• Red - Base Chakra

    Chakra01.pngBase Chakra - Muladhara.

    Color: Red to brown-red.

    Place on the body: sex organ.

    Physical influence: Sex organs, kidneys, rectum, hips, and legs.

    This chakra
    Will help you stay in your base, to feel security, safeness, and to have patience. It shows that you have a strong will and focus on your goals, with a lot of courage and strength. This is the chakra with the lowest vibration, with calm and slow moves. It’s the chakra that shows in your life-force and motivation. Together with the Navel Chakra and Solar Plexus chakra, this is the chakras representing earth energy and your physical area. Calmness and safeness, your will to grow and make a move, strength and fixedness, material security, and the fellowship that is a big part of these chakras.

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    If this chakra is overactive
    Then it shows that you can be addicted to sexually stimulate or be a sexaholic or being in an aggressive, high temper, and uncontrolled rage, filled with impatience or irritation. Probably you are having a hard time to be still and can be demanding and ego fixated. When you have too much energy in this chakra then, it’s easy to be angry and in a bad mood for no reason at all. You can lose control and have a terrible temper (PMS!). You can have a quick and mostly unexpected rage of anger. It shows that you are impatient and too easy to get irritated, having a hard time reinducing your temper in ordinary life.  You can feel the pressure of always need to do things and have no patience at all. You can look for excitement and events to avoid routine. You’re not so good to show respect to others.

    If this chakra is underactive
    Then it can show that you are in the energy of maybe impotence, frigid, pain, and problems with your genital area. You can feel confused, having difficulties to move or get stuck in old patterns and behavior. If you have too little energy in this chakra, it affects your life force and your strength. You don’t dare to show that you exist or what you want, you step aside, and it’s easy to be lonely and without hope. You can have the feeling of all needed to do but can’t manage to take control. You can be insecure and easily mixed up in the feeling of wanting to do things but don’t have the power to act. Look up, so you don’t get caught in old behaviors and don’t have the will to break loose or change; you could fall apart or act hysterically angry. You can have a hard time getting going in the things that feel important.

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    Red (base chakra) shows power, dominance, intended meaning, purposefulness, security, and family matters. Red on the wrong spots on the body can show truculence, anger, irritation, frustration, ache, and tiredness.

    Use red energy when you want to act and make things happen, and when you need to be determined if you choose to act with red energy, you will probably meet respect from others and show on strong integrity. People will recognize your determination, your conviction, and your strength. You can use your sexual instinct; your endurance is much better when you use the red. Dare to resist, act directly, and stand powerfully in your conviction. Your patience and inner calm will be stronger. You can control your temper much better and trust yourself; you know what you can and what that is your capacity. Look after your demands, dare to act, and have trust in yourself.  You're tough, and with more self-confidence since the red is activating your base, and make all the positive energy from your childhood stronger. This energy shows more on a focus on the wholeness and fellowship.