Tarot and the law of attraction

How do you create the best energy flow for your dreams to come true?

Affirmations? The law of attraction? How can you combine your thoughts, feelings, and actions in unity with your soul?
This is the book that gives you advice through a Tarot card in combination with the law of attraction. Pull one card and get guidance as each card conveys the importance of work, finances, health, love, and spiritual development.
Each card has an affirmation to help you focus on the energy lesson to create more of your potential.

You also have questions for each card that you can ask yourself to be aware of your patterns and possibilities.
The book guides you on why that specific card shows up now and what affirmation you can use to balance the energies.

The first part of the book consists of text about the law of attraction:
The Law of Attraction
No coincidence comes alone
The five areas
An affirmation
Important thoughts
Everything in life is important
There is no coincidence.

The second part consists of the text of all the 78 cards.

Is it really possible to apply the principles from the Law of Attraction to Tarot Cards?

I am entirely convinced with over 45 years of experience with Tarot cards and several years of experience with the law of attraction!

Still, I was unaware of these principles during most of these years. As far as I can remember, I have always been convinced that the power of thought is the most potent force. Energies have been my main interest since I was a kid. Let me clarify if you read the book "The Secret" that attraction is the thought, the feeling, and the action. Everything you can think of you can also create.

Tarot cards show what energy you use plus what you think and create. It is an excellent method to understanding your actions or limitations. But also shows how you can use your full potential in a mix of thought with action.

It is probably essential for you to live the life you have always dreamed of but, are you aware of your dreams? Do you see your dreams as wholeness or, are they fragments popping up in your mind now and then? Many of those who teach the law of attraction talk about goals and awareness of purpose, and then focus on that goal one step at a time fully aware that you/your highest self will emerge.

How can Tarot cards, these 78 symbolic images, help you find development through the law of attraction?

The wholeness of life, thoughts, and emotions are in these cards; both your fears and your ability to focus on what energy you choose to develop. All areas in your life, such as work, finances, love, health, and spiritual development, show their energy in these cards. By illuminating and focusing on them instead of ignoring them, you can use the cards as a perfect tool for your consciousness and development.

Tarot affirmations can show how it is possible to use Tarot with the law of attraction along with positive thoughts. You are always in some form of energy and the cards reflect that energy. So, by drawing a card you can look more consciously at your thoughts and get guidance on what phase of your development you are in.

You can also become more aware of your patterns and choose whether it is the thought you want to be in or if you are ready and able to consciously decide to change that thought.

The cards reflect your energy, through which the affirmations I have written can both illuminate and guide you to use that energy positively. The affirmation text on each card has a positive thought created from that card's energy.

But I have also transformed the challenges that exist as an opposite polarity into a positive affirmation instead of a negative thought. I believe in energy in three forms: Yang's masculine energy and the feminine energy's Yin. If we mix them we have the power of KI. KI is the most substantial energy in total balance. You can also interpret the two energies, Yin and Yang, into the two emotions we are - love or fear. You can also see this as trust or fear.

Having faith is the energy that the law of attraction is about. Belief and gratitude are the most substantial positive energies for me. The principles found in (among other things) "A Course In Miracles" are love and fear as the two main active energies. Fear and insecurity are created without trust, while love makes you feel confident and grateful for life. Do not get caught up in the word love; meaning, do not give it the meaning of a partner relationship for love is and can be so much more. Maybe it should be called harmony or a state of balance instead of creating thoughts about relationships. Fear could also be called hatred but hatred comes only after activating a fear.

In the Tarot cards there is Yin and Yang. If you have seen that common Eastern symbol that is a black field with a white dot and a white field with a black dot you´ve seen there are four energies, just like in the suits of the Tarot cards and if you mix them it becomes gray, the energy of balance.

Life is easy and simple but somehow we struggle daily. We do not believe in ourselves or anyone else for that matter. All the good things in life seem to be more of luck or chance and they only provide temporary joy, while the fear that you carry with you in your legacy causes you to focus on what is wrong or what can become wrong.

I believe that we all create our reality according to what we give our energy to, either out of fear or love. The reality you live in now is perhaps part of an earlier reality. Memories that the soul carries, both fears and security. Some things you can handle without thinking while others create panic. When you activate memories you assume you cannot control them in your life.

