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    Sweden has about 9 million people, it’s a small country, that makes it significant to be noticed but also small because of the audience. The first time I was in a program was when I was only seven years old; it was in the north, I played a reindeer that some people should catch with a lasso. It was broadcast on television. Next time was when I was about 20 years old, at that time I was the chairman of the Swedish association (in the north) against cruelty animal test. It leads to two articles in that town´s different newspapers. I had a strong point of view, a lot of fighting the power and the whole house filled with dog, cats, and birds.

    The first time I was in media for new age stuff, was on a radio show in 94 that was broadcast live. I was in a room with the reporter and another person. We didn’t hear the radio, only our self’s with the things we were talking about, and that was big for me if I have heard my voice maybe I got freaked out. But it followed up by a television program in the local area and gave me a face in the city for my shop and my readings. Today it’s funny to see the programs; I have collected them all on DVD.

    I have two funny memories from that time in the north of Sweden, I was in one television program after I created my first Tarot deck, and they asked me a question in silence. I didn’t get to see the question, but the audience did, and then I had to lay down the cards for reading for the question. When I laid the cards on the table, I immediately saw that it was for a person, and since I didn’t remember to say that I don’t lay cards for people not present and it was a live program, I decided to do the best of it. I tried to be neutral, but the person I laid the cards for (and didn’t know who) was this amazing woman. Several times I got back in comments of how much I liked this person, her way of being, her honesty and the whole personality. Then it showed that the person and the question were about me! That is what you can call good commercial.

  • After that, I was in a television program, and the reporter also asked a silent question, just viewing for the audience about himself and his work. I told what I did see and after that my phone rang all the time, a lot of men calling, but not cause I’m such a fantastic woman, they wanted answers to their work situations.

    Then it has been a lot of articles in magazines, radio and television show, with a lot of funny memories and some that just fell out of memory. In 1994 I was in the big New Year show and did a reading for Sweden for 1995. And then in 2007 I just had to take a challenge in a television program that turned out to give me about 7000 hits on Google. The challenge was to lay cards for 15 books (that I hadn’t read) and by title tell which book that was in a hidden box (in about 15 seconds). I didn’t get one book right, as I say, I’m better to write than to read ;-) By that test I was the first (and so far the only one) to do this, it’s called the “Crystal Ball,” and it’s a test made by the humanist organization.

    On the Swedish page I have links to the articles about me, but sooner or later I had translated some of them if you have any interest to read them, but it’s almost always the same questions, like; “When did you find out that you had the gift?” And they don’t even listen to my answers; it was my mother that saw little people, my grandmother that arrange the séances and my aunt that laid the cards. The articles are not always in order, but I try to keep them that way.

    And to my big surprise, one day I found myself in Wikipedia (the Swedish version).

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