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Dare me once, I dare you twice

By: Faith
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Dare me once, I dare you twice

Dare, a word that uses not only to describe courage; it's also a way to challenge oneself or others.

Right now, my soul is daring me ;)
I love Tarot, I more or less dedicated my life to have Tarot as a part of my life. I have written more than 6000 pages about Tarot (in Swedish). That's a lot of information and guidance. For years I had the desire to translate it to English. But wow, the cost. :( And then one day I woke up, decided to dare myself and now I have translated the book for readings (Internprention in Tarot) that you can read online and I have created the distance workshop for my book "Tarot, card by card", soon "Tarot 78 keys" will be done and put beside each page of the workshop. That will be an excellent start for them that can understand what they, maybe you, reading right now.

This is my English at the moment, it will be better by practice, as translation is. It's not great, or even good, but I do believe its understandable, that perhaps, it can be enough for the person that likes my way of reading Tarot. I'm not going to have money (for translations) stop me from trying to introduce you to my excellent way of reading the cards, to get a greater understanding of how Tarot can be the best tool for you developing your spiritual knowledge for your daily life. 

It's like take it or leave it! ;) Read between the lines, use your imagination if you understand my writing in the blog and in "Interpreting in Tarot" you will appreciate the workshop. And for me, its a dare to write this, being a little, little afraid of being judged by Swedish people, for many of them believe they know English more than others, and may it be so. I don't care anymore. I want my message of Tarot to expand.

Its a big dare for me, now I'm daring you!

Do you want to understand more about Tarot? Do you want it the easy and the fun way that I share my knowledge? Then, jump onboard. Be a member, start today with the reading of the Fool. Then, if you like what you read, click on shop in the headlines. And by the way, Tarot for me is a tool that is like a weather forecast, but that you can read in "Interpreting in Tarot."

Tarot, card by card

The Fool

The Fool, card nr 0 or 22 is the card of the soul. Some will misread this card; they will believe that is about somebody that is naive, stupid, easy fooled. It can't be more wrong, if we all were in this card all the time the world would be a more delightful place, always and everywhere. 

The Fool is the symbol for the pure soul, the one that can’t make a difference of evil and good, the one that will be in the experience as it comes, that builds values from knowledge. A soul that has memories from a previous life, but needs something in this life to remember, to re-experience and this time evolve more of what it seeks. 

No matter what deck you use, the symbol on the card is often a young person that walks by himself, often with a dog as company. The dog symbolizes the guidance, the support that always is there but not in the form of a human. The Fool has no experience of what is expecting, and he doesn't either have a preconceived thought of what will become of the next step. He is, he listens to his feelings, to whatever comes his way, is there a stop, then he simply takes another path without wondering why.

You can with this card think about what kind of energy it is, it’s an untarnished soul that is taking his first steps as a human being, curious about everything. Open for all that is without any biases or assumptions. With the Fool, anything can happen, and it happens, but it can also be that nothing happens, just because the Fool finds joy in that experience. 

The Fool indicates that you should affirm your inner feeling, listen to the impulses that your soul guides you to. Even though some of them will meet opposition, but with this card, you're in a positive experience, something that will kick your soul. 

If you pick this card, it will indicate that you're unchained from patterns, processes, and everyday daily things that could be an obstacle. Instead, you're curious about life, you're on an adventure, for all that lays ahead of you. 

You may get this card when you ask about work, finance, love, or something in the daily life that you have some thoughts. But no matter what you ponder about, you should have trust, for that is the quality of the card. Trust that everything that happens, all that you experience is something that your soul needs to get forward in a new process that you have started. 

Do also remember that this is a more "childish" or unexperienced energy, one that doesn't need to be learning instead is open for all new experiences. In that there is no responsibility, for The Fool has just begun an adventure, that meaning The Fool can't take responsibility or make a reasonable choice, or having a goal, it’s the first step of a new beginning.

The card will strengthen happiness and adventure, free emotions; it’s not a card for love since the Fool doesn't have that experience with him; instead, it can indicate on a newborn child. 

There is no energy of work with this card, but if you're working, you can expect funny moments, nothing that will pressure or is a challenge because you don't have the experience in what is happening. 

No either is finance important for the energy of the Fool, there is always something around the next corner if the need comes, for needs isn't something that the Fool has. If he is tired, he will sleep, if it's raining The Fool will either experience the rain or take cover in the first place he finds. 

The Fool is happy, open, not even expectant since he doesn't have the knowledge that something more can happen, he is in the now, in the experience, something that you should try out with this card. 

The Fool indicates the beginning of it all, no experience, an open mind. A being in what is. Shows optimism and trust, a joy for life in all that is. No values of what could be right or wrong; life is an adventure.

Astrological, this card belongs to the energy of the Sun, the energy of life.


Work- Unexperienced
Love – Openhearted
Finance - Trouble-free
Health - Trust
Spiritual – Interpreting

Experience of the card?

Indication of the card?

What will give your life energy?

What event has been your more impulsive?

What makes you happy?

What makes you act from your feelings?

From where does your inspiration come?

Tarot 78 keys

0/22 (XXII) The Fool

The child, the soul, the spirit, here is the first step into life, into an event that affects you mentally. This card carries with it spontaneity, empathy, first awkward levels, impulsivity, joy, and tremendous confidence. The Fool has all the energies from all the cards in minor Arcana, all the happy events of everyday life and also all the resistance. The card shows that you are embarking on new adventures. You dare, you act without evaluating first. Here is tremendous trust in life and your surroundings. The card also shows that you have no preconceived meaning that you want to build on what you have.

When you get this card, it shows that you are now having fun, life playing, being in, and daring to live your life. You act as you know, listen to empathy and your inner. Want more than you have the capacity.

If you pull the card in reverse, you are just crazy out. You act firmly knowing that it will not go well. Do what others think and not what you want.

Why don't you dare to trust life?

When you get this card on a question, it shows that now is all the possibilities with you. Live the flea, dare more, take out the turns, and enjoy life.

Conversely, you should try to sense yourself, stop, and think through the matter. Your choice may not be as wise and perhaps not purely what you want.

Buy yourself a flower. Check if you find a butterfly or a snowflake, which pattern do they carry?

This card shows spontaneity. When you are happy and dare to be yourself. Dare a little more and want a lot more. Joy and unexpected events. You want to try new things. The desire is stronger than the sense of responsibility.
Have a hard time with everything serious all around. Want to live here and now. Lack of responsibility. You have begun too much. Have no desire to complete what has started. Try to throw away what you promised. Hard to say no.

Have a chance to try something new. Throwing yourself into a project without really having a hum of what it is going on. But work it out most thanks to your quick perception and his art of duping people.
You take on too much work. Fails to finish on time what you promised.

It somehow works out. Sometimes it can only "carry away" a little too fast, but still for functional purposes.
You don't see your responsibility. Blame others if it goes to the forest.

Senseless feelings. Joy and spontaneity.
Unreasonable expectations, do not want to see the reality as it is. Live by and with your dreams.

Affected by "spring feelings," feeling well and enjoying life. Am happy and happy within yourself.
Worry, feel distressed. Experience demands that are impossible, which means you lose the desire to take care of yourself.

A strong inner joy. Hopes and love for their surroundings. Nurtures everything alive. Want everyone to feel pleasure without demands.
"Don't see the forest for all the trees." Don't see what is or is. Feeling alone and abandoned.

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