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Blowing new directions

By Faith, 2019-09-15
Blowing new directions

I'm a bit sold on metaphors, hence the title. I have been sitting outside for a while. But oh my, I think the pavilion is about to be lifted by the wind because it's windy today. I painted a few auras for my year's special, but eventually gave up, pens lifted and flew away, took too much energy to hold the paper. But after all, it was a cozy moment, meditative music in my ears, sun although I got tired of trying to hold on to myself and my things. 

Strong winds are something we all may need in life from time to time, but sometimes it can get too much, so it can be calm to be inside, as I'm now. A cup of coffee, the music in my ears, focus on today's program that I created a little too much of, some deadlines here and there. It's not like an ordinary Sunday. On the one hand, I was up too long at night, sleeping in. Then full rush, to keep my planning as required during to.

But with some new winds, everything can happen. I am open to being in a flow, releasing stress, focusing on what needs to d. Thankfully, life is not calm in any case;)

A lot is going on in life right now, intensive planning, changes, thus new winds hopefully healthy with a stillness from time to time. I have fixed a lot on my English page. An ebook is on completion, books submitted to a publisher in the US who have shown interest and to one that I would love to be published. Then we get to see what happens, sometimes I'm a little too independent and should have it my way. It's a lesson since I had a book publisher who published one of my books. She promised me not to print the book in Times New Roman, which is a font that I am allergic to. I feel bad when I see it, can't read books written in that type. Then she publishes the book with it. I opened, closed the book, haven't opened it since.

It is an exciting phase this with another language, for my first books in Swedish were a pure disaster in grammar, a lot of.... !!! and and. But I think it is always possible to read between the lines. Then I also know that if someone is proofreading it will not always be right or was meant. But I am more careful when it is in English, although it may not be perfect. For so many years, I have had inquiries but cannot afford to hire a translator.

Moreover, they take time, something that I am not known to wait. But after several requests, an offer to keep up with the new healthy winds, I let go of the fear, it is understood that it has nothing to do with English-speaking people, but the fear, the uncertainty of Swedish individuals, those who can be the most critical of all. No wonder we have what we call the Jantelagen (= don't think you're better than anyone else).

But there is more going on, a little more visual, life has got a little different direction, the one that I wanted for a good while. A lot happened when I started a distance course myself. It has shaken me a lot; the first week took me four weeks to get through. Partly because the ketchup effect hit me, you know that with shaking the bottle and all of a sudden everything comes at once. But also because the course has made me stop, reflect in myself. Reflect differently, on a whole different level. It came in perfect for it matches all the training I went to as well as my teaching in an absolutely fantastic way. The best part is that it has made me stop caring what others think, though it may seem that I never bother. It is incredible to come to insights, and old dogs can learn to sit because I now meditate, listen to some unique soundtracks that I fix without getting restless.

But now I'm going to throw myself into my fantastic projects, tossing aura interpretations with writing, planning, and the occasional coffee cup — a sunny autumn Sunday where the winds create new directions.

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Dare me once, I dare you twice

By Faith, 2019-09-08
Dare me once, I dare you twice

Dare, a word that uses not only to describe courage; it's also a way to challenge oneself or others.

Right now, my soul is daring me ;)
I love Tarot, I more or less dedicated my life to have Tarot as a part of my life. I have written more than 6000 pages about Tarot (in Swedish). That's a lot of information and guidance. For years I had the desire to translate it to English. But wow, the cost. :( And then one day I woke up, decided to dare myself and now I have translated the book for readings (Internprention in Tarot) that you can read online and I have created the distance workshop for my book "Tarot, card by card", soon "Tarot 78 keys" will be done and put beside each page of the workshop. That will be an excellent start for them that can understand what they, maybe you, reading right now.

This is my English at the moment, it will be better by practice, as translation is. It's not great, or even good, but I do believe its understandable, that perhaps, it can be enough for the person that likes my way of reading Tarot. I'm not going to have money (for translations) stop me from trying to introduce you to my excellent way of reading the cards, to get a greater understanding of how Tarot can be the best tool for you developing your spiritual knowledge for your daily life. 

