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Tarot workshop 5.12 September in Spain

Tarot workshop 5.12 September in Spain

Saturday September 5 2020, 12:00 PM
@ Casa las Estrellas, Ibi, Spain

Visit me for a week to learn all about the 78 Tarot cards from my system with elements, numerology, astrology to your daily and spiritual life.

We will take it card by card, suit by suit, mixed with readings that we do together for all the questions that you as a participant has.

But its not only about the cards, but its also about your spiritual evolvement through the cards. When we look at each suit, we will also develop more about health, spirituality, work, actions, finance, and, of course, love.

You will learn to understand all the cards in different contents, and each card has a whole story in all aspects of life; it's a key, a piece of a puzzle, or a rebus that will guide you if you learn the energy of each card.

You will learn each card, cards together, each suit, contents, guidance. To read a spread, we will use the Celtic Cross first and foremost. After this week you will be able to do spreads without looking in any books and read the cards. You can guide in any question that can be.

This workshop is for you that never even hold your hands on a Tarot deck, as well for you that have read the cards for years.

You will stay in my home, in a valley outside of Alicante, Spain. Included are room and board, three-bedrooms, maximum of 8 participants.
We will be outside in the garden and inside for lectures; you will also get free time to lay by the pool, sunbathe, walking in nature or down to the village.
In my house, there are also two dogs and a cat (not participating).

You need to book and pay for your flight here if you're not already in Spain.
I will pick you up at the airport.

The price for one week including all described above isĀ  800 Euros
You can choose to pay for all and get a 100 euros discount. Or reserve your space by paying $150 in advance and rest before the workshop starts.

You can pay through Revolut, Paypal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether, or Ripple. For booking send me a mail to ylvatrollstierna@gmail.com

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