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Soon August

user image 2019-07-31
By: Faith
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Soon August

August is one of the months each year when I get most booking for readings, and July is the month with almost any bookings at all. Maybe you wondering why?

That is because most people have a similar pattern in life. In July is time for holidays, maybe some weeks on the road in a caravan or a trip abroad, but it's not the time for readings. It's the time to enjoy, desperately being in the moment of each sunny day (in Sweden it's more known to rain a lot) with the insight that hope is the last thing leaving a person. It's supposed to be happy, lazy days, to get all that hasn't been done the previous month.

January and February are often about getting control of the daily life and the finance after all the Christmas gifts, holidays. All the cost for everything that has to experience the darkest days of the year.

In March there is some balance, and then April comes, kind of a cool month, balance in finance. All the love feelings of the spring. Insights about its soon time for the bikini season that creates more structure and goals. 

In May and June, life is often okay, it will be more time being in the garden or to be outdoors in every free moment. Planes for summer, breaking-ups from school, baptize, weddings and summer solstice. Its the time for focusing on experiences happiness, own time, and a lot of pressure to feeling good, and a lot of disappointments when the weather isn't as expected.

July, whole Sweden is standing still, a lot of people are on vacations, wished for deeply, planed and mostly not as wished. Time with nearest and dearest, maybe a caravan holiday that can include sunny days with swimming baths. But it can also be days with a partner that isn't as romantic as wished. Someone that is instead looking down in the can of beer and laying there eyes on the one that thought finally were going to get closer again. Flits, some behind the back, maybe it's the undressed time that creates it or the desire of letting go of responsibilities, to be free. Jealousy, the discontent that starting to grow from the knowledge that everything as a higher prize than planed. And of course there always the opposite.

August, the questions, the ponderings are starting to grow, is it the right partner, does this marriage work? How about educations, are the money enough when everything after summer shall pay? The month with most questions in the time to come of shorter and darker days.

July= not many will order a reading, they want to experience all that they expect from happiness.
August= Insights after July, what will now happen, continue this relationship, will the money be enough, studies, plans.

Did you know that Agust is the month when most people break up from a relation or is in crisis in a relationship? After scuttled expectations to save a relationship under the holidays, a lot that doesn't get as planned. It means that I have the most bookings in August. 

Are you curious about the other months from my perspective?
September, the month with most participants on my workshops and distance courses, both new and already members. More interest in web meetings. The autumn is here, insights starting to grow in what belongs in the number 9 that is the number for September.

October, an in-between month, a month when things continue, and finish with no drama. The cold is getting closer, more plans for the winter to come, the yearning for warmth, changes, relocation, change of work, all that belongs to the number 10, to complete to move on.

November, the dark, the seriousness get put in mind, often the time I use to offer readings for the year to come to give some hope for the future, its the 11th month, that is more about spiritual awareness.

December, a mixed month, one foot in The Hanged Man (12) and the other foot in The Empress (3 = 1+2=3). Stress for all the demands to create the happiest time of Christmas. Worrying about finance, but also joy for Christmas plays. Some panic over Christmas when some feel like they get stuck in The Hanged Man, and some feel like The Empress with all the nearest and dearest visiting. But few are curious to develop their knowledge.

If you have the interest you may think about what patterns there are in the other months; January as 1, Februari as 2, March as 3 and so on.

First I was going to make a status about that you should book a reading with me now, before the everyday daily life catches you, while you still have some money. But instead, it became a blog with the message. Book a reading, because the time to get it is now two weeks, it will be more for each day.
$50 for the rest of the year, recorded on MP3 and put on your profile on my web page. 
How is your planning with studies, workshops, love, and everything else that you have started to plan?

Planes, which you can see in 4 of Pentacles, 7 of Pentacles and The Emperor should be essential to create a firm ground for a reading doesn't only being about your spiritual growth, its also about the ground you have in your daily life, and that is the ground for you to be able to create more harmonious experiences on all levels. All to avoid the lesson in 3 of Swords, for it, can attend if you don't take care of your health, it can attend if there is conflict at work, a crisis in finance or probably in disappointment that love isn't in balance.

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