It's like take it or leave it! ;) Read between the lines, use your imagination if you understand my writing in the blog and in "Interpreting in Tarot" you will appreciate the workshop. And for me, its a dare to write this, being a little, little afraid of being judged by Swedish people, for many of them believe they know English more than others, and may it be so. I don't care anymore. I want my message of Tarot to expand.

Its a big dare for me, now I'm daring you!

Do you want to understand more about Tarot? Do you want it the easy and the fun way that I share my knowledge? Then, jump onboard. Be a member, start today with the reading of the Fool. Then, if you like what you read, click on shop in the headlines. And by the way, Tarot for me is a tool that is like a weather forecast, but that you can read in "Interpreting in Tarot."

Tarot, card by card

The Fool

The Fool, card nr 0 or 22 is the card of the soul. Some will misread this card; they will believe that is about somebody that is naive, stupid, easy fooled. It can't be more wrong, if we all were in this card all the time the world would be a more delightful place, always and everywhere. 

The Fool is the symbol for the pure soul, the one that can’t make a difference of evil and good, the one that will be in the experience as it comes, that builds values from knowledge. A soul that has memories from a previous life, but needs something in this life to remember, to re-experience and this time evolve more of what it seeks. 

No matter what deck you use, the symbol on the card is often a young person that walks by himself, often with a dog as company. The dog symbolizes the guidance, the support that always is there but not in the form of a human. The Fool has no experience of what is expecting, and he doesn't either have a preconceived thought of what will become of the next step. He is, he listens to his feelings, to whatever comes his way, is there a stop, then he simply takes another path without wondering why.

You can with this card think about what kind of energy it is, it’s an untarnished soul that is taking his first steps as a human being, curious about everything. Open for all that is without any biases or assumptions. With the Fool, anything can happen, and it happens, but it can also be that nothing happens, just because the Fool finds joy in that experience. 

The Fool indicates that you should affirm your inner feeling, listen to the impulses that your soul guides you to. Even though some of them will meet opposition, but with this card, you're in a positive experience, something that will kick your soul. 

If you pick this card, it will indicate that you're unchained from patterns, processes, and everyday daily things that could be an obstacle. Instead, you're curious about life, you're on an adventure, for all that lays ahead of you. 

You may get this card when you ask about work, finance, love, or something in the daily life that you have some thoughts. But no matter what you ponder about, you should have trust, for that is the quality of the card. Trust that everything that happens, all that you experience is something that your soul needs to get forward in a new process that you have started. 

Do also remember that this is a more "childish" or unexperienced energy, one that doesn't need to be learning instead is open for all new experiences. In that there is no responsibility, for The Fool has just begun an adventure, that meaning The Fool can't take responsibility or make a reasonable choice, or having a goal, it’s the first step of a new beginning.

The card will strengthen happiness and adventure, free emotions; it’s not a card for love since the Fool doesn't have that experience with him; instead, it can indicate on a newborn child. 

There is no energy of work with this card, but if you're working, you can expect funny moments, nothing that will pressure or is a challenge because you don't have the experience in what is happening. 

No either is finance important for the energy of the Fool, there is always something around the next corner if the need comes, for needs isn't something that the Fool has. If he is tired, he will sleep, if it's raining The Fool will either experience the rain or take cover in the first place he finds. 

The Fool is happy, open, not even expectant since he doesn't have the knowledge that something more can happen, he is in the now, in the experience, something that you should try out with this card. 

The Fool indicates the beginning of it all, no experience, an open mind. A being in what is. Shows optimism and trust, a joy for life in all that is. No values of what could be right or wrong; life is an adventure.

Astrological, this card belongs to the energy of the Sun, the energy of life.


Work- Unexperienced
Love – Openhearted
Finance - Trouble-free
Health - Trust
Spiritual – Interpreting

Experience of the card?

Indication of the card?

What will give your life energy?

What event has been your more impulsive?

What makes you happy?

What makes you act from your feelings?

From where does your inspiration come?