We create situations to become aware of, but we can change our thoughts and find love in what is, then mainly in ourselves. Maybe we chose to grow up in a family that you think did not give us the things we needed, such as love, security, trust, and community. Perhaps we choose the hard, difficult path in life because the soul remembers and carries the energy of fear with it. As soon as we begin to think more clearly, more positively with confidence, focus our thoughts, and see what is essential in our life, life begins to turn. It's too easy to get caught up in negative thoughts once they're started especially if maybe they’re familiar patterns that quickly gain a foothold. The more one distrusts the more one reinforces the negative thoughts that become a hard-to-break pattern. The more they affect our emotions, the deeper our fears become. It may take a lot to get out of it or as "simple" as changing or rewiring a thought or thought patterns.

One way to fix it quickly is not to dwell on it but simply accept that you have been “limited” in this way. Look at the fear and ask yourself- “what is the opposite of fear?” and then begin to act with positive expectations. We all choose different experiences; some need to find peace in love, some security in money. Some need to create better health; nowadays, many seek new spirituality to find the meaning of life. You have a choice in all of these experiences, they are not just circumstances, they are created by your thoughts.

0/XXII The Fool

"I am grateful and hopeful, in total harmony in unity with my soul.”
You have inner freedom with this energy; you listen to your feelings and act on them. You know that everything has a meaning and is open to development. If something goes wrong, it is a lesson and you immediately think of a new thought sponsored by your feeling. How do you know if you have not tried a bit of your philosophy? If something goes wrong, you can always be grateful that you know how bad it can be and appreciate the opposite with all your heart.
Nothing lowers your energy or gets you into a negative path because you have your strong confidence, happy agog ways of wanting to experience.
You know that you can do everything only you want, you see, only feel experiences in everything that comes your way. You are open to walking the path that lies before you without thought. But because you have positive thoughts, energy, and an expectation of the best, most things become an even more joyful experience.
You know that you have every opportunity to realize your life goals. The experience you do not have knows you will come your way.

You have patience, a curiosity that allows you to take your time and experience other things. Because you will come sooner or later with many richer experiences that you feel grateful for.
You have visions; you are agog. You dare to fantasize, think of everything that you get an impulse for. Life is open; all meetings guide you. There may be detours and experiences that make you take a different path, but the goal is clearly in front of you.

You are in harmony with the source, in complete confidence, happy, expectant, open, expressive, curious with a completely open mind. You know that no one can take your soul, but everything is just a passage of experiences. Those that contribute to your soul create more experiences that give you more energy and security through lessons learned.
Your health shows that you just are; you feel good no matter what. You are in the moment's impulse; you act from your feelings, in that there is always some experience. You have a lot of energy; give everything in everything that comes your way. You are convinced that you always have more to take away; you are charged with energy and positive thought.
At work, you act according to the moment's interest; you are good at being where things happen. You are willing to try most things and do it with a positive expectation, partly for your own experience but also because you want harmony and further development. You can be worse at taking responsibility but do not slip away but do what is to be done naturally in your way, full of anticipation, the joy of life. You can quickly get into new projects and dare try things that come your way because you suspect it strengthens your development.
Financially, you take everything as it comes; you have confidence that you can always manage that there are resources for everything you want to do. Your positive thoughts always work out; if it never does, you have immediately found something else that gives you the security you need for the moment. You are welcome to invest, always without thought for your part, but because someone needs help or because you can move on from it.
In love, you live by your spontaneous feeling. You express what you feel and desire and take for granted that your feelings are appreciated. You are harmony, joy, unconditional love, giving everything you can to create happiness. You convey harmony in everything you do without expecting to get anything back.
Spiritually, you are as close to your inner self as anyone can be. You listen to your feelings and act on them no matter the outcome. But because you expect positive development, it is the development that you get a response to. What strengthens you in your belief that love is the only right thing in everything you do. You are in contact with your inner child, your inner feeling; you have open communication with everything around you. You are easy to perceive energies, do your best to create a positive development of everything you experience. Presence, acting in the present based on your feelings, is what characterizes you and creates a positive flow in your life.
Trust is the energy that strengthens you.
What qualities and patterns does your soul have from previous lives?
What are your main characteristics?
What makes you feel spontaneous joy and commitment?
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