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About patterns

By Faith, 2020-06-15
About patterns

Today I am thinking about how privileged I am to be able to interpret Tarot cards,  during all these years (46) I have been able to understand the language that Tarot has through its symbolism, then not only in understanding the cards but also using that knowledge which comes through an interpretation.

To read Tarot is not just predicting the future; it sees patterns and, in it, more possibilities. Not to let, for example, performance anxiety, as seen in card 8 of Swords, be a part of life. Instead, be able to see when that card shows that it's time to grab that pattern, change it.

Once upon a time, that card was a part of my life, no matter what I did, I was left wondering if others were happy with my role. The number eight in the Tarot cards is about reflections, karma, meetings, which in Swords becomes a thought limitation, uncertainty, the fear of not being enough. Sure, the card can show up quickly over a shorter period than today, but then I see it more that I need to shape up. Once, it was the card that marked a whole year. It's no coincidence which cards are coming, that was the year I committed to analyzing what guided my thoughts, where my fears were not enough.

The cards can confirm something, but they can also be a smash in the face, something that we would prefer to close our eyes for, sometimes the truth hurts, to see our limitation is still a way to release 8 in Svärd.

I guess many are in the energy of that card when it comes to all areas of life.
Like the insight to not eat right, move to feel good, get stuck in negative thoughts, apologies instead of acting, like many who would need to exercise but dare not go to a gym because they are overweight. It becomes a limitation, a pattern that sticks as long as the change does not exist.

When it comes to spirituality, the card can be a lesson in not comparing oneself to others, but being in one's spiritual truth. Still, the eight are also about affirmation, which is difficult to accept in the case of spirituality when there is no manual or scientific evidence that it is so. For the left hemisphere, want to know science or not. Some limit themselves by that card in, among other things, learning the Tarot, because they do not think they will be able to. There are a total of 78 cards that can also be interpreted inversely, should I be scratchy. Each card can be interpreted with each of the other cards (78 x 78 = 6084 interpretation possibilities rightly, as many conversely, and if it should be interpreted together with more than a card, the number becomes higher). The cool thing is that in each of these interpretations, there is a pattern that is shared with everyone else since we are not always in life in all these combinations can facilitate.

Have you ever wondered why a pattern affects you, what you gain from it? Why, for example, do you create performance anxiety? For me, based on your memories of past lives that you activate in this, patterns that your self wants to break, you get an opportunity, but often we see it as a limitation rather than a kick in the back. The smartest thing is when a card comes like 8 of Swords to see that now is the opportunity, the energy to grab this energy, break the pattern, once and for all.

The Tarot cards have helped me to understand myself better, why some patterns exist, an uncertainty that limits me instead of acting, reworking them, using experience to an opportunity. Actually, we should be grateful every time a "negative" card comes, like a slap in the face - Watch what you do!

That idea reinforces that I think there are no negative cards, but there are cards that show negative patterns when they come, that's when the opportunity exists to change. But to change is not easy, then it is easier to end up in 8 of Swords, even more, the knowledge that there is something else, something that we need to take responsibility for, to stop being pathetic, to act, to improve, to release the negativity that so quickly becomes the security of experience in being in that pattern.

8 of Swords is a scourge when it comes to working, the feeling of not having enough, not understanding that others can certainly do better without a thought that they too can feel insecure. Because it is not so that in everything new, in everything we do not master, there is uncertainty, then when we have done it for a while, it is like cycling, it rolls on.

8 of Swords can be an interesting scourge when it comes to finances, our security, usually not because we do not have money, but because we want more, compared to others, why others earn more, why others can buy that, and that. But maybe they are more in 8 of Swords with the idea that they will not be enough if they have nothing to show?

8 of Swords can end many relationships, such as the classic example: the woman who complains to her partner that she is fat, ugly, and useless, a pattern that repeated until it has become real. Because it is not so that we are fed with it gets a hold, one day, he sees her as fat, ugly and useless because she has created that pattern. But it can just as well be the feeling of not being loved for who we are, to continually come up with something negative in the hope that someone else will say that it is not, but even if it does, there is no conviction, because we think we know what others are thinking.

Don't skip 8 of Swods, instead, take the lesson, look at why you make yourself worthless, are you seeking false confirmation? That someone time after time should confirm that it's not as you think, you're worth so much more. Unfortunately, you will not be there until the day you understand the lesson in the card, realize that you do, that you are unique, just like who you are.