Tarot 78 keys

0/22 (XXII) The Fool

The child, the soul, the spirit, here is the first step into life, into an event that affects you mentally. This card carries with it spontaneity, empathy, first awkward levels, impulsivity, joy, and tremendous confidence. The Fool has all the energies from all the cards in minor Arcana, all the happy events of everyday life and also all the resistance. The card shows that you are embarking on new adventures. You dare, you act without evaluating first. Here is tremendous trust in life and your surroundings. The card also shows that you have no preconceived meaning that you want to build on what you have.

When you get this card, it shows that you are now having fun, life playing, being in, and daring to live your life. You act as you know, listen to empathy and your inner. Want more than you have the capacity.

If you pull the card in reverse, you are just crazy out. You act firmly knowing that it will not go well. Do what others think and not what you want.

Why don't you dare to trust life?

When you get this card on a question, it shows that now is all the possibilities with you. Live the flea, dare more, take out the turns, and enjoy life.

Conversely, you should try to sense yourself, stop, and think through the matter. Your choice may not be as wise and perhaps not purely what you want.

Buy yourself a flower. Check if you find a butterfly or a snowflake, which pattern do they carry?

This card shows spontaneity. When you are happy and dare to be yourself. Dare a little more and want a lot more. Joy and unexpected events. You want to try new things. The desire is stronger than the sense of responsibility.
Have a hard time with everything serious all around. Want to live here and now. Lack of responsibility. You have begun too much. Have no desire to complete what has started. Try to throw away what you promised. Hard to say no.

Have a chance to try something new. Throwing yourself into a project without really having a hum of what it is going on. But work it out most thanks to your quick perception and his art of duping people.
You take on too much work. Fails to finish on time what you promised.

It somehow works out. Sometimes it can only "carry away" a little too fast, but still for functional purposes.
You don't see your responsibility. Blame others if it goes to the forest.

Senseless feelings. Joy and spontaneity.
Unreasonable expectations, do not want to see the reality as it is. Live by and with your dreams.

Affected by "spring feelings," feeling well and enjoying life. Am happy and happy within yourself.
Worry, feel distressed. Experience demands that are impossible, which means you lose the desire to take care of yourself.

A strong inner joy. Hopes and love for their surroundings. Nurtures everything alive. Want everyone to feel pleasure without demands.
"Don't see the forest for all the trees." Don't see what is or is. Feeling alone and abandoned.

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Lost in translation

By Faith, 2019-08-24

It happens to be a totally unexpected weekend! I'm in the crazy feeling of being stressed and cool. I do believe it's possible to be in many different emotions at the same time.

I woke up, realizing that I haven't translated the horoscope for the period of Virgo, I tried to concentrate while one of my dogs, Mimi, that is a rebel teenager when she feels that I'm stressed. So I went up and down the chair, trying to save things I like to keep from being torn apart. Then I cooled down, and she started to chew on a bone, and I got lost in translation ;)

Four hours later, all the sign translated, and I even had breakfast. Now I'm outside in the unexpected weather, its sunny and hot. But I'm not so sure I'm completely surprised. I did a reading for the weather for Sweden in spring, writing down that it would be hot now. But last week I did feel miserable looking at the forecast, would my prediction fall apart? Now I'm thinking of putting on my bikini. And it's going to be hotter than it was in July, happy times.

Anyway, last week, I took a good look at myself and my fear of speaking and writing in English. I dig concluded that it had nothing to do with the language or English spoken people. It had to do with the fear of being humiliated by Swedish people. Its well knew that Swedish people always seem to think that they are superior. And if they can sit behind a computer (anonymous), they will tell a lot about what they are better at). But now, who cares, not me. I will not let that limit me to try to inspire in English. If you're smart, you will understand what I'm writing or saying, like if you understand this text then maybe you have something to look forward.

The last week I have translated my basic distance course in Tarot. Its done *applaud*.
Now I'm going through it some more times, and also listening to it, I found out that Word has the excellent reader, I can even choose to have a female or masculine voice read my texts.

So what will now happen on this website?
Probably more blogs, you can read the horoscope, and in some weeks you can apply to start my distance course, and that one is really good, perfect, the best. And I'm not going to wait to see if it's understandable, I will continue to translate, I know my time and experience it will be almost perfect.

