• My books in American English

    At the moment I'm translating my books, one after one to English (American).
    First out is my best book on the subject Tarot - "Tarot, cards on the table"

    I wrote this book in the summer of 2011. This book isn't like my others since it is written with put any headlines. Its written in a flow, like if you were participating in one of my courses. You read every moment from the first page to the end. I forgot it hs one headline " How women do dishes and Desperate Housewives." At the end of the book, you have the key of each (78) card to each position of the spread - Element Star". 

    Do you want to join a journey, a living way to read Tarot?

    If, then I suggest you take forth your Tarot deck, lay the cards on the table and open this book and in that we will start one of your most developing journeys with the cards. It isn't hard to learn Tarot, and that is what I'm going to show you.

    Tarot is a logic system that you easy can learn, and then you will activate your intuition on the way. That will get you the best and the most of your cards. The book is perfect to start with.

    You get a tip on how to start, what deck to use (any will do to this book, but Rider-Waite is excellent), what routines there are and how you ask a question to get a more apparent answer. Of course, you also learn how to read the cards, both of themselves and together. 
    You also get advice on how to change your thoughts in readings that show negative aspects, all to make and create your future in a much better way or at least your experience of it.

    The book is written in a flow, and you should read like that, from the first page to the last meanwhile you get to know your cards. I tell it all in a fun and straightforward way with the fact about the cards that are woven together with histories and metaphors. And in the end the key to reading for all the 78 cards in all positions of the Element Spread.
    What are you waiting for? Yeah, of course, the book ;) But sign in for my newsletter, and you will be one of the first to know when the book is available. 
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  • Yiang


    Tip! When you have your Yiang card deck, pull a card or if you want to click on a card on the homepage - www.yiangsymbol.com -

    Then you can reflect on the words or the color to seek experience or two for the day or a question.

    For example - Stillness and Insight. Seek for an event through the day either for each of the word and color or even better if you feel the experience - A stillness of insight or insight of stillness.

    Each card has one or two colors and one or two words. The color is for your right (feeling) hemisphere and the word for your left (thought) hemisphere to get the right connection between Yian and Yang. You can read more, click on the image.

    A deck has 79 cards and is available in English. Price of each deck is $ 14 + shipping.
    Send me an email if you want to order a deck. ylvatrollstierna@gmail.com