• Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra

    Chakra03.pngSolar Plexus Chakra - Manipuraka.

    Color Yellow.

    Place on body Solar Plexus, in the center of the chest and stomach 

    Physical influence
     It could give some blocks or illness in the lungs, stomach area, and the middle of the spine.

    The solar plexus chakra
    Will help you realize, dare, and believe in yourself and bring forth self-esteem. It’s here the communication center is, and your energy to confirm yourself. And to find out what personal goal you have and to dare and live with all the creativity that is possible to accomplish. This is the chakra with energy for inspiration, life force, and joy of living. This is the outgoing chakra, the chakra that demands you to have social contact with others, to communicate, and to be, and to act like the person you know that you are. Together with Base chakra and Navel chakra, this is the chakras representing Earth's energy and our physical area. In that, the feeling of security, knowing what’s important to you and what to create, and get along with all the contacts that you get closer to your life.

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    If this chakra is overactive
    Shows that you being too overconfident, pass all others with “high head.” And the attitude of being the best and only looking for your interest can be restless and socially mixed up. If you have too much energy in this chakra, then your confidence will expand, but you will miss the energy from the base and the safeness and, in that, get confused. You may be having a hard time trying to listen to others. All this energy will start a reaction of insecureness and not be trusting others; all this energy that pushes you can also be too much for you. You can make demands on performance and not relax enough to be able to think straight. It will start an inner splitting, and it can also get you to be irritated and having trouble aiming the energy at the right target. Restlessness can be intense energy that will drive all things that are and going to be. You may have a sense of an inner feeling being a force demanding that it should be happening things all the time. You can also get a feeling of loneliness, just seeking the entire fault with others, and maybe be afraid that they can take over. When it gets too much energy in this chakra comparing to the others, it will influence not feeling safe, not with you or others. It will also be a block to the higher chakras with this all too much energy of self-esteem, and it affects all thoughts, making you lose the orientation. With too much energy in this chakra, it’s easy to get fixated at the moment's power and result, not in the long run.

    If this chakra is underactive
    Then you may feel insecure and needs time to be alone. You may have bad confidence and don’t trust anybody, not even yourself. There is a significant lack of self-esteem, and no will, no inner force. With too little energy in this chakra, it will affect your personality to avoid actions and don’t have the energy to stand up for your space and will. It will give you bad confidence and no emphatic feelings, just fear of being alone. Don’t believe that you can achieve anything by yourself and probably not even with others! The self-reliance is as low as possible, no guts, don’t dare to act, move or be, panic for nothing, and are forced by fear. It’s easy to get isolated with this energy and blame yourself and avoid contacting others to save oneself from comments.

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    Yellow (solar plexus) shows the individual and ideas, studies, development, and social community activity. With this energy, there is a mental activity. If yellow is in more significant parts of the body, it shows a person that has a strong need to take control.

    Use yellow energy when you want to be aware of yourself and reclaim your right to who you are.  Use the energy when you need to shape up your identity and stand up for your choice, to build something new, or create something of your own. It’s simple, use yellow when you need a stronger belief in you.

    It’s also the perfect energy when you want others to listen to you and the things you need to implement to strengthen yourself. If you need to turn around mixed energies and restlessness into something more real, yellow is right. And when you need to focus on your project, education and make your plans come through.