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Ylva 7.0

By Faith, 2022-03-10
Ylva 7.0

Yep! That's it, you know, when we usually say we're evolving to 2.0, hm, I've passed that stage (in my world). After all the years of development, courses with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Neale Donald Walsch, Arielle Ford, among others. I have now advanced all writing courses that I have had combined with my everyday life.

Last week I trained as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer. It started with the fact that many years ago, I signed up to get "Notes from the Universe" for a 21-day event in January, the feeling of finally getting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Shit, I'm 62 years old (young with lots of experience); it's taken time, but what time, what challenges, what knowledge I've created. But only now did the piece of the puzzle come that made me understand what I was subconsciously driven towards. Maybe I sound excited, but that's just the basis of life right now.

I still look the same (haha) even though I don't feel the same inside.

It feels like everything I have been doing has been given a common thread. For so many years, I have had an inner conflict with divination; I want to inspire.

Now I have the tools; my whole perception of life was gathered these days. I am in senseless happiness, a joy felt in my stomach, much like butterflies. I understand all the challenges I have gone through, the ones that my soul has created for me to come to insight, the knowledge that we all create our lives. I always thought, but not taken control of before except as in the sentence before, only blamed on my soul.

If you've been following me for a while, you've probably taken part in all the twists and turns; I've never felt sorry for myself no matter what the situation, but bit together, trusted that God has a plan. Now I have the plan. This does not mean that everything in life has fallen into place; it would be downright boring. But no matter what "trouble" is left, I'm so happy; it does not matter. The insight is that thanks to all the hassle, I know where the resources are to create.

Life is a beautiful challenge, but it also pays attention to everything that creates opportunities. In my ecstasy, I have put together two separate times for a course in Infinite Possibilities (in Swedish). Jippie :)
 the first time I have a course in materials that are not mine but which I can handle with experience inspire from because that is what drives me, to inspire to find their potential.

The saying - Life is perfect just as it is right now - lasts longer than before; no matter what is going on in life, it is about creating the best of life.

I take the opportunity to say that I have never frozen as much in my entire life as I have done lately (even though I live in Spain). In the evening, I have also had my most exclusive (read most expensive) web meeting here; the electricity tariff was up for an hour at 700$; wow! Before, I had panicked; now, I thought that cool, talk about exclusive and cozy with lit candles (a feeling I have not had since our house burned down).

There are cleansings to the right and left uncertainty, but I am not lost anymore. I have this good feeling inside me, knowing that I have been on the right track but have not dared to trust my GPS. But hallelujah, life here is me.

What's going on in my life (publicly) is the perfection of recorded text from my books, which made my voice collapse felt like a thorny ball in the middle of my throat. I review distance courses; I have three educations, every other Sunday = Tarot, every other Tuesday I alternate runes and aura and colors. Wednesday evenings, there is a distance course in the Celtic Cross. I translate texts from Swedish to English simultaneously as I study Spanish with the conviction that I will speak fluently at some point. I have let go of my worry of not being understood or instead laughed at by Swedish for my English, for shit I know Swedish, English and a little Spanish, not bad pinked by a wooden horse, type. In my everyday life, I have a new family member, I do some gardening, and have some chaos about the house. Still, I think that is more focused on now, as I have understood the meaning of "Thoughts become things."

We can focus thoughts on one thing and the other, mine are more focused now, with acceptance the times I miss that "what we resist, remains" but shit the same, the feeling in the stomach is wow, I suspect there are days, moments with challenges but play a role. Ah, I'm more relaxed than before, though challenges have only dragged me down for shorter periods. I now have the tools to handle them better. I share them with me in my new courses. *Bounces of anticipation in the chair ".

Now I'm going out in the sun, warming up my voice (warmer outside than inside). Drinking a cup of coffee is in gratitude because, as usual, gratitude is essential.

Ps. 7 is my favorite number; that's why 7.0 because I feel me.

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To be in the now

By Faith, 2022-02-20
To be in the now

Reflections are probably what I think of when it comes to being in the present. That's when I think about how stressed I have been, even though I had the impression that I was cool. Stress is an interesting word; we often throw it around us, "I'm so stressed," "do not stress me up," "stress down," and so on. I often think about what stress is like now when I'm past that, although I feel that it is the wrong word. As for my reflection, I should instead have written that I have been so pressured by myself. Of my demands, of fear, but also the urging for experiences.

