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Tarot reading for 2020

Tarot reading for 2020
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Are you curious about 2020?

You can now order a reading for next year, which will be from January to December.

I will look at your health, your spirituality, your work, your finances, your love.
Month by month. What's the worst, your biggest challenge of the year, your karma and what is the best in your life?

Recorded on MP3 that you get on your own profile inside this website, where you can listen directly or download your audio file.

Before you get your interpretation, one tip is to write down how you intend this coming year:
Jobs, relocation, travel, challenges, changes, planning. Which you can then listen to if they reflect in your interpretation.

Bookings are about 2 weeks of waiting time.

You can pay by card here or Paypal

The price is until 12/1.