You can be a little deeper than usual, more serious, and think about life more than possible; everything doesn't have to be black or white. You want your routines, preferably something you are not prepared for will happen; you want everything to feel safe. There can be demands, what you are expected to do, most of it you live up to, well aware that you have an inner drive to get a better position, a little more power, and control over your employment.

You take yourself very seriously; it's just about getting others to understand your capacity. Occasionally, you may have difficulty concentrating and getting things done; you can slip away, escape responsibility, and find yourself elsewhere.

You're not in the mood to take responsibility, but you make sure that things get completed even if you are forced; you have the proper thoughts of structure but prefer not to think but be somewhere else.

You can feel demands from different angles and find it difficult to focus on what is most vital for you to address. It's easy for you to postpone things, waiting for the right opportunity; the question is if you pay attention when the right opportunity comes.

Any energy that you have previously released may have drained you completely. You may feel shattered, and old fears may emerge like ghosts from the past. You can feel the demands from family and those close to you, trying to get enough time for everything, but it could also be that you feel comfortable with the extra responsibility that now seems to be on the ticket.

You dare more, you feel more, in the velvet here and there where you may one day have the situation under control to in the next hesitate, retreat a little. Some aspects show that you may be afraid to feel you are not enough.

Love has some turns during this period; you may be more confused than usual. The feelings are intense, maybe a little unexpected; you find another kind of longing and go in-depth with what you feel. Dare to express more of what you crave; you may invest more seriously in a relationship. If you are single, you invest more in yourself.

21st of March -20th of April

Impulsive, creative, and restless. Element- Fire Metal - Iron Pos/neg - Positive Sex - Masculine Quality - Kardinal Part of body - Head Ruler planet - Mars Color - Red Crystal - Diamond Plant - Honeysuckle & Thistle Tarot Card - XVI The Tower. Working life - Pioneer. In lively occupations with high freedom of movement and realizations of ideas. Engineer, military, psychiatrist- In the new age area as an NLP therapist. Keys Impulsive, pioneer spirit, innovator, dynamic, intensive, quick in turns, lack of patience. Lesson To realize your dreams, invest in yourself, listen to your intuition. Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac, and it is the most impulsive. It is the most impatient sign and has an eagerness to start a business but loses interest after a while since they have something else to start. Active and, brilliant. Aries interests themself for all therapy that goes fast, for example, psychoanalysis, NLP, and gladly Tarot or numerology so that all the cells in the brain puts speed. Aries is an organizer in its most significant sense. Likes adventures, can climb Mount Everest but has difficulty 'to rest out on Mallorca. Money is to spend on all new ideas. Aries becomes fast in love and gives everything for the moment. Personality The sign of Aries is about an outer identity. Impulsivity is reliable quality, to get an idea, to start it, but it's almost no stamina to continue to the end. Aries is the signum of an innovator. You're aware of who you are and are that in a dignified way. And you can't see anything else that it's a good thing. With the Aries' energy, you are probably inquisitive, full of energy, intense, and outgoing. You need speed and changes- You believe in yourself, it seems like you have good self-esteem, and you do. It can be hard for you to be still, and having patience is not your virtue; you act directly from your thought, from your impulses, and you seldom stay to see the result. Your energy show engagement, a keen interest in something (a lot of things), and new ideas. You never stop; you always find a new way to look at things. It's rare for you to pause and reflect, afraid of stagnation and that life will be boring. You hate to be in a calm phase. You're eager and always on the move. You're still the one that starts things but not so often the one that ends them since you're on the move with the next impulse. You need to work with your patience and not be restless.













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