• 6/21-7/22

    A good time for you to experience things, to just keep it up, see what happens, there can probably be many fun experiences, ones that appeal to you. You are more open to new things, new experiences, further meetings; it can be many of them now.

    Take the opportunity to enjoy the community, good food, to be with old friends but also new friends. It's's easy for you to charm your surroundings with your joy and desire for life. In it, there's a period of many new experiences, where you can choose what appeals to you, what you want to do, what you want to experience, but dare a little more, what you urge to do but may not have tried before.

    You enjoy life; you take care of life, have every opportunity to feel the very best, it is a period of harmony, time, but also the social life you wish for that you can just relax and feel good. You seem to have time for what you want to do, it's just more than just relaxing, taking advantage of all the meetings.

    You can now develop a relationship with a more reliable, more passionate, or maybe it is that you give up, instead, suddenly becomes a new relationship to everyone's surprise. You demand everything or nothing, do not settle for less than being happy.

    You experience a lot now, strong feelings, you can have the insight with what you feel if you are in a relationship that does not give you what you are looking for, then its probably that you leave. You're more aware of what you want, what you want to experience, what you long for, all the feelings mean that you cannot keep being in that feels unsatisfactory. But no matter what you do, you will be in a good mood. You are in touch with your feelings, dare to take the step either out of or into what is tumbling around you.

  • Taurus 21 April - 21 May

    oxen.jpgEnjoyable, comfortable and patient.

    Element- Earth

    Metal -  Copper

    Pos/neg - Negative

    Sex - Feminine

    Quality -  Firm

    Kroppsdel - Neck, throat

    Ruler planet -  Venus

    Color - Pink

    Crystal - Emerald

    Plant - Rose, Marguerite.  Violet, common ivy.

    Tarot card - The World.

    Profession - Bank, Insurance, office, museum, hall of art. within New Age - Body Balance, Body Harmony, massage. 

    Keys - Patient, practical, trustworthy. Loving, caring.Self- indulgent. Stubborn and determined. 

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    Just stop, relax, and enjoy life. Take the day as it comes, and don't take too much responsibility. Taurus is the soft person that take everything as it happens and enjoying life and all the good stuff.

    Taurus is a real-life enjoyer. You like good food and drinks. Love to spend time in bed and readily with someone else, but is a little picky about the company. Want to mingle, to be cultivated and have power. Like to travel, to places of culture like Greece or New York to study culture.

    Money is something that will amass or be invested. Isn't the one to believe in New Age at first sight, but when then nobody can convince the Taurus that the sixth sense doesn't exist. 

    You can experience as prosperous and secure but also expectant. It's easy for you to enjoy as long as it fits your ethnic needs. Kind and soft, in lack of softness that you see both in fellowship but also the outer area of life.

    You're down to earth, take it slow and easy and like to handle everyday things that you put a gilt-edge for doing. You must have vanity and luxury. You value the material.

    You have too much patience. You value life after what you think it's worth to live by and all that appeal to you in what you take in and experience. You need security and to put a value on things, In need of material things. But you have the patience to wait until all real and enjoy what is until then.