What would life be without challenges? Quite sad, but then you may not need to get stuck in the performance anxiety that you continuously need to develop, you might just have to put down the Swords, take up one (Ace in Swords) change your thoughts, see these challenges about your value as a fantastic experience?.

Love is perhaps what most people are most involved in, without really daring to be in the experience, see their patterns, take responsibility for their feelings.  

Maybe it's time to take off the blindfold?

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Love and Tarot

By Faith, 2020-06-10
Love and Tarot

The most common question I think everyone who interprets Tarot gets is about love, will I get the one I love?

In most people's lives, love seems to be the most important thing, sometimes I wonder why? Guess it's easier to have someone who loves one without having to do it themselves! I am wondering if, in the past, that question was just as important? At that time when marriage often was more planned than someone to fell in love.

You've probably seen the picture of a man from Stone Age dragging home his woman by her hair. What was it like at that time, an inner force of wanting to "mate," aware of the consequences, or a longing to strengthen their tribe, so then it was just grabbing the first woman. How was the attraction? Were there many to choose from, or did a man choose only the available one? Did the woman have anything to say about it? What did her dad think of it all? Was it then the consciousness of land, possessions began to take shape, was "love" the basis of values? Kind of like you get my daughter if I get meat or we share hunting ground that founded relationships.

In the Tarot deck, there is the card 4 of Wands, a card that indicates, among other things, betrothal, that is, an engagement. When the symbolism of the cards created, it was about two men with land making a deal; they would marry their children together, then they get more land and offspring for the family's estate to grow further. It was not about love if their children fell in love without each other instead of means of securing assets. In some countries, it is still customary today, cousins ​​who married together to ensure the family's assets. It is not something about love between couples, but more love for ownership.

Was it a bond, a feeling that may have started with togetherness, a sense of security that created the first consciousness of love? When someone sacrificed for someone else for an inner feeling, they had toke over? Or was there passion already in the Stone Age, or was it just an eager? When did consciousness come about the love of another individual? When did anyone feel that they could not be without the other, that they could go through fire and water, that they belonged?

When did jealousy start? When did someone felt their security threatened, or did not feel confirmed? For me, there are so many questions about what love is, how it began, what has created, and created certain emotions, experiences. Those who died for love like Romeo and Julia. The love of the 13th century that surprised me when I read "Kristin Lavransdotter," or all of us who followed "The Legend of the Ice People," what creates attraction, is it the basis of love? Needed people in the 16th century to love themselves to live in the perfect relationship because today, it is common for us to say that we cannot love someone else if we do not love ourselves. But at that time, I have the opinion that some were self-absorbed, at least among those who had security, is security then, the material a basis for creating a perfect relationship?

There are many question marks when it comes to love; these are the ones I try to find out; for me, love is so simple, either I love it or not? If I love then I give everything at risk of losing everything or else it may be. If the person does not love me, I will let go. Love should always be answered, not something to hope for the person to change, realize something, to me based on a feeling, chemistry, a love that is similar to the button we previously pressed when we were starting a diesel engine.

But love can also grow; I like programs like "Married at first sight." It is so cool that two people matched up, then whether it works or not. In the first season of the program in the US, I was fully engaged in a couple. We could follow them separately until the wedding, a man who was so charming, perhaps not the world's most handsome or beautiful, as his bride was. But all his qualities, as well as humor and patience, were amazing. She cried after she had said yes, I had a hard time liking her, even harder when I found out that she had also been on The Bachelor. But I learned to turn my prejudice upside down, understand her fear. He won her love, and I breathed out as they chose to continue. Even today, I follow them, through FB, Instagram, now they have just had their second child, a charming couple. They are a picture for me of love that it can overcome everything, only we dare, dare to be open.

Some go astray in love because there is an attraction, often it is the women who carry away, she knows that he is the one, they are twin souls, then that he may not be interested or carry on like an asshole she will find explanations to, just if...

Is it that the romanticized Hollywood films create misfortune for most women? I can sigh, engage myself, breathe out or be sad about a movie about love; at the moment, I am emotionally affected, but thankfully I am analytical, which makes me think about how the person thought that created the movie. But for many people, it becomes a romantic template that love should be that way. How many books aren't there about a woman who falls in love with a man, then it turns right and left before they get each other in the end. Although everyone knows that it will end that way, the tension is mostly unbearable until it ends with that the two become one. Often it is another woman who is the reason why it will not be the two at once, but if it not, it would not have become a book. Many need excitement, suffering to take love seriously.

