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Where is my daily life?

user image 2019-10-27
By: Faith
Posted in: Tarot
Where is my daily life?

Or rather, where is my Halloween? Not even Halloween is going on this house. It's my favorite time of the year, the weekend when I go all-in with decorations, black curtains, skeletons in the garden, zombies in the basement, decorations with ghosts, pumpkin soup, and not forgetting me like a pumpkin. I don't even know where my pumpkin suit is!

Today Facebook reminded me with this picture of my dog, Max; he likes pumpkins too <3

I also notice that in my living room, the Easter curtains are still in the windows. Two months left for Christmas, even that weekend is in danger zone when I lost my dedication. But yesterday I googled pictures on Tarot Games with Halloween pictures. :) Always something.

But no snow :D Jippie, because its something that I detest entirely,  my forecast in Tarot for the weather says that it will be a white winter, that doesn't cheer me up, but I will be among palm trees to record a TV series when the snow falls here at home.

Outside its raining, the time changed when it comes to the hour (clock turned counter-clockwise one hour for wintertime last night), but otherwise, I feel entirely lost. What a year it has been, but one does not exclude the other, it has been a good year despite seven griefs and eight disappointments or something like that.

I'll go into memory lane for a while, open folders with Halloween pictures from previous years, enjoy memories while trying to get in order, structure in this new wintertime.

This is not how I will look this year, but I feel a bit like a ghost so it will be useful anyway;)


I liked this deck, assuming it will be a Tarot blog after a few cups of coffee


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