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Invisible= occupied

By Faith, 2019-07-27

I have had a spring and beginning om summer that was one of my most low in energy, but if we don't get the bad its hard to appreciate the good. But my headline was more for this week. 

I have been to Gotland, and Swedish Island that is just beautiful, but most beautiful are my friends there. I have been there for 20 years at summertime, often in combination with a new are an exhibition that I started for about 20 years ago. Now its a friend that takes care of it and I'm just participating.

I was looking forward to coming home at Monday, nothing on my schedule, but that changes quickly, readings and then I got the bright idea to get some text in my page for Tarot (in Swedish). I had written a book called "Tarot, card by card" and I wanted it to be a part of my distance course, but then I also had to insert text about astrology and numerology, and then my lazy days were over, not even began. I got caught up in the texts and then on Friday when I was done, then my websites also went down, a glitch of php. I just went to sleep.

I'm grateful that its summer, I got a lot of wild boars running around nighttime, they are noisy and so are my dogs too. But one sound that makes me happy every summer is the fan (a big one) since I live on the countryside and its harvest time, I love that sound, started to think maybe its because it sounds just like the ferry every time I go to Gotland. We all love different things; when I moved here I was excited every time the castle that is next door fired up some fireworks, I just let go of what was in my hands to run outside. I got the message that it will be firework tonight and I just accepted it with no feelings. That got me thinking about anchors; you know things that affect you in a bad or good way depending on your first experience and the when we get used to something without being attached. Sometimes I feel that way about Tarot cards. I love my cards, but too often, I take them for granted. 

We have lovely weather in Sweden right now, but that depends on who your asking. It's sunny and hot, some like it, in Sweden we have a word - lagom- it means in between. Swedish people in common long for summer and sun, and when it comes, they complain. Me, I work outside in the shadow, take a dip in the pool, and sometimes I get inside. I often compare a reading with the weather forecast. If you know, you can plan after the weather instead of getting burned or drained.

I have been invisible on the outside, but here on this page, backstage I'm translating card by card, some cards a day. Its time to make my text in English, I have thought so for many years, but first, now it feels like an urge.

I have no plans for today, answer some emails, get into the pool, have dinner outside, just enjoying life.

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Cards on the table

By Faith, 2019-03-30
Cards on the table

Funny feeling that I haven’t done a daily spread the last days, since my new book (in Swedish) Tarot, cards on the table, arrived from the printer. It has been a lot of other stuff; I got caught in trying to change the style of my homepages (I don’t dare to touch this one yet). I have been like The Tower upside down, to the left and the right, I got stuck since it didn’t work as I expected. But I have also been in the card 7 of Pentacles; it was time to do the spring cleaning outdoors, cut some trees and bushes, rake and make it look nice. Actually, I have done some good things, but the days have gone too quickly.

Nowadays I don’t care, but if it had been a year ago maybe, or probably I would have been a little sad (5 of Cups), felt powerless (8 of Swords) and frustrated (5 of Wands), now its more the feeling of yeah yeah, okay, dare to care (2 of Swords).

It's like an aperitif for the week to come. It’s the last day for booking readings, from Monday I will only do readings for members of my sites and customers that have ordered before. I think that the fear that I felt from 8 of Cups has been overwhelming, and the fear of not making money. But after years of feeling that it has been stressing its no longer anything I ponder about. I don’t know that I will not get any new customers, instead time to take care of them I’m already connected to.

Sometimes it’s easy to move focus, the most important people in my life should be them that already are in it. That’s the way it has become in all the stress of not being enough. Like taking care of mail conversations (8 of Wands reversed that I also got stuck in), I haven’t had the time or engagement to answer them that already means something for me. I got a lot of mail from people that want a reading for free. Now I can just copy and paste and sort them out. I think that I have had a subconscious thought that if I answer politely maybe the will order someday. Ridiculous, but it also includes that I haven’t noticed myself how incredibly good I am at reading the cards.

Now its other times coming, like The Star, The Moon, and The Sun, for I have already had my awakening in Judgement, it actually feels like The whole World is mine. But like anything else, it's all as it is in all phases. I had to work my way to and through The Tower.

