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Wonderfully scatterbrained

By Faith, 2021-11-19
Wonderfully scatterbrained

I'm not the one to react to the full moon, but today I have decided to use the energies of Taurus' power to create security. For a structure that is something that I'm already in, more with the word re before, restructuring. I am so wonderfully divided right now between texts (reading through) for the weekend's sixth part of the Tarot education, where I'm delighted for everything that goes according to my planning (I'm not known to have it as a strength). Then I write the horoscope for the next period (in time, four days left), I have web meetings for the Tarot education, but now only one left, combined with annual interpretations. Then I put others to work for the restructuring of the websites.

But fragmented or scatterbrained are maybe the wrong words, even though I feel that way sometimes, though I listen more to my feelings, do what feels most inspiring at the moment. When it gets too much, I sit down at the Christmas puzzle until I feel like I want to throw all the pieces out the window (it does not take long, I probably get three pieces at a time).

On top of that, it is also a private life with Christmas decorations, meals, practical things such as laundry, socializing; some of my course participants have commented, if I never sleep? I answer emails at five o'clock and so on. This season is more creative for me, but I have honestly gone to bed before one o'clock of the last weeks, but up early; in summer, I get to bed at three but like to sleep until nine. I have the most beautiful mornings; take Max (my dog) down to the cozy room; we call it the TV room, but well, this with the TV is not included in my life. Then we snuggle together on the sofa, share a blanket, a cup of coffee for me, the spread of the day, a little check on the situation via the media, then interpretations until the rest of the house starts to move. It is calm and quiet as long as the neighboring dogs don't start barking at dogs that pass by, then Max also starts.

I'm done with one page, my new one for colors, aura, chakras, and crystals, www.mycolorshades.com, first. It would only be for English, but then I decided to have my page for me, then the one for colors; the rune page is in both Swedish and English. What remains now are some films for the rune page since I have taken this with courses to a new level. They will be available as self-study courses where you can "buy in" at all web meetings.

This means that you can already book yourself today on the self-study course "chakras and colors," if you then want more support, development with others, you can book the web meetings. There is a lot to take in with colors, but at the same time, the most important thing for it is about the soul, energies, vibrations, frequencies as well as limitations, challenges such as self-insight and more possibilities.

All courses will be available with audio files, partly for those who have difficulty seeing text, may have problems with vision, have dyslexia, or do not want to read. We are all different. Imagine that my first distance course was in 2000 in letter form. 21 years later, I have a fantastic concept, which shows that my idea of ​​making intermediate goals existed even though I was unaware.

The Tarot Academy is the next project; I am now transferring the texts from my Prisma Tarot from my English page, where everything is ready in English for the basic course "Tarot card by card," however, the Swedish texts have not been read yet.

I am not idle but senselessly happy to be creative, to be in my ambition to inspire.

This morning in the full moon, I laid my runes for the coming year. Not surprised to find Thurisaz in the current situation because behind the scenes, it is more or less chaos, which I am still used to dealing with; what would life be without challenges?

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The feeling of the fall

By Faith, 2021-11-11
The feeling of the fall

It's a lot now, but today I got out of my annual winter depression :) It is usually about two days, often associated with the first snow (which we do not have yet).
What? Maybe you think, do not you live in Spain?
Yep, but not in one of the sunny places; instead, up in the mountains, which can mean even snow in the winter and +40 in the summer. We have autumn now; we have had a cold front that made the whole house an igloo type.

I hate winter, I hate freezing, I despise snow, autumn I love, we have a tree that lifts me from time to time that changes in red to yellow, the leaves fall, but today the sun shines, +19, after a few dark days that now a night with rain and expected thunder, the day was an experience, in many ways. I usually spend an hour outdoors arranging; today, I found another snakeskin! So now there are probably only type 6 snakes left to keep track of; this ladder snake that I now know is one of the snakes in the yard (and in the house); they get about ten offspring.

Then I suspect that many people do not know how stale ivy smells when it blooms, plague is one word I could use, disgusting another, and it attracts wasps in abundance.

Yes, now I'm done whining.

I am otherwise so grateful for life; I get up when it is dark, sit in the warmest room with a dog next to me, make interpretations with some cups of coffee. It's like a (book) reading (where I read loud) an exciting story. Today I could eat brunch outdoors (oatmeal porridge) than experience everything outdoors. I have since continued with all projects; there are many now. If you've been around for a while, you know that I change now and then; I see it as an improvement. I have a fantastic team, Annika and Marie, which I will soon present. Right now, we are fixing several things inside the shop because that is where the book profiles are and that everyone who has a customer profile gets an offer (which can even be free) every Monday, and soon it's time for the Christmas calendar.