I have this inner urge to inspire, to teach, and why shouldn't you that probably are worse in Swedish that I'm at English (if you're not Swedish) have the opportunity to learn from my knowledge? Did you know that I have about 6000 pages on my computer written about Tarot, and also more than 1000 of pages of other topics?

I'm com-binding this right now or mixing them up, depending on how we look at things.
Translation and readings and then also my daily life, I, myself feeling inspired. I hope these lines inspired you, to follow your visions, to believe in yourself and in that create a fantastic weekend.

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Too much Swords?

By Faith, 2019-08-10
Too much Swords?

A lot of people are scared of the cards from the suit Swords. But they are not all by evil. Sure, to get 3 of Swords isn't something to be happy about but it depends if you pull one card or if you do a spread and then it what position it turns out. Here is the text from my book "Tarot 78 answers" for 3 of Swords, below is more of my thoughts for the day.

1 (spiritual)
With 3 of Swords in the position that indicates your inner, your spiritual desire, and your karma you're now in conflict with yourself, you don't feel well and doubt most everything. You can feel insecure about life and your part. It can be difficult for you to take yourself seriously and you find a part of you that is self-doubting and criticize yourself. You have an insecureness that creates chaos within yourself, and it can also make you messy to others, in that a lot of misunderstandings can be created. It's almost certain that you feel misunderstood and the only way to get past that is to be friends with yourself again.

2 (Red tread)
With 3 of Swords in the position that shows on your key to the spread indicates that its now messy more than ever, conflicts, rough-and-tumble that you need to get through. It can be almost anything from tiny things that makes you confused to big dramas and breakups from someone that hurts you. Fights and discussions in unavoidable, and it affects your whole existence. Can you clean up the mess without taking a fall-out and to be in the conflict and take your responsibility in what is or will you close your eyes, chose not to see it and instead of becoming a martyr? Be aware of the people around you, you and somebody else aren't on good terms, and you can meet resistance in places you never expected.

3 ( Past)
With 3 of Swords in the position that indicates your past, you have now left a conflict behind or a break-up. But the worst part is over; you can clean up the mess and start all over with lesser problems than before. it may have taken a lot of energy, and you can feel hurt, but what has been, has been. Now you must rebuild yourself and look forward to creating the life you chose.

4 (Present time)3 of Swords in the position that indicates on present time may be a conflict will come as a chock, or maybe you're even prepared, but you will not be able to get away. Its time to stop, look at the truth, a conflict will be because something isn't in balance if you can find the imbalance it will be easier for you to get through. It can also be that you're feeling abandoned and end up in a break-up that you didn't expect. But nothing in life is a coincidence, look at the opportunities and chose to move forward instead of looking back on what was good but now hurts, let go of hatred a discomfort, you will not gain anything by worrying.

5 (Soon)
3 of Swords in the position that tells what will come it soon indicates that you soon will be involved in a conflict, something that you can't avoid and it will shake you. Eventually, it will be unexpected, and you may experience despair. It can be trouble about a lot of things, from little bagatelles to enormous break-ups. You can feel despair over that you can't control what happens, and everything fill falls apart and create chaos that you don't know how to handle. But since you now know this in advance, you can be prepared and reduce the most terrible chaos and instead try to find safeness in yourself that you will stand firm in this mess.

6 (Later)
3 of Swords in the last of events in this period it indicates that you can't avoid conflict even if you try hard not to be a part. It will come together; you will most probably lose control; you will be disappointed. But you do have a choice, stop, revalue what is important for you from a logical point of view and take control of your emotions. Refuse to get into discussions and fuss, take a firm standing what suits you the best, and take care of what is yours. Learn to count to ten. Let go of control and dare to try something new, dare to challenge yourself. But also be prepared that it can be conflicts that you can't understand or be prepared for at the moment, seek security around you, stand tall, and take your responsibility.

