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2 years today

user image 2021-12-18
By: Faith
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2 years today

Today it's two years that I have lived here in Spain, moved in the day before my 60th birthday, oh my god, what time goes by, two years of lots of experience that I do not want to be without even though I have often wondered if I would get gray hair?

Less than a week left until Christmas Eve, this whole week is mixed with work and Christmas coziness. That's powerful. Tomorrow on my birthday, it's a blessing to have Tarot education, one of the better ideas I've had. Both the meetings and the personal conversations create happiness. Maybe because I'm a Tarot nerd, as one of the participants commented, and it's also a full moon 5:37 am in Gemini's sign on my birthday that feels like a fantastic gift.

Today I have made my first initiation for a participant for the Runmagi education, which starts on Tuesday. I hope that also will be one of my best ideas because some want the foundation, some understand that there is so much more than a "regular" course is not enough. Feeling hugely privileged.

Here in Ibi, it is the world's coolest Christmas market with camels, among other things, and I miss it because the weather does not appeal to me to go down to town, puncture on my car so that I will work on instead. Maybe I'll have time for a visit on Monday. I suspect that the weather gods are on my side; the forecast is +17 over the Christmas weekend, I do not see it snowing to my happiness.

My planning is progressing, everything for the Christmas week is fixed; I have an overview of next year tomorrow when my gift to myself is some hours where I lay my cards for the coming year, it will be so exciting especially considering what the world looks like right now. But I usually summarize a year from the interpretations I make; so far, no one has collapsed, neither wax-free nor waxed. I marvel at all the restrictions that appear everywhere, or can the acceptable cards consist of everyone just being in what is?

In 2022, I have planned it to be a year for books and educations. The Tarot training is until May, the Run magician training is until April, then Aura and the color training start in February (the Swedish ones haven't made plans for them in English yet), but there are also some courses and meetings. I have some previous books to rewrite and some in my head.

Looking forward to this and grateful for the Internet, I was too early already in the early 2000s; I offered interpretations over Skype, but only now does it seem like sitting at home for meetings is developing. It's a blessing every time we have meetings over the web.

A bit exciting numerologically with the year of the sixth (2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6). I am number one, so the year is about the power of the seventh, my favorite number. Also, if I add up the year, I get 19 (10 = 1). These are my numerological numbers; it comforts me to turn 62 (read 39), for it feels like a boring number; 63 sounds nicer, but better to look at what the year means as age has the meaning we give it.

Want to know your year? Then click here where I present it according to Tarot >>>.

I hope you have a Christmas feeling, harmony, joy, and positive expectations