do anything so that no lion would reach him. In connection with his 18th day, he was not allowed to leave his room. The servants woke up on the son's 18th birthday with a bang, a massive tapestry on the wall had fallen more over the son who died. The motif of the fabric was a lion!

    It is a story that I often think of when it comes to interpretations that certain things are predetermined. We can change tracks, take lessons, act differently, but the actual event will happen if that's the point. Another story I read in a comic when I was about 12 was a man who made a deal with the devil to get live for 1000 years if then the devil got his soul. The rich man lived to the fullest; he wandered around and was even daring. He drove Formula One and crashed and became completely paralyzed. Then he had to lie in that state for almost 1000 years.

    Sometimes we want to know something; then it will not be as we thought, we sigh instead to see that there can be something better of what happens instead. Sometimes negative things need to happen for us to take a lesson and appreciate something we take for granted, just like we never appreciate good health until we're sick. Or when we sigh over a problematic work situation instead of estimating that we have a job, everyone does not have it. I can think that many want and demand the best all the time without stopping and being grateful for what they have. That is not to say that we must not be disappointed, frustrated, and sad at the moment when it comes together, it is also part of the development.

    But I do not think you should accept a job that you do not enjoy in the long run, grateful for the job but at the same time dare to think about and create a plan with what you want to do. If you have not noticed it so far, there is an interpretation in Tarot for me not just divination but a tool to become spiritually aware of our personal development. Because you are the one in charge of your life, you are the one who creates it, and with Tarot, you can use the advanced information. Personally, I think astrology is the map of one's life while Tarot is the map reader. Two methods that fit together and can give us keys in all areas, then not only at work. If I talk about studies in your interpretation then it is purely general, it can also be that I talk about further education, private education, distance education or that education is what applies during this period. Then I come to it in my words about logic. Logic underestimated when it comes to Tarot. The tarot is a system, some see it as a spiritual tool, which is because, as I said before, one does not exclude the other.

    As mentioned before, we are in a pattern from 1-9 all the time, in different areas that we find under the elements. We can be in several processes at the same time, or some or some may be the dominant one. Most of us, for exceptions, those who have learned from their past lessons act in these energies by the significance of the numbers.

    Have you ever thought about how a Tarot deck constructed? It has five suites, one for each element, which is an area in which we act, in these areas, there are many different events. Each figure shows where we are in that process.

    Are we at the beginning (Ace)?

    Have we found a reason, stability, a balance (2)?

    Do we dare to develop from it, try new things, experience more (3)?

    Have we created a score, a foothold, security, laziness, a convenience, a routine, gained control (4)?

    Are we in the midst of the pain, the stress, the frustration, the anticipation, and the possible disappointment, do we feel pressured or powerless (5)?

    Have we taken power over the stress, dare to stand up for ourselves, dare to be emotional, dare to develop, dare to let go (6)?

    Based on the lessons and events, we dare to take responsibility for our actions, be proud and persistent in what we want to develop. Or just become confused about the obligation that is required or invests in a continuation, or stay there as determined and safe (7)?

    Or are we affected by the surroundings, reflections, and the karma, seeking contacts, doubts, further developing or creating performance anxiety (8)?

    But it can also be that we take in a little extra to reach the end of a process, feel well, in a flow or create anxiety because it has gone too far (9).

    In the text above, I have mixed in the meaning of all the suits; Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords and all cards 1-9 in the suites. It is a pattern that most people follow. When it comes to working, we always start on a job or project, somewhere it all starts. Then we feel secure, get a foothold to dare more. Feel that we have control over the situation to suffer from powerlessness, either because it is not as we think or because it becomes too much. Once we get over it, and, indeed, some will not move on. When frustration is over, some put down to start over, over and over again. 

    Ready to start from scratch. Some of these processes we quickly jump through, perhaps because we have learned the lesson or finished that pattern. But throughout your life, you are always in one element at least, and in a number or wheel between some back and forth.

    It is one of the reasons why you may be in different stages when it comes to your work, but some are stuck in one aspect for an extended period. Because it is not always that we change; on the contrary, most people are afraid of change because they have no control over what can happen. If I say that you have a reasonable period for a month, then it means that you can take it easy, even if you are focused on your health, a relationship, your work or your finances. A reasonable period is perfectly okay, but of course, small events can occur, but they will not have any significant significance. Despite good health, you can wake up with a headache or feel pesky someday, but in life, there is no major significance of the. You may feel uncomfortable going to work one day, although it doesn't matter at all, you can worry about a count, but before the period is over, it won't matter. You can argue with your partner without it ending and so on.

