• Ylva and Tarot

    Proud with a glimpse in my eye over that one of Sweden’s biggest daily news (www.expressen.se) gave me the title “The Swedish Tarot queen” on July 03.
    Here is my background as a fortune-teller, or I rather call myself the Tarot expert.

    My Tarot career
    My first meeting with Tarot cards was in 1974 in Nottingham, UK. My friends had Tarot decks, and curious as I am, I had to pull some cards to see what it was all about. They told me the interpretation; I was impressed by how well it told what was in my life; it also made me more curious. I came home to Sweden again and back to the usual playing cards, and then I realized that it was Tarot from now on.

    My first deck
    I was a Rider-Waite; I still got it. It has once been sold, funny story. I had a crystal shop, and one of the girls that worked there sold it to a customer that desperately needed a Rider-Waite deck. It was sold out; she did her best and sold mine and cheaper cause it was used. I got sad, but everything has a reason. Some years later, I had a Tarot workshop, and one of the participants had some problems; her deck didn’t work. She asked if it could maybe have something to do that is was used, bought second hand at my shop. And of course, it was my deck, so we switched; I was happy, and she too.

    Back in 1974…
    (so many years ago…) I did lay some spreads but wasn’t very good at understanding the interpretation. As usual, people did, laid some cards, and read from the booklet that was following the deck, no conception and no basic about Tarot. I did practice reading directly from the booklet (and unfortunately, many people still do that, and it takes time and doesn’t say as much as if you really learn the basics).

    The years went by, and many things in new age followed me, then I got my kids, and my life began. Now I had time left over to do the things that I had in interest, thanks to their dad that supported me in being a housewife. I followed a friend to a shaman and started to realize the wholeness of life, the elements, and the wheel of life. When I was “playing” with my cards, I suddenly understood the connection between Tarot and the elements (fire, water, earth, air, and ether).

    Tarot got a whole new meaning for me; my readings went deeper, more insights; I then understood how to work, finance, love, and health around the soul. After that, numerology came into my life, like a surprise, shocked over how well it could tell about the moves and patterns we are into. I thought that the person that did my numerological reading known me better than I did myself. And then, I started to learn more about numbers and their energies to Tarot. That was one more breakthrough about the truth of the Tarot. Astrology was already a big part of my knowledge, and I had already understood how it was connected to Tarot. All I now had to do was to develop more about it altogether. Today I have written about 6000 pages about Tarot, not only with numerology and astrology, but I also connected with stones and gems and totems and colors.

  • Tarot is superior to all other methods of reading energies; it has it all and fits into all religions, all cultures, past time as the future, and of course, the present time.

    At the end of 1990
    Tarot became a full-time of my working time; I started to make notes about the cards. In 1992 I moved to another city; I opened my shop, “Crystal Wolf” (Ylva means wolves in Latin). Many people came to the shop asking for Tarot courses, and I didn’t know about any, and to have them myself, no way.
    The customers said – Please, write down my name and number if you decide to have some course in the future. With many names and numbers, I decided to hold my first course in Tarot, and it went on, one more, one more. In the beginning, my courses were one day a week for seven weeks, and in one city, I had a lot of courses, and it is also the city that I have my record in telling, 92 people in a nonstop 14 hours.

    200 Swedish kronor (about 15 pounds or 20 dollars) was the first sum I took for my readings; then I realized that to also be able to afford the taxes and all expenses, I had to take 300 Swedish kronor. In 1993 my first book came out, “Tarot step by step,” and I visited radio and television and raised the readings to 400 S.kr, and now I do readings from 500 skr to 800 S.kr.

    In 1995, I and some friends got together and decided to start an association for Tarot (The Swedish Tarot association). Our goal was to have an organization for people to find the honest, professional Tarot readers authorized after some test. It was a nice, funny time. To begin with, we had the meetings in Umeå (north of Sweden) and be Sweden; it was big-time at the event we had 44 people in one evening.  We made announcements in papers and by commercial and had over 200 members around Sweden. Then (of course) someone thought he was the answer for the association, living in Stockholm (the capital of Sweden), and I didn’t like to take a fight. I had put so much time and money and was really tired of it. But of course, it also leads to a lot of bullshit; unsure people have that pattern, he called me a charlatan, but I just smiled and thought about the thing with mirroring another person. :-) I was the chairman of the association and the driving force with some other real enthusiasts. Some of them tried to continue after I left, but the association didn’t exist anymore after some ymonths.

    The criteria for readers were, too, on the other side of getting approved in the test, without alcohol and drugs (in readings), not telling about death, and having professional secrecy. I think we had about 20 authorized readers. The meaning was to give people a choice, like when you choose in another field, everyone knows that if someone is authorized, they at least had made an effort and were proven to stand up for the standards. And now, I certify instead all the readers that make my test after doing a course and follow the standards. I’m proud to say that they are the best and taking the reading seriously.

  • In 2002, I got the insight that I’m good at what I do, a real Tarot expert. I was the first (what I know of) Swedish writer to write a book in Swedish (not translated), and today with 26 books, and 16 of them are about Tarot, a big (huge) distance workshop. All the material of Tarot for students, MP3 files, three decks, a lot of workshops, and lectures every year, and on top of that, readings daily

    make me a Tarot expert. No one in Scandinavia has written as much as me on the subject of Tarot. Is it anyone in the whole world that has performed more than me on the subject of Tarot?

    In the years, I have created 26 books, and 16 about Tarot, and the Tarot deck “Crystal Wolf” with a booklet and “Erotica Tarot” with a book, and it doesn’t stop here. I keep on writing. In the year 2004, I promised to stop with tarot and devote my time to another project, and it put me and my finance under the ground. I had a rough period in my life, but with a lot of experience and it all ended up with me looking at the cards again.  I’m back, and better than ever :-) (And now also in English) My development with Tarot continues; my last project is about affirmations.

    I’m not the reader who does Tarot to make usual readings but life and love; I’m the one who uses Tarot with higher wisdom to create ours owns life with our thoughts. But sometimes, they are just too mixed up to make us see clearly. But of course, real-life and weekdays, with health, work, finance, love, and spiritual growing, is a big part of that.

    Looking forward to being in contact with you…


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