We sometimes say we love things like I love my computer because I can write, but what does the word love mean? Sometimes I think the word love used too much, that we love here and there, sometimes even that and that. An expression probably to show that this is something that gives us some form of happiness.

Yes, I have many thoughts, many words written down, interpreted to the Tarot card, in my mind I wish everyone to live happily, first with themselves, then share the love with someone else. There are keys in the Tarot deck, the 78 cards that show everything in life, then also the love, it is not just the 14 cards of the Cups, they only show the emotions, the Wands they show the passion, sex. The Pentacles show security but also control, and Swords shows thoughts, fantasies, desires. Unfortunately, it is not just "The Lovers" card that is about love or showing that love is perfect now. There is so much else around; to me, there is only masculine and feminine energy, then whether it is a man or a woman who is in one of those energies has less significance. But they are expressed differently, in the deck, there are two feminine suites, two masculine suites, all landing in the symbol of Yin and Yang to achieve the ultimate energy.

But regardless of my thoughts, I am convinced that in the evolution that is about love, it is essential that you love yourself. Isn't it amazing that there is no one else like you on earth, that you are unique, worthy of love but also to love?

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It´s windy!

By Faith, 2020-03-03
It´s windy!

After two and a half months, I had the feeling yesterday that now I will get a structure in my daily life after all that happen since I moved to Spain and the last week of a Tarot workshop. Hm, then it started to get windy, a lot, and my wifi just went gone. I do see that also as a metaphor, this time as old air needs to blow away, and new fresh air will provide.

I haven't been active on my English page, too much to handle with the house, guest and to unpack my things. But now I've got my office, a lovely place, windows all around, I can see the whole village, and my dining room and also one of the rooms to have lectures are done. I love it. Don't you think its nice? (image in the blog).

I have finished one week with lovely women with Tarot, we have done spreads, gone through the cards each of them. Its always developing for me to have a workshop, even if I believe that I'm the best at Tarot, I learn from questions. One of the participants had a vivid meaning of each card of the court cards, it was a joy to listen to her. I've started to tell about how all the Queens made dishes, and she got it; she described actions as she has never done anything else before. And one of them understood the cards from Minor Arcana correctly and went home to start doing spreads for others. That makes me feel good.

Today, sitting in my office in my home, looking out, listen to the wind, I decided to look for a date to have a workshop about Tarot in English. Now its created, and you're welcome to Spain, to my home in august to participate. I have some of a unique system to read the card; after a week, you will be able to do a spread for any question, understand the cards, and guide yourself or somebody else.

Tomorrow I will have a friend from Sweden visiting; I already have a lovely friend that is originally from Spain, its great, she has helped me a lot, for its when I say that learning Tarot is like learning a new language, it's like that for me with Spanish. I master about 200 words, but I can't combine them yet. But people understand what I try to express. That's a good start; I also understand how difficult it can be to understand the Tarot since I can hear my friend speak Spanish, I get some words, others are a mystery. But I listen, I will learn.

I feel like the card – The Fool, moving to Spain because my soul thought it was an excellent idea, everything got windy, but I'm still happy, looking forward to this adventure openminded.

I mix Swedish with English and some Spanish words in my communication, but I need to practice more, that meaning you will read more from me from now on. Even if its windy (outside and all around, in metaphor) I've found my place, my spiritual goal, and soon I will start repainting my deck "Prisma Tarot" and translate some of my text. And I will continue to make English updates on YouTube. Life is good, it's like The Sun, The Moon and The Star with me being The Fool.

Take a look at the first workshop in Tarot that I will have in English in my new home >>> 

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About stress

By Faith, 2020-02-10
About stress

All the fives in a Tarot deck are about some kind of stress. Stress is found in various expressions, such as frustration which is more the energy of the Wands. It's also the card I posted on Youtube today (in Swedish) Thought it could fit well on a Monday, for some energies should be experienced in full and then be released.

Most people sigh over Mondays, as they were the worst day of the whole week, a new work week, several days left until Friday, to a few days off. I have never felt that myself, Mondays have been my luxury day, often because I have worked on the weekends. Mondays were the day I had gray clothes, played poker, gave myself a day of just being. So far from 5 in Wands. More like the Sun with 9 or 10 in Pentacles.

