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Too much Swords?

user image 2019-08-10
By: Faith
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Too much Swords?

A lot of people are scared of the cards from the suit Swords. But they are not all by evil. Sure, to get 3 of Swords isn't something to be happy about but it depends if you pull one card or if you do a spread and then it what position it turns out. Here is the text from my book "Tarot 78 answers" for 3 of Swords, below is more of my thoughts for the day.

1 (spiritual)
With 3 of Swords in the position that indicates your inner, your spiritual desire, and your karma you're now in conflict with yourself, you don't feel well and doubt most everything. You can feel insecure about life and your part. It can be difficult for you to take yourself seriously and you find a part of you that is self-doubting and criticize yourself. You have an insecureness that creates chaos within yourself, and it can also make you messy to others, in that a lot of misunderstandings can be created. It's almost certain that you feel misunderstood and the only way to get past that is to be friends with yourself again.

2 (Red tread)
With 3 of Swords in the position that shows on your key to the spread indicates that its now messy more than ever, conflicts, rough-and-tumble that you need to get through. It can be almost anything from tiny things that makes you confused to big dramas and breakups from someone that hurts you. Fights and discussions in unavoidable, and it affects your whole existence. Can you clean up the mess without taking a fall-out and to be in the conflict and take your responsibility in what is or will you close your eyes, chose not to see it and instead of becoming a martyr? Be aware of the people around you, you and somebody else aren't on good terms, and you can meet resistance in places you never expected.

3 ( Past)
With 3 of Swords in the position that indicates your past, you have now left a conflict behind or a break-up. But the worst part is over; you can clean up the mess and start all over with lesser problems than before. it may have taken a lot of energy, and you can feel hurt, but what has been, has been. Now you must rebuild yourself and look forward to creating the life you chose.

4 (Present time)3 of Swords in the position that indicates on present time may be a conflict will come as a chock, or maybe you're even prepared, but you will not be able to get away. Its time to stop, look at the truth, a conflict will be because something isn't in balance if you can find the imbalance it will be easier for you to get through. It can also be that you're feeling abandoned and end up in a break-up that you didn't expect. But nothing in life is a coincidence, look at the opportunities and chose to move forward instead of looking back on what was good but now hurts, let go of hatred a discomfort, you will not gain anything by worrying.

5 (Soon)
3 of Swords in the position that tells what will come it soon indicates that you soon will be involved in a conflict, something that you can't avoid and it will shake you. Eventually, it will be unexpected, and you may experience despair. It can be trouble about a lot of things, from little bagatelles to enormous break-ups. You can feel despair over that you can't control what happens, and everything fill falls apart and create chaos that you don't know how to handle. But since you now know this in advance, you can be prepared and reduce the most terrible chaos and instead try to find safeness in yourself that you will stand firm in this mess.

6 (Later)
3 of Swords in the last of events in this period it indicates that you can't avoid conflict even if you try hard not to be a part. It will come together; you will most probably lose control; you will be disappointed. But you do have a choice, stop, revalue what is important for you from a logical point of view and take control of your emotions. Refuse to get into discussions and fuss, take a firm standing what suits you the best, and take care of what is yours. Learn to count to ten. Let go of control and dare to try something new, dare to challenge yourself. But also be prepared that it can be conflicts that you can't understand or be prepared for at the moment, seek security around you, stand tall, and take your responsibility.

7 (Ipseity)
3 of Swords indicate that you, as a person, will probably surround yourself with guilt for almost anything. That makes you attack instead of getting your breath. You can feel misunderstood and left outside to your destiny and finding it hard to be calm. You're in chaos and need to find more of harmony inside yourself, tap yourself on the shoulder, let go of old stuff, and learn to move forward without taking al the responsibility and blame. You need to clarify why you feel like you do and not let impotency and anger take control over you. Take yourself seriously, look at things as they are and accept, or face the chaos, but refuse to get in a down position from your thoughts.