7 (Ipseity)
3 of Swords indicate that you, as a person, will probably surround yourself with guilt for almost anything. That makes you attack instead of getting your breath. You can feel misunderstood and left outside to your destiny and finding it hard to be calm. You're in chaos and need to find more of harmony inside yourself, tap yourself on the shoulder, let go of old stuff, and learn to move forward without taking al the responsibility and blame. You need to clarify why you feel like you do and not let impotency and anger take control over you. Take yourself seriously, look at things as they are and accept, or face the chaos, but refuse to get in a down position from your thoughts.

8 (Surrounding)
3 of Sword in the surrounding indicate break-ups, trouble, conflicts that dominate your existence, fuss, and worries that gives you nothing but insecurity. It can be from a break-up to someone in your home or closest that start chaos or provoke you until you lose control over yourself or the safeness in your home. It can be some problem in a deal that affects your living, or you can have problems with your finances but not by yourself. There is more than one part that is involved, and together, you could find a solution. But it's difficult for you to relax, you can feel panic, a fear of losing someone. This minor or major catastrophic situation gets the proportions that you give it. Try to see the problem as a third person and first after that make a decision if you should develop the conflict or leave it.

9 (Opportunities)
3 of Swords indicates that you have all the opportunities to trust yourself. If something goes wrong or is questioning, then you were in the wrong area or the wrong relationship. Let go, chose yourself to take the next step, take responsibility for your decisions, and nobody else - question.

10 (Destiny)
3 of Swords indicate your destiny is to dare let go of whatever you're holding on too; something isn't working for if it were then you wouldn't be in this situation. And if it's not working, why allow yourself to be sad or lose control. Its time to take responsibility for yourself and your emotions, to be logical and value what you want to do and how you're going to feel happy and in harmony. The worrying around you is something that you have yourself to take responsibility for and make sure you don't get in this situation once more and lose control. Time to see yourself and what is important for you, to stand up to yourself and realize that you are always doing your best. You can even learn to feel grateful over things that don't turn out the way you wished; it will be new possibilities that suits you better, no matter if you believe it now or not.

To get 4 of Swords is tough, 5 of Swords is stressed, 8 of Swords a challenge, 9 of Swords a lot of rumination and with 10 of Swords the brain doesn't even have the energy to think.

The Swords are about the mental. I was thinking about my last night, as many nights has been since spring, sleepless. Earlier I just had to put my head on the pillow, close my eyes and fall asleep, its the opposite now. I usually sleep light, awake quick to notice that I cant relate to. But I do fall asleep again quickly if I'm not wide awake. I have always been able to sleep sitting, standing or laying down, when and where I needed to.

Sometimes my dogs need to go out in the middle of the night; I'm sure it would be some laughter if someone saw me, like a zombie with my eyes half-closed for not wake up. But I do sleep less and ordinary people. Since this spring, I'm telling all the bad words over the wild boars that run around my house in the middle of the night. They're screaming, making noise, and it sounds like someone is butchered outside my house. Many times I have jumped out of my bed to make sure the cat is inside. My dogs use to bark like maniacs in the beginning when they heard the wild boars; now it's more a familiar noise. But I will be awake for the rest of the night.

Last night the ran around the house about 1.30 AM, I had just fallen asleep, but I couldn't go to sleep again, but I got all my readings done, and went to sleep at 6.30 AM, it makes me have a half-day extra.

I look at this with the wild boars as 3 of Swords, its a conflict, something that irritates me a lot, I feel powerless, they are to many, not even a hunter would be able to take out even half of them. I conflict with wild boars, but it could be worse. But I'm thinking of getting into Ace of Swords. A new thought, and maybe start working at night instead. I do like night time, but I also like to make a choice myself.

Then I woke up at 11 AM to get into the next conflict. But also that one is more or less a pattern. The line for the internet is terrible most of the time; I'm the last house for this line. This morning it wouldn't work, and neither did my mobile line. I tried to be cool (2 of Swords) meanwhile I was in 5 of Swords (stress) but ended u in 6 of Swords (relief). 7 of Swords to take on my motivation. But 4, 8,8 and ten will be out of my day. Today I will be hover between Ace to 2 of Swords; acceptance is an important thing to get going.