Now I have other Mondays, today it feels like the Sun (sunny here in Spain + 19), slept out, had a cup of coffee, I see that as 6 of Cups, now I'm done with 8 in Wands (answered 10 dollar question). Soon 7 in Pentacles, when I will continue to pull up weeds in the garden. Then I will probably be in 5 of Pentacles for a while when I should go the village down and up, up and down, this hill will make me come into shape (the Magician), then Page of Cups will be when I will sit in the cozy room to do psychic readings. 10 in Coins tonight when we plan to barbecue.

What does your day look like in the cards? Ever thought before putting a spread on what to expect from the day? I have done spreads both for the week (always on a Monday) and the spread of the day so I have a look.

Refuse to get stuck in 5 of Wands, that's my tip. But a little frustration now and then is useful for developing, but it should not be because you sigh that you need work, I think. There are many lessons learned with Tarot, why do you end up in 5 of Wands? Because if you loved your employment (your job) then Mondays would be more than a day of the Wheel of Fortune, full roll ahead.

With the cards there is more than just divination, there are keys to development, an increased consciousness, a spiritual personal growth. After all these years, the knowledge contained in the cards never ceases to amaze me, to gain a chorus of new insight.

Now create a Monday with positive aspects, what are you grateful for today? Then you can think about which card it is, also a way to learn more about each card.

Now I will be in more of 6 of Cups that is, coffee, yes, we all have different experiences of all cards, the small family card that is 6 of Cups, is also a symbol for liquid (Cups = water) and the number 6 for harmony.

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Changes in life?

By Faith, 2020-01-07
Changes in life?

Since the last blog I have moved, it happened quickly, I went to Spain at the end of November and found a house I fell in love with. Then I had full-time arranging since I had my 60th birthday on the 19th of December and friends from Sweden were arriving.

I decided to go by car, since I love my car, or loved (R.I.P) and didn't want to leave it behind, and it was also practical to fill the car with the things I needed the most before my other things would arrive with the moving firm.

My adventure started on Sunday the 15th of December, I got one friend to follow me, picked her up in the south of Sweden, had a stormy and wavy trip by ferry from Denmark to Germany. we had a nice journey for 1800 kilometers, we had stopped for a break and when I turned the key to start the car it was a heavy noise. Then we had to call the wrecker, and the car went into a garage in Louhans, France. 

Then everything started to be a challenge. We had to sleep over, but a nice town, lovely three-course french dinner and rest over the night, until this we had taken short stops to close our eyes for some hours. The next day I learned that they needed some days to fix the car, I got a rental car, and we continued our journey, but most of my things were left behind in the car, but it would only be for some days. With this happened I had to be in the rental by myself on my birthday for 1200 kilometers. I would have preferred that but not happening.

I can't speak french, didn't get any answers and I don't even want to talk about the insurance company, such a dissapointment, now 4 weeks after the rental is still with me, getting no answer on where or when to return it. They call me every three days to ask how its going and I ask about the rental and they will call back, and they do, three days later to ask the same stupid question again.

So, I got into my new lovely home, friends arriving, but not my family and my dogs, waiting for everything to be clear and also permission to have my dogs here, in Spain they have restrictions about my breeds, mix from Amstaff and Dogo Argentino.

I have spent Christmas, New Year and Twelfth Day here alone, without my things and my computer. 

Hopefully, my things will arrive on Friday and family shortly after that. 

Shouldn't I have seen this in my cards?
Probably if I did care, but I have this faith that everything will turn out fine (the last day my faith has been under doubts, and that ok). My new year's promise this year is to more reflect on the cards that show on obstacles instead of just accept it. I do believe that everything has a meaning, it must have with all of this adventure or else I will be dissapointed. The result is a new home (in the picture), no car but a lot of experience.

I couldnt do the horoscope for this period without a computer, but I have done a lot of Youtube, unfortunally in Swedish. But soon I will make it English, Spanish have to wait for that is a challenge I'm working on now, I have decided to live in a village where they speak Spanish, more south there are a lot of Swedish, Norweigan and English people and most any speak english. But I have a goal to be able to speak Spanish in some months, not fluid but understandable, just like my English.