Back in the days when I was young, in the energy of The Magician I released that I wasn’t like anybody else. 😉 That developed to The High Priestess to explore both black and white, the negative and the positive aspects. The I became a woman, a mother in The Empress, learned to stand on my own feet in The Emperor, developed in the energy of The Pope. Finally released that I love myself in The Lovers, started to take responsibility, and not blaming others in The Chariot. The I fund my capacity in Strenght, and then it just a downhill the last years, I was aware that I didn’t take care of my body with The Hermit, got shallow and spontaneous in The Wheel of Fortune, to decide in Justice, take a high jump over The Hanged Man real quick since I been playing around in that energy before Strenght to then change in to Death, find myself in Temperance, become self-fixated and wellbeing in The Devil to now be in the last fall of The Tower.

It feels like a relief, like all the Aces together in my decision, I'm also more ambitious (2 of Wands), more balanced (2 of Pentacles), cooler (2 of Swords). More spontaneous , eager (3 of wands), high over heels in love in all aspects of life (3 of Cups), I plan and develop towards (3 of Pentacles), to create a happy standing (4 of Wands) with more structure (4 of Pentacles), the stress isn’t something I’m going to affect me (all the Fives), feeling victory (6 of Wands) from my limits, goal orientated (7 of Swords), in some re-constructing (8 of Pentacles) to reach the inner harmony (9 of Cups) without tear myself apart (9 of Wands reversed) to reach togetherness and harmony (10 of Pentacles and Cups).

I may have missed some cards, but they don’t feel like they should pay any attention in my life, the fact is that only one card can tell it all, if I get them all together, I am in The Sun.

Have you ever giving it a thought what cards that are present in your life?

Back to the book, Tarot, cards on the table (it will be translated), I haven’t opened my own book yet, just browsed through it quickly, I know I will get stuck, funny that I love this book so much. But its only one book in that way, it’s unique in its (my) way to express what Tarot is all about.

Now I will open a new (old) book that will be printed next; the goal is to get all my books (again) out in the market, this is a weekend when I’m home, enjoying pottering with my stuff.


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A new year

By Faith, 2019-01-02
A new year

And its time for some New Years resolutions ;)
I had the ambition to translate my blogs here, and I did but then I didn't make the time, a lot of my private life came between as sorrows and not so good health combined with a lot of work in Swedish. But in Sweden, we have a saying - shame to the one giving up. I will do my best this year.

That's why I started this year with some lines in this blog with the purpose to continue to maybe translate or just write something different than in Swedish. The only thing I have done in English this autumn is to start translating some of my books, the easy ones, or the one that only has about 100 pages. I have given out five books from September to December in Swedish, two about Tarot, one that is a starter book and one about how I read the cards, that book follows with every reading I do, a way for the one that orders a reading to understand how I think. The second book is about my Yiangcards, just one page about every card, and that is the first one I started to translate. I have also written a book about readings in the aura and in colors that follows with aura readings, but that is also a learning book. The fourth book is about astrology and Tarot, two things I really like to combine. And the fifth book is called Spiritual Inspiration, part 1 and is from my Swedish homepage, a distance self-learning workshop. The first part is about past lives, astrology, aura, and colors. And some other things about getting spiritual inspiration in daily life.

 If I look back to 2018 it was an interesting year, but I will make 2019 on of the best years, and also in English. Today I have also done my first reading in English, that's a good way to start a new year. I ended 2018 being sick, a cold but then it can only be better. Today has been my first working day for the year. I have done some changes on my Swedish homepage for my members, on the self-study course, done some working on the page for astrology. Some readings and now this blog, I will go to sleep contempt, feeling joyfully for this years beginning and looking forward to starting going over this English homepage tomorrow. 

I have also started with a word for each day, to be on my fan page on Facebook and the first word is one of my favorites. 

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Being in the energy of four

By Faith, 2018-08-23
Being in the energy of four

Did you know that I started to interpret Tarot when I was 14 years old when I lived in Nottingham, England?  My first deck was a Rider-Waite and with it followed a small "pamphlet" that had a short text about each card. At that time, I didn’t understand that Tarot was a system, a perfect one, for me it was 78 completely separate cards. Today there are five suites, some called Major Arcana with 22 archetypal life events and then four suites that have the Cards Aces (1) to 10 as we can read out more numerological as well as four personality cards; Page, Knight, Queen and King who are different phases that we can be. Each suite based on an element, such as rods that are fire. Fire is the driving force, the action of energy.

