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    fool2  kopia.jpgTarot, card by card

    Tarot, card by card, will get you to know the basics about Tarot, even if you're already are a Tarot reader. However, you can also get some unique insight from the way I see Tarot and that the system behind that is a more logical one.

    With these lessons, you can learn card by card to develop your knowledge of Tarot. For each card, you will find a simple description, just common facts in a way I like to encourage you to understand the basics of each card. Then you have the keywords; you will manage fine to build your words and description on each card. From that, you create a contact with your subconsciousness that strengthens your knowledge of each card. It will be more personally related. Maybe a different but more inspiring way for you to develop more about your understanding of the Tarot and you and your patterns. It doesn't have any difference if you're a beginner, never held a Tarot deck in your hands, or if you have read Tarot cards for years.

    If you're a beginner, it will be a way to create knowledge and understanding of each card and make it easier to get started.

    If you have interpreted Tarot before, this can be a fresh challenge to start from zero, with each card to create from your inner images.

    You will find questions for each card like;

    The experience of the card?

    Please write down your image of the experience you have, like, for example, I have breathing problems on 3 of Swords, it's not the only conflict, but still, it's a conflict not being able to breathe. Swords are the suit of Air, and if you don't use the Air correctly. Then maybe, you will have problems with your breathing, like keeping your breath. Or, in a conflict, you can feel like you're not getting any air.

    At last, you have Reflections:

    Questions that I have created for each card ask the questions to find your answers, and you will learn more. There is no coincidence of the questions. They are designed to make you think more about the energy of the card.

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    Tarot 78 answers

    Ace of Wands

    Position 1 East (Work)
    Ace of Wands indicates that something new, a project, or a new task is now starting. You are charged with energy, committed, aware of what you want, focused, full of power to realize. You have a strong commitment, a strong will that you give it all. You are aware of the new opportunities that exist; you know that you have the chance to get started with what you want.
    Position 2 South (Love)
    With Ace of Wands, you are engaged, you have a healthy appearance., You're passionate, excited, and intense. There is no doubt about what you want, and you make it happen.  You create love with all the power you have, totally committed. You may not have time to be in the feeling but are in the experience with all your urge.
    Position 3 West (Finance)
    With Ace of Wands, you look more at what you can create than ensuring that you get a secure structure, action rather than stability. There is no need for anything material and stable; you trust your power to produce what you need for the moment. Empathy and dedication occupy your time, and you're difficult to stop to be in everyday life.
    Position 4 North (Health)
    With Ace of Wands, you know what you want, focused with all your power, absorbed in the desire, passion, creation of what you want and realize. Giving all you got and demanding a response to what you do,  you even give more if you feel you are not getting what you need. You're making demands on life, on all the opportunities you see and expect, and don't settle for less.
    Position 5 Void (Spiritual)
    With Ace of Wands, you have an inner conviction, a power that guides and drives you to realize all that you urge for, all you want to do, that you have to accomplish. You are driven by this powerful force that will give you no rest until you have realized or begun to create what feels important to you. You may not even understand why, but this inner conviction drives you forward until you've expressed the energy. This energy urges you and gives you no rest until you start up with what you have an inner urge for.

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    You can see my books (in Swedish) on www.bod.se or www.publit.se