I'm slipping into another phase, more that of being in the now. There are few moments I have only been in what is, but all the time, internal demands for an interpretation, a text, a course, a blog, a website. But now I do more what is in the moment than unpretentious, although I have a basis, but do not feel this pressure that previously took more energy than it gave. Before, I was stressed that time was not enough. Now I do not care as much; I do what I do for the moment. Still have specific planning, as now for the week, which consists of monthly interpretations, it is once a month, a week when I am entirely into interpretations. They are the most important thing that week; everything else comes second, except for the web meetings for education that I have on Tuesdays. It's a good mix, a Tuesday about runes and aura and colors.

Yesterday I did not turn off the computer at 3 pm that I started with this year to get family time. Yesterday I did not even start it. I started the morning with many hours at the kitchen table with my loved ones, in conversation playing Uno, to be, having dinner, then sitting on the couch watching a series (Supernatural that I did not take the time to see to the end before), I in the middle, each dog on the side, crocheted on a curtain.

Right now, I bake crepes while I blog, multitask as usual, but now without stress, wonderful morning, me, the computer, a cup of coffee, and the smell of crepes. Tonight I have part 12 of the Tarot training; it is unbelievable that we have had 12 web meetings 12 personal conversations; the conversations often make me sit with tears in my eyes because I am so delighted with the knowledge I encounter.

This year, I saw in my cards a little different from previous years; maybe I'm tired of challenges, or will the knowledge I gained be enough for a while to come? I wrote last that I would create a page about myself as a teacher, haha, today maybe, it depends, if the desire arises, first preparations for the Tarot training where all texts will be on the course profile, then preparations for the meeting with the inner circle tonight there we'll talk about dreams. I will also be outside in between because after a gray day with a storm (which was calmer than expected), we are expecting sun today, which means a little gardening.

It has become that Saturdays are my free day because I often have web meetings on Sundays. Not because the day itself has any significance for me, I have never worked weekdays 8-5 instead usually weekends, but good to follow a little in other people's routines, now after two years here they are mixed with what are holidays here or in Sweden but even in the United States, a heavenly craft.

I am happy; I am in a phase in my everyday life that I also have the privilege of having fantastic participants in my education, meetings that make me feel that all the knowledge that I have, that I have active, all the ability that they have I get to be a part of pushing it. But now I will be in the present even though I long until this afternoon, hours left to experience lots.

Outside it blooms, so amazing these flowers that return year after year, like pink stars on branches; even almond trees glow pink and white. Colors in nature it is also happy to experience.

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All days are special

By Faith, 2022-02-04
All days are special

But some days we can create something extra, there is something to celebrate every day, find the reason. I found one yesterday; after a few days in a deep dive of TBE again (meningitis of tick 2009) came February 3rd. 2 years since I was on Swedish soil, two years since my daughter and my dogs landed at home with me. After tiring days, we took a trip to Alicante, then a salty "pool" to be a little healthy. +23 and radiant sun, but in that water, it is always around 20 degrees, relatively cool, in the middle of the "pool" new water bubbled up, it is about two dl salt in a liter of water, I was completely white on my body after.

I will now continue for work, always the worst after a few days' absences, but I try not to be stressed have my to-do list. I have a web meeting on Sunday, the eleventh (shit, what time goes by) for the Tarot training, and a meeting for the inner circle. Tuesday is the first web meeting for the Aura education, but otherwise probably the quietest week in several years.

I'm writing a lot about my aura education, because there are places left in the Swedish course; I am working on translating it to English, it's a lot to write. But it will start in May. Maybe you don't have the same thoughts as me, that your aura is equal to your soul, your chakras are comparable to your energy supply, colors the energy. I have put together a fantastic education with crystals and interpret animal auras. You developed through all texts (audio files) meetings over Zoom both privately and in groups. Also, if you feel unsure about Zoom, I'll be happy to show you how it works. The price also is more than friendly, this time. ;)

But if you feel insecure if I am the right one to get knowledge from, start with my distance course in "Chakras and colors," you can deduct the sum from it if you wish to continue. It is part of the education. You can also keep an eye on my page for the topic "My colorshades," where I occasionally add a new Yiang card. Yiang is also part of the training, which means you have a tool to interpret colors with, except if you want to make aura interpretations. You can also lay the cards, interpret, a guide through them. There is, of course, more text in the training material.