I found out today that I have sold my first book in Japan! wow!
And with that before bringing in any other countries or language this blog will end. I do hope that you have had a wonderful Holliday and a great start of the new year.

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What are you grateful for?

By Faith, 2019-11-28
What are you grateful for?

Today it is Thanksgiving; probably not many in Sweden celebrate it, but I do. Just had dinner, turkey, mashed potatoes on sweet potato, gravy. I have also spent many moments today, being grateful, which I do every day. But it feels a little special on this day. Some years ago, I was in the US on Thanksgiving; it was a little special. But everything becomes what we make it. I could have also chosen not to make it unique.

Tomorrow is Black Friday. I've already set my black prices in red. Because I try to get Christmas mood on the website, as I still have the Easter curtains up * shaking my head *.I will be in Spain in some weeks, I don't feel the need to set up Christmas gadgets, but I will bake traditional Swedish "Lussebulle" on Sunday, I didn't do it last year. But this year I'll be eating unhealthy just because.  I will try to spice food with saffron this Christmas, which is a spice I like.

But gratitude! I am so convinced that it is one of the essential energy situations to be in, to reflect, to stop, to thank for what is, whether it may be chaos, for I have believe, I am so convinced that my soul has chosen all events, they are experiences that I need. Today I put together about a one minute film about when I became the best medium the first week in Ukraine. It was cool to see it again, all the memories, all the gratitude about new friends, the experiences since I did not stop until the end and won it all, it is also gratitude. Still, I feel that I have won the highest gain, namely myself, for whatever others may think of me, I love myself, I love my life, in that I am incredibly grateful for life, even those moments when I sigh deeply.

I try to be grateful for the raining outside, thinking that it makes me appreciate the sunshine and gratitude that it doesn't snow because I probably have to practice lots of being grateful for it. Sometimes I think I make life too simple by thinking that my soul has chosen this life, that everything has a meaning, that everything becomes as well as is perfect just as it is. But I'm happy with my thoughts.

I am most grateful for my family, my animals, my friends, my home, car, computer, mobile, yes, all the gadgets, but maybe I am most grateful for my ability to be grateful.

Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving <3

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The feeling of the season

By Faith, 2019-11-26
The feeling of the season

As you might know, it's late November, here in Sweden it's gray outside, some rain in the air (or maybe snow where you are?). Although I personally prefer the gray weather rather than the snow because if it is something that can make me depressed, it is snow. Although according to my forecast it will not come until Christmas, then I am on warmer latitudes where I coldly expect that there will be no snow ;)

Today it is 23 days left until my 60th birthday. This is when I will make a fresh start in life. Celebrate it with good friends, really celebrate, be free from work someday before my birthday and over Christmas. One of the reasons I have a lower price for interpretations until December 1, planning to get as much as possible before then.

It is planned that I will spend most of my time in Spain from this winter, partly with the filming of my "everyday life", will certainly be entertaining, some of my friends think, for me, it is everyday life. But my everyday life will look a little different in the future. It feels almost like a replay of time in Ukraine. I like adventures also other cultures., as I am a Sagittarius.

I have just got back home after a few days in Spain, it was interesting days, coolest was the traveling, super cheap tickets, nice travel time, the most wonderful company that I invaded. Little fun is that my first dish on Spanish soil was not tapas or paella instead a plate of an egg dish from the south of Sweden. I was in Spain on Monday afternoon and left for Sweden on Wednesday evening, had to wait 11 hours in Madrid with a new acquaintance, I spoke English with some Spanish words, she Spanish with some English words. But everything works with body language. Wonderful meeting that most people are when we stop, to be present is an art.

With the luggage home I had oranges, mandarins, and lemons which I got from a nice Spanish gentleman who also according to Spanish custom gave me a kiss on the cheeks. I flew to Stockholm where my BFF was waiting to visit me, so I got driven home. An exciting trip, when it was16 miles home,  the windshield wipers decided to break down, in the rain.

But I am a little proud of the unexpected chaos because I sometimes brag that I am so good at reading houses, cars, and animals. So I read the energy of the windshield wipers and it felt like a plastic gear that dropped some spikes. Imagine it was so too :) But we came home, the car was fixed, had nice days with my very best friend, also by other family members who should be hardened but a little worried about the adventures I planned.