I suspect it will be one more (at least) night of staying awake, but now I will get involved in some Wands instead, like 2 of Wands, find my ambition before I go into the Moon for dinner with some movie. Sometimes it's more straightforward to create one's life after the prognosis of the cards for the day instead of just taking things as they come along.

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Soon August

By Faith, 2019-07-31
Soon August

August is one of the months each year when I get most booking for readings, and July is the month with almost any bookings at all. Maybe you wondering why?

That is because most people have a similar pattern in life. In July is time for holidays, maybe some weeks on the road in a caravan or a trip abroad, but it's not the time for readings. It's the time to enjoy, desperately being in the moment of each sunny day (in Sweden it's more known to rain a lot) with the insight that hope is the last thing leaving a person. It's supposed to be happy, lazy days, to get all that hasn't been done the previous month.

January and February are often about getting control of the daily life and the finance after all the Christmas gifts, holidays. All the cost for everything that has to experience the darkest days of the year.

In March there is some balance, and then April comes, kind of a cool month, balance in finance. All the love feelings of the spring. Insights about its soon time for the bikini season that creates more structure and goals. 

In May and June, life is often okay, it will be more time being in the garden or to be outdoors in every free moment. Planes for summer, breaking-ups from school, baptize, weddings and summer solstice. Its the time for focusing on experiences happiness, own time, and a lot of pressure to feeling good, and a lot of disappointments when the weather isn't as expected.

July, whole Sweden is standing still, a lot of people are on vacations, wished for deeply, planed and mostly not as wished. Time with nearest and dearest, maybe a caravan holiday that can include sunny days with swimming baths. But it can also be days with a partner that isn't as romantic as wished. Someone that is instead looking down in the can of beer and laying there eyes on the one that thought finally were going to get closer again. Flits, some behind the back, maybe it's the undressed time that creates it or the desire of letting go of responsibilities, to be free. Jealousy, the discontent that starting to grow from the knowledge that everything as a higher prize than planed. And of course there always the opposite.

August, the questions, the ponderings are starting to grow, is it the right partner, does this marriage work? How about educations, are the money enough when everything after summer shall pay? The month with most questions in the time to come of shorter and darker days.

July= not many will order a reading, they want to experience all that they expect from happiness.
August= Insights after July, what will now happen, continue this relationship, will the money be enough, studies, plans.

Did you know that Agust is the month when most people break up from a relation or is in crisis in a relationship? After scuttled expectations to save a relationship under the holidays, a lot that doesn't get as planned. It means that I have the most bookings in August. 

Are you curious about the other months from my perspective?
September, the month with most participants on my workshops and distance courses, both new and already members. More interest in web meetings. The autumn is here, insights starting to grow in what belongs in the number 9 that is the number for September.

October, an in-between month, a month when things continue, and finish with no drama. The cold is getting closer, more plans for the winter to come, the yearning for warmth, changes, relocation, change of work, all that belongs to the number 10, to complete to move on.

November, the dark, the seriousness get put in mind, often the time I use to offer readings for the year to come to give some hope for the future, its the 11th month, that is more about spiritual awareness.

December, a mixed month, one foot in The Hanged Man (12) and the other foot in The Empress (3 = 1+2=3). Stress for all the demands to create the happiest time of Christmas. Worrying about finance, but also joy for Christmas plays. Some panic over Christmas when some feel like they get stuck in The Hanged Man, and some feel like The Empress with all the nearest and dearest visiting. But few are curious to develop their knowledge.

If you have the interest you may think about what patterns there are in the other months; January as 1, Februari as 2, March as 3 and so on.

First I was going to make a status about that you should book a reading with me now, before the everyday daily life catches you, while you still have some money. But instead, it became a blog with the message. Book a reading, because the time to get it is now two weeks, it will be more for each day.
$50 for the rest of the year, recorded on MP3 and put on your profile on my web page. 
How is your planning with studies, workshops, love, and everything else that you have started to plan?