I am also restructuring at the Tarot Academy, which will also be for English in that subject. This then also means that I restructure this English page. And make videos for the rune page and build a new chakra page (for Swedish and English). Without my fantastic team, this would take longer, so I'm lucky, which I hope in turn will give you more to enjoy in the future in everything I want to inspire.

Speaking of inspiration, I also watch a Christmas movie for dinner every day (yep, Christmas should be for a long time, but I am not allowed to decorate for Christmas until Sunday, counting the days). And yes, a Christmas movie with snow is ok. But one of my dogs, Mimi, knows the art of cuddling; I will learn it in the future because it's not what they say about living like a dog; it is not possible to eat, pee on it, or something like that;)

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By Faith, 2021-10-23

Snakes stand for transformation, now it's just a matter of transforming, like cleaning through the whole house and the back of the yard;)

Yesterday morning I was sitting in a web meeting when I heard a riot, my daughter had the dogs with her, and it turned out to be also a viper. But fantastic kid, she shut out the dogs, fixed out the snake, but it's an experience that creates unease. The mystery is how it got into the second floor, my psychic ability does not work for this, maybe because it is too close or because I am sitting with my legs high with nausea, even today it feels uncomfortable. What was a safe home feels more like a nightmare? It is something that is created by imagination, in combo with a house that has holes in the ground. It's the third snake, two in the pool, and now this one, judging by the size, the same litter, which means that there are probably a few more. So now it must be transformed both in purification and in consciousness. Because it can be a sign, to let go of old skin.

I like snakes, snake energy, at a distance, it's the same with wild boar.

Otherwise, the sun shines after a storm, we have "cold" (+20), it is car racing in the village, so it sounds like Formula 1 at the same time as they shot and bangs, almost like a normal Saturday, but no music from the village instead it was heard 05 this morning. As you may have figured out, there was not much sleep, however, after a lot of surfing on vipers, I feel almost like a snake expert today.

I have had web calls for courses this week, this week to come it will be web calls for November for those who have annual interpretations with monthly interpretations. An intense week that I look forward to.

I have had a few days of a TBE dip combined with the fact that I have lost sleep, so I have received some books in print, in Swedish "Tarot and previous lives", Chakra for chakra and Yiang, the last also in English. I see it as an advantage when all the books will be reprinted.

Now sanitation, you can have fun thinking about whether you need snake energy?

"The lesson of the snake
Are changes, to digest, take in nutrients, preserve it during the period you can get energy from what is ingested. The snake grows, sheds its skin with its development, the old skin creeps out, a new surface emerges, more beautiful. The snake carries with it a strong medicine with its venom, the ability to put its teeth in prey, paralyze it, then digest its venom without being harmed. Dare to change your skin, dare to develop, dare to put your teeth into what you want, or squeeze the most out of your prey. "

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Full moon 10/20 in Aries

By Faith, 2021-10-20
Full moon 10/20 in Aries

The Full Moon in Aries is good energy to become more spontaneous in the feeling, throw yourself into new loving adventures, dare to invest without thinking first. A spontaneous moonlight trip may provide extra excitement. A good time to start new projects with your spiritual development, maybe a spirit contact. Aries strengthens inspiration and new ideas. Benefit from meditations and rituals where you want to start again.

Your emotional energy now is fast and intense. You can experience a lot for the moment but quickly long for something more. You give everything in what is but can have difficulty being present for an extended period if you do not find stimuli and challenges. You may have problems with routines, constantly looking for new emotions to experience. Quick in the feeling, reads the first impulse, intensely passionate. Emotions and longing, empathy, searching for the ultimate.

To meditate to the Moon.
It is an ancient lesson, knowledge. The Moon has always fascinated man through the changes that take place both in nature and within the individual. The Moon is the planet that gives you the energy to grow in your emotions. When it is complete, it can be a surcharge of energy, like the Moon, giving us extra energy - that is, additional emotions. The word and term plural have been created because some more easily absorb these energies and cannot always master them.

At full Moon, there is more energy added by emotions that come up and develop for better or worse, depending on whether you work with them or let the emotions control you. If you choose to meditate at full Moon, you can come in contact with deep feelings, even some subconscious. It can be tricky if you have an emotionally unprocessed part; start carefully. At full Moon, your emotions will have more power, you more energy to reach an inner depth. It is an excellent opportunity to review your emotional reactions, to live with the power of the Moon into your emotional depth.

Meditating on the Moon can be a way to free yourself from old guilt, old emotional traumas, begin to understand, feel more about yourself. You can also concentrate on growing in the feeling, but when something new is going in, something old is going away.