It is only today that I feel that I have landed at home, in myself, therefore I have changed to a little Christmas theme on my webpages. Although it is not visible in the picture, as my hair always lives its own life, my bad hair days are over. Because it's something that has annoyed me for many, many years, this with which hairstyle I want, not short, but not too long, a little messy but still a little well-groomed (haha), it is important that I can put it in a tassel when I write for otherwise, I think that I can't think.

Today is good, up and down day, after a few days absence from the computer (had only mobile with me to Spain), it is like a little chaos. But yesterday I went through some of my pages, and now I have some interpretations, except that I am cleaning out everything that I no longer need because for so many years I have dragged on things with affection value without reflecting. I'm more into a simpler life, fewer gadgets, less to keep track of. It is a process in itself, but absolutely fantastic.

I got a new favorite drink in Spain, do not know how it is spelled but sounds like bong bong, coffee with condensed milk in. Then I think it is pretty cool with olives, almonds, and all fruits. Sitting with such a cup of coffee now, a little pause before I should continue with everything that is on my daily schedule.

Life is just so pretty, yeah, all opportunities, but sometimes I get a little sore stomach of all the changes but then the processes are going, rather than stagnating. Emotions are important, to dare to experience, to dare to feel, to dare to be.

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Where is my daily life?

By Faith, 2019-10-27
Where is my daily life?

Or rather, where is my Halloween? Not even Halloween is going on this house. It's my favorite time of the year, the weekend when I go all-in with decorations, black curtains, skeletons in the garden, zombies in the basement, decorations with ghosts, pumpkin soup, and not forgetting me like a pumpkin. I don't even know where my pumpkin suit is!

Today Facebook reminded me with this picture of my dog, Max; he likes pumpkins too <3

I also notice that in my living room, the Easter curtains are still in the windows. Two months left for Christmas, even that weekend is in danger zone when I lost my dedication. But yesterday I googled pictures on Tarot Games with Halloween pictures. :) Always something.

But no snow :D Jippie, because its something that I detest entirely,  my forecast in Tarot for the weather says that it will be a white winter, that doesn't cheer me up, but I will be among palm trees to record a TV series when the snow falls here at home.

Outside its raining, the time changed when it comes to the hour (clock turned counter-clockwise one hour for wintertime last night), but otherwise, I feel entirely lost. What a year it has been, but one does not exclude the other, it has been a good year despite seven griefs and eight disappointments or something like that.

I'll go into memory lane for a while, open folders with Halloween pictures from previous years, enjoy memories while trying to get in order, structure in this new wintertime.

This is not how I will look this year, but I feel a bit like a ghost so it will be useful anyway;)


I liked this deck, assuming it will be a Tarot blog after a few cups of coffee


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Blowing new directions

By Faith, 2019-09-15
Blowing new directions

I'm a bit sold on metaphors, hence the title. I have been sitting outside for a while. But oh my, I think the pavilion is about to be lifted by the wind because it's windy today. I painted a few auras for my year's special, but eventually gave up, pens lifted and flew away, took too much energy to hold the paper. But after all, it was a cozy moment, meditative music in my ears, sun although I got tired of trying to hold on to myself and my things. 

Strong winds are something we all may need in life from time to time, but sometimes it can get too much, so it can be calm to be inside, as I'm now. A cup of coffee, the music in my ears, focus on today's program that I created a little too much of, some deadlines here and there. It's not like an ordinary Sunday. On the one hand, I was up too long at night, sleeping in. Then full rush, to keep my planning as required during to.

But with some new winds, everything can happen. I am open to being in a flow, releasing stress, focusing on what needs to d. Thankfully, life is not calm in any case;)

A lot is going on in life right now, intensive planning, changes, thus new winds hopefully healthy with a stillness from time to time. I have fixed a lot on my English page. An ebook is on completion, books submitted to a publisher in the US who have shown interest and to one that I would love to be published. Then we get to see what happens, sometimes I'm a little too independent and should have it my way. It's a lesson since I had a book publisher who published one of my books. She promised me not to print the book in Times New Roman, which is a font that I am allergic to. I feel bad when I see it, can't read books written in that type. Then she publishes the book with it. I opened, closed the book, haven't opened it since.

It is an exciting phase this with another language, for my first books in Swedish were a pure disaster in grammar, a lot of.... !!! and and. But I think it is always possible to read between the lines. Then I also know that if someone is proofreading it will not always be right or was meant. But I am more careful when it is in English, although it may not be perfect. For so many years, I have had inquiries but cannot afford to hire a translator.

