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  • Basic distance course

    fool2  kopia.jpgTarot, card by card

    Tarot, card by card, will get you to know the basics about Tarot, even if you're already are a Tarot reader. However, you can also get some unique insight from the way I see Tarot and that the system behind that is a more logical one.

    With these lessons, you can learn card by card to develop your knowledge of Tarot. For each card, you will find a simple description, just common facts in a way I like to encourage you to understand the basics of each card. Then you have the keywords; you will manage fine to build your words and description on each card. From that, you create a contact with your subconsciousness that strengthens your knowledge of each card. It will be more personally related. Maybe a different but more inspiring way for you to develop more about your understanding of the Tarot and you and your patterns. It doesn't have any difference if you're a beginner, never held a Tarot deck in your hands, or if you have read Tarot cards for years.

    If you're a beginner, it will be a way to create knowledge and understanding of each card and make it easier to get started.

    If you have interpreted Tarot before, this can be a fresh challenge to start from zero, with each card to create from your inner images.

    You will find questions for each card like;

    The experience of the card?
    Please write down your image of the experience you have, like, for example, I have breathing problems on 3 of Swords, it's not the only conflict, but still, it's a conflict not being able to breathe. Swords are the suit of Air, and if you don't use the Air correctly. Then maybe, you will have problems with your breathing, like keeping your breath. Or, in a conflict, you can feel like you're not getting any air.

    At last, you have Reflections:

    Questions that I have created for each card ask the questions to find your answers, and you will learn more. There is no coincidence in the questions. They are designed to make you think more about the energy of the card.

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  • Tarot, written by Ylva

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  • Thoughts about Tarot

    It can be pretty overwhelming to choose your very first Tarot deck, there are many to choose from, but you will quickly be able to determine which decks appeal to you. Some are popular, and you may be tempted to select one of them but then again, why should you be like everyone else? What is important is that you choose a deck where the symbolism touches something in you and speaks to you. Then it will be a joy for you to work with it, and it is easier for you to find the symbolism and deeper meanings within it. It can also be an advantage to have different decks. It can be nice to have an extra deck of cards in certain moods than the usual one.

    Some people will only use the part of the tarot called the Major Arcana. That is entirely up to them.  Everything you do with your Tarot deck is between you and your deck. Don´t bother listening so much to other people. There are far too many restrictions and rules being pushed on us as it is. Also, do not believe that you have to be psychic to use the tarot. Anyone can learn given time and patience. Believe in yourself. Millions of people have learned to use tarot. Why should it be any more complicated for you?

    As you learn each card, you may also find it most advantageous to learn their reverse meanings (reverse aspects). Not every tarot reading is entirely 100 % positive, but it’s good to explain even the lesser positive aspects of reading. It´s up to you if you choose to turn some cards “upside-down” when you shuffle your deck. Even if you do not reverse any cards, you will come to realize during a tarot reading if a card is favorable or not.

    When you do your tarot spreads, place your cards out on a silk cloth (or cloth of natural fiber). Lay each card out individually. Read each card one by one and then look at the spread as a whole. It´s a bit like solving a puzzle. The spread is usually called “a star.”

    After you have given a tarot reading to someone else, always sort your Tarot cards back in numerical order. The Minor Arcana in its suites from 1 to 14 and the Major Arcana from 0 – 21. In their correct numerical order, the Tarot is like a book. When you put a book away, you usually don’t leave it open in the last chapter you read.

    Always have a pen and paper handy for taking notes so that you can easily remember better what cards come up and what positions.

    Begin by simply drawing one card.

    • A card to see what is happening currently
    • A card to see an answer to a specific question. For example: How is my work situation?
    • A card for love
    • A card for your economy
    • A card for your health

    It can be difficult in the beginning to decipher each card in each position until you let loose your thoughts and imagination. Keep at it. Take Baby steps at first, and keep in mind that the aspects of some cards can appear overly harsh. The suit of Swords, for example, can seem frightening to some people. Think back to the question you asked for the answer. What time aspect did you put on your question? Did you ask the question for the next hour, a day, a week?  Shorter periods make the aspect less imposing. Draw an additional card to see what you can do about the negative aspect you drew.

    I believe that there is a perfectly reasonable meaning to get in touch with the cards. It allows us an easy form of communication whereby we can begin to control our actions and thereby control our lives.  However, we cannot always control things that happen in the environment.

    Do not draw cards for someone who is not present and has not asked you to do so. I doubt if you want anyone else to draw cards to see what you are up for.  If you have a tendency towards jealousy and want to monitor your partner, think what would happen if you read the cards wrong, or your energy influences the outcome of the spread. Instead, draw a card to determine why you lose your self-control and feel the need to check up on someone. Then, find the remedy to cure your jealousy. That will make you a much more content and happy person.

  • Tarot - History

    The origin of the Tarot is still unclear, and no one knows for sure from where Tarot cards originated. I don’t think it matters. It works.

    Whatever its era, religion, culture, or political stance, every card has a clear symbolic value that fits into our lives at every opportunity, and you will always find a card that suits you best. There is a card for every event, and there is an event for every card. You can also delve deeper into the Tarot and find a card from each suit representing and expresses the element and soul of Major Arcana.

    It is not sure that we have to experience the events and lessons in every single tarot card in this lifetime. Each of us was born with some different primary energies, based on what we had learned in past lives, and it is from there, we continue our current lives. To this end, the Tarot cards are a tremendous help when we search for our soul's intention and our yearly lessons, as well as the reasons for our personality in this lifetime. These things did not happen by coincidence. They are predetermined.

    Tarot cards have been used since ancient times to predict the future. They can also look back in time or look at present situations and focus on personal development or meditate. I hope you will see your opportunities in the Tarot, see your own life, and choose to take control of your life without being caught up in petty details.

    Tarot cards are available in many different versions; I've heard thousands of different Tarot decks. However, most of them are similar. The basic foundation is the same regardless of the artist who designed it. That is what separates them - the artist. My books are written to suit any tarot deck that you care to buy or work.

    The most popular tarot decks are:


    It is a perfect, clear, and symbolic tarot deck and one of the most popular. It is available in different sizes and different color schemes. One of the decks I use most often because it has a suitable structure and a precise symbolism of events and situations in all 78 cards.

    Hanson Roberts

    A colorful and romantic deck with a precise symbolism of all 78 cards. Reminiscent of the Rider-Waite, but somewhat softer in its symbolism.

    Created by Aleister Crowley and Frida Harris.
    A deck with some very potent symbolism, used by a lot of people for meditations. It shows no specific events or situations in the Minor Arcana cards (1 – 10), only emblems depicting the card number and the suite, but each card has a name that gives a clue to their aspect (meaning).


    An intensely colorful deck created by Eileen Connoly, one of America's premier Tarot Interpreters. It is reminiscent of Rider-Waite, but it has an "old-fashioned crinoline” composition. It shows symbolic events/ situations on all cards.