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A lap in life

By Faith, 2021-10-04
A lap in life

Last Friday, I was so shocked that I just laughed; it just felt utterly unreal what I was informed about; the trouble with the company continued; at first, I became freezing, a second message, the laughter attack. My home was seized by the bank when my landlord went bankrupt.

I still do not know what to think about it; I don't have any moving in my cards, I have no bigger chaos, smaller usually belongs to my everyday life (just because I love life and say Yes to everything). I have confidence in my cards, but at the same time, if I were not worried about the situation, I would be in the space.

I laughed until I got home inside the doors, then I screamed and cried instead, did a lap big time, was sure that the hip was out of joint in my split (impressed with my age and lack of fitness), and I twisted my knee—shit of hell what it hurt. The hip seems to be okay, but the knee, painkiller has been my best friend since last Friday. I'm swollen around the knee; when I walk, it hurts, the knee bends, and there is no control. Well, I have a lot to do sitting on my ass, so it's okay.

I should have thought of that pattern, but I was in shock; of course, I hurt my right knee as it symbolizes the next step forward; I feel like I don't even know where I have a foothold! I am grateful that I reflect and am aware, which makes me persevere and accept the situation; acceptance is the first step in a change.

I'm happy, the sun is shining, it's like a Swedish autumn day, + 19, rained all night, but I don't think I long to return to Sweden, but programming, experiences, good memories can be an advantage to remember. I am grateful for all the dates, for all the figs, grapes, and olive leaves. There is always something to be thankful for in life, better to give it attention.

Right now, I follow my advice, trust my cards, cave in on anxiety for 5 minutes, let go (Sedona), am in gratitude, cave in, and so on. But shame on the one who gives in. Distance is reasonable; I work on it and let go of the negative patterns, indeed believing that I'm not worthy of being in harmony. One thing does not exclude the other. For I if anyone has faith in myself, still I can be in chaos. But I do not blame anyone other; I know that my "damned soul" wants development; in a week or so, I may think my "beloved soul," but right now, I am a little piss-off.

But I use colors, which are only available in green tones; I need a little more red and orange energy like the Swedish autumn, but I manage to know how to fix the energies. I'm doing a little color and rune magic over my knee; two days ago, I could barely stand, today I can take some steps holding on to things. Life is good, wonderful with everything that develops.

Check out my dates: D.

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In my Tarot bubble

By Faith, 2021-09-29
In my Tarot bubble

I am now done for today with interpretations because there is a limit (even for me). These are the last days of the month when I have all the monthly interpretations. It's absolutely fantastic, the best decision I have made. Every month feels terrific to follow a few people for a whole year to get that great confidence.

I have become wiser, I think. I prioritize my own time. Every morning there is gardening for an hour or so until it gets too hot, then I take a swim, dry in the sun, eat brunch, then at the computer in zoom meetings. That's when I'm in my Tarot bubble; tonight, after the last session, there were also interpretations at a distance; the most challenging part is prioritizing, as everyone is equally important. Before, I used to panic; now, I focus instead; now, I need a break, even how important everyone is. Therefore, I thought I would write a few lines before I close my eyes.

"Blogging" hasn't been my vital part; it has been a lot private to sort out my gullibility, courses, writing, planning, and no matter how I try, my quiet moment is around midnight, so even today.

You may be aware that I have changed some, removed interpretations other than those for a whole year; I started an education in Tarot, one of the best decisions in a long time because Tarot is not just laying the cards. It's also to understand different aspects of them. Being able to inspire others in their development is a benefit. My vision is that they will be better than me, in their way, because we are all different; hopefully, they will not swear as much or have the same unkempt language as me, and avoid words like "believe" "maybe," and " actually."

There has been a lot of time behind all planning, to get a good concept, parts, and wholeness in everything, not to rush forward too fast, build up the knowledge on the side of all that I also have a basic course one in Tarot and love. It may not seem like a lot of time, not when we meet over zoom, but everything around.

I have also laid the foundation for the Rune magician education but have not had time to get everything ready, but next week I will have more time and get a little more inspiration when I promised to have another course in Rune magic with zoom meetings.

My confusion, despair, ridiculously enough is with chakras and colors, there are participants, but I feel that the interest is too little, which I can not understand. It cant be about my knowledge because it is enormous ;) but more in that, I do not reach out and can't explain its importance with energies. Because I always meet those who do not know their chakras or their colors. How is it possible that it can be spiritually developing people who have no interest in the fundamentals of a person's energies? It's a mystery to me, but I do not intend to give up; instead, I keep on trying to create interest.

