During this period, you may feel severe but restless, thoughtful but cautious. You need time for most, perhaps most, to get started. You seem to be in a period of thoughts, and evaluations, where you do not know what you want, just that it's something other than what you are doing right now.

You are looking for more buried contacts, happy to engage in endless conversations and discussions about all aspects of life, but perhaps most of all, about feelings, personal experiences that can warm your heart, and the issue of respect and integrity.

You long for change to go in-depth with what you have in the deep end, perhaps longing for a good while. You are looking for security, routines that strengthen your opinions about how you want to live and stimulate you in what you do. You can search for extremes where you do not have to be active, where you can observe more than act.

You may find that there is just too much around you, gladly slipping away to new areas where you have no requirements, where you can observe others with some curiosity and learn from their mistakes or benefits. You see more, observe, wait, waiting for you to find motivation again.

You can be challenging to live with and be a little selfish, but most of the time, due to uncertainty, make demands that you know with you are unreasonable, perhaps to be a little bit close to yourself. An inner fear that others will come close to you, understand what you feel, and experience it before you know it yourself.

You can be critical, question most things that happen, be impatient, and watch out that your mood does not affect others just because you feel pressured. You still enjoy company, and maybe you throw yourself into new adventures, venture more, explore, and explore new areas that you have wanted to do before but have not come for.

You have more go in you, dare more, and feel you have support and the right contacts to make some dreams come true. You want to know the entirety of all the processes, understand the reason, and, most importantly, what you can do to improve situations. The risk is that you may become very deep, not very present.

Love can be impulsive; you listen to your emotions, and they can go up and down. You should learn to sleep on the thing before you act, not take anything personally. Emotions can be challenging to interpret without trying to be in what is happening and without analyzing why and what it means; they are guided by impulses, not just by intuitive insights.

21st of January to 20th of February

Innovation, finding, and questioning.
Element - Air
Metal -Aluminium
Pos/neg - Positive
Sex - Masculine
Quality - Fixed
Body Part - Blood Circulation.
Ruler Planet - Uranus
Color - Turquoise
Crystal - Aquamarine
Plant - Orchid, pepper
Tarot card - XVII The Star
Professional life: The Internet, computer, aerospace, research. In new age area: mostly created by visions.
Honest, loyal, intense, searcher, deep, imaginative, and intellectual.

To believe in their vision. Aquarius is the optimist, the visionary of the future that creates their thoughts and dreams of the perfect life.
You commit to innovation, and you can create things that no one has previously even thought of. A little restless with still consciousness about what is happening in the present.

Journey go to exciting development cities, preferably by air. Money must realize their dreams, so they are an essential ingredient in life.
In love, Aquarius feels freedom but also the construction of shared goals and values.

You are the true pioneer; you want to experience, see, and feel more of all that is for you if someone knows more. You are a thinker; you philosophize on everything possible; you see there must be something more or another way of it. You find it easy to learn, to find interests, and go in full to understand.

Everything is essential to you, and nothing is impossible; it may just take a little longer to fix it. You are open, cheerful, and a bit cool; cold chatter and gossip are not for you; you are truthful; you want to be free and with open borders.
You want development, yes, it's a lot as you want, and you think about how you will solve it. Still, you don't throw yourself into anything, it must already have a basis and take most of it very seriously, and others may have difficulty following your swings.

You are honest, say that it is, and expect others to do likewise so that it is possible to create a foundation to build on. Logic and facts, planning and theories, it is your thing.



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