• Knight of Cups - Flirtation

    22cups copy.jpgMeaning
    indicates a proposal with loving energy. Togetherness with others shared happiness. Spontaneity, passion and strong overpowering feelings.

    Betrayals, disappointments, loss of companionship. You can feel exposed and deceived not true purposes. Jealousy.

    Color - Pink/White

    This combination of energy from pink and white is such high frequencies that indicate on your spiritual openness and spiritual awareness.  The pink vibration indicates on spiritual curiosity and divine love. The ability to see and experience more that is above the common reality. The white energy is expression and exploration of spirituality; together it will be a powerful aspect of spiritual developing that unfortunately don't have so much stable ground but more of unfolding. You're open and positive, loving and, in harmony and also in need of confirmation, you just need something to happen that you will be a part of with love and harmony. You still have one foot in the past, and that can give you a good communication with spirits and the things that aren't obvious in this dimension. But sometimes you can feel lost and don't know where you belong, and you need to let go of what has been, just bring the experience, nothing more.

    Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces abilities.

    Chameleon as totem
    Indicate that you can melt in where ever it suits you, you're a master in disguise and to confuse even if it for you just is about your temperament and for others that you just adapt to the circumstances. You can catch what you need in a near distance, but you also get the goodies that are behind you or beside you, you do have control over the situation. Indicate that you can melt in were ever instead of being unique and that you are, you may not see your greatness and you need to meet like-minded to recognize that you are you.