Today I am blue, that is, in my attire, but also floral; it may not be visible in the picture because it's dark in my room which I think is cozy. Blue to strengthen communication. Otherwise, I'm probably primarily gray (haha). I have a period when I rest in the gray energy that is balancing. I will communicate tomorrow too, but I do not yet know what energies I want to be in, or rather need. The glasses are even blue, although they may be poorly visible, or the bling is the most visible. My new pleasure, glasses for about 1 euro in different colors, shapes, is a cheap pleasure that still benefits because looking good is a challenge.

In any case, I have no course until Sunday, and then it is Ylva's inner circle, where we talk together about different topics in spirituality. This is amazing with Zoom, sitting where I am, meeting others where they are. Now I'll have some coffee, sort some, continue to be grateful for life.

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Autumnal equinox

By Faith, 2021-09-21
Autumnal equinox

Today it's a full storm after a night of intense thunder, but the sun is shining today. It is also autumnal equinox, an important day for me (like 12/21, 3/21, and 6/21). I came to think of the texts in "The staff of Uhr" about all blots; for me, it is essential with gratitude, the matter of all elements. Most of the time, I experience that most people take the days as they come, either with dissatisfaction or expectation and everything in between, yet we create what we want from the day no matter what happens. There is always a choice, focus negatively or positively, I mostly (99%) choose the latter.

Yesterday it was a full moon, that today it is topped by a storm and its the autumnal equinox, I see as a perfect synchronization. But I feel it will be a sacrifice ;) to sit out tonight, look further down.

It feels like a day of waiting; I'm a little off, feels like I'm waiting for something, but do not know what? It can feel a little exciting. But I will try to get going, lit the fire, get some done of everything that needs to be done and look forward to the night.

The autumn equinox also includes the blots (ceremonies) that I wrote about in "Uhrstafen," read them below, and you can order the book as an online book (read directly) or buy it as a paper book.

Perfect day to become aware of your inner strength, calm down, be present.

They sat down again, leaning onto The Tree of Life, waiting for The Word. Tila had taken out pieces of leather, loaded Kenaz, then The Word spoke.

"The first blot shall be made in the time of the first full moon when a new individual is born; the child shall be named at a magic place, where a vessel of water shall be. The individual is to have their name while water that the undine’s control is poured over the child's neck. The neck is a place that the individuals do not see; an energy opening shows what the individual brings with them into this life. This blot is confirmed over water mixed with blood by the father and mother of the child. This blot should be called the moon blot; it is the one that shows the shadow of a human being.”

"When the full moon will appear again for the second time, the second blot will take place; Disablot, it is to honor all goddesses, Freya among others, ask for good growth during the year. When the moon is complete for the first time, women should collect their blood that has not been fertilized; it should be sacrificed at this blot. It is also a time for all people to offer what they have collected during a solar phase, what they no longer need. It must be exchanged between the other people. "

"The time when the day and night are the same lengths, the third blot must be celebrated, the Victory blot. It is a victory for a new era, a new solar phase. At that time, when the Gods are to be worshiped, they are to spill their grain over the crops made by the individuals. In it, three virgins will be sent up to the gods. They will be fertilized by the Gods and then sent down to Midgard to maintain the power of the Gods.”

“When the sun is at its peak a few full months later, the Midsummer blot should be given. It is the fourth blot that shows that man honors life. It is time to celebrate human fellowship, that between man and woman. Then the night will be given to intercourse. It is also a time for a big party, the time when everyone shares their dreams that I, the Sun, The Word realize after their collaboration.”

“The fifth blot, Thor's blot, the harvest blot is celebrated when all the green is taken in to be ground into bread; it's time to thank the Gods for the harvest. Then man will gather in the fields to drum, beat with hammers, to make noise to show them under this earth that man has power through the gods. "

"The sixth blot is the blot of Odin, the blot of the night when the night becomes darker than the day; that is when the forces of the Gods are to be seen, honored. Then individuals must sit outside overnight, meet their God within themselves, find their courage. Anyone who does not dare to be out during the night should be sent down to Hel to encounter their fears.”

“The seventh blot is the Alva blot, a moon full after the night blot. Then the individual should honor his ancestors, those before Ragnarok wandered on Middle-earth, the ancestors they met in this time. Fat from the animals saved through the last blot of the year will now be used, creating light from those who shine through the night, stars on earth. Then man can talk to his ancestors, ask for understanding of what has not been realized. "

“The eighth blot is celebrated when the day of the year is the shortest when the sun only appears for a short while. It is time for rest, for a new era for the forces of the sun. This blot is Balders, but also Midwinter blot, that is when all the kingdoms should blot an animal, celebrate an animal, an animal is slaughtered, one is saved until all the animals are counted. The blood will be collected, taken to Midgard, to your hall, Uhr, with Balder, King Alve as the first bearer. Then you celebrated together all night until the sun's rays shone again. From the blood, you will dye what is woven but also paint the walls to show gratitude for life.”

