• Tarot reading

    You will get your reading on your profile on this site. Its a MP3 recording that you can listen directly to and download it to your computer, tablet och mobile phone.

    I will tell you about what I see about you, your health, your working situation (or if you are studying), your finance and of course love. I will also see and tell what is in every month. I will look at your limits and inspire you with inspiration to create more of you and your life.

    Any questions, send me an email to ylvatrollstierna@gmail.com

    Since I'm Swedish my English isn't perfect, but I'm sure that you will understand the essential, that's what is vital for you to know.

    The reading in Tarot is for six months ahead. 

    I will do my version of the Celtic Cross, and in that, I will look at who you are in this period, what controls you, what you control, patterns but first and foremost opportunities. 

    > Your health, from thought to not I hope illness and how you feel in everyday life.

    > What happens with your spiritual evolvement?

    > How does your working situation look like, studies or something else that you give energy?

    > Your finances, worse, better or unexpected bills or unexpected income?

    > Love, (the eternal question) what will happen?

    > Each month, what happens in them, connected to the month before and the one ahead?

    > And an oversight with what is the worst and the best for you in this period of six months.

  • Aura reading

    Your personal aura reading will be on a movie that you will find on your profile on this site. You can listen directly or download it to your computer, tablet och mobile phone.

    Get your own personally aura picture painted of your aura. With a reading of all the energies.
    Each chakra, what the energy in each chakra should be, what you have and what you can let go off and also improve. The energy fields connected to the chakras, like the physical, the emotional and the psychic but also your spiritual field.

    I look at details, differences, and limits and inspire you to get a hold of your energies and make them more vibrant to get your energies in phase. Chakra by chakra, color by color, the wholeness, and also tip for your health, your working area, your finance, and love.

    Get "the picture" of your energies, of all your color. The reading is like a personally analyze of your energies, the one you created and the ones that make you create more of yourself.

    Approximate time for delivery is 10-12 days after payment.

  • Books by Ylva

    (Tarot, step by step) Tarot, steg för steg 1993
    (Tarot 78 keys)  Tarot 78 svar 1994
    (Tarot 780 keys)  Tarot 780 svar  2001
    ( Tarot and law of attraction)  Tarot och attraktionens lag 2017
    ( Ylvas letter of Tarot)  Ylvas Tarotbrev 2015
    ( Stories from Tarot)  Tarotberättelser 2015
    (Tarot, cards on the table)  Tarot, korten på bordet 2011
    (Tarot, card by card)  Tarot, kort för kort 2018
    ( Tarot and astrology)  Astrologi och Tarot 2018
    ( Tarot and past lifes)  Tidigare liv och Tarot 2019
    (Reading in aura and colors)  Tolkning i Aura och färger 2018
    (Yiang, the ten vibrations)  Yiang, de tio vibrationerna 2017
    (Crystals, stone by stone)  Kristaller sten för sten 2015
    (Magic of Runes)  Runmagi 2015
    (Totems, power animals)  Totems 2011
    (A woman with the scratch) En kvinna med klös 2017
    Vipstars New age guide 2017

    You can see my books (in Swedish) on www.bod.se

    And www.publit.se

  • Tarot, card by card


    With this book you can easily learn Tarot, create your own texts for questions and draw or write on a template for each card. Simply create your own Tarot Book.

    Answer each card's questions to create answers and your interpretation of the cards.

    Take one card at a time, read the basics, then write down your experiences. 

    A short simple text for each card with the basic symbol, but also word combination for each element (suits) property of each card.

    Questions that you answer yourself, partly to develop yourself but mainly to create more knowledge about each card's properties.

    Buy as paperback - Amazon

  • Tarot 78 Keys


    The purpose of this book is that you should be able to pull a Tarot card for a question and get an answer right away.

    You can ask your question för different categories such as work, finance, love, health, and spirituality. But also the basic meaning of all 78 cards is included in the book.

    You can also use the book to get more answers from the cards to any spread or pull a card to see what's going on right now.

    This book is excellent for you who have a Tarot deck if you want an answer of for those who wish to see the cards from new perspectives.

    No Spread, instead, direct guidance from each card.

    Take a look at some pages>>>

    Buy as a paperback - Amazon