Today is a special day, maybe the day when you have red and purple energies, or when you break a pattern or create new opportunities; the choice is yours because life is quite fantastic.

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2 years today

By Faith, 2021-12-18
2 years today

Today it's two years that I have lived here in Spain, moved in the day before my 60th birthday, oh my god, what time goes by, two years of lots of experience that I do not want to be without even though I have often wondered if I would get gray hair?

Less than a week left until Christmas Eve, this whole week is mixed with work and Christmas coziness. That's powerful. Tomorrow on my birthday, it's a blessing to have Tarot education, one of the better ideas I've had. Both the meetings and the personal conversations create happiness. Maybe because I'm a Tarot nerd, as one of the participants commented, and it's also a full moon 5:37 am in Gemini's sign on my birthday that feels like a fantastic gift.

Today I have made my first initiation for a participant for the Runmagi education, which starts on Tuesday. I hope that also will be one of my best ideas because some want the foundation, some understand that there is so much more than a "regular" course is not enough. Feeling hugely privileged.

Here in Ibi, it is the world's coolest Christmas market with camels, among other things, and I miss it because the weather does not appeal to me to go down to town, puncture on my car so that I will work on instead. Maybe I'll have time for a visit on Monday. I suspect that the weather gods are on my side; the forecast is +17 over the Christmas weekend, I do not see it snowing to my happiness.

My planning is progressing, everything for the Christmas week is fixed; I have an overview of next year tomorrow when my gift to myself is some hours where I lay my cards for the coming year, it will be so exciting especially considering what the world looks like right now. But I usually summarize a year from the interpretations I make; so far, no one has collapsed, neither wax-free nor waxed. I marvel at all the restrictions that appear everywhere, or can the acceptable cards consist of everyone just being in what is?

In 2022, I have planned it to be a year for books and educations. The Tarot training is until May, the Run magician training is until April, then Aura and the color training start in February (the Swedish ones haven't made plans for them in English yet), but there are also some courses and meetings. I have some previous books to rewrite and some in my head.

Looking forward to this and grateful for the Internet, I was too early already in the early 2000s; I offered interpretations over Skype, but only now does it seem like sitting at home for meetings is developing. It's a blessing every time we have meetings over the web.

A bit exciting numerologically with the year of the sixth (2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6). I am number one, so the year is about the power of the seventh, my favorite number. Also, if I add up the year, I get 19 (10 = 1). These are my numerological numbers; it comforts me to turn 62 (read 39), for it feels like a boring number; 63 sounds nicer, but better to look at what the year means as age has the meaning we give it.

Want to know your year? Then click here where I present it according to Tarot >>>.

I hope you have a Christmas feeling, harmony, joy, and positive expectations

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Wonderfully scatterbrained

By Faith, 2021-11-19
Wonderfully scatterbrained

I'm not the one to react to the full moon, but today I have decided to use the energies of Taurus' power to create security. For a structure that is something that I'm already in, more with the word re before, restructuring. I am so wonderfully divided right now between texts (reading through) for the weekend's sixth part of the Tarot education, where I'm delighted for everything that goes according to my planning (I'm not known to have it as a strength). Then I write the horoscope for the next period (in time, four days left), I have web meetings for the Tarot education, but now only one left, combined with annual interpretations. Then I put others to work for the restructuring of the websites.

But fragmented or scatterbrained are maybe the wrong words, even though I feel that way sometimes, though I listen more to my feelings, do what feels most inspiring at the moment. When it gets too much, I sit down at the Christmas puzzle until I feel like I want to throw all the pieces out the window (it does not take long, I probably get three pieces at a time).

