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My colorful life

When I was young, I (like many) could see shimmers around people; even though I grew up in a spiritual family, colors or auras were not something that was talked about, but it was more spiritual contacts, seances, magical beings, crystals, readings in cards and coffee. I did not attach much importance to these colors as I did not experience any response from my family, perhaps because I did not talk about it, but took for granted that the shimmer was their soul that shone through.

I can experience today how right I was, as my conviction is that all our energy is vibrations that the soul consists of, which we can see as colors. Colors and energies have always been important to me. Still, it was not until the early 90's that it became an active part of my life of synchronization because I booked an aura interpretation that activated all my red energy (anger).

I was impressed by talking about such a talented woman interpreting the aura. After all the talk about how good she was, I did not hesitate and ordered an aura interpretation for 190$. And when I opened the letter, saw the horrible, boring sloppy painting and read what she wrote, the letter contained four A4 pages. The first was a template with information. Then two pages about me and then a page where I could order additional information for 50$ a page; yes, then I was frankly so pissed (mostly at myself, who has been so gullible) that I said some selected words that are not suitable for printing. Ended it all with - Your f-g b-h I can do this better than you. Whereupon my friend turned to me and smiled and said - We others already know that, so when are you going to start?

I then decided to start interpreting auras, what colors can show, to give guidance and not at an unreasonable price. But I also felt not just seeing, painting down the colors that were the aura but that chakras would be part of the whole, as it is they who create the energy, the aura expresses them. At a fair in the north of Sweden, I took an aura picture that was a laughable story. The interpretation was utterly senseless, whereupon I became irritated again and feared that I could at least do it better than that interpreter.

Whereby such a camera was bought (the one with polaroid pictures is taken), but it taught me how frivolous it was, so it did not last long, took a lot of energy to hold up the photo, read the person's energies to get it into a rewarding interpretation, after two hours I gave up. The more I interpreted auras (with chakras), the more knowledge I developed about patterns, behaviors, and opportunities to change patterns through knowledge of colors.

My interest in colors increased; I found color baths, and what happiness to take a bath in color. Shortly afterward, I met Inger Naess, creator of Color Energy and the color baths, at a fair. We started a collaboration. For a while, I spent some time with her, then at fairs in Sweden and Norway, reading aura pictures from Aurastar 2000 (fantastic system). A completely different aura machine showed everything, chakra values, the value of physical organs, and the aura based on energy.

Then I returned with Tarot, but this with colors has always gone hand in hand. I was asked if I could write positive short texts for each base color and each color together with another of those colors, and when I was done, it turned out to be as many color combinations as there are cards in a Tarot deck. I drew these color combinations on my Prisma Tarot game, a circle divided in the middle with the two colors.

A few years later, I have reinstalled my computer, waiting for updates, asking my muse for inspiration. While waiting for an answer, I went through my pictures, and found an empty Yin and Yang symbol; I swear I did not use it on the deck. Realize that wow, I can fill in colors in the template, and that then also yin in yang comes in and vice versa, the dot in each field.

A few hours later, the Yiang deck was ready; it took a few weeks to write the text. Fantastic feeling, but I also had the feeling that something was missing; I got an answer in 2021 when a course participant asked about the colors in the fields, the meaning that, for example, green was on the right (Yang) side versus because if it was on the left (Yin)? I then remembered my irritation that there was already one green and red Yiang card when I came to green.

I redesigned the cards; now, all the colors are on each side, a set of each with thirteen cards because I have also added the gray color, which is about balance.

But back to colors, auras, and chakras, it continued with texts about auras, chakras, and colors. I love color; the fact is that I barely own any black clothes, which I often ban as it is entirely deadly in terms of energy.

We all need a lot of energy, not just in color, but everything from thought to action, from nourishment to being in them.

I love most turquoise, the color of change, but magenta (burgundy), the color of experience, is my favorite. But all colors except black are okay, even though black kitchens are insanely beautiful.

Every color is a vibration; the whole universe consists of vibrations; some of them benefit us, give more energy, some balance, some create imbalances, take more energy, and create chaos in the end. There is sometimes talk of energy thieves; in fact, vibration thieves know how to take energy from someone else. Maybe they are worth that energy? What I mean is that you should keep track of your energy, balance, replenish it, and not blame others when your energy is not enough.

How should you then keep track of your energy, balance it, and replenish it? That's what I wish to inspire you to do, to share all the knowledge I have, the one that you also have but may not have activated yet in this life.

You can surf around my site, gather information for free. You can take get your aura image, the self-study course "Chakras and colors" or buy the book "Chakras for chakras," an utterly superb book that takes you through all the colors together with all the chakras.

You can soon attend to my Aura education, which contains pretty much all of my knowledge, where I methodically take you through a journey in color from red and base chakra, too; yes, the journey ends, you decide. If you are interested in your spiritual development, the knowledge of your energies should be a priority to understand yourself, your patterns, and your possibilities. Live colorful / Ylva

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