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Blowing new directions

user image 2019-09-15
By: Faith
Posted in: Tarot
Blowing new directions

I'm a bit sold on metaphors, hence the title. I have been sitting outside for a while. But oh my, I think the pavilion is about to be lifted by the wind because it's windy today. I painted a few auras for my year's special, but eventually gave up, pens lifted and flew away, took too much energy to hold the paper. But after all, it was a cozy moment, meditative music in my ears, sun although I got tired of trying to hold on to myself and my things. 

Strong winds are something we all may need in life from time to time, but sometimes it can get too much, so it can be calm to be inside, as I'm now. A cup of coffee, the music in my ears, focus on today's program that I created a little too much of, some deadlines here and there. It's not like an ordinary Sunday. On the one hand, I was up too long at night, sleeping in. Then full rush, to keep my planning as required during to.

But with some new winds, everything can happen. I am open to being in a flow, releasing stress, focusing on what needs to d. Thankfully, life is not calm in any case;)

A lot is going on in life right now, intensive planning, changes, thus new winds hopefully healthy with a stillness from time to time. I have fixed a lot on my English page. An ebook is on completion, books submitted to a publisher in the US who have shown interest and to one that I would love to be published. Then we get to see what happens, sometimes I'm a little too independent and should have it my way. It's a lesson since I had a book publisher who published one of my books. She promised me not to print the book in Times New Roman, which is a font that I am allergic to. I feel bad when I see it, can't read books written in that type. Then she publishes the book with it. I opened, closed the book, haven't opened it since.

It is an exciting phase this with another language, for my first books in Swedish were a pure disaster in grammar, a lot of.... !!! and and. But I think it is always possible to read between the lines. Then I also know that if someone is proofreading it will not always be right or was meant. But I am more careful when it is in English, although it may not be perfect. For so many years, I have had inquiries but cannot afford to hire a translator.

Moreover, they take time, something that I am not known to wait. But after several requests, an offer to keep up with the new healthy winds, I let go of the fear, it is understood that it has nothing to do with English-speaking people, but the fear, the uncertainty of Swedish individuals, those who can be the most critical of all. No wonder we have what we call the Jantelagen (= don't think you're better than anyone else).

But there is more going on, a little more visual, life has got a little different direction, the one that I wanted for a good while. A lot happened when I started a distance course myself. It has shaken me a lot; the first week took me four weeks to get through. Partly because the ketchup effect hit me, you know that with shaking the bottle and all of a sudden everything comes at once. But also because the course has made me stop, reflect in myself. Reflect differently, on a whole different level. It came in perfect for it matches all the training I went to as well as my teaching in an absolutely fantastic way. The best part is that it has made me stop caring what others think, though it may seem that I never bother. It is incredible to come to insights, and old dogs can learn to sit because I now meditate, listen to some unique soundtracks that I fix without getting restless.

But now I'm going to throw myself into my fantastic projects, tossing aura interpretations with writing, planning, and the occasional coffee cup — a sunny autumn Sunday where the winds create new directions.

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