• Information about readings

    Please read this is information of what I have to offer in readings and how I do them and what they include.  

    All my readings in done by a distance that means that you make an order. I will sit down at home (alone) and do the reading. I read the cards, records and do your reading into an MP3 file that will be sent with a link to download by mail to you. You can listen directly or download it to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. After you have heard, you can back to me with questions if you feel that is any. You can also pause and play it all over again. 

    After you have listened to your reading, you can get back to me if you have any questions. 

    juliette.jpgJuliette Binoche was the first person I did a reading for in my new deck Prisma Tarot. I lived in Kiev, Ukraine for the adventure of filming "Psychic Challange. You can read about that on the menu and also watch the show. The show was an incredible adventure that affects me even today, years after.  To meet with Juliette was amazing and having the confidence to spend some hours alone with her.

    I like to do readings through distance; I can be at home, do a reading in the morning, in the daytime, late in the evening, just as I like it. I don't want to know anything about the person that gets the reading. But does it work through distance?

    Yes, I have done it for almost 40 years, so I am convinced, and I have a lot of people coming back, year after year. If it didn't work, that wouldn't be the case?

    When I'm about to do your reading, then it's your time. I have a program on my mobile phone that I use to record the reading. I often do the readings in evenings or late at night. I take place in front of my desk, often with a cup of coffee. Then I shuffle the cards, thinking about you, ask your guides to help me guide you and then I lay the spread. I often do my version of the Celtic Cross. 

    The spread is like a manuscript of your life in this chapter of your life, and I start to tell what date it is and what kind of reading. And then I start talking (and I'm excellent at that, I don't speak as fast in English as in Swedish but I recommend you to push pause now and then. After the reading is done I put it up on Audio Acrobat that will convert the file for you to download. And then I put the link in the mail for you.

  • During a Tarot reading

    66f00541.jpgIn your personal reading I will start to see who you're in this period; then I take a look at your health. Health for me is all from thought to sickness and how you feel in the daily life. For me, the power of the thoughts are the power to health, positive thoughts are equal to well-being, and a negative thought will in time create an imbalance, first in the thought and then with the feeling and finally in your body. If I see some imbalance, then I will tell you but also what kind of pattern that has created it, then it's up to you to act. The reverse of good health is not the only sickness its the whole state of mind, body, and soul. How do you feel? How do you experience yourself and your situation? Blase, empty, tired, happy, alive or are you sporty? Most all of us has some period over a year when we feel low, it can be a cold, back hurt, or pain from an earlier injury or some of us have times when we're depressed. Essential for you to know when and what you can do to prevent it to be worse. If I do encourage you to visit a doctor, you should take it more seriously, but it doesn't mean that life is over, just that you need to act not to make it worse. If it's serious, then I will tell you and do my best to inspire you to get better and find solutions.

    After health, I look at your spirituality and with that I mean your souls searching, not only new spirituality or religion. Where are you with your soul, and in what areas will you develop?

    Work is the word I use and of course I mean work, but don't we all have different views of work both in time and in occupations. Some work daytime, some night time and some are work alcoholics. Maybe it's not employment for someone else, perhaps you have your business, or you work part-time, or off the record, or at home. With the word work, I mean your driving force, your engagement, your interest, what you do to get the best out of your time or what is not working for you in your actions. But also studies are under this word, it can be full time, part time, distance or just some workshop. 

    Finance - is your daily economic situation and it that I don't look to see if you have millions in the bank or if you have millions to pay to the IRS, it's more how do you handle your economic situation. When is it stable, and when can it be chaotic or unseen bills or expenses. It will help you to get more structure and feel more secure and maybe you will receive unexpected money, that would be great.

    Love is the most important thing for most all people, for me, it's more important that you love yourself, that is the foundation to get love with others to work out. What's in it for love in this period, will you get head over heels or will you have a breakup? A new romance, a big love or will you have problems. Everything can happen, and the best thing with the reading is that you will be prepared and be able to handle the situation.

    I look at all these areas even if it's only one of them your interested in right now, it can change quickly, and I would like for you to get the whole picture. 

    I do also look at each month to help you to fulfill your plans or change them, and I will also look at what is surrounding you and what is your karma and faith and what is your challenge and what is the best for you.

  • ...

    I see life as a computer game and how you react on each level that you play, is how you decide what result you get. Then we can always change our path of life through knowledge of what will happen if you play the way you started. But, do recognize this is not at a way for me to cover if my reading shouldn't be as I said it would be. On every level, there are some tasks that you need to get through. You should recognize yourself and your life in my reading or else; please contact me imminently. The average people, about 80% of the ones that got a reading from me return for a new reading and there is a reason for that. Probably that they got the guidance that has given them a clearer picture of their future.