Over the years, different decks have shuffled in my hands, except Rider Waite who has always been my favorite, I have also interpreted in Thoth, Connolys, Hanson Roberts and many more and since 2013, my Prisma Tarot deck has been my favorite, probably because the foundation created as I want to see It. What is nice about development is new insights, Prisma Tarot is sold out, I hold two decks in reserve. But I've also started to create a new version of it. 4 of wands is what you see in the picture. 

The basic idea of the new version is to allow all element entities to appear more clearly in their element; this is the Salamander, the essence of the fire element. Prisma Tarot had a white background; this version will have a black background but also four circles. One in every corner, in one, Yiang symbol will be, in the next one totem animals, in the third the astrological symbol and the fourth the crystal that carries the card's energy. 

Already in 1996, I created my first Tarot deck, it was called Crystal Wolf, Ylva means wolfness in Latin and that deck also had power animals and painted crystals. Now, many years after, it feels like I found the wholeness of the two and the suit of Wands is painted. I am not able to paint proper, I have my style, I am well aware, but I do not think Picasso could paint either ;)

For me it is essential to the wholeness on each card, to get the most important aspects that give clues to the card's energy for pictures can be significant. Yes you know, a picture says more than a thousand words. Hum, almost that I was attempted to write 1000 words about every card:)

My suit of Wands in the new Prisma Tarot has the salamanders as the entity; they are "burning" essence, which shows what they are passionate about and wands are the energy that has fire as a driving force. It should happen something all the time. There is only one "negative" card in the suit of wands, and that's  5 of Wands that indicates frustration, that is when nothing happens or happens what we craved. 

The entire deck background will be black (as on my version of Crystal Wolf), partly to bring out the colors but not only that, black is the color that contains all the colors, that is to say, all energies. The rod is a symbol of the wands, it is the same thing, a rod, a wand, something that is of wood that burns quickly, but they are not burning on all the cards, but I will explain that with each card.

On this card, the salamander stands and holds two wands, which is equal to ambition, and he has two wands next to him that are already created by the ambition. He owns what he created, just as it is with 4 of wands that according to old tradition shows betrothal but then not for the thought of love. Instead, its given that association for creating more massive land. And so it is with 4 of Wands, experience from it started in the Aces of Wands, the ambition of 2 of Wands, the impulsive, what dares evolve in 3 of wands to own the control, the structure found in a four in 4 of Wands.

Today I feel like 4 of wands; I have made all previous bookings, the horoscope is ready, I now have time for me to answer my mailbox, my folders to be sorted after the data crash. Easier now because I've been in that turn earlier and have most of it on an external hard drive and in the cloud. The wisdom that comes with a 4th after going through the restarts of the way of operation that is in the aces of rods.

I own my situation, just like with 4 of Wands. But after 4 of Wands will 5 of Wands come, remember? Frustration will probably be a bit in it because I want to both continue painting my deck, write my book on Tarot for readings while I have the privilege of having conversations through my page and Inspirit workshop. But I've been there before too. Therefore I thought to slip through that aspect quickly to land in 6 of Wands 

Though all beginnings start with Ace of Wands (neither with the hen or the egg) and you can go into that energy now. Start reading the text on the subject Tarot that you find here. Take the opportunity, dust off your deck, do a spread and start taking control of your energies, just like 4 of Wands indicates. 


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A new week

By Faith, 2018-02-26
A new week


I have an expectation that I will be in my best shape at the start of the week. For some days I've been completely dizzy since I have TBE (cephalitis of tick) and get some dips now and then. Its been so bad I haven't even been able to be on the computer. But one day I manage to put some of my private books up for sale, and wow, they are rare, some are even out of printing. One of the books I want to sell someone had already out for $600.

And talking about being out of order, I got my first review if my book Tarot, cards on the table. Sometimes it's not easy with different cultures even if we, Swedes think in some way were alike the European and American. In Swedish, its a book without any headlines, it's like a flow, lite a course with me, but you can put the book away, or can you? ;) I wonder if I should write a similar book about Aura. Like Aura, the colors on the body? Hun, on or in? For its both, what will I then choose, the colors through the body? I would like the title to be as clever as my Tarot book is in Swedish, but not with that title. But when I think about, I have already written that book, but not with a clever title it is - Ylvas aura letters. 

Its lucky (read the perfect syncronize) that I have started with simpleology, for tomorrow is my last day for the orange belt. And it has been easy for I already made the assignments that I was supposed to do, just checking out that I have control over it. Feels kind of funny that I started with something and that it later was in a course, its a lot of cleaning up. And what time I save to have fewer things and more organized. Before I had everything in order in the unordered, and now I have just order. 

