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Membership with Tarot basic distance course

Membership with Tarot basic distance course
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Just a simple start to learn how to interpret the Tarot cards, one by one.

Become a member on my page and get access to my first Tarot distance course in English.

As a member, you also got access to templates for spreads.

You find all 78 cards described in a flow to help you understand each card but also the connection between them.
You find a template to download, you can write or paint for each card, that’s a creative (Wands) emotional (Cups) logical (Pentacles) way of thinking (Swords). 

You find a text describing the cards as below, and on these headlines
Experience of the card?
Write down what you have experienced or will experience from this card's energy.

Indication of the card?
Write down your knowledge of the card, that you can fill in after things that you relate to this card's energy.

Questions asked that will help you understand more about each card but also there is meaning why you pull this card.

You also have a name for the energy of the card that is combined with the words for each suit. These words will give you a way to understand more about each aspect.
Work - Powerful x
Love - Emotional x
Finance - Structured x
Health - Motivated x

In the distance course:
Begin with Start Tarot, after that, start with the first card in the left column and go to each card down from The Fool to The World. After that continue with Ace of Wands, you can see the numbers in front of each card in the order I suggested that you read them. But you can also pick a card and then study, write and create around that card until you have done all the 78 cards. 

Since my English is not my first language you can decide from the text from one card if you can understand my way of writing. If, welcome to learn more about Tarot.

Ace of Wands
We will now continue with the cards of the Minor Arcana, and with the first Ace. Ace of Wands. There are four Aces in the deck; they connected with different keywords to subjects that are important to us in our daily life.

Wands are for work, but that includes all that you actively act within as movement, actions where you use your power. It can be for a working situation or a project. As well as for a walk or when you are cleaning, that's effective action. But often we connected the Wands with work.

Ace indicates a new start, Wands for work= A new beginning in work.

When Ace of Wands shows up it indicates that you're acting, you start up with something, maybe one more time or in something completely new. But it doesn't, mean that you act in something that has already started. Do you seek a job? Perfect card. Do you have a job that you like? The perfect card that indicates that you now will explore new areas, things that you can develop. Ace of Wands doesn't show up if you're lazy, not wanting to work or act in something. It's a strong driving force that now activated.

With your health, you're more motivated can start moving more, but the card will not show up for your health unless you have it as a question. Its always depending if its a question or just ordinary. But if the card shows up on position 7 (ipseity) in the Celtic Cross, den it's you that is active.

Financially it's more power than you're acting with, you give out more than you achieve.

Love will be exciting since Wands is of the element Fire, look at your card, do you find the symbol of the phallus? That is what Ace of Wands has for energy as a symbol. It doesn't mean sex; it can mean that you have a burning desire within.

Work - Powerful inspiration
Love - Emotional inspiration
Finance - Structured inspiration
Health - Motivated inspiration

Experience of the card?

Indication of the card?

What kind of actions did you work with when you started up in your ongoing project or the one before?
When did you listen to a creative idea, the last time?
What does a new job mean to you?
What happens if you don't realize something that you have as an inner fire?

When you've paid, create an account, and get started directly :)
The membership is one payment.