Moreover, they take time, something that I am not known to wait. But after several requests, an offer to keep up with the new healthy winds, I let go of the fear, it is understood that it has nothing to do with English-speaking people, but the fear, the uncertainty of Swedish individuals, those who can be the most critical of all. No wonder we have what we call the Jantelagen (= don't think you're better than anyone else).

But there is more going on, a little more visual, life has got a little different direction, the one that I wanted for a good while. A lot happened when I started a distance course myself. It has shaken me a lot; the first week took me four weeks to get through. Partly because the ketchup effect hit me, you know that with shaking the bottle and all of a sudden everything comes at once. But also because the course has made me stop, reflect in myself. Reflect differently, on a whole different level. It came in perfect for it matches all the training I went to as well as my teaching in an absolutely fantastic way. The best part is that it has made me stop caring what others think, though it may seem that I never bother. It is incredible to come to insights, and old dogs can learn to sit because I now meditate, listen to some unique soundtracks that I fix without getting restless.

But now I'm going to throw myself into my fantastic projects, tossing aura interpretations with writing, planning, and the occasional coffee cup — a sunny autumn Sunday where the winds create new directions.

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Dare me once, I dare you twice

By Faith, 2019-09-08
Dare me once, I dare you twice

Dare, a word that uses not only to describe courage; it's also a way to challenge oneself or others.

Right now, my soul is daring me ;)
I love Tarot, I more or less dedicated my life to have Tarot as a part of my life. I have written more than 6000 pages about Tarot (in Swedish). That's a lot of information and guidance. For years I had the desire to translate it to English. But wow, the cost. :( And then one day I woke up, decided to dare myself and now I have translated the book for readings (Internprention in Tarot) that you can read online and I have created the distance workshop for my book "Tarot, card by card", soon "Tarot 78 keys" will be done and put beside each page of the workshop. That will be an excellent start for them that can understand what they, maybe you, reading right now.

This is my English at the moment, it will be better by practice, as translation is. It's not great, or even good, but I do believe its understandable, that perhaps, it can be enough for the person that likes my way of reading Tarot. I'm not going to have money (for translations) stop me from trying to introduce you to my excellent way of reading the cards, to get a greater understanding of how Tarot can be the best tool for you developing your spiritual knowledge for your daily life. 

It's like take it or leave it! ;) Read between the lines, use your imagination if you understand my writing in the blog and in "Interpreting in Tarot" you will appreciate the workshop. And for me, its a dare to write this, being a little, little afraid of being judged by Swedish people, for many of them believe they know English more than others, and may it be so. I don't care anymore. I want my message of Tarot to expand.

Its a big dare for me, now I'm daring you!

Do you want to understand more about Tarot? Do you want it the easy and the fun way that I share my knowledge? Then, jump onboard. Be a member, start today with the reading of the Fool. Then, if you like what you read, click on shop in the headlines. And by the way, Tarot for me is a tool that is like a weather forecast, but that you can read in "Interpreting in Tarot."

Tarot, card by card

The Fool

The Fool, card nr 0 or 22 is the card of the soul. Some will misread this card; they will believe that is about somebody that is naive, stupid, easy fooled. It can't be more wrong, if we all were in this card all the time the world would be a more delightful place, always and everywhere. 

The Fool is the symbol for the pure soul, the one that can’t make a difference of evil and good, the one that will be in the experience as it comes, that builds values from knowledge. A soul that has memories from a previous life, but needs something in this life to remember, to re-experience and this time evolve more of what it seeks. 

No matter what deck you use, the symbol on the card is often a young person that walks by himself, often with a dog as company. The dog symbolizes the guidance, the support that always is there but not in the form of a human. The Fool has no experience of what is expecting, and he doesn't either have a preconceived thought of what will become of the next step. He is, he listens to his feelings, to whatever comes his way, is there a stop, then he simply takes another path without wondering why.

You can with this card think about what kind of energy it is, it’s an untarnished soul that is taking his first steps as a human being, curious about everything. Open for all that is without any biases or assumptions. With the Fool, anything can happen, and it happens, but it can also be that nothing happens, just because the Fool finds joy in that experience. 

The Fool indicates that you should affirm your inner feeling, listen to the impulses that your soul guides you to. Even though some of them will meet opposition, but with this card, you're in a positive experience, something that will kick your soul. 

