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    Tarot is my thing

    By Faith, 2021-02-20
    Tarot is my thing

    But one thing doesn't exclude another! At the moment there is more about runes in my life at least when it comes to writing. Otherwise, the cards are still on the table.

    I have all the usual stuff to do, readings,  workshops, and my ordinary life, rest of the time I am writing on my first novel. It just happened, like the perfect synchronizing. When night when I went to bed, and like some nights with my laptop. I usually work in what I call my office, it's a beautiful room with glass doors from top to bottom and only one wall, it's right outside my bedroom, the problem is that it's cold in the winter time, I do live in Spain but in a mountain village. That meaning it's too cold, and also that my dogs are more into getting to bed earlier than me. So I compromise, I work in bed at night time.

    Sitting there in my bed, opening up the laptop, it was like a muse telling me to start to write, about Uhr, he is the first rune magician. And I have been writing, a lot, now I am finishing and reading it, correcting, its an interesting story, how this man, son of a God creates the runes, he starts with Iss and it ends with Pertra. Every rune has its story, how he will learn the meaning of them, how he creates them, and also carves them into his body.

    I have been obsessed with the story, and still am, and I am impressed by myself for writing it, but it feels like I got help, spiritual help. I haven't been writing for over a year, since I moved to Spain, it has been overwhelming just to settle in at a time of a pandemic. Nothing turned out as I have planed it, it turned out so much better.

    I haven't written any novel before, all my other books are like educations books, at first I in self-doubt, but the book has almost written itself. And I will translate it, my plan is to have it printed by the end of March.

    I created a profile on my Swedish site for the book, and people could follow the process, one chapter at a time, first I was also looking for responses, then I just didn't care, I have to be in faith, that the book is meant to be as it is. As it is, that's with battles of all kinds, evil versus good, in the realm of Asgard, the home of Odin, and Loke and Freja. Uhr is the magician and he has three women, the Norns and in his learning of the runes, he creates Midgard.

    At the moment it seems like everything in my life is about the book, but I do take some hours each day to be grounded, into the dirt, being in the garden, there is also a battle, between me and the tares ;)

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