Planes, which you can see in 4 of Pentacles, 7 of Pentacles and The Emperor should be essential to create a firm ground for a reading doesn't only being about your spiritual growth, its also about the ground you have in your daily life, and that is the ground for you to be able to create more harmonious experiences on all levels. All to avoid the lesson in 3 of Swords, for it, can attend if you don't take care of your health, it can attend if there is conflict at work, a crisis in finance or probably in disappointment that love isn't in balance.

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Invisible= occupied

By Faith, 2019-07-27

I have had a spring and beginning om summer that was one of my most low in energy, but if we don't get the bad its hard to appreciate the good. But my headline was more for this week. 

I have been to Gotland, and Swedish Island that is just beautiful, but most beautiful are my friends there. I have been there for 20 years at summertime, often in combination with a new are an exhibition that I started for about 20 years ago. Now its a friend that takes care of it and I'm just participating.

I was looking forward to coming home at Monday, nothing on my schedule, but that changes quickly, readings and then I got the bright idea to get some text in my page for Tarot (in Swedish). I had written a book called "Tarot, card by card" and I wanted it to be a part of my distance course, but then I also had to insert text about astrology and numerology, and then my lazy days were over, not even began. I got caught up in the texts and then on Friday when I was done, then my websites also went down, a glitch of php. I just went to sleep.

I'm grateful that its summer, I got a lot of wild boars running around nighttime, they are noisy and so are my dogs too. But one sound that makes me happy every summer is the fan (a big one) since I live on the countryside and its harvest time, I love that sound, started to think maybe its because it sounds just like the ferry every time I go to Gotland. We all love different things; when I moved here I was excited every time the castle that is next door fired up some fireworks, I just let go of what was in my hands to run outside. I got the message that it will be firework tonight and I just accepted it with no feelings. That got me thinking about anchors; you know things that affect you in a bad or good way depending on your first experience and the when we get used to something without being attached. Sometimes I feel that way about Tarot cards. I love my cards, but too often, I take them for granted. 

We have lovely weather in Sweden right now, but that depends on who your asking. It's sunny and hot, some like it, in Sweden we have a word - lagom- it means in between. Swedish people in common long for summer and sun, and when it comes, they complain. Me, I work outside in the shadow, take a dip in the pool, and sometimes I get inside. I often compare a reading with the weather forecast. If you know, you can plan after the weather instead of getting burned or drained.

I have been invisible on the outside, but here on this page, backstage I'm translating card by card, some cards a day. Its time to make my text in English, I have thought so for many years, but first, now it feels like an urge.

I have no plans for today, answer some emails, get into the pool, have dinner outside, just enjoying life.

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Cards on the table

By Faith, 2019-03-30
Cards on the table

Funny feeling that I haven’t done a daily spread the last days, since my new book (in Swedish) Tarot, cards on the table, arrived from the printer. It has been a lot of other stuff; I got caught in trying to change the style of my homepages (I don’t dare to touch this one yet). I have been like The Tower upside down, to the left and the right, I got stuck since it didn’t work as I expected. But I have also been in the card 7 of Pentacles; it was time to do the spring cleaning outdoors, cut some trees and bushes, rake and make it look nice. Actually, I have done some good things, but the days have gone too quickly.

Nowadays I don’t care, but if it had been a year ago maybe, or probably I would have been a little sad (5 of Cups), felt powerless (8 of Swords) and frustrated (5 of Wands), now its more the feeling of yeah yeah, okay, dare to care (2 of Swords).

It's like an aperitif for the week to come. It’s the last day for booking readings, from Monday I will only do readings for members of my sites and customers that have ordered before. I think that the fear that I felt from 8 of Cups has been overwhelming, and the fear of not making money. But after years of feeling that it has been stressing its no longer anything I ponder about. I don’t know that I will not get any new customers, instead time to take care of them I’m already connected to.

Sometimes it’s easy to move focus, the most important people in my life should be them that already are in it. That’s the way it has become in all the stress of not being enough. Like taking care of mail conversations (8 of Wands reversed that I also got stuck in), I haven’t had the time or engagement to answer them that already means something for me. I got a lot of mail from people that want a reading for free. Now I can just copy and paste and sort them out. I think that I have had a subconscious thought that if I answer politely maybe the will order someday. Ridiculous, but it also includes that I haven’t noticed myself how incredibly good I am at reading the cards.

