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About stress

user image 2020-02-10
By: Faith
Posted in: Tarot
About stress

All the fives in a Tarot deck are about some kind of stress. Stress is found in various expressions, such as frustration which is more the energy of the Wands. It's also the card I posted on Youtube today (in Swedish) Thought it could fit well on a Monday, for some energies should be experienced in full and then be released.

Most people sigh over Mondays, as they were the worst day of the whole week, a new work week, several days left until Friday, to a few days off. I have never felt that myself, Mondays have been my luxury day, often because I have worked on the weekends. Mondays were the day I had gray clothes, played poker, gave myself a day of just being. So far from 5 in Wands. More like the Sun with 9 or 10 in Pentacles.

Now I have other Mondays, today it feels like the Sun (sunny here in Spain + 19), slept out, had a cup of coffee, I see that as 6 of Cups, now I'm done with 8 in Wands (answered 10 dollar question). Soon 7 in Pentacles, when I will continue to pull up weeds in the garden. Then I will probably be in 5 of Pentacles for a while when I should go the village down and up, up and down, this hill will make me come into shape (the Magician), then Page of Cups will be when I will sit in the cozy room to do psychic readings. 10 in Coins tonight when we plan to barbecue.

What does your day look like in the cards? Ever thought before putting a spread on what to expect from the day? I have done spreads both for the week (always on a Monday) and the spread of the day so I have a look.

Refuse to get stuck in 5 of Wands, that's my tip. But a little frustration now and then is useful for developing, but it should not be because you sigh that you need work, I think. There are many lessons learned with Tarot, why do you end up in 5 of Wands? Because if you loved your employment (your job) then Mondays would be more than a day of the Wheel of Fortune, full roll ahead.

With the cards there is more than just divination, there are keys to development, an increased consciousness, a spiritual personal growth. After all these years, the knowledge contained in the cards never ceases to amaze me, to gain a chorus of new insight.

Now create a Monday with positive aspects, what are you grateful for today? Then you can think about which card it is, also a way to learn more about each card.

Now I will be in more of 6 of Cups that is, coffee, yes, we all have different experiences of all cards, the small family card that is 6 of Cups, is also a symbol for liquid (Cups = water) and the number 6 for harmony.

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