8 (Surrounding)
3 of Sword in the surrounding indicate break-ups, trouble, conflicts that dominate your existence, fuss, and worries that gives you nothing but insecurity. It can be from a break-up to someone in your home or closest that start chaos or provoke you until you lose control over yourself or the safeness in your home. It can be some problem in a deal that affects your living, or you can have problems with your finances but not by yourself. There is more than one part that is involved, and together, you could find a solution. But it's difficult for you to relax, you can feel panic, a fear of losing someone. This minor or major catastrophic situation gets the proportions that you give it. Try to see the problem as a third person and first after that make a decision if you should develop the conflict or leave it.

9 (Opportunities)
3 of Swords indicates that you have all the opportunities to trust yourself. If something goes wrong or is questioning, then you were in the wrong area or the wrong relationship. Let go, chose yourself to take the next step, take responsibility for your decisions, and nobody else - question.

10 (Destiny)
3 of Swords indicate your destiny is to dare let go of whatever you're holding on too; something isn't working for if it were then you wouldn't be in this situation. And if it's not working, why allow yourself to be sad or lose control. Its time to take responsibility for yourself and your emotions, to be logical and value what you want to do and how you're going to feel happy and in harmony. The worrying around you is something that you have yourself to take responsibility for and make sure you don't get in this situation once more and lose control. Time to see yourself and what is important for you, to stand up to yourself and realize that you are always doing your best. You can even learn to feel grateful over things that don't turn out the way you wished; it will be new possibilities that suits you better, no matter if you believe it now or not.

To get 4 of Swords is tough, 5 of Swords is stressed, 8 of Swords a challenge, 9 of Swords a lot of rumination and with 10 of Swords the brain doesn't even have the energy to think.

The Swords are about the mental. I was thinking about my last night, as many nights has been since spring, sleepless. Earlier I just had to put my head on the pillow, close my eyes and fall asleep, its the opposite now. I usually sleep light, awake quick to notice that I cant relate to. But I do fall asleep again quickly if I'm not wide awake. I have always been able to sleep sitting, standing or laying down, when and where I needed to.

Sometimes my dogs need to go out in the middle of the night; I'm sure it would be some laughter if someone saw me, like a zombie with my eyes half-closed for not wake up. But I do sleep less and ordinary people. Since this spring, I'm telling all the bad words over the wild boars that run around my house in the middle of the night. They're screaming, making noise, and it sounds like someone is butchered outside my house. Many times I have jumped out of my bed to make sure the cat is inside. My dogs use to bark like maniacs in the beginning when they heard the wild boars; now it's more a familiar noise. But I will be awake for the rest of the night.

Last night the ran around the house about 1.30 AM, I had just fallen asleep, but I couldn't go to sleep again, but I got all my readings done, and went to sleep at 6.30 AM, it makes me have a half-day extra.

I look at this with the wild boars as 3 of Swords, its a conflict, something that irritates me a lot, I feel powerless, they are to many, not even a hunter would be able to take out even half of them. I conflict with wild boars, but it could be worse. But I'm thinking of getting into Ace of Swords. A new thought, and maybe start working at night instead. I do like night time, but I also like to make a choice myself.

Then I woke up at 11 AM to get into the next conflict. But also that one is more or less a pattern. The line for the internet is terrible most of the time; I'm the last house for this line. This morning it wouldn't work, and neither did my mobile line. I tried to be cool (2 of Swords) meanwhile I was in 5 of Swords (stress) but ended u in 6 of Swords (relief). 7 of Swords to take on my motivation. But 4, 8,8 and ten will be out of my day. Today I will be hover between Ace to 2 of Swords; acceptance is an important thing to get going.

I suspect it will be one more (at least) night of staying awake, but now I will get involved in some Wands instead, like 2 of Wands, find my ambition before I go into the Moon for dinner with some movie. Sometimes it's more straightforward to create one's life after the prognosis of the cards for the day instead of just taking things as they come along.

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