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A lap in life

user image 2021-10-04
By: Faith
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A lap in life

Last Friday, I was so shocked that I just laughed; it just felt utterly unreal what I was informed about; the trouble with the company continued; at first, I became freezing, a second message, the laughter attack. My home was seized by the bank when my landlord went bankrupt.

I still do not know what to think about it; I don't have any moving in my cards, I have no bigger chaos, smaller usually belongs to my everyday life (just because I love life and say Yes to everything). I have confidence in my cards, but at the same time, if I were not worried about the situation, I would be in the space.

I laughed until I got home inside the doors, then I screamed and cried instead, did a lap big time, was sure that the hip was out of joint in my split (impressed with my age and lack of fitness), and I twisted my knee—shit of hell what it hurt. The hip seems to be okay, but the knee, painkiller has been my best friend since last Friday. I'm swollen around the knee; when I walk, it hurts, the knee bends, and there is no control. Well, I have a lot to do sitting on my ass, so it's okay.

I should have thought of that pattern, but I was in shock; of course, I hurt my right knee as it symbolizes the next step forward; I feel like I don't even know where I have a foothold! I am grateful that I reflect and am aware, which makes me persevere and accept the situation; acceptance is the first step in a change.

I'm happy, the sun is shining, it's like a Swedish autumn day, + 19, rained all night, but I don't think I long to return to Sweden, but programming, experiences, good memories can be an advantage to remember. I am grateful for all the dates, for all the figs, grapes, and olive leaves. There is always something to be thankful for in life, better to give it attention.

Right now, I follow my advice, trust my cards, cave in on anxiety for 5 minutes, let go (Sedona), am in gratitude, cave in, and so on. But shame on the one who gives in. Distance is reasonable; I work on it and let go of the negative patterns, indeed believing that I'm not worthy of being in harmony. One thing does not exclude the other. For I if anyone has faith in myself, still I can be in chaos. But I do not blame anyone other; I know that my "damned soul" wants development; in a week or so, I may think my "beloved soul," but right now, I am a little piss-off.

But I use colors, which are only available in green tones; I need a little more red and orange energy like the Swedish autumn, but I manage to know how to fix the energies. I'm doing a little color and rune magic over my knee; two days ago, I could barely stand, today I can take some steps holding on to things. Life is good, wonderful with everything that develops.

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