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    170327ylva.jpgHi there! I´m Ylva, I´m the Swedish Tarot Queen, this is my homepage in English. 

    I hope that you will like what you read (even if it's not correctly grammar) hopefully you look forward to my upcoming books and distance courses in English.

    I have written 26 books, 16 of them are about Tarot, and other titles are about runes, crystals, aura, colors, astrology, and healing. I work full-time writing and creating in these subjects. I have also created some decks. If you click on Prisma Tarot, then you will find my Tarot deck which has the theme of colors, totems, astrology, and runes. If you click on Yiang Symbol, you will land on another page for that deck. Both these decks are in English.

    Feel free to send me an email at ylvatrollstierna@gmail.com

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    I, Ylva, was born in the sign of Sagittarius in 1959.

    I have written 26 books (in Swedish) and created three Tarot decks and the deck of Yiang.

    My second name is Faith, and that is a word of love. To trust.

    Working title: Creative life coach

    I was born and brought up in a small town in the North of Sweden named Boden; I lived there until 1975. I grew up in a family that included my mother, aunt, and grandparents.

    New age/supernatural was a part of our daily life in my childhood, even if it weren't something people would notice in a first meeting. My mother saw little people (trolls) and was open to energies and spirits. My aunt did readings in ordinary playing cards (but not as a professional), and she also had an interest in dreams and crystals. My grandmother arranged for séances mostly every Sunday, and it was almost every time a French monk appeared clearest. In my first years, the family had a hotel where I grew up; after that, we moved into a house in the middle of the town.

    In 1974, I went to Nottingham, England, to go to school, and at that time, I had a high grade in the English language. My friends read Tarot cards and had mystical meetings out on the fields in the evenings. That's how I came in contact with Tarot cards; my first deck was a Rider-Waite. From an early age, as early as I can remember, everything with spiritual meaning has meant a lot to me and been a part of my daily life. 

    I studied astrology from 10 years of age, gazing into a crystal ball and drum traveling in my closet! I looked for UFOs and laid the playing cards in the typical Sibylla star. Every morning I started to look in the book for dream interpretations in our kiosk (that was a part of our house) to find the meaning of the dream I had the night before.

    At nine o 'clock in the morning, my aunt toked her first cup of coffee and laid down the playing cards on the table for the spread for the day. I sat beside her, asking - What does that card mean? And why is it lying there? And what should happen if it is in another place?

    I always had a significant interest in reading, maybe because I got all the opportunities with magazines and books in our kiosk. It has given me a standard education and interest in almost everything in life and wouldn't miss something out. I have a good time having fun in everyday life, even if my life isn't as ordinary as others. Energies have always been a significant interest in mind, philosophical thoughts about life, why we think and act the way we do, and how patterns become such a big part of our lives. Magic and rituals were an interest when I was a teenager. Unfortunately, it became a little too magical, and I have experience poltergeist real close. Today I believe that it has more limits than being able and that the mind's power is the most potent energy ever.

    I lived in Boden until May 1975; I moved to another town in the north, Örnsköldsvik. I lived a simple life with a spiritual touch, and I was in my first interview as the chairman of a community against animal experiences in that part of Sweden. I had many animals, dogs, cats, and birds all over the house. I got married in 1987 to the father of my children (I'm blessed with four gorgeous children) and my ex. My husband was the first to support me when my interest in the new age went over to the full time of my life. I had the opportunity to be a housewife and sold Tupperware in the evenings (and even today, I got too many plastic things all over the place). I worked night at a hotel and loved it since I'm a night person. I also had a kiosk myself for many years. I'm educated as a nail sculptor. I worked in an older people's homes and stores, and I've also got an education to be a cashier in Superstores; I have also trained as an office writer.

    At the end of the '80s, I contacted Reiki and became an Independent Reiki Master and Karuna Master, first in Sweden, and then I went to India in the year 2000 and toked all the classes again for William Lee Rand (www.reiki.org). In 1990 I had good luck meeting Vanja, a colorfulness woman educated in almost any therapeutic method you can dream about. She is the one that turned my life upside down. She introduced me to a shaman from New Zeeland, Shiven. He is the one that taught me about totems (power animals). Vanja also introduced me to another shaman, Oscar, from Chile; my interest in shamanism and regression grew in contact with these men. Vanja taught me about body language and that the mind and the body are always connected, and that I could do so much more than I believed I could.

    After some years, she introduced me to another man, an American, Roger LaChance (Unicorn method), and it was him that got me to stand up for whom I am and say – Yes, I'm physic. Vanja was also the first to take me back to a previous life and teach me a technique to see and understand others' past lives. Vanja is the one that taught me the basics and all that is worth knowing in almost any area of the new age. She was a living spiritual guide, and unfortunately, she died in January 1995, which is one of my most enormous sorrows in this life.

