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This is me :) The owner of this site. 
Writer and reader of Tarot cards but also crystals, runes and colors to the aura and chakras.

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Blowing new directions
I'm a bit sold on metaphors, hence the title. I have been sitting outside for a while. But oh my, I think the pavilion is about to be lifted by the wind because it's...
@ylva-faith • 3 months ago • comments: 0
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Lost in translation
It happens to be a totally unexpected weekend! I'm in the crazy feeling of being stressed and cool. I do believe it's possible to be in many different emotions at the...
@ylva-faith • 4 months ago • comments: 0
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Soon August
August is one of the months each year when I get most booking for readings, and July is the month with almost any bookings at all. Maybe you wondering why? That is...

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Tarot 2020

Tarot 2020

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