Now its other times coming, like The Star, The Moon, and The Sun, for I have already had my awakening in Judgement, it actually feels like The whole World is mine. But like anything else, it's all as it is in all phases. I had to work my way to and through The Tower.

Back in the days when I was young, in the energy of The Magician I released that I wasn’t like anybody else. 😉 That developed to The High Priestess to explore both black and white, the negative and the positive aspects. The I became a woman, a mother in The Empress, learned to stand on my own feet in The Emperor, developed in the energy of The Pope. Finally released that I love myself in The Lovers, started to take responsibility, and not blaming others in The Chariot. The I fund my capacity in Strenght, and then it just a downhill the last years, I was aware that I didn’t take care of my body with The Hermit, got shallow and spontaneous in The Wheel of Fortune, to decide in Justice, take a high jump over The Hanged Man real quick since I been playing around in that energy before Strenght to then change in to Death, find myself in Temperance, become self-fixated and wellbeing in The Devil to now be in the last fall of The Tower.

It feels like a relief, like all the Aces together in my decision, I'm also more ambitious (2 of Wands), more balanced (2 of Pentacles), cooler (2 of Swords). More spontaneous , eager (3 of wands), high over heels in love in all aspects of life (3 of Cups), I plan and develop towards (3 of Pentacles), to create a happy standing (4 of Wands) with more structure (4 of Pentacles), the stress isn’t something I’m going to affect me (all the Fives), feeling victory (6 of Wands) from my limits, goal orientated (7 of Swords), in some re-constructing (8 of Pentacles) to reach the inner harmony (9 of Cups) without tear myself apart (9 of Wands reversed) to reach togetherness and harmony (10 of Pentacles and Cups).

I may have missed some cards, but they don’t feel like they should pay any attention in my life, the fact is that only one card can tell it all, if I get them all together, I am in The Sun.

Have you ever giving it a thought what cards that are present in your life?

Back to the book, Tarot, cards on the table (it will be translated), I haven’t opened my own book yet, just browsed through it quickly, I know I will get stuck, funny that I love this book so much. But its only one book in that way, it’s unique in its (my) way to express what Tarot is all about.

Now I will open a new (old) book that will be printed next; the goal is to get all my books (again) out in the market, this is a weekend when I’m home, enjoying pottering with my stuff.


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A new year

By Faith, 2019-01-02
A new year

And its time for some New Years resolutions ;)
I had the ambition to translate my blogs here, and I did but then I didn't make the time, a lot of my private life came between as sorrows and not so good health combined with a lot of work in Swedish. But in Sweden, we have a saying - shame to the one giving up. I will do my best this year.

That's why I started this year with some lines in this blog with the purpose to continue to maybe translate or just write something different than in Swedish. The only thing I have done in English this autumn is to start translating some of my books, the easy ones, or the one that only has about 100 pages. I have given out five books from September to December in Swedish, two about Tarot, one that is a starter book and one about how I read the cards, that book follows with every reading I do, a way for the one that orders a reading to understand how I think. The second book is about my Yiangcards, just one page about every card, and that is the first one I started to translate. I have also written a book about readings in the aura and in colors that follows with aura readings, but that is also a learning book. The fourth book is about astrology and Tarot, two things I really like to combine. And the fifth book is called Spiritual Inspiration, part 1 and is from my Swedish homepage, a distance self-learning workshop. The first part is about past lives, astrology, aura, and colors. And some other things about getting spiritual inspiration in daily life.

 If I look back to 2018 it was an interesting year, but I will make 2019 on of the best years, and also in English. Today I have also done my first reading in English, that's a good way to start a new year. I ended 2018 being sick, a cold but then it can only be better. Today has been my first working day for the year. I have done some changes on my Swedish homepage for my members, on the self-study course, done some working on the page for astrology. Some readings and now this blog, I will go to sleep contempt, feeling joyfully for this years beginning and looking forward to starting going over this English homepage tomorrow. 

I have also started with a word for each day, to be on my fan page on Facebook and the first word is one of my favorites. 

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