On top of that, it is also a private life with Christmas decorations, meals, practical things such as laundry, socializing; some of my course participants have commented, if I never sleep? I answer emails at five o'clock and so on. This season is more creative for me, but I have honestly gone to bed before one o'clock of the last weeks, but up early; in summer, I get to bed at three but like to sleep until nine. I have the most beautiful mornings; take Max (my dog) down to the cozy room; we call it the TV room, but well, this with the TV is not included in my life. Then we snuggle together on the sofa, share a blanket, a cup of coffee for me, the spread of the day, a little check on the situation via the media, then interpretations until the rest of the house starts to move. It is calm and quiet as long as the neighboring dogs don't start barking at dogs that pass by, then Max also starts.

I'm done with one page, my new one for colors, aura, chakras, and crystals, www.mycolorshades.com, first. It would only be for English, but then I decided to have my page for me, then the one for colors; the rune page is in both Swedish and English. What remains now are some films for the rune page since I have taken this with courses to a new level. They will be available as self-study courses where you can "buy in" at all web meetings.

This means that you can already book yourself today on the self-study course "chakras and colors," if you then want more support, development with others, you can book the web meetings. There is a lot to take in with colors, but at the same time, the most important thing for it is about the soul, energies, vibrations, frequencies as well as limitations, challenges such as self-insight and more possibilities.

All courses will be available with audio files, partly for those who have difficulty seeing text, may have problems with vision, have dyslexia, or do not want to read. We are all different. Imagine that my first distance course was in 2000 in letter form. 21 years later, I have a fantastic concept, which shows that my idea of ​​making intermediate goals existed even though I was unaware.

The Tarot Academy is the next project; I am now transferring the texts from my Prisma Tarot from my English page, where everything is ready in English for the basic course "Tarot card by card," however, the Swedish texts have not been read yet.

I am not idle but senselessly happy to be creative, to be in my ambition to inspire.

This morning in the full moon, I laid my runes for the coming year. Not surprised to find Thurisaz in the current situation because behind the scenes, it is more or less chaos, which I am still used to dealing with; what would life be without challenges?

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The feeling of the fall

By Faith, 2021-11-11
The feeling of the fall

It's a lot now, but today I got out of my annual winter depression :) It is usually about two days, often associated with the first snow (which we do not have yet).
What? Maybe you think, do not you live in Spain?
Yep, but not in one of the sunny places; instead, up in the mountains, which can mean even snow in the winter and +40 in the summer. We have autumn now; we have had a cold front that made the whole house an igloo type.

I hate winter, I hate freezing, I despise snow, autumn I love, we have a tree that lifts me from time to time that changes in red to yellow, the leaves fall, but today the sun shines, +19, after a few dark days that now a night with rain and expected thunder, the day was an experience, in many ways. I usually spend an hour outdoors arranging; today, I found another snakeskin! So now there are probably only type 6 snakes left to keep track of; this ladder snake that I now know is one of the snakes in the yard (and in the house); they get about ten offspring.

Then I suspect that many people do not know how stale ivy smells when it blooms, plague is one word I could use, disgusting another, and it attracts wasps in abundance.

Yes, now I'm done whining.

I am otherwise so grateful for life; I get up when it is dark, sit in the warmest room with a dog next to me, make interpretations with some cups of coffee. It's like a (book) reading (where I read loud) an exciting story. Today I could eat brunch outdoors (oatmeal porridge) than experience everything outdoors. I have since continued with all projects; there are many now. If you've been around for a while, you know that I change now and then; I see it as an improvement. I have a fantastic team, Annika and Marie, which I will soon present. Right now, we are fixing several things inside the shop because that is where the book profiles are and that everyone who has a customer profile gets an offer (which can even be free) every Monday, and soon it's time for the Christmas calendar.

I am also restructuring at the Tarot Academy, which will also be for English in that subject. This then also means that I restructure this English page. And make videos for the rune page and build a new chakra page (for Swedish and English). Without my fantastic team, this would take longer, so I'm lucky, which I hope in turn will give you more to enjoy in the future in everything I want to inspire.