If you pick this card, it will indicate that you're unchained from patterns, processes, and everyday daily things that could be an obstacle. Instead, you're curious about life, you're on an adventure, for all that lays ahead of you. 

You may get this card when you ask about work, finance, love, or something in the daily life that you have some thoughts. But no matter what you ponder about, you should have trust, for that is the quality of the card. Trust that everything that happens, all that you experience is something that your soul needs to get forward in a new process that you have started. 

Do also remember that this is a more "childish" or unexperienced energy, one that doesn't need to be learning instead is open for all new experiences. In that there is no responsibility, for The Fool has just begun an adventure, that meaning The Fool can't take responsibility or make a reasonable choice, or having a goal, it’s the first step of a new beginning.

The card will strengthen happiness and adventure, free emotions; it’s not a card for love since the Fool doesn't have that experience with him; instead, it can indicate on a newborn child. 

There is no energy of work with this card, but if you're working, you can expect funny moments, nothing that will pressure or is a challenge because you don't have the experience in what is happening. 

No either is finance important for the energy of the Fool, there is always something around the next corner if the need comes, for needs isn't something that the Fool has. If he is tired, he will sleep, if it's raining The Fool will either experience the rain or take cover in the first place he finds. 

The Fool is happy, open, not even expectant since he doesn't have the knowledge that something more can happen, he is in the now, in the experience, something that you should try out with this card. 

The Fool indicates the beginning of it all, no experience, an open mind. A being in what is. Shows optimism and trust, a joy for life in all that is. No values of what could be right or wrong; life is an adventure.

Astrological, this card belongs to the energy of the Sun, the energy of life.


Work- Unexperienced
Love – Openhearted
Finance - Trouble-free
Health - Trust
Spiritual – Interpreting

Experience of the card?

Indication of the card?

What will give your life energy?

What event has been your more impulsive?

What makes you happy?

What makes you act from your feelings?

From where does your inspiration come?

Tarot 78 keys

0/22 (XXII) The Fool

The child, the soul, the spirit, here is the first step into life, into an event that affects you mentally. This card carries with it spontaneity, empathy, first awkward levels, impulsivity, joy, and tremendous confidence. The Fool has all the energies from all the cards in minor Arcana, all the happy events of everyday life and also all the resistance. The card shows that you are embarking on new adventures. You dare, you act without evaluating first. Here is tremendous trust in life and your surroundings. The card also shows that you have no preconceived meaning that you want to build on what you have.

When you get this card, it shows that you are now having fun, life playing, being in, and daring to live your life. You act as you know, listen to empathy and your inner. Want more than you have the capacity.

If you pull the card in reverse, you are just crazy out. You act firmly knowing that it will not go well. Do what others think and not what you want.

Why don't you dare to trust life?

When you get this card on a question, it shows that now is all the possibilities with you. Live the flea, dare more, take out the turns, and enjoy life.

Conversely, you should try to sense yourself, stop, and think through the matter. Your choice may not be as wise and perhaps not purely what you want.

Buy yourself a flower. Check if you find a butterfly or a snowflake, which pattern do they carry?

This card shows spontaneity. When you are happy and dare to be yourself. Dare a little more and want a lot more. Joy and unexpected events. You want to try new things. The desire is stronger than the sense of responsibility.
Have a hard time with everything serious all around. Want to live here and now. Lack of responsibility. You have begun too much. Have no desire to complete what has started. Try to throw away what you promised. Hard to say no.

Have a chance to try something new. Throwing yourself into a project without really having a hum of what it is going on. But work it out most thanks to your quick perception and his art of duping people.
You take on too much work. Fails to finish on time what you promised.

It somehow works out. Sometimes it can only "carry away" a little too fast, but still for functional purposes.
You don't see your responsibility. Blame others if it goes to the forest.

Senseless feelings. Joy and spontaneity.
Unreasonable expectations, do not want to see the reality as it is. Live by and with your dreams.

Affected by "spring feelings," feeling well and enjoying life. Am happy and happy within yourself.
Worry, feel distressed. Experience demands that are impossible, which means you lose the desire to take care of yourself.

A strong inner joy. Hopes and love for their surroundings. Nurtures everything alive. Want everyone to feel pleasure without demands.
"Don't see the forest for all the trees." Don't see what is or is. Feeling alone and abandoned.

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