    Always think logically during the period for which you have given the interpretation. You get the idea that you should do something, listen to what is available during the period, is it reasonable that it can happen and what will be the result? Being a housewife/man, student, work black, have your own business, a hobby you develop. However, if I see that you are not involved in anything, then I will question it. Because that means that you do not use the fire element, which in turn causes you to burn your wire at both ends until you have no energy left other than frustration and powerlessness. Driving force is important.

  • 13: Finance

    As far as the economy is concerned, it is about your everyday economy, that is, not if you have a million debts, because despite that you can have a functioning economy. I have had bankruptcy and foreclosure, I have not felt poor, but it is a feeling, it's not all the times that it was enough to be desired. But I'm grateful for what I have. Economics is about security and values ​​, and some have real hang-ups in this area, it's like life would end without money. But money is not everything, but money is one of the means that you can create or bring to your things and the essential thing you wish for.

     Some are millionaires and they are poorest people who exist, because they do not appreciate what they have, many want more, they become skinny, rubbish and turn every penny. Every investment is a torment to think about if the money runs out, a worry that it without money need not have. Money is a necessary evil; some say they do not grow on trees, but the paper they are made from does. But in the economic system in which we now live, there is hardly any money without the bank moving figures from one account to the other.

    When I talk about the economy, I also talk about your security, your foundation, and how you live in it. Maybe that there are no changes at all. It means that your finances will be in the period now with a little on and off. It may happen that I am talking about some heavy period, where the economy is not in balance, where there are no resources. The advantage is that you know about it in time and it you can act. You can start saving, review your assets but also see what may cost more than it tastes. But sometimes it may be an unexpected expense, boring but it affects most people, most important is what happens after that. Some win millions. But unfortunately, it is rarer, but as I said one does not exclude the other, it is quite possible.

    I interpreted for a woman I met, said she would win millions in May and buy herself a house. The following year she booked a new interpretation, I cannot remember all the interpretations. She called me upset that she had received a similar interpretation again, but this time I had said that she would build around her house. She was disappointed that it was "the same interpretation" again. I replied that when the year had passed if she was still unhappy, she would get the money back (because as a millionaire she needed them I suppose, see above). She called me, but not to get the money back, but to say that the first year she had won 3.2 million and very well bought a house, the second year she had won 3.2 million and built a pool. Anything can happen even if it sometimes feels unreasonable. If you want to win money and I don't say so, have hope anyway, I'm happy to be wrong only you get lucky. The same goes for your health, your spirituality, your work, your studies, your love life. I can't change an interpretation just because you're not happy with the result. I trust the card; every card turns out in the right place just because it is so. Then, with cunning, you can try to improve the situation when needed.

    I can also talk about small profits or payouts that are not profit-related, they can be from insurance, i.e., something that you previously invested in. It may also be that you bought something that you sell, you may not make a profit, but you get the money you want. There is more than money; there is security in many different ways to get subsidies. You may get a rent-free month, a free subscription, get a bonus check on a larger sum. Now I'm not talking about $10 on a bonus check at the grocery store, although it can mean a great deal for those who can appreciate it (partly because they have been smart to shop in one place and that rewards loyal customers). Unfortunately, I have no universal super tips on how you should solve your finances if it crashes. But I am convinced that there is some solution and are happy to draw three cards to give you tips.

    I also have no fantastic solutions for how to get completely healthy, but I have faith that if you are sick and I see it in the cards, then you have taken the first step of awareness to change. The same goes for your spiritual development, there is certainly some area that can piss you off, or when it has completely collapsed at work, then maybe it is time you dare to look around for alternatives, for everything has a meaning. Is the most difficult area, maybe because I guess most people don't want to take my super tips on happiness. - Love yourself, let go of demands, dare to have confidence, if you lose one there are thousand left. But you need to be open to be in love and focus more on how you can love than on how you want (require) to be loved In your interpretation, apart from the areas of your health, your spirituality, karma, love, work and finances, I also see what you have with you in different areas. Based on your booking, they are divided into three to four periods. It can be three-four weeks, or three to four months, six months or a year, the last thing I offer only in connection with a new year.

    The periods are in sequence, and usually, it is correct with a few days of precision. What I have talked about before in the different areas where I also mention what it looks like during the periods is a summary of all the topics but during the periods I also see partly in a sequence what is most important to you in each period but often I can also here make a summary of health, spirituality, love, work, and finances to gather it for you, which is told to happen in that period.

    Imagine knowing that during the year, you will have bad health. Aha, okay, sometime in this year you will not feel well. A year is a long time to think about when you will not feel well, so it is also during a four-month period. Because it is that time goes so much faster because we have access to so much more events. Not knowing when you have the imbalance may be helpful if you are just curious about your future. But if you've come to terms with it and understood that you could control your life better with the so-called weather forecast that an interpretation in Tarot can be compared to then you assume that you can also act.