Speaking of inspiration, I also watch a Christmas movie for dinner every day (yep, Christmas should be for a long time, but I am not allowed to decorate for Christmas until Sunday, counting the days). And yes, a Christmas movie with snow is ok. But one of my dogs, Mimi, knows the art of cuddling; I will learn it in the future because it's not what they say about living like a dog; it is not possible to eat, pee on it, or something like that;)

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By Faith, 2021-10-23

Snakes stand for transformation, now it's just a matter of transforming, like cleaning through the whole house and the back of the yard;)

Yesterday morning I was sitting in a web meeting when I heard a riot, my daughter had the dogs with her, and it turned out to be also a viper. But fantastic kid, she shut out the dogs, fixed out the snake, but it's an experience that creates unease. The mystery is how it got into the second floor, my psychic ability does not work for this, maybe because it is too close or because I am sitting with my legs high with nausea, even today it feels uncomfortable. What was a safe home feels more like a nightmare? It is something that is created by imagination, in combo with a house that has holes in the ground. It's the third snake, two in the pool, and now this one, judging by the size, the same litter, which means that there are probably a few more. So now it must be transformed both in purification and in consciousness. Because it can be a sign, to let go of old skin.

I like snakes, snake energy, at a distance, it's the same with wild boar.

Otherwise, the sun shines after a storm, we have "cold" (+20), it is car racing in the village, so it sounds like Formula 1 at the same time as they shot and bangs, almost like a normal Saturday, but no music from the village instead it was heard 05 this morning. As you may have figured out, there was not much sleep, however, after a lot of surfing on vipers, I feel almost like a snake expert today.

I have had web calls for courses this week, this week to come it will be web calls for November for those who have annual interpretations with monthly interpretations. An intense week that I look forward to.

I have had a few days of a TBE dip combined with the fact that I have lost sleep, so I have received some books in print, in Swedish "Tarot and previous lives", Chakra for chakra and Yiang, the last also in English. I see it as an advantage when all the books will be reprinted.

Now sanitation, you can have fun thinking about whether you need snake energy?

"The lesson of the snake
Are changes, to digest, take in nutrients, preserve it during the period you can get energy from what is ingested. The snake grows, sheds its skin with its development, the old skin creeps out, a new surface emerges, more beautiful. The snake carries with it a strong medicine with its venom, the ability to put its teeth in prey, paralyze it, then digest its venom without being harmed. Dare to change your skin, dare to develop, dare to put your teeth into what you want, or squeeze the most out of your prey. "

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Full moon 10/20 in Aries

By Faith, 2021-10-20
Full moon 10/20 in Aries

The Full Moon in Aries is good energy to become more spontaneous in the feeling, throw yourself into new loving adventures, dare to invest without thinking first. A spontaneous moonlight trip may provide extra excitement. A good time to start new projects with your spiritual development, maybe a spirit contact. Aries strengthens inspiration and new ideas. Benefit from meditations and rituals where you want to start again.

Your emotional energy now is fast and intense. You can experience a lot for the moment but quickly long for something more. You give everything in what is but can have difficulty being present for an extended period if you do not find stimuli and challenges. You may have problems with routines, constantly looking for new emotions to experience. Quick in the feeling, reads the first impulse, intensely passionate. Emotions and longing, empathy, searching for the ultimate.

To meditate to the Moon.
It is an ancient lesson, knowledge. The Moon has always fascinated man through the changes that take place both in nature and within the individual. The Moon is the planet that gives you the energy to grow in your emotions. When it is complete, it can be a surcharge of energy, like the Moon, giving us extra energy - that is, additional emotions. The word and term plural have been created because some more easily absorb these energies and cannot always master them.

At full Moon, there is more energy added by emotions that come up and develop for better or worse, depending on whether you work with them or let the emotions control you. If you choose to meditate at full Moon, you can come in contact with deep feelings, even some subconscious. It can be tricky if you have an emotionally unprocessed part; start carefully. At full Moon, your emotions will have more power, you more energy to reach an inner depth. It is an excellent opportunity to review your emotional reactions, to live with the power of the Moon into your emotional depth.

Meditating on the Moon can be a way to free yourself from old guilt, old emotional traumas, begin to understand, feel more about yourself. You can also concentrate on growing in the feeling, but when something new is going in, something old is going away.

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