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Lost in translation

user image 2019-08-24
By: Faith
Posted in: Tarot

It happens to be a totally unexpected weekend! I'm in the crazy feeling of being stressed and cool. I do believe it's possible to be in many different emotions at the same time.

I woke up, realizing that I haven't translated the horoscope for the period of Virgo, I tried to concentrate while one of my dogs, Mimi, that is a rebel teenager when she feels that I'm stressed. So I went up and down the chair, trying to save things I like to keep from being torn apart. Then I cooled down, and she started to chew on a bone, and I got lost in translation ;)

Four hours later, all the sign translated, and I even had breakfast. Now I'm outside in the unexpected weather, its sunny and hot. But I'm not so sure I'm completely surprised. I did a reading for the weather for Sweden in spring, writing down that it would be hot now. But last week I did feel miserable looking at the forecast, would my prediction fall apart? Now I'm thinking of putting on my bikini. And it's going to be hotter than it was in July, happy times.

Anyway, last week, I took a good look at myself and my fear of speaking and writing in English. I dig concluded that it had nothing to do with the language or English spoken people. It had to do with the fear of being humiliated by Swedish people. Its well knew that Swedish people always seem to think that they are superior. And if they can sit behind a computer (anonymous), they will tell a lot about what they are better at). But now, who cares, not me. I will not let that limit me to try to inspire in English. If you're smart, you will understand what I'm writing or saying, like if you understand this text then maybe you have something to look forward.

The last week I have translated my basic distance course in Tarot. Its done *applaud*.
Now I'm going through it some more times, and also listening to it, I found out that Word has the excellent reader, I can even choose to have a female or masculine voice read my texts.

So what will now happen on this website?
Probably more blogs, you can read the horoscope, and in some weeks you can apply to start my distance course, and that one is really good, perfect, the best. And I'm not going to wait to see if it's understandable, I will continue to translate, I know my time and experience it will be almost perfect.

I have this inner urge to inspire, to teach, and why shouldn't you that probably are worse in Swedish that I'm at English (if you're not Swedish) have the opportunity to learn from my knowledge? Did you know that I have about 6000 pages on my computer written about Tarot, and also more than 1000 of pages of other topics?

I'm com-binding this right now or mixing them up, depending on how we look at things.
Translation and readings and then also my daily life, I, myself feeling inspired. I hope these lines inspired you, to follow your visions, to believe in yourself and in that create a fantastic weekend.

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