• Tarot, card by card


    With this book you can easily learn Tarot, create your own texts for questions and draw or write on a template for each card. Simply create your own Tarot Book.

    Answer each card's questions to create answers and your interpretation of the cards.

    Take one card at a time, read the basics, then write down your experiences. 

    A short simple text for each card with the basic symbol, but also word combination for each element (suits) property of each card.

    Questions that you answer yourself, partly to develop yourself but mainly to create more knowledge about each card's properties.

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  • Tarot 78 Keys


    The purpose of this book is that you should be able to pull a Tarot card for a question and get an answer right away.

    You can ask your question för different categories such as work, finance, love, health, and spirituality. But also the basic meaning of all 78 cards is included in the book.

    You can also use the book to get more answers from the cards to any spread or pull a card to see what's going on right now.

    This book is excellent for you who have a Tarot deck if you want an answer of for those who wish to see the cards from new perspectives.

    No Spread, instead, direct guidance from each card.

    Take a look at some pages>>>

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  • Books by Ylva

    (Tarot, step by step) Tarot, steg för steg 1993
    (Tarot 78 keys)  Tarot 78 svar 1994
    (Tarot 780 keys)  Tarot 780 svar  2001
    ( Tarot and law of attraction)  Tarot och attraktionens lag 2017
    ( Ylvas letter of Tarot)  Ylvas Tarotbrev 2015
    ( Stories from Tarot)  Tarotberättelser 2015
    (Tarot, cards on the table)  Tarot, korten på bordet 2011
    (Tarot, card by card)  Tarot, kort för kort 2018
    ( Tarot and astrology)  Astrologi och Tarot 2018
    ( Tarot and past lifes)  Tidigare liv och Tarot 2019
    (Reading in aura and colors)  Tolkning i Aura och färger 2018
    (Yiang, the ten vibrations)  Yiang, de tio vibrationerna 2017
    (Crystals, stone by stone)  Kristaller sten för sten 2015
    (Magic of Runes)  Runmagi 2015
    (Totems, power animals)  Totems 2011
    (A woman with the scratch) En kvinna med klös 2017
    Vipstars New age guide 2017

    You can see my books (in Swedish) on www.bod.se

    And www.publit.se

  • Yiang


    Tip! When you have your Yiang card deck, pull a card or if you want to click on a card on the homepage - www.yiangsymbol.com -

    Then you can reflect on the words or the color to seek experience or two for the day or a question.

    For example - Stillness and Insight. Seek for an event through the day either for each of the word and color or even better if you feel the experience - A stillness of insight or insight of stillness.

    Each card has one or two colors and one or two words. The color is for your right (feeling) hemisphere and the word for your left (thought) hemisphere to get the right connection between Yian and Yang. You can read more, click on the image.

    A deck has 79 cards and is available in English. Price of each deck is $ 14 + shipping.
    Send me an email if you want to order a deck. ylvatrollstierna@gmail.com

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