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About patterns

user image 2020-06-15
By: Faith
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About patterns

Today I am thinking about how privileged I am to be able to interpret Tarot cards,  during all these years (46) I have been able to understand the language that Tarot has through its symbolism, then not only in understanding the cards but also using that knowledge which comes through an interpretation.

To read Tarot is not just predicting the future; it sees patterns and, in it, more possibilities. Not to let, for example, performance anxiety, as seen in card 8 of Swords, be a part of life. Instead, be able to see when that card shows that it's time to grab that pattern, change it.

Once upon a time, that card was a part of my life, no matter what I did, I was left wondering if others were happy with my role. The number eight in the Tarot cards is about reflections, karma, meetings, which in Swords becomes a thought limitation, uncertainty, the fear of not being enough. Sure, the card can show up quickly over a shorter period than today, but then I see it more that I need to shape up. Once, it was the card that marked a whole year. It's no coincidence which cards are coming, that was the year I committed to analyzing what guided my thoughts, where my fears were not enough.

The cards can confirm something, but they can also be a smash in the face, something that we would prefer to close our eyes for, sometimes the truth hurts, to see our limitation is still a way to release 8 in Svärd.

I guess many are in the energy of that card when it comes to all areas of life.
Like the insight to not eat right, move to feel good, get stuck in negative thoughts, apologies instead of acting, like many who would need to exercise but dare not go to a gym because they are overweight. It becomes a limitation, a pattern that sticks as long as the change does not exist.

When it comes to spirituality, the card can be a lesson in not comparing oneself to others, but being in one's spiritual truth. Still, the eight are also about affirmation, which is difficult to accept in the case of spirituality when there is no manual or scientific evidence that it is so. For the left hemisphere, want to know science or not. Some limit themselves by that card in, among other things, learning the Tarot, because they do not think they will be able to. There are a total of 78 cards that can also be interpreted inversely, should I be scratchy. Each card can be interpreted with each of the other cards (78 x 78 = 6084 interpretation possibilities rightly, as many conversely, and if it should be interpreted together with more than a card, the number becomes higher). The cool thing is that in each of these interpretations, there is a pattern that is shared with everyone else since we are not always in life in all these combinations can facilitate.

Have you ever wondered why a pattern affects you, what you gain from it? Why, for example, do you create performance anxiety? For me, based on your memories of past lives that you activate in this, patterns that your self wants to break, you get an opportunity, but often we see it as a limitation rather than a kick in the back. The smartest thing is when a card comes like 8 of Swords to see that now is the opportunity, the energy to grab this energy, break the pattern, once and for all.

The Tarot cards have helped me to understand myself better, why some patterns exist, an uncertainty that limits me instead of acting, reworking them, using experience to an opportunity. Actually, we should be grateful every time a "negative" card comes, like a slap in the face - Watch what you do!

That idea reinforces that I think there are no negative cards, but there are cards that show negative patterns when they come, that's when the opportunity exists to change. But to change is not easy, then it is easier to end up in 8 of Swords, even more, the knowledge that there is something else, something that we need to take responsibility for, to stop being pathetic, to act, to improve, to release the negativity that so quickly becomes the security of experience in being in that pattern.

8 of Swords is a scourge when it comes to working, the feeling of not having enough, not understanding that others can certainly do better without a thought that they too can feel insecure. Because it is not so that in everything new, in everything we do not master, there is uncertainty, then when we have done it for a while, it is like cycling, it rolls on.

8 of Swords can be an interesting scourge when it comes to finances, our security, usually not because we do not have money, but because we want more, compared to others, why others earn more, why others can buy that, and that. But maybe they are more in 8 of Swords with the idea that they will not be enough if they have nothing to show?

8 of Swords can end many relationships, such as the classic example: the woman who complains to her partner that she is fat, ugly, and useless, a pattern that repeated until it has become real. Because it is not so that we are fed with it gets a hold, one day, he sees her as fat, ugly and useless because she has created that pattern. But it can just as well be the feeling of not being loved for who we are, to continually come up with something negative in the hope that someone else will say that it is not, but even if it does, there is no conviction, because we think we know what others are thinking.

Don't skip 8 of Swods, instead, take the lesson, look at why you make yourself worthless, are you seeking false confirmation? That someone time after time should confirm that it's not as you think, you're worth so much more. Unfortunately, you will not be there until the day you understand the lesson in the card, realize that you do, that you are unique, just like who you are.

What would life be without challenges? Quite sad, but then you may not need to get stuck in the performance anxiety that you continuously need to develop, you might just have to put down the Swords, take up one (Ace in Swords) change your thoughts, see these challenges about your value as a fantastic experience?.

Love is perhaps what most people are most involved in, without really daring to be in the experience, see their patterns, take responsibility for their feelings.  

Maybe it's time to take off the blindfold?

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