    Is it really possible to schedule an interpretation and divide the time into periods? Yes, I think so, some say that it is not possible, but I started with it already in the 90s, so I have not created a limit on it. Because I think we often create limitations of uncertainty. It puts more demand on the interpreter if it is to be broken down into details than if it is only general for a period. If you missed it, then I inform you that I just love the Tarot, it is the most amazing tool. Of course, I also find it exciting with a vision of the future, someone who tells you that in the near future or within a few years you will get married or win money. Less funny if someone says that within a year you will have a loss. Oh, a loss, money? Relative? Job? And please do not say that it is love? With most of life, there are both disadvantages and benefits; it is a disadvantage to know that for a period of time something happens if you do not know more when, how should you be able to act, plan and make the most of it if you have 365 days to figure it out? I have a little need for control; I like to act, create, and not to mention change. Changes to me it is a sign that insight has fallen into place and that the soul is brave to dare to expand. There are those who get stuck in routines, in a job for 40 years of delusions because they don't know what to expect.

    I like to draw three cards for myself in new ideas just to see what the result of a change can contains, but even with so-called negative cards, I do not relinquish if it is something I have wanted to do. I am confident that it will be something good but believe me; I am well aware of what bangs can cost. It can be expensive at the moment but absolutely fantastic after a while. I myself am probably afraid of stagnation, while many loves when it is the same routines all the time. It also appears in your cards because I first list out who you are to your personality before, I start talking. Because if you remember at the beginning where I talked about who you are in the cards, we are all guided by patterns, if you are a pushy, intense personality it is easier for me to talk directly to you, but if you are a sensitive romantic then it can be more stealing than helping you if I suddenly say - But shit what you are pathetic.

    Mm, these are typically such sentences I can say. But it's not to be patronizing, but a spontaneous sense that I think you are limited and pathetic. Such as most people avoid saying to anyone.

    Because we don't want to hurt, and we don't want to lose friends. But I do not see you and me as friends, although you could happen to be one of my closest friends and read this. I see myself as an interpreter of the cards that want to show you your patterns, your limitations but also your possibilities, then it may happen that when I learned Tarot as with all languages ​​I learned swearing first ;) Since I myself from the beginning of the 90s when I took the Tarot more seriously, and it became part of my everyday life, wanted to know more, and picking it down in parts I chose to put a star for each day. It is more understandable and based on today's events; I could put them on different cards; I got a greater understanding of the energies.

    The easiest cards to learn are probably the fives in each suite; they stand for frustration, powerlessness, disappointment, sadness, despair, limitations, hopelessness, loss, fixation, collapse and stress among other things. There are how many more words can describe this state of short-circuiting. If, for example, you would put cards yourself for your day and get 5 of Wands in the morning then you can only guess with just how that morning will feel. You can then be frustrated, sleep on, hit the threshold, put on your pants in the back, someone in your family who annoys you, cook over coffee, pour the yogurt over the sweater, have a conflict over the breakfast table, miss the bus or the car does not start and so on.

    There are events that happen in everyday life, those events that make us feel powerless. Can you do something about it? The possibility is less if it happens in the morning, because then you can, for example, spill the coffee over your interpretation, but if you know it before you can be prepared, take it a little quieter from what you wake up if you do not pre-sleep which can also be a stressful the beginning of the day

    But there is a guidance to from that card, or really lots because you can read the card for all the areas. Your health with 5 of Wands shows that you are frustrated, irritated, worried, out of balance, and easily lose your temper. It can also show that you have problems with your stomach, but also kind of heartburn.

    If you read 5 in Cups for your spirituality, it shows that you are not listening to your intuition, that you are in conflict with any spiritual value. If it is for love, you feel frustration and conflicts that you probably create yourself. If it is for work, it is definitely worse; it can be conflicts, dirty talk, disorder, dissatisfaction, petty, disorderly, and so on. Is it for the economy you can feel frustrated that it does not work as intended right now?

    You can also read it for the area it ends up, is it in the morning it is also for your work situation, or yes, you may remember what I said about work? It's about your creativity, your dedication, your employment that doesn't work at all.

    Is this something created by others? Yes, it may be, but it is you who subconsciously sought that resistance. In there is some development but right now with 5 of Wands you are far from stable to think what it might be, or you have worked with yourself from the cards that you can see more clearly what it is that creates this irritation.

    I just do not put a card in the Celtic Cross for a period at each position; I add several because I have also learned to read them, first the elements, which is the strongest? What kind of energy is driving you? Since what numbers, have you come across five or are you at the beginning of a phase, I also see if there is any personality card that shows that you are in a certain way during the period and what reflections you encounter. Each period can give you insights about where you can change your behaviors, patterns, release restrictions, and create more opportunities.