"The last and ninth blot is to be celebrated when an individual going from life, when he has met death, liberated his human form. It is three nights, three days when those closest to their relatives will mourn the one who has left but also talk about that person's deeds.”

Tila had carved signs to remember all the blots; they had all been given their piece of skin; she had also marked them, carved in the nine runes that Uhr got first with the beginning of Issaz first blot, Assiz for the last blot.

Uhr thanked The Word for the knowledge, the blots that would create the saying of every individual, that no one would be forgotten who chose to follow the sacrifices of the gods.

"Now travel to the kingdoms, visit the kings, convey the first blots that are soon. But none of the other blots should be talked about until it is time for them. In time man will create this as a part of himself," said the Word, "The people who do not show reverence will remain individuals, never experience themselves as part of the gods.”

Ps. according to many, the autumn equinox is on 22/9 this year. I stick to the 21 four times a year.

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Wiggly evolvement

By Faith, 2021-09-20
Wiggly evolvement

It has been a lot now for a while, first a visit from a good friend, then a lot of interpretations, planning, and one of my biggest challenges which was a challenge. I can be so incredibly blue-eyed and believe the best about everyone just because I want to; I was tricked and left in chaos. I talked about it Sunday night when I had "Ylva's inner circle." It's about allowing yourself to be pissed for a while, so I cursed over the person for about 3 minutes. Then my inner self caught up with me,  nothing being a coincidence and my eternal belief that God has a plan, so also my soul. It does not pay to be disappointed or pissed off at someone who still does not understand anything. But instead, I created a curiosity, what is the plan? What awaits instead? I called a good friend in desperation, and imagine; it seems that this is getting better; it's a lot to sort out. Is it not the saying that hope is the last thing that abandons us?

From that, my diet has gotten better (again) because my stomach took all the beatings, all the stress ended up there, I had to fast for a few days, then carefully think about what to eat. Nothing evil that hasn't any good.

Otherwise, we have picked up two snakes from the pool, one live that came swimming (wiggling) towards me, the other had drowned. It is probably the most extensive private adventure, which now seemed unpleasant, but it will be custom if a few times more. Snakes mean transformation, shedding skins, leaving the old facade behind. In that, I intend to learn a lesson (but my eyes will probably continue to be blue).

Every day I think, a few lines on the blog show that I exist, but the days go by, even the nights because I have turned daytime to night time or rather come in phase with how it was before, I sleep between 3-8 or 4- 9. I still do not have time, but on the other hand, I have let go of the panic over time. It's a new week now, so maybe some fresh energy.

I have had time to start my first Tarot training. Wow, talk about being lucky with the very best, most admirable, interested participants that I will now inspire for nine months. Extremely grateful for the trust. At the same time, there are two courses in Tarot, one on love and one on the basics. As well as a course in symbols, so I do not have boring evenings. The evenings I am free, I enjoy outdoors, it's like a Swedish summer here, wonderful evenings apart from the fierce tiger mosquitoes that seem to be brighter than the usual, they succeed attacking my hands and feet without me noticing until it starts itching.

I would like to have the Tarot training in English, but boy, all materials to be translated, will take a long time. But it's on my mind, unfortunately not on my computer.

By the way, life spins on, out in the morning, pick (and stick) in the garden, fun with doggies, Max he dives into the deep in the pool; he's a cool dog. I will try to get it on video; we jump in together on three he and I. There has been some olive leaf picking a trip to the village, sometimes a siesta, and lately. Because I drink a hot cup of tea on olive leaves in the evening and iced tea on olive leaves during the day. The almonds are ready to be picked, as are the grapes; it feels good to write that because I quickly become envious when my Swedish friends show pictures of blueberries, lingonberries, and chanterelles. But all places have their charm.

I have just been out in the moonlight, it is entirely starry, entirely still outside, but not quiet, because around us, as usual, all dogs bark, the traffic is heard from the main road, but it is more at home now because time goes by. Almost two years ago since I moved. I have not regretted it for a second, even that the challenges have been frequent, but they might have been worse if I had not realized my longing.

Now I will take my moment, i.e., watch an episode of Dexter, which to my delight, comes with another season in November; I have the illusion that I will have time for all the seasons before that (haha, but dreaming is also a part of every day).

Well, here I am, with freshly groomed skin, a different rhythm of day and night, convinced that everything in life is perfect just as it is right now.

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