    At the beginning of the '90s, I started to read Martinus Cosmology and had the opportunity of having a very competent teacher. Martinus Cosmology became the answer to many of my essential and challenging questions about life, and it gave me a lot of alternatives to get the solutions. Even if I don't buy that entire teaching out, I'm logical and analytic (too much). I'm a critical person who asks why and what will happen if one does the other way around.

    My family and I moved to another town in the north, Umeå, in 1993. I opened a little store called "Crystal Wolf" (my name Ylva means wolves in Latin). I sold Tarot, Crystals, herbs, books, and so on. My interest in the Tarot became bigger with my customers, and I asked to have my first workshop on the Tarot. That lead me to write my first book, "Tarot, step by step." During these years, I started a society, the "Swedish Tarot association," with another Swedish writer in the Tarot. We had a vision, too authorized Tarot readers, and helped people to decide who was severe and not. But like most societies, it had many different personal wills, and I decided to leave. Now it's continuing in my Tarot Academy, where Tarot readers can get themselves certified.

    In 1996 I got married (again) to Pehr (and he got my last name Trollsveden); with us two working together, it became a lot of traveling in the south of Sweden. We found a beautiful house for workshops out on the fields in the west and moved to it. We also had another home in Kalmar on the east side of south Sweden in 1999. Living in Kalmar is another story about a castle, but it has its own story and roots in a previous life. After the divorce, Pehr chose to keep my last name, so I changed mine to Trollstierna, Stierna is the old spelling of star.

    In 2005 I moved back to the house that was our workshop house, but then only for a private living (even though I have some workshops twice a year). The funny part is that the house had been empty for the four years we didn't live there after the divorce. It's my home, and I know it has been waiting for me to move back home. I even got my old phone number back (after four years). In this house, I don't live alone, a lot of "little people" also live here, and they keep everyone alert. They love slippers and tobacco, and sometimes my snuffing boxes were in my rubber boots instead of where I put them.

    In my (private) life and home, I got my kids ( they are all grown up now) and close friends almost daily; we have two dogs; Max the Amstaff and Mimi, the Dogo Argentino.

     I usually describe myself as a person as a too cheerful, frantic optimist that believes that everything, even the bad, has something good in the end. I'm a creative person, intense, charming and impossible, wild and crazy, beautiful, plump, and with many stars in my eyes.

     I'm blessed with many fantastic friends who make my life happier, all the way you can think of. They can bring me dinner (I'm a catastrophe at remembering to eat if there's out of cheese and chocolate in my home), and they also follow me (mostly) on all my adventures.

     My creative working energy in my days (which starts at 7 am and stops at 2 am) is used by me to write, give guidance over Zoom and do distance reading in the Tarot. The time that is left is for family and friends. I watch movies (daily), play poker, take a walk in the forest and do much other fun stuff that happens in my life. For me saying yes to all that looks like an adventure.

    I'm always in the present, in trust (Faith), and enjoying every second of what life offers. In your meeting with me, my wish is to inspire you, find your potential, to keep you on the right track, your path. I wish you safety and harmony in your life, live in love, and be healthy and happy. And that you, in all your challenges, look for the funny part, the learning (and growing). You can challenge yourself to create more and better conditions, and there is where I would like to be a creative life to inspire you in your life.

    The parts of my life that had me develop more of myself are studying ACIM (A Course In Miracles) and NLP (Nero Linguistic Program) and life. In 2006 I contacted Anthony Robbin's workshops, and I love rational thinking. And on top of that, I like the reflection of Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God), I have done two distance workshops with him, and two live in Oregon, USA.

     I have also been the Swedish contact person for a fantastic aura program, Aurastar 2000. That's the program I recommend for you if you like to see your aura and the wholeness of your chakras and the physical body. The aura and the soul are the same energy, and colors are energies that we can use to create more of our potential. From that, I have created the Yiang symbol deck and text. Through the years, I have taken some pauses with the Tarot, and it has ended with disaster every time. But it has been a helpful experience, and I have grown and changed some of the limits that I have had. The Tarot cards are a fantastic tool, archetypical pictures that show the energy that we are and what we create.

    And in everything I do, I always fall back on the belief that we all create our own life; no one else has the responsibility, and Faith is what we make of it. Karma creates and recreates in every move.

    It happens a lot in my life, perhaps cause I'm the curious type, and sometimes I have a lot to tell. If you're interested, you can read that on my blog, all my thoughts on my daily rollercoaster journey through life.

    I'm a better writer than a reader unless we speak about Tarot cards, for there, I believe that no one in the world can talk more about the cards than me. I have written 16 books on the subject, about 6000 A4 of pages, and one of the most prominent Swedish newspapers gave me the title "The Swedish Tarot Queen."

     If you want to get in touch with me, write me a letter at ylvatrollstierna@gmail.com