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A new year

By: Faith
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A new year

And its time for some New Years resolutions ;)
I had the ambition to translate my blogs here, and I did but then I didn't make the time, a lot of my private life came between as sorrows and not so good health combined with a lot of work in Swedish. But in Sweden, we have a saying - shame to the one giving up. I will do my best this year.

That's why I started this year with some lines in this blog with the purpose to continue to maybe translate or just write something different than in Swedish. The only thing I have done in English this autumn is to start translating some of my books, the easy ones, or the one that only has about 100 pages. I have given out five books from September to December in Swedish, two about Tarot, one that is a starter book and one about how I read the cards, that book follows with every reading I do, a way for the one that orders a reading to understand how I think. The second book is about my Yiangcards, just one page about every card, and that is the first one I started to translate. I have also written a book about readings in the aura and in colors that follows with aura readings, but that is also a learning book. The fourth book is about astrology and Tarot, two things I really like to combine. And the fifth book is called Spiritual Inspiration, part 1 and is from my Swedish homepage, a distance self-learning workshop. The first part is about past lives, astrology, aura, and colors. And some other things about getting spiritual inspiration in daily life.

 If I look back to 2018 it was an interesting year, but I will make 2019 on of the best years, and also in English. Today I have also done my first reading in English, that's a good way to start a new year. I ended 2018 being sick, a cold but then it can only be better. Today has been my first working day for the year. I have done some changes on my Swedish homepage for my members, on the self-study course, done some working on the page for astrology. Some readings and now this blog, I will go to sleep contempt, feeling joyfully for this years beginning and looking forward to starting going over this English homepage tomorrow. 

I have also started with a word for each day, to be on my fan page on Facebook and the first word is one of my favorites. 

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