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What are you grateful for?

user image 2019-11-28
By: Faith
Posted in: Tarot
What are you grateful for?

Today it is Thanksgiving; probably not many in Sweden celebrate it, but I do. Just had dinner, turkey, mashed potatoes on sweet potato, gravy. I have also spent many moments today, being grateful, which I do every day. But it feels a little special on this day. Some years ago, I was in the US on Thanksgiving; it was a little special. But everything becomes what we make it. I could have also chosen not to make it unique.

Tomorrow is Black Friday. I've already set my black prices in red. Because I try to get Christmas mood on the website, as I still have the Easter curtains up * shaking my head *.I will be in Spain in some weeks, I don't feel the need to set up Christmas gadgets, but I will bake traditional Swedish "Lussebulle" on Sunday, I didn't do it last year. But this year I'll be eating unhealthy just because.  I will try to spice food with saffron this Christmas, which is a spice I like.

But gratitude! I am so convinced that it is one of the essential energy situations to be in, to reflect, to stop, to thank for what is, whether it may be chaos, for I have believe, I am so convinced that my soul has chosen all events, they are experiences that I need. Today I put together about a one minute film about when I became the best medium the first week in Ukraine. It was cool to see it again, all the memories, all the gratitude about new friends, the experiences since I did not stop until the end and won it all, it is also gratitude. Still, I feel that I have won the highest gain, namely myself, for whatever others may think of me, I love myself, I love my life, in that I am incredibly grateful for life, even those moments when I sigh deeply.

I try to be grateful for the raining outside, thinking that it makes me appreciate the sunshine and gratitude that it doesn't snow because I probably have to practice lots of being grateful for it. Sometimes I think I make life too simple by thinking that my soul has chosen this life, that everything has a meaning, that everything becomes as well as is perfect just as it is. But I'm happy with my thoughts.

I am most grateful for my family, my animals, my friends, my home, car, computer, mobile, yes, all the gadgets, but maybe I am most grateful for my ability to be grateful.

Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving <3

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