I have a daily schedule that has fallen apart the last days. I'm lucky its Monday and a new week tomorrow and that I'm now sitting up can think, that means that its the usual scatterbrained me. I had a good day, a blog created at Yiang, then rested on the sofa to some movies, and then a blog on my page. But I'm excited for this week to come, even though it's so cold outside, I have to go outdoors now and then since they are tearing down my old house that is only two houses away. It feels like an epoch is ending, the first home that was "mine," where I lived alone, and that was my safety. I realize it will be an emotional relief when the house is gone, at the moment I have a home that I love, and that peculiar feeling to see my old home every time I go outside, and it's only a shell left. Half the house is torn down, and its funny that they are tearing it apart now when I'm into all this cleaning up stuff, all the old shall be buried. 

In connection with my blog on Yiang, I had some thoughts, and most peculiar is that I'm so pleased with my life (or maybe I'm confused before, at the now and later TBE) because I don't feel like I have any spiritual questions at all. It feels like I should have, deep, hard, insights but instead, I'm in the faith with my soul, and it knows what its doing, even with TBE it makes me relax. 


This morning I take a deep breath because I felt that I still was dizzy from TBE even though I felt so well last night. But I went outside to see how far they got with tearing my old house apart, darn its cold outside. 

Then I sat down at the computer and opened a mail for the review of my book in English. And now its really dizzy in my head and not from TBE (a little maybe but) Now I have to think about getting rid of my home blindness, my own values and what I think is a winning concept in the way I created that book, it needs headlines (me don't like). *sigh* That was one of the cool things with the book, no headlines, just a flow, but I can understand that some people need it, instead of them who love my books with no headlines, that read it in a flow from the first page as the intention was. And it's the only book I, myself read from the first page. But I had to ransack myself. How do I read books? If I was given a book of Poker, where would I start even if the author told me to start on page 1. I would turn some pages, jump from one chapter to another (because it had chapters ;) ) and I would be confused if I didn't find any. *a double sigh*

And in that sighing, I also made a sigh for time, for the first in a long time. Yep, only to get going, work a lot since I'm now also some days behind. Readings should be priority one. And in that I know that I have all the readings for them who bought a year reading with 3 months predictions. But for once, that was something good with my dizziness.  I was so sure they were to be done now, but its a month left and I felt like a had some days added. 

Then it was the next event through a status on Facebook; a newspaper had an article about a fraud, some company that has a psychic telephone line and they not even psychic. Then I know that my telephone line is needed and that makes me thing how long can I just put my head in the sand? I want to have it, and then I hate to be stuck on time, I cant answer in the morning or even worse in the evening and at daytime, nobody calls. This is something I need to find an answer to. Please God, thanks for your guidance, Thanks.

Some guidance may I already got, from the daily letter from Neale Donald Walsch.
On this day of your life
Dear Friend, I believe God wants you to know ...
 ... that "Why is this happening?" is the most useless
question in the Universe.
The only really profitable question is, "What?" As in,
"What do I choose now?" This question empowers.
The "why" question simply perplexes, and rarely
satisfies even when it gets a good answer.
So don't try to "figure it out." Stop it. Just focus on
what you now wish to create. Keep moving forward.
There's nothing behind you that can serve
you better than your highest thoughts about tomorrow.

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By Faith, 2018-02-19

That is the feeling that I'm in after the weekend.

Astounded that I made it home alive. For I have been in Gothenburg for a fair this weekend. Snowstorm mixed with rain and on the line to being minus degrees. Maniacs in traffic that has driven by at a very high speed where it's not being allowed to pass, and I have kept the pace that was allowed. I stopped halfway home after an accident that didn't seem to look good. Went into a gas station and a guy, brat type said that he wondered if he would make it to a town a bit longer than me. I said, good luck, I'm wondering if I will make it to my town. He looked at my keys and said - You have nothing to worry about, you're driving a Saab. But then he said - You can have my car, it's also a Saab, it's newer, the black one over there and I can take my Jaguar. Surely an astounding moment, but I chose to drive home in my turquoise Saab.

