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  • Top 11 Int Psychic 2013 Ukraine

    Extra Sensia - Battle of psychic - International Psychic Challenge (season 12)
    I, Ylva are one of Top 12 Psychics International 2013. I'm proud to achieve the 11th place, and that makes me the Top 11 best psychic international.  

    For the 12th season of "Extra Sensia" International Psychic Challenge it was 40.000 people that wanted to be a participant and become the best psychic. I got an email in the month to of Marsch 2013 with the question if I wanted to come and be part of the draft. 276 people meet a hot day in July to start the challenges to become one of the 12 best psychics international. 

    After the first challenge, we were 30 people left.
    After the second challenge, we were 18 people left.
    And after the third challenge, I was one of the 12 best psychics that was going to stay and compete for top positions. 

    In the first episode, I become one of the 12 best "psychic" in Second section; I also was the week's best psychic.

    In the fourth episode, I did get eliminated and ended on the 11th place.

    WOW! I am the eleventh best internationally.

    Following is my story from my adventure in Kiev, Ukraine 2013 where I stayed from July until October 2013. You can watch me being a part of episode 5, but the other episodes are well worth seeing. The show his is a crazy amazing. Unfortunately, there is no translation, your Russian/Ukrainian should be in form, but you can hear in the background when its English-speaking. And however, there is so much drama that it is worth seeing only for it.

    Episode 1 (10/6 2013)
    276 were selected for the first challenge (box) 30 to the second challenge (frog in the milk) and 18 to the third step (Juliette Binoche), and then we were 12 left. I had the honor to meet Juliette Binoche in private in a few hours :) and she was the first I did a reading for in my new deck - Prisma Tarot.

    You see glimpses of me at the following times: 9:50, 12:17, 25:24, 25:52, 37:46 onwards)

    Here am I with Juliette Binoche

    20130715 21.06.59.jpg

    Episode 2 10/13 2013
    I was introduced as one of the 12 finalists. 23 minutes into the program you can see me read the energy of a photo of a child. I am baffled. I find it difficult to see that the child existed and was asked to describe the parents. I find it difficult to see the Father, other than that he is long and very dark. But I can see more about the mother even thou it doesn’t seem like a living child. I tell that the mother is intense, she's a workaholic, and then I realize and say - She is psychic, that's it, she is psychic (she is clairvoyant, she is clairvoyant). And who is when the mother? I am!

    They had put together a data design by DNA of me and one of the male participants, Ingvar Le Raven. When we come down to the Pascha (Anchorman) to meet the parents, to see who they are and I see Ingvar.  I immediately exclaim that he is the Father. You will see me start to laugh when I find out that the mother is me. It was a fun challenge, and I was the only one of the physics that talked about that the child was not existing, that something was wrong.

    In the program, you can also see when we visit a woman who has written to the program. She hears her dead daughter cry and calling -mother. 5 minutes into the program you will see me. My reflection and what I said was that the child was not the negative energy, the ghost of the child was protecting the mother, she was her angel. But the mother's father, that was an energy I didn’t like. I saw him hanging in the house, and before he had been evil.

    Dilaram (later the winner of this program) said the same; their father had killed himself in the house. Also, Benedict was also talking about the Father, but Salavat and Elina talked about evil spirits and black magic and the flowing blood after the walls of the house. I was in the House; my physic ability detected no blood but sad mourning.

    30 minutes into the program, when the jury evaluates us, you hear the Pascha (anchorman) say that I was extraordinary :) It is a kick for I felt utterly lost in the most. The jury and the program guide does its best to constant crack us to see how much we can handle, how much we can tolerate and if we in different situations still centered in our spiritual abilities. Clear was that I was the only one to be suspicious of a child image, that it was not a genuine child. For I said all the time that I did not have contact with the child, that it felt like there was not, on the other hand, I felt the energy from the mother all the time.

    The pictures show when we are at the elimination. The women on one side and the men on the other, this season were called men against women. In the first episode no one was excluded, and then Pascha turned to me and said that I am the best psychic. I was so happy (and still are, magic moment).

    Episode 3 10/20 2013

    Approximately 3:43 into the program you can see me talking about my thoughts before the balloons, rakes and the electrical wires and that was an enjoyable challenge until I was climbing the electric wires in a dress.

    About 31:23 Here you can see me go in a balloon dress, it was 24 balloons, I came out with 8, and 1 was minimum to proceed. After the balloons, I got to go over the rakes, which I did quickly and without taking a single. Then on the electrical wires it first went okay, then I would lift up my dress to take me over the two wires, and the dress didn’t follow as I wanted it. All of this was blindfolded.

    Approximately 64 min you can see me use my deck of cards - Prism Tarot - and do a reading for Hector, a well-known tv star(chief) in Ukraine and that without see a picture of him or even have an idea about who or how known he was. He was not satisfied with my reading :( and I see that only those who gave the flattery was successful.

    Approximately 90 min it was elimination. Arra, Valentina, Elina, I, Dilaram and Veronica on the side of the women. I was not the best medium, but I didn’t get eliminated either, as I was in section 4 as Top 11 2013 International Best Psychic.

    Episode 4 
    (10/27 2013) I'm being eliminated and become Top 11.
    In this episode, I get to read the picture of a young woman that was murdered. I also get to choose a melon, of all these melons there is one without a position, and the others were purple. I chose wrong after a dispute with the management of the program that more or less (more) forced me to pick the melon on the right on the top line. ☹

    I also did some card reading for the French actor that was pleased. And then it's me in the view when its elimination. And then I'm out, in place 11, and funny, I'm pleased, or as I answered when they asked me how it felt – Mixed emotions. And that was my feeling, I was so happy for going home, at the same time I had a life and friends, and of course, it would be nice to continue since I know that I'm could do even better. I get a big warm hug from the other participants.

    You can see all the episodes via this link. >>>