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Basic Tarot online course with Meetings

Basic Tarot online course with Meetings
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Welcome to the first Tarot workshop online that I will have in English.

Remember, I'm Swedish, but I do believe that you will understand me. But decide for yourself, take a look.

The course is built upon one spread, text, and audio, video to all 78 cards in sections.
You will also learn the basics of the elements, numerology of the Tarot that is the basic principle.
You will learn the cards in a system that will make it easy for you to understand them when they lay down at the table, but you will also have a template for each card in each position for the Element spread.

Take a look at the first card to start with >>> (opens in new window). All the card pages have the same structure.

A movie to watch before each part of the course (8 parts).
8 web meetings: we will talk about the cards we have gone through, and read the spread for questions that you have.
All participants can send in questions that I will put up on a template to go through for each meeting (meaning that you can send in eight questions), but you will also get your time to read the spreads.

You will get your own profile on this site; you need to be logged in to get the material.
The meetings will be over Zoom, Sunday mornings; they can be all from one hour to four depending on your questions. Recorded, you can watch them over and over again. 

First meeting 11/1 10 am EDT
2nd meeting 11/15 10 am EDT
3rd meeting 11/29 10 am EDT
4th meeting 12/13 10 am EDT
5th meeting 01/03 2021 10 am EDT
6th meeting 01/17 10 am EDT
7th meeting 01/31 10 am EDT
8th meeting 02/07 10 am EDT

All material will be up for a year for you to read, listen, and watch.

Price for the whole distance course with material and Zoom meetings $190.
Price for only the material, videos but no access to Zoom meetings $ 110
You can also pay through Paypal - order@ylvatrollstierna.se
or Revolut +46 73 063 1657

When you have your course profile, you will also have access to member area as the book "Tarot 78 Keys" Membership is for free.