Its times like this I ponder about life, about living I mean. For unfortunately there is a lot of people that die every year in this kind of weather. I'm also astounded that I have become so cool (cause I'm usual very dramatic) after the course with Neale that was about death. Now I know that if I should die my soul has decided that and I'm totally convinced that my soul is smarter than my ego. But that doesn't take away the responsibility to drive safe (even when the cards are on my side). To drive safe is not only about me, or if I go off the road, it's also about all the other people on the road. These lunatics that drives like its a fire in their asses don't care about others, and before I could get so pissed off (because I was afraid) and now I only get irritated and think a lot of love and hope that they will get some sense in their minds.

I'm also astounded for all the positive response I got at the fair, for I have only had my books with me, not doing any readings at fairs anymore and a lot of books was sold. I also had to lectures about "Living more colorful." Many came to speak with me afterwards and thanking med for one of the best lectures and on my last lecture a woman said that it was the best at the fair. Guess if I'm "cocky"? And when I got home this message was om my Facebook page (private). " And I must say its awesome. Ylva, now you have outperformed yourself and probably a lot more. First time I see a deck of cards that has so many answers through one card in a lot of different levels".

She means my deck of Yiang and book. I have understood that it's not all (yet) that has recognized how fantastical Yiang is, a perfect tool. But some are smart. You read more and order your deck on this link  www.yiangsymbol.com (and I'm translating the book).

On the other side Im not astoundish over white toes and coldness in my body for this is the fair that is the coldest of them all, open door and Im always get my place in the wind, this time I was prepared with a lot of clothes but forgot warmer shoes. 

But I haven't been working all the time, I have spent time with some of my dearest friends that have taking good care of me,  I got a luxury dinner and a desert of Pina Colada fluff and played Monopoly (Nintendo version) for a lot of hours, and I won, sure enough. Astounding of how loved I feel.

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By Faith, 2018-02-14

First, I wish you a happy Valentin Day. In Sweden its called " All Hearts Day" and that can go for all days around the year, as long as you live. There are both positive and negative aspects of a day like this. For some its a lot of expectations, as in getting Valentin cards, a phone call, greetings through media, flowers, chocolate, gifts and dinner and maybe even a proposal. All of that sounds really nice but less nice for the person that has some expectations that not will come thru. Instead, it creates a disappointment and in that most of expectations.

Expectations could be a terrible experience. Something that is build up of feelings and thoughts, an inner desire for confirmation. Probably it's more times it will be more of a disappointment than the happiness of this expectations. Maybe you will be in the feeling that someone abandons you, not seeing you and don't confirm you. It can be tough, but I know someone that it's almost the saddest to be let down by and its the one that probably abandons you most. You.

Isn't so that you have a choice, you can choose to have expectations from others, but what kind och expectations do you have for yourself? I believe that most of us betray ourselves to many times. But what about love, you may think? Can I be in a relationship with myself? Yeah, of course, you can. Tip! Give yourself something loving today. Listen to yourself, what do you have to offer? positive thoughts, make some goals come thru. Take a lovely walk or maybe a delicious cake. Maybe a good dinner, your favorite or something else that you would appreciate. Myself I'm looking forward to dinner, one of my favorite dishes. But on the other hand, I'm always childish in love with myself (can you blame me? ).

I have had days with inner processes about values. One of them has to do with media. I haven't been on Facebook, my private page as much as I would, it takes to much time and energy and that means I also miss out a lot of my dearest friends. Now I will unfriend a lot of "friends" the ones I meet to courses, customers and only have my page for my nearest friends. Mixed emotion because I get happy everytime someone makes a friend request but I need some privacy with my friends.

This year I started with Simpeology and I have gone thru most everything in my home, with my self and started with things on my computer and now also Facebook. This will, I hope, give me time to be social with the ones I love since most of my time is about work (writing). But I do have my fan page and it's more fun, for all that like my work. I even got my Instagram connected to my fan page. And almost every day I make a status on that page. 

Everything has its time, so even expectations, that I have for the weekend, going on the first exhibition for this year. 

One thing that you can expect, or not because it already is. I'm so grateful that you have taken the time to read this.
A bunch of love to you

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The bliss

By Faith, 2017-09-23

After three months I'm now back in Medford for a new retreat with Neale Donald Walsch. This time "Home with God".

No blog for three months because I have had a full-time with life in Swedish and now I'm in a bliss of happiness for having the key to find all answers.

I will be back here with the same text as on my Swedish page, but at the moment I'm in this bliss and my brain has just gone into a relaxing mode.

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