    I also use to compare reading with a weather forecast as a metaphor. If I would be a weather woman and I would tell you that it would be freezing and a snowstorm in the middle of July. And you expect hot and sunny; then it would be foolish of you to get outside in bath clothes and hope the weather to be as you thought. Instead, if you know, then you can put on your winter clothes, stay inside or take a journey, but whatever you do, the weather would still be wrong. You can't do anything about that, but you can change the way you handle it. You can deal with your situation from a different perspective and the knowledge of what will be.

    I do believe that life is perfect just the way it is, even if its flounder because it's something that you haven't considered in your feeling that creates the imbalance and all the lessons that are something to be grateful over. There isn't anything bad that doesn't have anything good getting out of it. But if I see something that is messed up, I will do my very best to guide you through it with the best experience. I do believe that we all have responsibility for our lives and that is also a reason that I do not read for anyone that isn't present or asked for it. You know, like a partner or someone that you would like to have as a partner. Instead, I can look at what is for you with a partner, and what you should think about in the relationship. Children are an exception, as a mother or father to a child under the age of 18. Then I, if you ask look what is most important for you to think about for your child or children and how you can make the best of it.

    You should listen once through the reading, and then listen again and then pause and make notes. There could be something that you feel that I have missed out, that can be because the cards don't "consider" it to be as important as you think. Or there can be something that you want me to clarify. In connection to that, think logical, if I say that you have a lovely period in a month then it includes that the most of the things that you have in your mind to do are implementable. But of course you can wake up a morning with a headache also within a reasonable period, but it won't last or have any more significant meaning in your life.

    I have my special way to talk, directly to you, and it's not always so cleaned up. Don't be surprised if I tell you that I feel that you're being pathetic or should grab hold of yourself; Sometimes I may even prove you or "take you by your ear," for your good. For me, the reading is all yours, when I have finished it's like a book that I have read if you remind me, then I can remember the history, but I will let go, it's your life.

    I do want the best for you, that is to love yourself and your life and create the best of it. It's my goal with reading, to guide you through a period and to see clearer on your patterns and opportunities that you have. And I should by now also tell you that it can be some background noise in the recording. Like my dog if he barks or my birds that sometimes sing a lot. Or something else that can happen around me, it's easy to be surprised since I sit at my desk in my home, but look at it positively, it's a living reading. You should now that I have full focus on your cards no matter what happens in my surroundings.

    For me, you're an extraordinary person, the most important in your life, a soul in an evolving process that I wish for guidance to live happily on earth. I do your reading with as few preconceptions as possible. I tell you what I see, in my way, sometimes a little harsh but with love. My goal is to inspire and to make you laugh at yourself when you're human and to love yourself for the one that you're with all your patterns and possibilities to develop what's in your life. You're unique, and that is also your life, even if it sometimes can feel like ordinary daily life.

    Take your time to think through your life before the reading, what have you thought would happen in this period? It can give you support also the times that it doesn't work out as planned. Be curious about what can be instead. I am convinced about the law of attraction, but it doesn't mean that you have to be. I do believe that the thought is the most substantial energy and that what we think we create. And sometimes our subconscious has its plans. If I see that you got stuck in any pattern, I will try to make you see the positive in that and develop more positive force from it. What you resist, that persist. That's one of my favorite sayings.

    What will show up in reading? The things that are most important to you even if you don't see it today. For example, you can move anytime, neither I or the cards decide when. But if I say that moving will not be or delayed, then you have guidance from that. If I will tell you in your reading that the card indicates that you're going to move, have that in your mind even if you just moved. Or not even considered to make it happen. It can be that you now live in the house of your dreams, but anything can happen, a breakup and you get thrown out, or the house will break in some way, or you finance fall apart, or you may even find a better home or your working situation makes you move. Then look at what about moving. It could also be that you're going to move and I say nothing about it, why? Because it's so clear that it doesn't have to be clarified, its other things that the cards want to show you.

    Remember, almost anyone gets into a bad period sometimes under a year, it usual with times of tiredness and when you're feeling lost. It's more important to look for how long and I will tell you if it's something out of the ordinary.

    You can choose to see your reading as a manual to the level that you now play in your game of life. What "cracks" are there? What shortcuts that aren't slowing you down, what meetings, challenges will you meet? But also what kind of treasures will you find, good health, more energy or a pot of gold after the road.

    My last sentence is to say that I feel so grateful for you that gives me the trust to read what's in your life.