Welcome to my page that contains everything I inspire for you from my knowledge. You find what I write, my courses and blog. Below you will find links to different areas as well as further down my courses and my books.

Most important for me is energies, I read them in colors, Tarot cards and runes. But maybe not in the way you may be used to? I believe you can't have the love of your life if you dont love yourself first. That is the most common question, love, then spiritual evolvement, money, work, and last health. The five areas that are in the colors, in the Tarot cards and in the runes based on the five elements: fire, water, earth, air and ether.

I talk a lot about the elements and the opposite. Like there can't be a feeling without a thought, and not a thought without a feeling.

As an Infinite Possibilities Matrix trainer, I live by "thoughts become things".
What can I help you to explore and create from your inner fire, your love, your security, your passion in connection with your soul?
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