• 5/21-6/20

    You give of yourself, feeling more secure, more confident, love to discuss, and develop. All of you can be as a catalyst, seeking new areas, eager to evolve, to experience more. You may feel restless; it’s a good time for adventures, to travel, look around, visit new places, you can also do that to media. Let go of comfort; let life surprise you to reach the evolvement that you desire.

     You can experience that you have more energy than usual, a lot of energy, a lot of ideas, both old and new ones that you want to realize. You make plans, looking at all possibilities, but maybe you’re too eager in your desire to get things done. Take the time to meet people, travel, look at things, it’s easier for you to develop, explore after your mind.

    You’re probably more creative than usual, more speed, a lot of ideas, projects that you’re into creating. You like to develop, to explore a lot more areas, events then you can choose or make your mix of it. You’re more alert, more firm, stable even if there is a lot around you. You have all the possibilities to advance in everything that has to do with education and contacts.

    You give everything, can search for the ultimate, a charged love that should give you a sense of meaning, a karmic relationship, or the building of an intense love on your terms. You like to take responsibility, tend to have the quiet moments of presence where you can find your inner harmony, a confirmation that you have found the right life.

  • Sagittarius 21st November - 20th December

    skytten.jpgPhilosophical, fair-minded, love animals and theater

    Element-  Fire

    Metall-  Tin

    Pos/neg-  Positive

    Sex-  Masculine

    Quality-  Changeable

    Body part-  Hips, liver.

    Ruler planet-  Jupiter

    Color-  Purple

    Crystal-  Topaz

    Plant-  Carnation, chestnut, oak, thistle

    Tarot card-  XI Justice

    Working life-  Law, acting, dramatist, writer, politician, Within New Age area_ fortunetelling, shaman. 

    True and fair. Optimistic, happy, right forward, intellectual

  • ...

    Evaluate, reconsider and release. Sagittarius is the philosopher, actor, who makes a great actor or a great politician. Sagittarius is always looking for new adventures and experiences. Still has one foot in the past to compare the experience.

    A little wild and crazy, talking spontaneously and is impatient, must have changes in life. Trips go to foreign countries and cultures. Money is something that is needed to use to fulfill visions. 

    In love, Sagittarius can have some challenges to get involved, afraid of missing some other opportunities. 

    As a person you are philosophical and severe, you are seeking truth and justice for all. And does not give you until you have found a balance in it. You may also be politically interested or of cultures.

    You want to know as much as possible and may in your restlessness travel a lot, you re looking for answers any- and everywhere. You're charged with energy, look at your target and goes after it. Very extroverted, talking with everyone and about everything, and the language is not a barrier to communication, you always find a solution to understand more.

    You fight to create frames that are sustainable at the same time as you struggle to go outside the box. Fidgets, profound regardless of the topic and generate a fascination for most of it. You are good at taking control but worse at taking responsibility as it can tie you up and that can be a challenge for you.

    You are always curious and create new events all the time, you love change and can be fanatical to get the experience.