• Magenta - Neck Chakra

    Neck chakra

    Color Magenta (purple-red)

    Place on body  In the middle of the neck.

    Physical influence The whole body, genetic disease.

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    This chakra
    Have qualities,
    memories, and experience with all your identity, life after life, event after event, and all the energy you have behind you. And if you think about it, when you’re tired, doesn’t it happen that you put your hand on your neck, an unconscious reflex of you trying to stop the energy from leaking. The neck chakra is also a passage to your past, in this life and from the previous life. Its pour backdoor into the soul and the chakra where we put all the things we can’t handle, worries, debt, and angst. Women especially tend to get a bump on their neck; maybe it’s the energy that has built up here. Since the neck is where all the responsibility represented on the body, and women often have problems with saying no and take responsibility for themselves, this chakra tells about it. The neck is to hold the head up, and if that part of the body doesn't work, anything else will either. In Reiki (Japanese healing art), the neck chakra used to close, to look the energy wheel so nothing can get through, not out or in.

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    This chakra is also the key to our base in life and our past lives and our soul's pattern. If you want to dissolve some past life matters, use this chakra with the one that activated the pattern to get it solved. The color that is most active in this chakra is the one that responds to the chakra that is connected with the pattern.

    Magenta, if you want to seek experiences and development, and memories from past lives. This is the color for development and deeper insights about yourself and your spiritual way in this life.