• Turquiose - Thymus Chakra

    Thymus chakra

    Color Turquoise

    Place on body In the middle of the heart and throat chakras on the right side of the body.

    Physical influence Hormones.

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    This chakra
    It is the chakra that provides us with our spiritual seeking, and it belongs to what we call the Age of Aquarius. Thymus chakra is the spiritual chakra that will open more and more in phase with our spiritual growth or another word, with our spiritual self-awareness. And if this chakra hasn’t opened yet, it doesn’t mean that the person isn’t spiritual; it says that a person hasn’t started to work on the spiritual development yet.

    This chakra's color is turquoise, but it will shape the other energies and colors and mirroring the problems. So if you have a problem or pattern that is in your base chakra, then this chakra will activate red until you solved the pattern. If the problem is in the throat chakra, then it will be blue.

    This chakra helps you to keep yourself spiritually awake; it activates patterns that are important in your spiritual growth right now at this moment.

    Thymus chakra is also the chakra that helps you open and gets tuned with your intuition, get connected with your higher self, and know-how previous life is a part of you.

    This chakra doesn't get over or under activated; it just affects and moves with your pattern at the moment. And that’s why it doesn’t have to be balanced; instead, it is adjusting the important pattern to you now.

    This chakra is the carrier of your future and your spiritual goal.

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    Turquoise is the color for changes, and both the one you make with your conscious mind as well as unconscious. This is also the color for protection and connection with other energies and your higher conscious and spiritual cultures as Atlantis and planets.