    I keep track of everything for you in an interpretation. If you're doing a reading, you interpret yourself to always focus on the cards for the person, whether it is you or someone else you interpret for. It is quite unreasonable that a person who feels fantastic for a period of time has some major grief with him if it coalesces. It is also the case that a person who is limited and anxious does not jump to a million profit. Each period is for you to keep track of what energies it is about, the events more specifically placed within time and not just once in a while. Year. Is it always correct in time? No, unfortunately, not always, it can even be shifted, but the energy is there. I have learned over the years that the hardest thing in time is love, it is because there is so much emotion and the more focus you put into looking after love, the more you get to look. It's about feeding the searching wolf, instead of feeding the loving wolf.

    If I mention that you have a period of bad health at the end of a month, then you can plan, you do not need to schedule the most important meetings, the longest dream trip, a move and so on but you can take the time just to take it easy. Logically you have the answer about what health basically looks like when I talk about health. If you have diabetes and I do not talk about it getting worse or better, but you are used to having such dips, then you can be based on the period look at when the imbalance exists. In it, you can be prepared and facilitate the situation.

    Personally, the cards have been my support all year; there are times when I have been saddened by various aspects, but I have been able to handle them better than without the knowledge, the premise of what awaited me. I put out an exposition for myself every year, then often for every four-month period, every week, and every morning. No, it does not take time, the morning star takes a maximum of 2 minutes if I do not see anything special, it is a bit like starting the computer, or the mobile and logging into a weather page to check the weather hour by hour. Then I know when to put on the raincoat and when to enjoy the sun. In that, I think it is important not to take everything for granted but really appreciate the good moments. But also, be grateful for possible obstacles because there is no development and no opposite. Do I remember all interpretations? NO. 

    To me, any interpretation is like reading a short story, or a chapter from a book. You are the main character, and either you have a very exciting life, or it is just an intermediate phase in your life. I can sometimes see things that I have noticed, they affect me, and they are unforgettable, but most of it is put in my subconscious, kind of like a book I have read. If you tell me a little about what I have said, I remember that chapter, maybe not all the details but for the most part — a simple example of understanding logic. When I lived in Ukraine, I got a cat, there was a civil war there, and I was worried about not bringing him home. But my wise daughter said but mum, I asked you how he and I will get along, and it would work, so it is obvious that he is coming home; otherwise, we would not have that community. So wise words, I in my fear did not think logically, and therefore, I understand the times you do not either.

    In summary, use the interpretation as a map of your period, enjoy everything that is positive, do not delve into negative events or things you do not want. After all, it is only a period in your life, but you can choose to make the best of it during this period. Finally, I want to thank you, partly for the confidence to interpret your period, to have a look into your life, to come up with what I hope is good advice. But I never choose for you but give you tips.

    If you think Tarot is interesting, I want you to keep in mind that everyone can learn, it is a system, and everyone is more or less medial. It's like learning a new language, it may take some time, but the basics are easier to learn than many people think. You can find more information about Tarot in the menu and my distance course in the shop, you can become a member. As a member, you can book an interpretation where you get a movie with all your cards and where I describe the cards and the meaning, but it is also an interpretation. The cards do not control your life, but you control your life with the help of the cards.

    Thanks for reading/Ylva

  • Reading in Tarot

    170327ylva.jpgYou will get your reading on your profile on this site. Its a MP3 recording that you can listen directly to and download it to your computer, tablet och mobile phone.

    I will tell you about what I see about you, your health, your working situation (or if you are studying), your finance and of course love. I will also see and tell what is in every month. I will look at your limits and inspire you with inspiration to create more of you and your life.

    Any questions, send me an email to ylvatrollstierna@gmail.com

    Since I'm Swedish my English isn't perfect, but I'm sure that you will understand the essential, that's what is vital for you to know.

    The reading in Tarot is for six months ahead. 

    I will do my version of the Celtic Cross, and in that, I will look at who you are in this period, what controls you, what you control, patterns but first and foremost opportunities. 

    > Your health, from thought to not I hope illness and how you feel in everyday life.

    > What happens with your spiritual evolvement?

    > How does your working situation look like, studies or something else that you give energy?

    > Your finances, worse, better or unexpected bills or unexpected income?

    > Love, (the eternal question) what will happen?

    > Each month, what happens in them, connected to the month before and the one ahead?

    > And an oversight with what is the worst and the best for you in this period of six months.

    You can pay by card in the shop or to Paypal order@ylvatrollstierna.com